House Rules

…and clarifications.

What do PCs start with?

At the start of the campaign, PCs are level 1 trainers with 5000 pokeyen.png (which can be spent on equipment or saved as cash on hand, and starting with some cash is recommended), a pokedex, and one level 5 pokemon. All Features and Edges must be allocated before the character's first session; none can be saved for later use (since Pokemon Tabletop United seems balanced to assume full use), though within character generation they can be allocated in any order if it matters for prerequisites. The starting pokemon (which can be met during the first session if desired, but preferably has been with the trainer before the game) must:
  • be the first form of a type that can evolve twice,
  • not be ghost, rock, steel, or dragon in said first form (though later forms may be of these types),
  • not be Legendary or pseudo-legendary,
  • know 1 of its egg moves (in place of an inheritance list), along with all moves normally learned at levels 1-5, to a maximum of 6 moves,
  • and have a nature of the player's choosing.

On talking pokemon, pokemon education and social skills, and pokemon intelligence

Most pokemon with a trainer will have education and social skills 1 rank below their trainer. For example, something the trainer is Untrained in, the pokemon will be Pathetic in, while something the trainer is Pathetic in, the pokemon will be completely incapable at. This rises (and falls if necessary) with the trainer's skills, since the pokemon is taking after the trainer. The trainer need not be immediately present for this, for example if the skill is needed for the pokemon to rescue the trainer.

Most pokemon without a trainer are at most Novice in social skills and Untrained in education skills; swap these for pokemon in or near a city. The alpha leader of the pokemon who live around a lake might have Novice or Adept Intimidate, but no other pokemon in that herd will.

There exist pokemon who can talk and generally think like humans. This is free to any Legendary who wants it (and not all do); for other pokemon, this is treated as a Basic Ability: taking up one Ability slot if learned, and so on. For non-Legendaries this is very rare, especially among wild pokemon; it is entirely possible to live one's entire life and never encounter such a pokemon. This form of "intelligence" is not what is measured by IQ, so for example Alakazams do not automatically learn this Ability. Most pokemon are capable of understanding human speech even without this Ability, although they tend to understand intent more than precise detail.

3 pokemon limit

Team Jaeger has imposed a limit of 3 pokemon for pokemon trainers (and 1 pokemon for anyone who is neither a licensed trainer nor a Team Jaeger member). ICly, many trainers chafe against this limit. OOCly, it's there to keep things sane, especially since there will be frequent excuses to have one's entire team deployed simultaneously.

In battle, a trainer can only command 1 pokemon at a time (outside of agreed-upon timing limits that enable Double, Triple, and Rotation Battles). Trained pokemon are notoriously lacking in independence and initiative during stressful conditions such as battle - which is to say, ordering a pokemon to do something without supervision tends not to work, unless the task is simple or something the pokemon knows well. (For example, when surfing on a pokemon, a trainer could have that pokemon head in a certain direction without dodging, while commanding another pokemon to fight off pursuers.)

The League's condition

Team Jaeger may have taken over, but many people respect the old ways - the League's. Certainly this is the official battle format at any gym, though gym leaders may have to alter team sizes to provide worthy challenges for trainers of all competencies with the limited teams they are now allowed. Most friendly battles still respect the League format. Even Team Jaeger will not dare use their carbines in a League-format battle. Indeed, some say the difference in the team's eyes is merely whether it is a battle they are allowed to use their guns in or not.

Team Jaeger styles itself as kind of a replacement for the League. Trainers who get enough badges are strongly encouraged to formally join the team. There has not been an Amoda-wide competition among trainers who collected most of the gym badges since Team Jaeger took over, mainly for lack of interest.

With 18 gyms, 9 badges was considered the threshold to contest for the annual championship, the winner of which had the right to try to join the Elite 4 or become the new Champion. As an alternative, this right was given to any trainer who collected all 18 badges and all 5 type ribbons from the less formally scheduled contests. There have been less contests since the takeover, but there has still been at least 1 contest of each type each year - allegedly, at the insistence of one of Team Jaeger's administrators.


This is not Ryuutama. Ordinary food and water supplies (nothing that gives stat bonuses) in sufficient supply are free (this may sometimes include foraging), and traveling through non-hostile environmental conditions does not require a skill check. Ascending to the peak of a tall mountain, or traveling far through a sandstorm, count as traveling through hostile environmental conditions. Most food comes from plants and animals instead of pokemon, though byproducts such as miltank milk can be safely farmed too.

There may be times when vehicular travel is required. These will be noted. Amoda's cities are close enough that foot travel between adjacent cities is usually possible, and foot travel between non-adjacent cities merely requires resupply at cities along the way. Traveling to or from Bay Island or Shady Narrows require methods of crossing large stretches of water.

Other Rules Clarifications

Pokemon natures affect their base stats directly. This matters for the stats relation rule.

For pokemon that PCs catch, any details that haven't been set up yet as of the time of capture are to be decided by the player. For example, level will very likely be decided (having been used to calculate Capture Rate, if nothing else), combat stats may have been generated if the pokemon was fought, while details such as gender are unlikely to have been established yet.

Per player request, is in effect starting with session 41.

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