Session 12

The party has returned to the Layfields' gym and obtained the Smelt Badge, along with 3000 pokeyen each as a prize. Officer Jenny wanted to consult with Sam right away, but she did leave enough time for the awarding before hauling Sam off.
Anna Tommize lowers her head graciously.
Anna Tommize: "T-thank you…"
In one corner, a TV blares the local news. "…no witnesses to the actual moment of destruction, but the level of force is apparent." The TV shows a picture of tank parts scattered about, with a trench leading toward the shore. "If you want to stop by make it quick; road crews are scheduled to fill it in within the hour. But in this reporter's opinion, one thing is clear."
Jack Layfield: "Oh hey it's on TV."
The TV shifts to a shot of the party in their go-karts, faces visible. "Jack's back. He and his friends have obtained a shocking level of power despite officially obtaining their trainers' licenses less than a week ago. Records suggest they are headed up along the coast. Wirehold, watch out!"
Max Thorn: "And so are we."
Jack Layfield: "You know you love me Foundry Town."
TVReporter: "In other news, the string of fainting couples continued this morning. Police now suspect-"
Esme: "Oh my, we're on TV now?"
Ham clicks a remote, turning the TV off. "Sorry, forgot I'd left it on. They were broadcasting the chase."
Anna Tommize gulps. Mom doesn't like it when she's on TV.
Ham Layfield: "I'd ask how you stopped it, but that doesn't matter." He waves a hand. "So whatever happened to that rotom hijacker?"
Jack Layfield: "Anna caught it."
Jack Layfield: "Was a real nailbiter too, So wicked."
Anna Tommize: "U-uh…well, I was worried about it…"
Anna Tommize: "Would you like to see it?"
Anna Tommize produces a pokeball.
Max Thorn: "She talked it into the pokéball. Weird little critter, too."
Max Thorn: "While it was in the tank, it was dual-typed Ghost and Steel."
An nods. "Yes. The RT tank was designed to override its electric type, rather than the usual ghost type override."
Tim has been brooding in the corner. At the mention of "RT tank" , he twitches.
Anna Tommize: "U-umm…is there other RT equipment like that…?"
Esme: "How do you go about designing something like that?"
Anna Tommize looks over at Tim.
Anna Tommize: "A-are you OK…?"
An Layfield: "Well, you start with-"
Max Thorn: "Ah. That explains that. Neat."
Tim: "That…" He turns around, near shivering with rage. "That is the wrong question."
Max Thorn taps a quick note into his 'dex…
Anna Tommize: "I…umm, did I do anything? You look upset…"
Max Thorn headtilts.
Tim: "What." He takes a step toward the Layfields. "Is." Another step. "WRONG WITH YOU?!?"
Anna Tommize: "Raider…"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Anna Tommize: "Oooh."
Ham Layfield: "B-because we were asked to?"
Anna Tommize: "So, that's the kind of tank that's been bothering the Jaggies out in Dojji?"
Tim: "YES IT IS!"
Max Thorn: "Eh, would you jump off a cliff if you were asked to? Entirely unassisted?"
Esme: "Well, this implies someone was paying them to."
Anna Tommize: "U-umm, well, I think the cultural context here i-is different…? Maybe…?"
Max Thorn: "Because I can kind of see Tim's point here."
Jack Layfield: "HEY, KID! LAY OFF."
Tim: "DO…do. Do you have any IDEA, how many PEOPLE, and POKEMON, THOSE THINGS HAVE MURDERED?!?"
Anna Tommize: "I, umm, do-don't…?"
Anna Tommize: "Jaggies always just look at me weird when I talk to 'em…"
An and Ham just look on, slack jawed.
An Layfield: "M…murdered…?"
Max Thorn holds up a hand. "Let him finish, Jack."
Esme frowns.
Jack Layfield: "No kid, we don't, BECAUSE JAEGER DOESN'T TELL US ANYTHING!"
Jack Layfield: "Don't tell me what to do max." Jack glares at him.
An Layfield: "They weren't supposed to kill anyone."
Anna Tommize looks about the argument starting and frets.
Esme: "I do imagine a tank is most typically used for such a thing though…" She bites at her nails.
Max Thorn: "Don't tell the kid to lay off when he's in expository mode and I won't tell you what to do."
