Linnea Maylithos

Name: Linnea Maylithos
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: ?

Level: 42
Badges: ?

Physical Evasion: 3
Special Evasion: 3
Speed Evasion: 2
Damage Reduction: 5

Health / Status
Hit Points: 198/188
Injuries: 0
AP: 14/14

HP: 32
Attack: 5
Defense: 15
Sp. Atk: 28
Sp. Def: 15
Speed: 13

Acrobatics Adept (4) Intimidate Pathetic (1)
Athletics Expert (5) Stealth Pathetic (1)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Untrained (2)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Adept (4)
Medicine Master (6) +2 Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Virtuoso (6/8) +2
Perception Adept (4) Guile Pathetic (1)
Charm Master (6) Focus Adept (4)
Command Adept (4) Intuition Master (6)
Overland 5 Swimming 2
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 6 Throwing 6
Other -
(Bright blue eyes, vividly bright green hair with blue highlights. No firearm. Ref)
Moonlit Sorceress: Moonbeams and passion.
Adept Skill: Occult Education Novice Skill: Charm
Pathetic Skills: Stealth, Intimidation, Guile
Active Pokemon


Equipment Effect
Head Rainbow Circlet (Rainbow Gem) +5 Special Attack (after combat stages)
Main Hand Silver-Lined Throwing Knife Fine Arcane Weapon, WR4, Energy Ball/Energy Vortex
Off-Hand Red Shard Fire, Fairy, and Psychic Type.
Body Light Armor 5 Damage Reduction
Feet - -
Accessory Faerie Plate +5 damage bonus to Fairy-type moves, +15 DR to Fairy-type moves
Money 34300pokeyen.png
Key Items
Item Effect
Chemistry Set Used to create Repels, Potions, and other objects.
Dowsing Rod Activated by spending 10 minutes searching an area, and may be activated a number of times per day equal to half of the trainer’s Occult Education Rank.
After the 10 minutes, roll 1d6 per Occult Education Rank. If the area being searched is a beach, cave, desert, or any other sandy or rocky area, roll +1d6. If you have Skill Stunt (Dowsing), you roll an additional 1d6.
For each die that results in 4 or higher, you find 1 Shard of a random color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Violet. You may reroll any die that result in 6, gaining that shard and potentially more.
First Aid Kit Required to use the First Aid Expertise Feature. By Draining 1 AP, any Trainer can make a Medicine Education Check on a target as an Extended Action. The target gains Hit Points equal to the result, and is cured of Burn, Poison, and Paralysis.
Consumable Items
Item Available Effect
Super Potion 6 Heals 35 HP.
Full Heal 5 Cures all Persistent Status Afflictions.
Full Heal Patch 15 Cures all Persistent Status Afflictions, can only be used out of combat.
Hyper Potion 20 Heals 70 HP.
Hyper Potion Patch 15 Heals 70 HP, can only be used out of combat.
Revive 10 Revives and heals 20 HP.
Revive Patch 6 Revives and heals 20 HP, can only be used out of combat.
Bandages 9 Apply to grant boosted natural healing (see rulebook).
Dire Hit 10 +2 Critical Hit Range
X Accuracy 10 +2 Accuracy
Dawn Stone 1 Evolutionary stone.
Item Available Effect
Great Ball 3 -10 Capture Modifier.
Lure Ball 4 -20 capture modifier if target was Lured.
Moon Ball 3 -20 capture modifier if target evolves via stone.
Item Available Related Types
Red Shard 8 Fire, Fairy, Psychic
Orange Shard 0 Normal, Fighting, Dragon
Yellow Shard 15 Electric, Rock, Steel
Green Shard 33 Bug, Grass, Ground
Blue Shard 10 Water, Ice, Flying
Violet 37 Poison, Dark, Ghost

3 Faerie Gem
3 Cleanse Tag (bought)
7 Self-Made Cleanse Tags (14, 18, 24, 26, 26)
1 Good Rod
1 Stellar Circlet (Sp. Atk Focus)
TM14 - Blizzard
TM16 - Light Screen
TM18 - Rain Dance
TM25 - Thunder
TM30 - Shadow Ball
TM33 - Reflect
TM45 - Attract
TM65 - Shadow Claw
TM71 - Stone Edge
HM03 - Surf
Razor Claw (equipped on Lulim)
Luck Incense (equipped on Ysayle)

Classes, Moves, Edges, Etc.

[Glamour Weaver] [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Fairy), Novice Charm, Novice Occult Education
Effect: You learn the Moves Sweet Kiss and Disarming Voice.

[Fey Law] [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: Glamour Weaver
1 AP – Swift Action
Trigger: You hit a foe with a damaging Fairy attack
Effect: Choose one of the following: Status-Class, Combat Maneuver, attacks with an unmodified Damage Base 10 or higher, or an Elemental Type. The triggering foe is Bound; they suffer a -X penalty to all rolls made to use attacks with the chosen trait. X is equal to half your Charm or Occult Education Rank. The Bound condition lasts until the end of a Scene. You may unbind someone as a Free Action at any time. A target may not have multiple instances of Bound applied at once.

