Esmé Duval

Name: Esmé Duval
Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Weight: 165 (WC4)

Level: 49
Badges: 18

Physical Evasion: +6
Special Evasion: +6
Speed Evasion: +4
Damage Reduction: 20(-5 Each Hit, Repairs after 5 Minutes +Other Bonuses)

Health / Status
Hit Points: 168/168
Injuries: 0
AP: 12/14

Stat Base Bonus LvUP Value DCS
Hit Points 14 +6 20 +0
Attack 5 +2 7 +0
Defense 6 +14 20 +0
Special Attack 8 +16[+5] +12 36(48) +1
Special Defense 5 +6 +11 22 +0
Speed 7 +5 12(10) -1
Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Virtuoso (8)
Athletics Master (6) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Untrained (2)
General Pathetic (1) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Novice (3) Technology Virtuoso (8)
Occult Virtuoso (8)
Perception Adept (4) Guile Untrained (2)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Adept (4)
Command Untrained (2) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 7 Swimming 3
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 7 Throwing 10
Other -
Miasma Technothurgist: Blending old-fashioned witchcraft with new-age chemistry.
Adept Skill: Technology Novice Skill: Occult
Pathetic Skills: Charm, Medicine, General
Active Pokemon


Equipment Effect
Head Rainbow Gem Focus [+SpAtk]
Main Hand Red Shard +5 Dmg w/ Special
Off-Hand Essence Gate: Absorb Alchemized Heavy Shield
Body Essence Gate: Deter Alchemized Ablative Heavy Armor
Feet Essence Gate: Unleash Alchemized Weapon
Accessory SpAtk Booster +1 SpAtk Combat Stage
Money 118500pokeyen.png
Key Items
Chemistry Set
Dowsing Rod
Shards: Orange Shard [28], Blue Shard [23], Red Shard [31]. Yellow Shard [19], Green Shard [31], Violet Shard [29]
On Cooldown: None
Misc: Steel Magazine, Jaeger Shell Casings, Hand Net (100 HP), Scrap (5000 pokeyen.png)
TMs:01 - Hone Claws, 06 - Toxic, 09 - Venoshock, 40 - Aerial Ace, 19 - Roost, 80 - Rock Slide, 82 - Dragon Tail
Equipment: Evasion Booster [Lucrece]. Accuracy Booster [Gervais]. Attack Booster, SpDef Booster [Ugene], SpAtk Booster[Esme] Black Sludge [1], Cleanse Tags [18, 22 Pow]
Plates: [Dragon Plate, Normal Plate, Fighting Plate,] [Ice Plate, Water Plate, Flying Plate] [Ground Plate x2 [Alexis], Grass Plate, Bug Plate,] [Electric Plate, Rock Plate, Steel Plate] [Ghost Plate, Dark Plate, Poison Plate,] [Fire Plate, Psychic Plate, Fairy Plate].

Consumable Items
Restoratives: Antidote [1], Super Potion [3], Super Potion Patch [3], Hyper Potion [3], Hyper Potion Patch [3]
X-Items: Attack, [8], Defense [6], SpAtk [7], SpDef [6], Speed [7], Accuracy [8], Dire Hit [5]
Pester Balls: Rage [5], Confusion [5], Poison [6], Burn [6], Sleep [6], Paralysis [6], Super Repel [8]
Pokeballs: Ultra Ball [1]

Classes, Moves, Edges, Etc.

[Researcher] [Class][Branch]
Prerequisites: Education at Novice
Effect: Esme chooses two fields of study (Chemist, Artificer), and can take Features from those Fields. Gain one Feature from a chosen field.

Prerequisites: Repel Crafter
At Will - Extended Action
Effect: Esme can Craft any Chemistry Recipe she qualifies for.

[Chemical Warfare]
Scenex2 - Free Action
Trigger: Esme throws a Pester Ball
Effect: Pester Ball creates a Blast 2, affecting all targets in the area.

[Caustic Chemistry]
1 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: Esme hits with a Pester Balls or applies a Repel to a Pokemon.
Effect: Esme makes a Technology Education Roll, and all targets affected lose HP equal to the roll. May only affect a target once per scene.