Tim takes deep, ragged breaths, squeezing his fists.
Anna Tommize: "A-also, umm, this tank hadn't killed anyone…"
Max Thorn: "Yet."
Max Thorn: "It's a tool of war. Killing's its job."
Anna Tommize: "It's been in storage for years, it was never deployed…"
Anna Tommize frowns a bit.
Anna Tommize: "I-I have no idea if…that matters, though…"
Max Thorn: "Would you happen to have some data on hand, Tim? I believe you, but the evidence tends to speak for itself when it's available."
An shakes her head. "The rotoms were trained to scare people. The only ones they were supposed to actually kill were, well…"
Max Thorn: "Killing people is killing people, whether it's on 'the other side' or not."
Tim GLARES at Max for a moment, before softening his expression. "I…I have memories. But if you want hard data, that's in Dojji."
Tim: "But I'll gladly take you. So you can see for yourselves."
Esme: "To Dojji?"
Anna Tommize: "U-umm, OK…But, a-ahh…"
Anna Tommize: "We'll need something to deal with the wavs there…"
Max Thorn: "Well, then we're going to Dojji. In the meantime…"
Tim: "Growing up…you've seen me train with Sands, that digging? That's how we're supposed to react when the raidertanks come around. Get down, where they can't attack, then come up from underneath to tip them over. Once they're immobilized they can be attacked from wherever their treads wind up facing."
Tim: "I…I'm sorry I froze, by the way. I never…EVER thought…there'd be a raidertank here."
Anna Tommize: "It's OK! We took it, down hehe."
Tim smiles. "I saw. Thank you."
Max Thorn: "…That raidertank had better be *very* well hidden, Mr and Mrs Layfield. And you might want to be, too."
Esme: "That definitely explains why the Jaggi-err, Jaegers are so up in arms."
Anna Tommize pats Meeps on the head.
Ham Layfield: "It's destroyed. We don't have any others here."
Max Thorn deflates slightly. "Good."
Max Thorn: "…Try not to find any more, eh?"
Ham Layfield: "You'd have to ask Anna's mother about that."
Anna Tommize: "U-umm, well, I wasn't allowed in the hangar…"
Anna Tommize: "I just know she likes heavy machinery. Tractors, cars, tanks, planes…"
Anna Tommize: "Anything with an engine…"
Anna Tommize: "Ooh, trains. She loves trains."
Jack Layfield: "And my parents can build or fix anything."
Ham snickers. "Yeah. We've built or fixed so many over the years, we thought this was just another one."
Max Thorn considers the most direct route to Dojji from here…Wirehold's a bit out of the way, so…
Anna Tommize: "We can get it on the way, right?"
Max Thorn: "Do we want to go to Wirehold, or shoot directly for Dojji?"
Max Thorn: "Cos the direct route seems to be Skitter Jungle, Dugburg, Rustle Fields, and then Fort Blaston."
Esme: "Both bring answers to different questions, oui?"
Ham Layfield: "Huh? If you're going to Dojji, through Wirehold's one of the faster ways."
Anna Tommize gulps.
Esme: "We could also just keep along the coast…ah! See?"
Ham Layfield: "It's about as fast along the coast."
Anna Tommize: "I'm not sure…I belong in Wirehold."
Anna Tommize looks down.
An Layfield: "What nonsense is this, girl?" She puts a hand on Anna's shoulder. "It's your home."
Anna Tommize shrinks beneath An's hand.
An Layfield: "You always belong where your home is. Where your family is."
Jack Layfield: "You belong there just as much as I belong here, not matter how much Officer jenny gets mad at me."
Anna Tommize: "Does it have to be…?"
Max Thorn: "Home's where your heart is, Anna. Always is, always will be."
Anna Tommize doesn't meet anyone's gaze.
Anna Tommize: "That's a shame, then."
Meeps detects Anna's mood and starts rubbing on her leg.
Esme raises a hand. "I for one, can absolutely understand not wishing to go home."
Jack Layfield: "What's wrong with your family Anna?"
Tim has calmed down a bit by now. "So can I. B-but…if you really, REALLY don't know…"
Anna Tommize takes the chance to change the topic.
Anna Tommize: "We don't know!"
Tim: "The reason we're immigrating people? Mostly, it's to get away from the raidertanks."
