Name: Samantha "Sam" Malakowski
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs (WC 4)

Level: 48
Trainer EXP: 0/10
Badges: Beach, Pack Ice, Smelt, Wire, Break, Wither
Ribbons: Pollen

Physical Evasion: +3
Special Evasion: +3
Speed Evasion: +6

Health / Status
Hit Points: 19/162
Injuries: 1
AP: 14/14

HP: 25
Attack: 8
Defense: 18 (23)
Sp. Atk: 8
Sp. Def: 16
Speed: 32

Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Novice (3)
Athletics Pathetic (1) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Pathetic (1
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Untrained (2) Technology Novice (3)
Occult Untrained (2)
Perception Expert (5) Guile Master (6)
Charm Master (6) Focus Master (6)
Command Virtuoso (8) Intuition Novice (3)
Overland 4 Swimming 2
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 4 Throwing 5
Other -
Background Title: City Slicker
Adept Skill: Guile Novice Skill: Charm
Pathetic Skills: Athletics, Pokémon Ed, Survival
Active Pokemon


Equipment Effect
Head Sunglasses +1 to Guile, Charm, Intimidate
Main Hand - -
Off-Hand - -
Body - -
Feet - -
Accessory Defense Focus +5 to Defense
Money 44100pokeyen.png

Key Items
Consumable Items
2x Potions
1x Antidote
1x Paralyze Heal
1x Revive
1x Basic Pokeballs

Classses, Moves, Edges, Etc.

[Provocateur] (Class, +Speed)
Prerequisites: [Confidence Artist, Intimidating Presence, or Charmer]
Static Effect
Effect: You learn the Moves Sweet Kiss and Taunt.

[Push Buttons] (+Speed)
Prerequisites: [Provocateur]
Effect: Your Social Moves' Frequency is not Expended if they miss. You gain the Demoralize Edge, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. Its effects for Status Moves now trigger on 18+, and Social Moves that activate this "Crit" Range cause their targets to lose a tick of Hit Points. If you already have Demoralize, you may gain another Edge for which you meet the prerequisites.

[Quick Wit] (+Speed)
Prerequisites: [Provocateur, a Provocateur Skill at Adept Rank]
Scene x3 - Swift Action
Effect: You may make a Manipulate Maneuver or use a Social Move you know, Frequency Allowing.

Powerful Motivator (+Speed)
Prerequisites: [Provocateur, two Provocateur Skills at Adept Rank]
Effect: Baby-Doll Eyes, Confide, Leer, and your Provocateur Moves gain additional effects. These effects occur whether the Move hits or misses.
»» Baby-Doll Eyes: The target cannot Critically Strike for 1 full round.
»» Confide: The target cannot trigger Effect Ranges for 1 full round.
»» Leer: The target is Slowed for 1 Full Round.
»» Sweet Kiss: The target gains a -3 penalty to Evasion for 1 full round.
»» Taunt: The target gains a -3 penalty to Accuracy Rolls 1 full round.
»» Torment: The target gains a -10 penalty to Damage Rolls against your allies for 1 full round.
»» Lovely Kiss: The target gains a -3 penalty to Save Checks for 1 full round.

Play Them Like A Fiddle (+Speed)
Prerequisites: [Powerful Motivator, a Provocateur Skill at Expert Rank]
Scene x3 - Swift Action
Trigger: You hit with Leer, Confide, Baby-Doll Eyes, or a Provocateur Move.
Effect: The Move gains additional effects as listed below. You may use the effects of each Move only once per Scene.
»» Baby-Doll Eyes: The target becomes Infatuated with you for the rest of the Scene, and cannot be cured of this condition by any means, including Taking a Breather. This does not bypass immunity to Infatuation.
»» Confide: You choose a Move the target has used this Scene. That Move becomes Disabled for the target.
»» Leer: The target's Defense is lowered an additional Combat Stage, and their Special Defense is lowered by 2 Combat Stages.
»» Sweet Kiss: While the target is Confused, they may not perform Disengage Maneuvers, and whenever they hit themselves in Confusion, they provoke an Attack of Opportunity from all of their adjacent foes.
»» Taunt: For 1 full round, the next damaging attack to hit the target of Taunt deals +3d8+10 damage.
»» Torment: The target's Ability is disabled until the end of the encounter. If the target has more than one Ability, you choose one of them to disable.
»» Lovely Kiss: The target's Evasion is lowered by 2 for the rest of the Scene.



Sam didn't always know she wanted to be a detective. She just knew there were things other people knew that she didn't, and that some of them in fact didn't want her to know those things. For a while she wanted to be a spy - but not for anybody, since that meant being told what secrets to find with no choice in the matter. Plus sometimes people arrest spies! Or kill them! Then she wanted to be a journalist - but not for any newspaper, since that meant sharing the secrets she'd found with the whole world, almost no matter what. She'd long suspected one of her closest friends had a secret like that, and she didn't want to have to divulge that, not with Team Jaeger cracking down. Then she wanted to be a cop. That didn't last long. People shoot at cops, the TJ's boss them around, she'd have no choice about what she investigated, and she'd have to share the secrets she'd found with the whole world, almost no matter what, and in front of a judge or jury.

Then it came to her. A private detective wouldn't have to share the secrets she'd found other than with her employer - and she could refuse them. Plus the hats looked awesome.

Because of all this, she never really developed an interest in Pokemon. She instead developed an interest in convincing people to share their secrets with her. Gradually, she worked her way up to bigger and badder investigations, some of which she almost got paid for. Every day was an adventure, and what she did with the secrets she found was her own choice.

That all came crashing down when she ventured to the Amodan Interregional Airport to look into a criminal organization. They were planning on rising to challenge Team Jaeger, and they were doing some distinctly non-legitimate things as part of their Plan. However, they were the biggest and baddest threat that Sam had ever looked into, and she decided to watch them for a while until she had a real Plan of her own.

On the first day, a cute little fletchling decided to keep her company on the tree branch she'd chosen. On the second day, she brought it some leftovers from home. On the third day, it was perched on her shoulder. On the fourth day…

On the fourth day a punk kid roller skated into the airport, grabbed something, and put the whole gang into an uproar like someone had kicked their anthill. They started chasing him. With guns. He led them on a merry chase, but there were enough of them that he wasn't getting away, either. Sam decided to intervene - having spent half a week watching, and with a perfect vantage point to watch the pursuit, she moved to a good spot, darted out in front of the gang and caused enough havoc for the kid to escape. But then the gang grabbed her. "She must be with him," their leader said. "Kill her."

One of the gang members put a gun to her head. Then a cute little fletchling fluttered down onto the punk's shoulder…and pecked all over the punk's face, causing him to drop the gun. Sam bolted, the fletchling following her.

The Fletchling, who Sam now calls 'Malta,' is still with her.


Starting Stats: 12 Hp / 5 Atk / 8 Def / 5 SpAtk / 8 SpDef /7 Spe
Starting Features: Provocateur, Quick Wit, Push Buttons, Let Me Help You With That
Starting Edges: Confidence Artist, Dynamism, Basic Skills: Intuition, Basic Skills: Perception
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