Session 10B

As Jack, Max, and Sam head off with Ivan, something tugs on the back of Anna's senses. From under the ice…
Wavs. As if the ocean itself were chipping at the ice along the coast of Ice Cove, preparing the iceberg the party is to ride to Foundry Town.
Anna Tommize rubs her eyes and looks down the coast.
Anna Tommize: "Wha…? Wuzzat…"
Esme notice Anna stop. Tim, meanwhile, is setting up camp, having pocketed the gym winnings from Ivan for disbursement during the trip.
Anna Tommize blinks a few times before turning away and wordlessly wobbling off.
[OOC] WC GM: +2,000 pokeyen to each PC.
Esme figures she'll stay back here. She's got other pokeplans anyway. "What's what?"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Do I need to level anything up?
Anna Tommize: "There's somethin…watery?"
[OOC] WC GM: Probably, but not for this session.
Anna Tommize: "Iss like the missinger…"
Esme: "Oh! You saw…it? Again?"
Anna Tommize: "Nuuu. Different."
The pirate-like weavile is speaking with - it almost looks like the ice itself, or perhaps wherever the wavs are coming from. Esme, too, can now feel a glimpse of power.
Anna Tommize squints her eyes out over the water.
Anna Tommize: "Ahm'a go give it a talkin to."
Anna Tommize grits her teeth and sets to climbing down the ice.
It is a simple climb down to the slowly-forming crack in the ice, starting to sever where Tim is setting up from the ice shelf that blockades the coast.
Anna Tommize hops the ice without a second thought. Grr wavs.
Esme blinks. "Huh. That is definitely something." She waves to Tim that they'll be back later, tagging along after Anna.
Esme: "So I notice you get those…wavs? Alot."
Anna Tommize: "…Yah. They're…"
Anna Tommize pauses to think of how to explain it.
The wavs are definitely here, in the ocean under the ice, darting around.
Anna Tommize: "They get in muh head? People act weird 'round 'em."
Anna Tommize: "Specially da jaggy ones."
Esme tilts her head.
Anna Tommize clenches her teeth.
Anna Tommize: "They're mind control wavs!"
Anna Tommize: "…Ah think…"
Anna Tommize looks down in the ice, trying to glimpse the source.
Anna Tommize: "P-people dunno that they're i-in danger…"
Esme: "Well, I dunno much about mind control…" She rubs her chin. "You might just be really sensitive to aura type things, if I had to guess. I've never been good at that!"
Anna Tommize: "But still! Ah've gotta help!"
Esme leans down and touches the ice. "You're totally right about something weird being down there."
Anna Tommize: "Iss tryna hide…I think?"
Anna Tommize starts knocking at the ice each time the source darts near her.
Esme: "From us?"
Anna Tommize: "Oi! Ah can see you!"
Anna Tommize: "Y'darn thing!"
The wavs dart away.
Anna Tommize: "Grr."
They concentrate under a part of the ice further along.
Anna Tommize swallows and starts awkwardly marching across the ice towards it.
The wavs churn as Anna approaches, then the ice rumbles a bit.
Anna Tommize adjusts her footing and swallows.
Anna Tommize: "C-come on! Ah'm not scurred o-of no wavver!"
Thin water jets shoot through the ice like aquatic lasers, momentarily. When they subside, letters have been carved through the ice: "WHY" .
Esme: "Well."
Anna Tommize: "W-well, yer all…yer all wavvy! Ah gotta make sure yer not gonna influence anyone…L-like those Jaggies!"
Anna Tommize: "Why you even out here anyways!?"
More jets, forming two rows this time: "AM" on top of "SEA" .
Esme inches along the ice, carefully, in case this 'wavvy' feels like talking some mo-and there it goes.
Anna Tommize: "…Huh?"
Anna Tommize: "W-well, why you hidin 'an bein all shady then!"
Anna Tommize: "The sea doesn't hide around other coasts!"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Anna's…kind of stupid.
More jets, forming "ASK" then an arrow pointing to Esme's then-current location.
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Esme tumbles over. Water lasers man.
Anna Tommize looks at Esme.
Esme: "Uhh."
Anna Tommize: "Why's it here?"
Anna Tommize: "…Aaah, are you in league with it!?"
Anna Tommize takes a step back, horrified at Esme.
Esme looks over all the letters. "Well, it's definitely not M-No…" she points to the 'AM SEA'.
Esme: "What? I don't know!"
Anna Tommize: "That's just what a wavver would say!"
Anna Tommize looks disappointed in Esme.