Anna Tommize blinks.
Anna Tommize: "You didn't need to destroy our government for that…"
Jack Layfield: "It's revenge. They blame us for what's happened to Dojji."
Tim: "And why shouldn't we? The raidertanks came from here. We want to make sure you don't do to Amoda what you did to Dojji."
Anna Tommize: "N-not that I mind you getting rid of the Seismitoads that secretly controlled the earthquakes all over the island, but…"
Jack Layfield: "That's insane. The government wasn't even the same regime that created them."
Esme continues to make notes in her 'A.T.' sidefile in her dex.
Tim: "…do you have any maps of Dojji?"
Jack Layfield: "Yeah there's this huge crater devoid of life."
Tim chuckles. "Yeah. Yeah, that's about right."
Tim: "More than one crater, but…"
An blinks. "…nine craters?"
Tim nods.
Esme eyes Jack's parents.
Esme: "Why nine?"
An Layfield: "So. The rumors were true."
Ham Layfield: "There WERE supposed to be ten, but one blocked the attack."
An Layfield: "It's not the raidertanks that…"
Tim: "YES IT IS! They run right over the plants! They drive off anyone they can't bully!"
An Layfield: "That…they weren't trained to do that!"
Tim: "Well that's what they DO."
An blinks, then turns to the party. "Pardon me, but I really must ask you to go to Wirehold, and Rustle Fields, before you head to Dojji. That is where the rotoms were trained."
Max Thorn: "Rule number five. Never assume."
Ham Layfield: "Dojoholm too."
Anna Tommize: "Umm, OK…"
An frowns. "That is where they learned honor, dear. If what this Jaeger says is true, they have clearly forgotten THOSE lessons completely."
Max Thorn: "Rule number four, too: never trust a pokémon to act against its essential nature."
Ham Layfield: "If it helps, we can give you the blueprints. Well…arrange for you to get them; they're archived, and the archives aren't here."
Esme: "That would be lovely!"
Anna Tommize: "U-uh, I dunno if…"
Anna Tommize looks at Esme, balking.
Esme: "Knowing how things work is important!"
Tim: "If the archives haven't been destroyed."
Ham Layfield: "They're in Fort Blaston."
Max Thorn hmms. "…If Tim's fine with it, sure. I'm not a medical-type—my focus was on technology and pokémon—but the homily, 'To cure a disease, first understand its cause' comes to mind."
Esme: "…and lost knowledge is lost forever."
Tim: "Umm…aheh…you…miiight want to keep it a secret."
Jack Layfield: "Hey, Mom, Dad, how come you know this much about these tanks and the war?"
Max Thorn: "I was gonna say. You seem pretty free with your knowledge for someone who knows they're in the presence of a Jaegermister."
Ham Layfield: "Isn't it obvious? Where do you think those tanks were built?"
[OOC] Max Thorn: Couldn't resist, sorry-not-sorry.
An Layfield: "Well, you trust him, right?"
Jack Layfield: "Sure kind of I guess."
Esme eyes Tim. "More than any other Jaeger I've met."
An Layfield: "And we trust you."
Esme: "Which is honestly saying a lot, now that I think about it…"
Esme: "Ah! Enough that perhaps I could get a tour of your facilities? Maybe?"
An Layfield: "I don't know how Target Ten survived and avoided growing up all these years, but he's clearly no mere Jaeger."
Ham Layfield: "Sure! Right this way. We're kind of a habitat for 'wild' steel-type pokemon here."
Anna Tommize: "U-uh…OK…"
Ham Layfield: "We figured, since they don't get their own wild habitat, why not make one?"
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Esme beams excitedly.
Anna Tommize: "Umm…"
Anna Tommize looks around the 'gym'. Any magnemite?
Ham Layfield: "It costs a bit, but with the stipend we get as gym leaders, and, ah, certain byproducts we can sell off, we can afford it."
There are indeed some magnemites, peeking shyly.
Esme: "Byproducts you say…"
The more Anna looks around, the more she gets an impression of a steel-type nursery and kindergarten.
Max Thorn sets his pokédex up for dictating notes, then looks around the place with a professional eye.
Ham Layfield: "Their poop, basically."
Anna nearly trips over one magnemite nest.
The magnemites shrink away from the feet coming by!
