Jack's Pokémon

Active Pokemon

Overland 4
Swim 3
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 3
Other Capabilities
Burrow 2, Naturwalk (Desert), Darkvision, Stealth, Underdog

Name: Sandy Female / Sandile Type: Ground/Dark Evasion: +1 Physical/+1 Special/+3 Speed Tutor Points: 2/2
Level 11, 115 EXP Held Item: None HP: 45/45 Injuries: 0 Size: Small (WC 2)
Training Regimen: Agility Training [Training] The target becomes Agile until the end of the effect duration. Agile Pokémon gain a +1 bonus to Movement Capabilities and +4 to Initiative.
Ability Usage Special Effect
Moxie Static Whenever the user’s Move causes a target to faint, it may raise its Attack Combat Stage by +1. You may only trigger Moxie once per Move, even if the Move causes multiple targets to faint.
- - -
Jolly Nature (+2 speed, -2 Special Attack)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 5 +4 9
Attack 7 +6 13
Defense 4 +2 6
Special Attack 2 +0 2
Special Defense 4 +2 6
Speed 9 +9 18 (One CS: 21, Two CS:25)
Status Conditions None
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
3d6+2 2d6 2d6 3d6+1 2d6+1 3d6+1
Poke Edges
Edge Cost Effect
[Name] [TP] [Effect]
Inheritance: Thunder Fang
Name Frequency AC Type Range Damage Keywords Special Effect
Leer At-Will 2 Normal Cone 2 None Status Friendly, Social All legal targets have their Defense lowered by 1 Combat Stage.
Rage At-Will 2 Normal Melee 1 Target 1d6+3 / 7 Physical Spirit Surge The user becomes Enraged. Until the end of the user’s next turn, if the user is Enraged, the user gains +1 Attack Combat Stage whenever they are damaged by an Damaging Move or Attack.
Bite At-Will 2 Dark Melee 1 Target 2d8+10 / 15 Physical - Bite Flinches the target on 15+.
Thunder Fang At-Will 3 Electric Melee 2d6+10 / 17 Physical 1 Target Thunder Fang Paralyzes or Flinches on 18-19 during Accuracy Check; flip a coin to determine whether the foe gets Paralyzed or Flinches. On 20 during Accuracy Check, the foe is Paralyzed and Flinched.
Sand Attack EOT 2 Ground Range 2 1 Target None Status - The target is Blinded until the end of their next turn.
Torment Scene X2 2 Dark Range 10 1 Target None Status Social The target becomes suppressed.


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