Esme: "It's probably hiding because if someone who say, wasn't us noticed it, it could be in trouble."
Anna Tommize: "I thought we were friends…"
Esme: "I'm still not sure what a wavver is…but I don't think whoever down there is dangerous. At least not to us."
Anna Tommize turns back to Ice and blinks.
Anna Tommize: "Are ya dangerous?"
Anna Tommize: "Yer not gonna mind control people?"
Esme notes all the words, that were nice enough not to blow up from under them. "I mean, it could've easily dragged us under by now."
Anna Tommize: "Or warp mah icecream?"
Anna Tommize pauses after Esme says that.
Anna Tommize: "…Ooooh. It could, huh?"
Anna Tommize: "Umm. Also, please do not laser us."
Esme wobbles up. "Sea narrows it down, at least…"
Esme: "Wait, you said you think wavs are mind control?"
The wavs stop for a moment, turbulent.
Anna Tommize: "Ya."
Anna Tommize: "Tim's Egg's all wavvy, that…missinger was super wavvy…"
Anna Tommize: "Mr. Sea is wavvy but more subtle."
Anna Tommize kneels down and puts her ear to the ice.
Esme: "Well Tim's egg is probably that whole other thing…but there is a common theme there. So Sea and Wavs means…oh!"
Esme: "OH."
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Esme sits.
More water jets, then "BRO IS LIGHT" .
Anna Tommize: "…Yer kinda cheeky."
Esme: "Anna, I dunno how you keep attracting these things…"
Anna Tommize gulps.
Esme claps her hands together. "But it is very interesting!"
Anna Tommize: "A-ah dun't!"
Anna Tommize: "I jus' try and help people!"
Anna Tommize: "I-I jus' wanted t'give 'em a talking to. Make sure nobody's gettin controlled…"
Esme shrugs. "Might be part of it…well, I don't think you have to worry about it this time."
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Anna Tommize: "Why?"
Esme tilts her head.
Esme: "Anna, how much do you know of legends? Or history, depending on who you ask, at this point. I know much of the former, but little of the other."
Anna Tommize: "W-well, uh…Mewtwos used to run our government b'fore the Jaggies showed up, an' uh…."
Anna Tommize: "Mankind was put on earth by a deoxys t'start a terraforming project which is why we can't help but accelerate global warming…"
Esme: "Uh huh…"
Anna Tommize: "…The moon landing was faked by Genesect t'protect their orbital hive…"
Anna Tommize: "Jus' the normal stuff."
Anna Tommize blinks.
Anna Tommize: "Why?"
Esme snrks.
Esme: "Well that's…different from what I know, but you have some ideas! So! What do you know about the sea?"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: I am pretty pleased with the global warming conspiracy theory
Anna Tommize: "Uh…"
Anna Tommize pauses.
Anna Tommize: "There's an ice wall maintained by lugia that keeps the ocean from falling out…"
Anna Tommize: "If you get too close Kyogre attacks you?"
Esme: "Ok. What are we sitting on?"
Anna Tommize: "Umm…a piece of ice?"
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Esme :D?
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Anna Tommize is confused.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Anna is very dumb.
Esme speaks softly. "Then we might be talking with Lugia."
Anna Tommize: "Oooh."
Esme: "Or at the very least, it's speaking with you."
Anna Tommize: "Lugi! T-thanks fer keepin our ocean from fallin out!"
Esme rubs her head, mumbling to herself. "If someone asked me two days ago if I'd be applying Legendary Theory in real life… geez."
Anna Tommize: "…Ah! But be careful with yer wavs!"
The wavs again paused, this time feeling confused.
Esme gets the distinct impression they hurt themselves in their confusion.
Anna Tommize: "I-I read it online! Don't ya maintain an ice wall that stops the ocean from falling off the earth? Cuz it's flat?"
Esme: "Uhh."
[OOC] Anna Tommize: What? She's a conspiracy buff.
Esme bows a little. "She means thanks for being the Guardian and all that entails, oui? She just noticed you out here and was worried it was something… more malevolent. But cool, yes?"
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Anna Tommize: "Ah…yeh, that too…ah think…"
Anna Tommize: "Jus dun hurt anyone awright?"
Meeps baahs in assent.
More water jets: "COOL" , "AS" , and "ICE" .
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Ohgod Lugia is a memer
[OOC] Esme: YES
Esme: "Hah! Quite."
[OOC] WC GM: Memes are *just that viral*.
[OOC] WC GM: But it'll make sense once you learn the full truth, eventually.)
Anna Tommize peers down at the ice.
