Dojji Map

Looker's Notes

Dojji is less than it was. If you have relevant history books at hand you will notice the land area, which used to exceed Amoda's, is now substantially reduced. What remains is almost all desert.

I have not bothered to detail the former cities. As far as my associates can tell, only ruins remain where they still stand at all, which suggests active demolition. However, four substantial radio sources have been detected, suggesting there is activity worth investigating. I have marked their locations. There are lesser radio sources all over the desert region, but they are mobile.

Three of the sites do not correspond to previously known important locations, though site 1 likely has substantial underground agriculture, since the nearby ground is the largest patch of ordinary dirt but satellite images do not show anything growing above ground. The mobile radio sources are concentrated around these three sites. Be careful when investigating these areas: unless you can find the locals and get information about these sites from them, you will be going in blind. That said, these are the most likely spots to look for survivors.

The one site we do know about corresponds to the location of the Dojji League's primary laboratory complex. This is where they made Mewtwos. It was the focus of Amoda's invasion, so we had thought it destroyed, but something is still active there. The original invasion route went straight from Fort Blaston to the labs. Unlike the other sites, the mobile radio sources are not concentrated here. There is a smaller patch of ordinary dirt here.

My friends in meteorology have asked me to point out the complete lack of clouds over Dojji. There is a cloud wall along parts of the coast, but then there is a very sharp line, too sharp to be natural. It is as if the clouds are running into an invisible wall that extends up from the coast. The lesser and greater oases and lakes likely represent stagnant

My apologies for not editing that but I have just been told there is positive identification of ruptured aquifiers. Whatever is causing the desertification would appear to have recently (within the past several months) become more aggressive, ripping out and evaporating underground sources of water. The scale suggests some sort of public works project, if there was a way such actions would be of benefit. Whatever is doing that, I would advise strong caution, and staying away unless you have good reason to investigate.

Good luck, my friends. It seems you will need it.

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