[Passionato Harmony] [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: Glamour Weaver, Expert Charm or Occult Education
Effect: You learn the Moves Dazzling Gleam and Draining Kiss.

Lucky Clover Grand Finale [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: Passionato Harmony, Master Charm or, Occult Education
Effect: You learn the Moves Moonblast and Aromatic Mist.

Glamour Mastery [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: 4 Glamour Weaver Features
Effect: Choose Magic Guard or Magic Bounce. You gain the Chosen Ability.

[Enchanting Transformation] [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: Glamour Weaver
Bind 2 AP – Shift Action
Effect: You perform a magical transformation on yourself. While this Feature is Bound, you gain +5 Damage Resistance against Dragon, Fighting, Dark, and Bug-Typed attacks and your Glamour Weaver Moves have the additional effects below.

» Sweet Kiss: Sweet Kiss ignores Speed Evasion.
» Disarming Voice: You may also choose to use Disarming Voice as a Line 4 or Cone 2.
» Dazzling Gleam: On Even-Numbered rolls, targets hit by Dazzling Gleam have their Accuracy Lowered by 1.
» Draining Kiss: You gain an additional Tick of Hit Points when gaining Hit Points from Draining Kiss.
» Moonblast: Whenever Moonblast misses a target, they lose a Tick of Hit Points.
» Aromatic Mist: All allies affected by Aromatic Mist gain a +2 bonus to their next Save Check.

[Magical Burst] [Class][+Sp.Atk]
Prerequisites: Enchanting Transformation, Passionato Harmony
Scene — Standard Action
Condition: You must have Enchanting Transformation Bound to use Magical Burst.
Effect: Use a Glamour Weaver Move as if it had the range Burst 3, Friendly, Exhaust, Smite. All allies within the area-of-effect gain a Tick of Temporary Hit Points or cure themselves of one Volatile Affliction. Enchanting Transformation immediately becomes Unbound, and the AP used to bind it becomes spent instead of becoming available again.


Starting Stats: ? HP / ? Atk / ? Def / ? Sp.Atk / ? Sp.Def / ? Spc
Starting Features: Glamour Weaver, Dancer, Dance Form, Arcane Training, Inspired Training
Starting Edges: Elemental Connection (Fairy), Skill Edge (Novice Acrobatics), Skill Edge (Novice Intuition), Tag Scribe


It can be said that any complex enough natural procedure can be indistinguishable from "magic" to the average person. But when magic is part of the natural way of the world, things get a lot more complicated. The supernatural becomes "natural", and magic becomes something akin to another wing of science, even if it does not yet have the strict level of observation and analysis that scientists of more worldly affairs would like it to. Especially when it comes to the matters of human interaction - be it between person, creature, or even the land itself.

Linnea Maylithos is one of those magical practitioners in constant curiosity of the forces she wields. As a healer of hurts both physical and emotional, she understood all too well the impact she had on others, and through that, the world. But she did not quite understand WHY things worked the way they did - it either just worked or didn't, with folk in the latter happenstance being directed to other, more mundane forms of treatment at Linnea's insistence. She made it a point to always recommend mundane medical treatment first, as it is more widely used and more thoroughly understood. But the lack of knowledge about her own art bothered her.

A few years ago, she had moved to Brooktale, where she figured the town's widespread use of technology would make the research process that much easier. It both was and wasn't - there was certainly a wealth of material to be had. But due to the life and culture of Brooktale, magical findings were fairly secretive, either by researchers who wished to keep their findings to themselves until a concrete conclusion could be made, or by people of a more fae bend that kept to secrecy and misdirection as virtues. Her very presence as a more traditional magical pracitioner was seen in the tech-heavy Brooktale as somewhat odd, though not at all unwelcome. She found it easy to get along with both her patients and her neighbors.

But there was still the itch in the back of her head. Both her seemingly endless quest for answers, and a feeling of dread that something far more sinister was lurking the she shadows of Amoda than Team Jaeger. After countless restless nights wrestling with the ideas and worries in her mind, she decided to set out on a journey of discovery, for the sake of her craft, herself, and all those who still suffer.

[leadup to Fort here]

Linnea is an empath through and through. Highly perceptive to the emotions of others, she uses this link to better understand the hurts and injuries of those she encounters. It's easy for her to make acquaintences, and even friends. But this link is a far too familiar double-edged sword, and she takes emotions straight to heart, both good and bad. It's easy to fall into despair when everyone around you feels the same, after all. Nevertheless, she does her best to use her emotions as momentum toward change, rather than a roadblock. And Arceus help whoever invokes her wrath, for the power of emotion is a harsh mistress indeed.

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