Izzy's Pokémon

Active Pokemon

Overland 4
Swim 1
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 1
Other Capabilities
Telekinetic, Telepath, Nature Walk (forest/urban), Underdog

Gabriel M/Ralts Type: Psychic/Fairy Evasion: 0/1/0 Tutor Points: 2/X
Level 6, 50/60 EXP Held Item: HP: 36/36 Injuries: 0 Size: 1'4" (small) / 14.6lbs (1)
Training Regimen: [Tag] [Tag]
Ability Usage Special Effect
Synchronize The user is Paralyzed, Frozen, Burned, Poisoned, or put to Sleep. The foe which caused the Status Condition is given the same Status they inflicted
Quirky Nature (+SDef, -SDef)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 3 +3 6
Attack 3 +0 3
Defense 3 +0 3
Special Attack 5 +6 11
Special Defense 4 +2 6
Speed 4 +5 9
Status Conditions None
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
1d6+2 2d6 1d6 3d6 3d6 3d6
Poke Edges
Edge Cost Effect
[Name] [TP] [Effect]
Name Frequency AC Type Range Damage Keywords Special Effect
Disable Scene 0 Normal 1 target NA Status Smart, Excitement; Trigger Disable may be used as a Free Action that does not take up a Command whenever the user is hit by a Move. That Move becomes Disabled for the attacker.
Growl At Will 2 Normal Burst 1 NA Status Cute, Excitement; Friendly, Sonic, Social Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.
Confusion At Will 2 Psychic 6 1d8+8 Special Smart, Steady Performance; Single Target Confusion Confuses the target on 19+.
Double Team Scene None Normal Self NA Status Cool, Reliable; Illusion, Coat The user gains 3 activations of Double Team. The user may either activate Double Team when being targeted by an attack to increase their Evasion by +2 against that attack; or when making an attack to increase their Accuracy by +2 for that attack.
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Range] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Range] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]


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