Anna Tommize turns around in irritation, before seeing the tiniest magnemite struggling to float back to the nest.
Anna Tommize: "Waaah…."
Anna Tommize starts crouching down, staring at it.
Anna Tommize: "N-no way…"
On the other side is a collection of joltik around one of the largest electric power outlets the party has ever seen.
Ham Layfield: "Ha ha, this place is a paradise for them."
Anna Tommize just stares at the poor creature, her eyes sparkling.
Anna Tommize: "C-can…can I catch one…?"
Esme: "Neat!"
Max Thorn mutters into his mic, then pauses. "…Man, those joltik are adorable."
In the distance is a trickle of molten steel, which various pokemon keep grabbing from, either physically sticking themselves inside to collect or levitating parts of away.
Ham Layfield: "Hmm? It's a little small, but…sure? Try not to fight it too much in here, though. We try to keep fights to the arena."
Anna Tommize: "R-right…"
Jack Layfield: "Never stopped me before."
Anna Tommize just kneels down and starts cooing at it, trying to get it interested.
[OOC] WC GM: Charm check
Anna Tommize rolled up 4d6+2: 19 (19) (Charm)
Anna Tommize: "Heeey, hey…."
The tiny magnemite is not running away, at least.
Anna Tommize scans the ground for any iron filings.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Any around?
[OOC] WC GM: Plenty.
The nest is partly made of said filings.
Anna Tommize rubs some onto her finger and offers them to the magnemite, trying to entrance it over to her.
The magnemite hovers, tentatively, as if sniffing.
Anna Tommize: "Are you hungry at all…?"
Anna Tommize: "Here, they're yours."
Anna Tommize slowly, carefully lures it away from the nest with the filings.
Ham Layfield: "They're ergovores, kid. Though they can snack on normal pokemon food, and metal, too."
Anna Tommize: "E-ergovore?"
Anna Tommize: "Electricity, right?"
The magnemite grabs the filings in its magnets and puts them back into the nest.
Anna Tommize: "Huuh…? Aww…."
Ham nods, and tosses Anna a small battery. "Try this."
Anna Tommize looks disappointed.
Anna Tommize catches and nods.
Anna Tommize: "Umm, t-thank you!"
Electricity, huh… "
Anna Tommize offers the battery to the magnemite.
Esme: "Makes sense."
The magnemite hovers up, regarding the battery, then places its magnets on either side. There is a suckling sound, and the magnemite's eye smiles.
Anna Tommize: "Ehehe, you like this?"
Anna Tommize looks like she's playing with a dog.
Anna Tommize: "Y'know, where we're going, there's a whole-whole lot of it…"
Magnemite: "Mag?"
Anna Tommize: "We're heading to Wirehold! There's a big, huge-huge plant with as much as you could drink…"
The magnemite looks at the outlet the joltik are gathered around.
Anna Tommize: "Heehee, yeah, but there you have to share right…?"
Anna Tommize: "T-there's only so much amperage."
Anna Tommize: "It can't be fun, muscling in for charge all the time…"
Anna Tommize: "My Meeps eats normal food, a-and Rotom…umm, I'm not sure what it eats, honestly, but it's a ghost so…"
Anna Tommize waggles the battery a bit.
Ham Layfield: "Rotoms are ergovores too."
Anna Tommize: "O-oh."
Anna Tommize blinks.
The magnemite waggles in kind.
Anna Tommize nearly has a heart-attack. Ohgod it's too cute.
Esme: "Any steel types that aren't?"
Anna Tommize brings the battery close to her pokeball and opens it, dangling the battery over the opening.
Anna Tommize: "Meeps, c-could you, umm, sweeten the deal…?"
Meeps grunts and looks away. It seems jealous.
Ham Layfield: "Sure! Steelix, for one. Bronzor and Bronzong don't eat anything. And…well, check your pokedex; it should have notes."
The magnemite does not let go of the battery even as Anna pulls it close to the pokeball.
Anna Tommize physically pulls it into the pokeball and closes it over the Magnemite.
[OOC] WC GM: Catch check.
Anna Tommize rolled up 1d100: 44 (44)
The pokeball wiggles once, just like the magnemite eating the battery.
…wiggles twice…
…wiggles a third time…
Anna Tommize bites her lip.
Anna Tommize exhales.