[Playing God]
Prerequisites: Chemist, Expert Technology
At Will - Extended Action
Cost: 3500pokeyen.png
Effect: Choose Castform, Grimer, Koffing, Magnemite, Porygon, Solosis, Trubbish, or Voltorb. Using the chemistry set, create an artificial Egg of the chosen Pokemon, hatching within a day. The resulting Pokemon is born at level 5, with the Nature and Ability of Esme's choice (as chosen normally). Can enhance with a number of upgrades equal to Technology Education Rank [8].
  • Unusual coloration, granting +2d6 Bonus to the Introduction Stage of a Contest towards a single Contest Stat.
  • Add a Move from its Egg Move or Move Tutor List to its Inheritance List. Max 3.
  • Increase a Base Stat by +1. Counts as a Vitamin. Max 5.

[Crystal Artificer]
Prerequisites: Gem Lore
At Will - Extended Action
Effect: Esme can Craft any Crystal Artificer Recipe she qualifies for.

[Crystal Resonance]
Prerequisites: Crystal Artificer, Skill Stunt (Dowsing)
Effect: Roll an additional 3d6 when determining how many Shards found from Dowsing (Total: 12d6 base, 4/day). Gain a bonus with Shard equipped:

  • Red: +5 damage bonus with Special Attacks.
  • Orange: +5 damage bonus with Physical Attacks.
  • Yellow: 5 DR against Physical Attacks.
  • Green: Initiative is increased by +5.
  • Blue: 5 DR against Special Attacks.
  • Violet: +2 Evasion against Status-Class Attacks.

[Fistful of Force]
Prerequisites: Crystal Artificer, Master Occult
Scene - Standard Action
Condition: Esme must have a shard in her Main Hand or Off-Hand to use Fistful of Force.
Effect: Destroy the Shard to use the Move Judgment. Judgment's Type must be one of the Types associated with the used Shard. May add Occult Rank Tripled instead of SpAtk for damage.

[Rainbow Light]
Prerequisites: Crystal Artificer, Expert Occult
2 AP – Swift Action
Condition: Esme is wearing a Rainbow Gem
Effect: Esme creates a Rainbow lasting one full round. While this Rainbow persists, the Effect Range of all Allies is increased by +3.


Starting Stats: 14 Hp / 5 Atk / 6 Def / 8 SpAtk / 5 SpDef / 7 Spe
Starting Features: Researcher (Chemistry, Artifice), Chemist [Bonus], Chemical Warfare, Crystal Artificer, Arcanist, Brutal Training [Bonus]
Starting Edges: Repel Crafter, Gem Lore, Elemental Connection (Poison), Athletics [U->N]


For as long as the Petrol Swamp has existed, so too has it been home to a certain family of mystics, the Fontaine-Duval Estate. A joint family, the Fontaine side maintains the public presence in the more industrialized areas, while the Duval uphold the ancient traditions far off in the dank corners of the marsh; The Rites of Long Passing. Living in harmony with the Poisonous nature of the Swampland, they maintained their humble roots, cultivating flora, rearing Pokemon, and wielding (while revering), arcane arts that harness the primal forces of death and decay themselves; always remembering to uphold the balance of nature, with an understanding that all things must come to an end.

But not all of the branch family are content to stick to the old ways. Esmé, a young heir to the Duval name, always had a knack for more academic pursuits. Considering not only the mystical theory, but the chemical foundations to the forces they worked with. She sought ways to improve their craft, integrating new technology into long-held belief. This was not always met with the most positive feedback, but their family did acknowledge her work; for all they sought, Esmé never lost sight of her occult lessons, the most important lessons. Respect for that which they wield. For this, Esmé was granted permission to make pilgrimage between the estates, serving sometimes as a young intermediary between both sides of the clan, and allowing the prodigal youth to broaden their horizons.

It was during these years that she began to hear more of the stirrings and rumors of Team Jaeger. How their efforts scour the land, how they've begun to meddle in supernatural affairs. Would they be so foolish as to attempt the works Esmé had, without the same reverence? Probably. So now, comes their true test, as Esmé make their way to Metro Beach, with their faithful Nidoran Gervais, who had always been their companion and sometimes unfortunate test dummy. Here, Esmé will finally obtain her trainer's license, and venture into the world to both master her craft, and find the truth behind these rumors.

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