Anna Tommize: "Why're ya hidin?"
[OOC] Esme: Dude wait til I get my Porygon with airhorns
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Oh no
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Vuvuzelagon
Esme: "Well, it's more that it lives there, from what I recall."
Anna Tommize: "Oooh."
Anna Tommize: "But it had…hidey-wavs?"
Esme: "Stays out of its brother's way, and also makes sure people don't accidently anger it."
Esme: "Hidey-wavs?"
Anna Tommize: "…Are we botherin ya?"
Anna Tommize: "Yah."
Anna Tommize: "Izz like…Iss tryna keep the wavs on the down low."
Anna Tommize: "But ah'm clever. No can hide'em from me."
Anna Tommize looks pleased with herself, until Meeps bumps her.
Anna Tommize: "H-hey!"
Esme smiles. "Yeah, you're real good with wavs, it seems. I'm jealous!"
Anna Tommize: "Fufufufu."
Anna Tommize swells with pride.
The crack along the ice has now fully formed. The iceberg with Tim and the tents ever so slowly begins to drive away.
Anna Tommize: "…Aaah!"
Anna Tommize yelps and starts heading back to the ice.
Anna Tommize: "O-OK…"
Anna Tommize gulps.
Esme: "Should probably get back to that." She stands. "Ah, thanks again for the talk, yes."
It is trivial to jump over to Tim's side.
Anna Tommize leaps over the tiny crack with a tiny squeak as she lands. How pathetic.
Tim looks up as the two ladies arrive. "What were you talking about?"
Meeps literally just steps over.
Anna Tommize: "I was keepin da peace!"
Anna Tommize puffs out her chest.
Esme: "Wav stuff."
Esme: "Now I gotta go find my own wavs, though."
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Anna Tommize: "Whaddya mean!?"
Tim: "Wavs? You mean like for surfing?"
Esme digs in her bag, and triumphantly produces her dowsing rods. "Shard wavs!"
Esme: "No, you silly. Wav wavs."
Anna Tommize: "M-messin with heads that way's unetical…ethicul…immoral!"
Anna Tommize: "Radio wavs!"
Tim tilts his head.
Anna Tommize: "L-like yer big mind control tower."
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Sands tilts his head identically.
Anna Tommize: "Y'know the one?"
Anna Tommize: "On da mountain?"
Tim: "Nooo…?"
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Anna Tommize shakes her head.
Esme: "Yeah, see."
Anna Tommize: "Yer just a kid. Must notta told ya."
Anna Tommize carefully regards Tim in case he's hiding anything.
Tim seems quite confused.
Anna Tommize nods.
Anna Tommize: "Awright."
Anna Tommize streeetches. Another day's work in protecting the innocent!
Tim does seem to be holding back a bit of fear.
Anna Tommize carefully watches him out of the corner of her eye.
[OOC] WC GM: If Esme dowses here, she'll find Blue Shards. This is true in the morning too, when "here" will be right next to Foundry Town.
Esme: "Well, you keep an eye on Tim. Back in a bit! C'mon, Gervy, you gotta dig em out." She drags the sleepy Nidoran around.
Esme rolled up 8#1d6: 6 4 3 5 4 5 5 1 (33)
Esme rolled up 1d6: 4 (4)
Esme rolled up 8#1d6: 6 3 4 1 6 5 4 5 (34)
Esme rolled up 2#1d6: 6 3 (9)
Esme rolled up 1d6: 5 (5)
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Good rolls?
Esme returns, wobbling with an armful of blue shards.
[OOC] Esme: 15 shards, so yes
[OOC] Esme: dem features/skill stunts
Tim watces Esme wobble.
Tim: "Are those 'wavs'?"
Esme: "These?"
Esme thinks.
Esme: "No, not these. They're blue."
Tim: "No, I meant your walk just now."
Tim: "You were…wavving? Maybe?"
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Esme: "Well, if you mean how Anna uses it, probably not. But… the same concept applies, sort of."
Anna Tommize: "I told ya, I was keepin the peace!"
Anna Tommize: "Wavvin iss somethin the wavvers do!"
Esme: "Yes, you were. Peace was kept. The iceberg is still there and everything."
Anna Tommize: "Yesh!"
It is about this point that the rest of the party returns - and just in time: the iceberg has begun to drift in earnest. They make it over, and then dinner is broken out: mugs of soup, with battery-powered heaters in the bottom.
[OOC] WC GM: Anything further, or shall we end here?
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Nope!
[OOC] Anna Tommize: I'm good.
[OOC] Esme: We coo

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