Anna Tommize: "D-darn things…"
[OOC] Jack Layfield: WHEH
[OOC] WC GM: Level 12 magnemite get!
Max Thorn , meanwhile, is looking at the other pokémon scattered throughout the steelworks.
Anna Tommize picks up the pokeball and gets a big dumb smile on her face.
Meeps looks irritated, and starts prodding Anna away from the Magnemite nest.
Anna Tommize: "H-huh? What? I-I'm sorry, ummm…!"
Max Thorn: "Jealousy, Anna. Meeps wants exclusivity regarding your attentions."
Max can easily see examples of the lowest evolutionary stages of most steel type pokemon.
Max Thorn records notes on them all, naturally. It's part of his field assignment, after all, to visit the various type-homes.
Anna Tommize: "W-what…? N-no way…"
Anna Tommize looks down to judge Meeps mood. It looks away.
Esme scrolls through her pokedex while looking across the habitat. "Hmm…not what I'm looking for. Maybe elsewhere…" She flips back to her notes section. "Ah! The habitat is nice, but I was hoping to see more of your technical work? I have a couple projects of my own, you see, and well…"
[OOC] WC GM: For the purposes of pokedex count, you can scan aron, klink, honedge, pawniard, ferroseed, durant, shieldon, and of course magnemite.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Ooh, aron…
[OOC] WC GM: Catching might be tougher for some of them, but you at least have line of sight.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: If Jack amped its speed up, it'd be really strong as aggron. : D
Ham Layfield: "Ah, you mean the workshop. That's back over this way." Ham leads the way back across the arena.
[OOC] Max Thorn: I'm going to guess neither klefki nor mawile are present?
The workshop proves to be less than a fifth of the total space. Scraps and gears and parts lay around in a dozen half-completed projects.
[OOC] WC GM: Correct. Not literally every steel type is present.
Esme claps her hands together. Jackpot.
[OOC] Max Thorn: …for some reason I'm now picturing a pot someone's painted Jack's face onto.
[OOC] WC GM: Which doesn't mean they aren't elsewhere in town, just not here.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Why does Jack have a pot?
Esme investigates!
Ham Layfield: "We put our other projects on hold when we got the order to repair-"
Ham Layfield: "…that…thing which I won't name again just now."
Tim relaxes. "Thank you."
[OOC] Max Thorn: I'm going to wait 'til the pokémon storage system's up again before I branch further afield of my intended florges/umbreon/houndoom team, honestly.
[OOC] Esme: Assuming it ever goes up, yeh
Esme finds mainly a bunch of small airplane-like things.
Esme: "What were these?"
Ham Layfield: "We were guessing at the poke plane designs."
An holds up the disc Jack handed her. "No need to guess now, though. Once we decode this, anyway."
Jack Layfield: "Assuming the scratches aren't too bad."
Ham Layfield: "Son, you…HAVE told them what you were recovering, right?"
Max Thorn: "…So, I have a question. Any news on the pokémon storage system?"
Jack Layfield: "Uh, not really? I don't think the poke plane was really relevant? Also it'll just make Tim mad."
Tim: "…what's a poke plane?"
Max Thorn: "Hopefully no relation to That Which Shall Not Be Named."
An shrugs. "The storage system is still offline. I don't think it's getting fixed for a long while."
Max Thorn: "Hm. Any way we could help with that?"
Esme frowns, as she continues to poke through scrap. "A shame."
Ham Layfield: "Nah. Team Stormcloud was building something to fly over Team Jaeger's guns."
Ham Layfield: "Thuoght they'd let pokemon bombard them from too far above to be counterattacked. Unless you've got a flying type pokemon, that is."
An shrugs again at Max's question. "You'd have to ask the server administrators. What's left of them, anyway."
An Layfield: "Have you ever been to Scale Mount?"
Max Thorn: "Went to school there, yes. Currently on a field assignment."
An Layfield: "Went to…" An blinks. "…you're FROM the university?"
Max Thorn nods. "Studying to become a pokémon professor."
Esme: "He's our resident academic!"
An Layfield: "Oh my. You just might…ahem. Next time you stop by, do make some inquiries about the system."
An Layfield: "Especially if you have at least nine badges by then."
Max Thorn: "Will do."
Esme picks up a piece of scrap. "So you do all your work by hand?"
