Max's Pokémon

Active Pokemon

Overland 4 Levitate 8 Power 2
Sky 0 Burrow 0 Weight 1
Swim 2 Jump (H/L) 1/2 Size Medium
Other Capabilities
Naturewalk Grassland, Forest
Antheia: female florges Type: Fairy Evasion: 1/5/3 Tutor Points: 7/7
Level 29, 1161 EXP HP: 73/73 Injuries: 0 Size: Medium (4)
Training Held Item: Fairy Booster
Ability Frequency / Usage Special Effect
Flower Veil Static / Defensive Allied Grass within 10m don't lower CS
Perception At-Will / Shift, Interrupt May Shift to avoid AoEs
Timid Nature (+SPD, -ATK)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 8 +3 11
Attack 5 +1 6
Defense 7 +3 10
Special Attack 11 +12 23
Special Defense 15 +12 27
Speed 10 +9 19
Status Conditions None
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
3d6 4d6+1 3d6 3d6 4d6 5d6+2
Poke Edges
Edge Cost Effect
Precise Threadings N/A Threaded is AC 3, Range 6.


Name Frequency AC Type Range Damage Keywords Special Effects
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal Melee, 1 Target 1d8+6 Physical
Grassy Terrain Daily ×2 Grass Field Status Field becomes Grassy for 5 rounds. While Grassy, all gain 1 Tick of HP and Grass-types performed by grounded pokémon/trainers have +10 damage.
Dazzling Gleam EOT 2 Fairy Cone 2 3d8+10 Special
Wish Daily x2 Normal 15, 1 Target Status At the end of the user's next turn, target heals 50% maximum HP. If target is self and target replaced, heal replacement.
Fairy Wind At-Will 2 Fairy 6, 1 Target 2d8+10 Special
Lucky Chant Scene Normal Blessing Status Reduce Critical Hits to normal damage up to 3x.
Magical Leaf EOT None Grass 8, 1 Target 2d6+8 Special Magical Leaf never misses.


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