Esmé's Pokémon

Active Pokemon

Overland 8
Swim 4
Burrow 2
High Jump 1
Long Jump 2
Power 9
Other Capabilities
Groundshaper, Pack Mon
Naturewalk (Grassland), Underdog
Mountable 1

Nidoking Type: Poison/Ground Evasion: 2/2/4 Tutor Points: 0/6
Level 27, 900/990 EXP Held Item: Accuracy Booster HP: 88/88 Injuries: 0 Size: Medium (WC4)
Training Regimen: [Focused] [Experience]
Ability Usage Special Effect
Poison Point Scene - Free Action Trigger: User is hit by Melee. Effect: Foe is Poisoned.
Venom Static +5 Damage on Poison-type moves. If under 1/3rd Max HP [29], +10.
Hustle Static -2 Penalty to Accuracy on Physical Attacks, but +10 Damage.
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpAtk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 8 +9 17
Attack 12 +13 25
Defense 8 +2 10
Special Attack 7 +0 7
Special Defense 8 +2 10
Speed 9 +11 20
Status Conditions None
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
5d6+3[+5] 2d6[+2] 4d6+2[+4] 1d6[+2] 3d6[+2] 4d6[+2]
Poke Edges
Edge Cost Effect
Improvements: Advanced Mobility
Name Frequency AC Type Range Damage Keywords Contest Special Effect
Hone Claws At-Will None Dark Self None Status None Cool Get Ready! User's Accuracy is raised by +1, and the user gains +1 Attack Combat Stage.
Chip Away EOT 2 Normal Melee, 1 Target DB7: 2d6+10[+45] Physical None Tough Reliable Ignore any Armor, Damage Reduction, or changes in the target's Defense or Special Defense when calculating damage.
Dragon Tail At-Will 3 Dragon Melee, 1 Target, Push DB6: 2d6+8[+43] Physical None Smart Big Show Target is Pushed 6 meters minus their WC. Trips on a roll of 15+.
Sucker Punch At-Will 2 Dark Melee, 1 Target DB8: 2d8+10[+45] Physical Interrupt, Trigger Smart Saving Grace If adjacent foe targets user with a Damaging Attack, Sucker Punch may be used as an Interrupt Move against the triggering foe.
Brick Break At-Will 2 Fighting Melee, 1 Target DB8: 2d8+10[+45] Physical None Cool Steady Performance Reflect or Light Screen may not be activated in response.
Poison Sting At-Will 2 Poison 6, 1 Target DB4: 1d8+6[+46] Physical None Smart Excitement Poisons target on 17+.


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