An Layfield: "Hmm…yes, definitely. Nine badges, then return, that should get you clearance."
Ham Layfield: "Most of it! We have pokemon and specialized machines for some, but really, we're more about prototypes here."
Ham Layfield: "Our designs get copied by the rest of the city, when they're taken up for mass production. And we like it that way."
Esme: "Ahh~"
Ham Layfield: "We've been holding an inventors' workshop every weekend, for people to discuss their project. Kind of doubles as a town hall, in this place."
Ham Layfield: "Is there something special you're thinking of building?"
Esme freezes.
Max Thorn: "…You wouldn't happen to know where I could get some materials for making cases for pokéballs, would you?"
Esme: "Well, a few things."
Ham Layfield: "Sure! The pokemart here sells many kinds of raw materials, too."
Esme eyes Tim, over there in the corner. "Just a little bit of energy work, there's also a printer… Ah! Yes, I needed to get more pester ball materials, too."
An Layfield: "Heh, they've even got a loading dock out back if you want to take a truck full of 'em somewhere. Doesn't get used to full capacity that often."
Ham blinks. "Energy, printer…? Is this going where I think it is going?"
Anna Tommize looks back and forth between Esme and Ham. The conversation is clearly over her head.
Esme: "Well not printing the energy! That's different."
Ham Layfield: "Of course not. But…uh…and this is JUST a guess, but…porygon?"
Esme: "Porygon!"
Ham frowns. "Yeah, no, we do NOT get into that here!" He looks at Anna. "How much have you told her?"
Anna Tommize: "Uh…"
Anna Tommize: "Huh?"
Anna Tommize: "Told her about what?"
Ham Layfield: "…you don't know either?" He facepalms.
Anna Tommize: "I…should I?"
Esme looks between Anna and Ham.
Ham Layfield: "Okay, okay. I'm no Tommize but it's beyond time that you knew." He looks at Esme. "When you see her mother, tell her I told you to ask about the Source."
Anna Tommize: "I-I mean, I know how how our government is trying to extract energy from the dreamworld using armies of Spiritomb…"
Anna Tommize: "O-or, was…"
Ham Layfield: "Maybe say you want a porygon of your own."
Esme: "No, she hasn't mentioned anything. We just had an encounter of sorts in Ice Cove that got me thinking about artificial pokemon and-"
Esme quickly jots down another note in her 'A.T.' file.
Esme: "-and I considered looking into Porygon. Does it have something to do with her?"
Anna Tommize: "Or, umm…Porygon…uh…"
Ham Layfield: "What sort of artificial pokemon would you have run into in Ice Cove?"
Anna Tommize: "I mean, they say that some game developers are really porygon and they dive into the modelling software to achieve super-high polycounts…"
An Layfield: "Oh, that's actually true! Sort of. I've met some developers who use that technique."
Anna Tommize: "Oh, really?"
Anna Tommize: "Is is true about the Char-men, then?"
Anna Tommize: "The human charmeleon hybrids who are planning an invasion from Mt. Silver?"
Jack Layfield: "No mom, don't encourage her!"
An Layfield: "They're not porygons themselves, but they work with porygons! And, well, you could say those porygon are developers too, in a sense."
Anna Tommize: "And that's why the Johto government doesn't let anyone near, because they might see…"
An Layfield: "I've never been to Mt. Silver, sorry."
Anna Tommize: "O-oh…"
Anna Tommize looks disappointed.
Ham Layfield: "So anyway. I wasn't aware there were many synthetic pokemon in Ice Cove."
Esme finishes taking another note. "There aren't."
Anna Tommize: "What are you taking notes on…?"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Esme coughs.
Esme: "Nothing!"
Anna Tommize: "Oh! OK!"
Anna Tommize gives Esme a smile.
Anna Tommize: "I'm glad you listen to me. Everyone else just calls me crazy…"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: She's writing down Anna's theories "just in case"? Because of the legendary-sensing thing?
[OOC] Esme: Absolutely
Esme: "But ah, oui…If you would believe us, we saw a MissingNo while we were there. Or at least, that's the closest thing I could describe it as."
Ham Layfield: "…a MissingNo?"
An Layfield: "You were probably just seeing things."
Esme smiles. "If you say so!"
Anna Tommize: "Noo, it's true…"
Anna Tommize: "The damn Missinger copied whoever touched it!"
Ham Layfield: "I don't know. If what Ivan says is true…"
Anna Tommize: "Later, it turned into a vanilluxe to try and get me t'eat icecream!"
An Layfield: "Dear. Ivan's brain is frozen."
Anna Tommize: "It wuz tryna get *inside* us…!"
Anna Tommize: "Ya gotta be careful what ya eat!"
Anna Tommize: "It could be anyone…"
Anna Tommize takes her glasses off and rubs her eyes a bit, looking around with big, swirling eyes.
Max Thorn: "Of note, I wasn't present for that encounter."
Jack Layfield: "I dunno Ivan seemed like a really cool dude."
An gives Anna a look, then a patronizing pat. "If you don't like ice cream you don't need to make excuses, dear."
Anna Tommize: "N-no! It was true!"
Max Thorn finishes taking notes. "…Does this part of the gym have a name? If not, I'd call it the Steelworks."
Anna Tommize looks genuinely distraught.
Ham Layfield: "Now, now, I'm sure-" He catches sight of Anna's unshielded eyes.
Anna Tommize makes eye contact and gives her best pleading look.
An Layfield: "The Steelworks is the whole gym's name. This part's the workshop."
An notices Ham frozen stiff, and steps into his line of sight, blocking Anna.
Anna Tommize flinches.
Ham looks away. "Th…those…eyeees…"
Anna Tommize: "M-muh!?"
Anna Tommize: "A-ah'm sorry!"
Max Thorn: "Ah."
Esme blinks.
Anna Tommize hurriedly replaces her glasses.
Anna Tommize: "I didn't mean t'cause a p-problem…"
Max Thorn: "Anyway. We should probably get on our way to Wirehold before the Jaegers come into town."
Ham shakes his head. "Officer Jenny asked me to remind you that you're not to leave the city just yet."
Max Thorn: "Wasn't planning on leaving /today/."
Max Thorn: "Early tomorrow morning, on the other hand…"
Esme: "There's that, and I wanted to comb the beach for shards. And then go pick up materials from the shop. And then go get something to eat…"
Max Thorn taps a booking at a nearby hotel into his pokédex. "In the meantime, I have some purchases to make."
Max Thorn bows. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr and Mrs Layfield, and I look forward to visiting with you again."
Ham Layfield: "By the way, you're welcome to stay here tonight. Jack's old room is at the far side of the habitat, and we've got some empty space the rest of you could put your bedrolls in. You'll be on your own for breakfast, though."
Max Thorn…cancels the booking before it's complete, then.
Esme claps. "That would be lovely!"
Max Thorn heads out of the Steelworks and on to the pokémart.
An Layfield: "Jack, while Officer Jenny is…whatever she needed your one friend's help for, could you be a dear and show your other friends around town, please?"
Anna Tommize: "E-eh? Is this about the Joltik that climbed on my ear-cones…?
An Layfield: "Joltik climbed on your…?" An scrutinizes Anna's headwear.
Anna Tommize: "Y-yeh…"
Anna Tommize: "U-umm, please be careful! They keep the wavs from gettin' t'my brain!"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: They're made of tinfoil. Probably.
An tentatively pokes one of them, carefully. "…oh. Oh my. Do you keep batteries in here?"
Esme scooches towards the exit as Anna gets investigated. "Thank you for the tour and information! I'm gonna head back out to the beach, now that's not being-" She remembers Tim. "-well, sieged."
Esme bounds off towards the beach. For great dowsing! And to see if there's any trace of their 'friend', though doubtful.
Anna Tommize: "U-uh, yeah, I do…"
Anna Tommize: "I pass just a bit of charge through them…Just enough to interfere with any signals…"
There is no trace. Indeed, it having been more than an hour, the road crew has been by; Esme can tell where the battle was by the fresh asphalt filling the scar in the road, but there is no other trace. Even the tank pieces have been scooped up.
An Layfield: "Well that's why the joltik were interested. Your new friend may be interested too."
Anna Tommize: "O-oh…"
Anna Tommize thinks.
Anna Tommize: "Electric pokemon have always liked me, I guess…"
Esme sighs, but shrugs it off and gets out her equipment.
Max finds several types of pokeball in stock. Unfortunately, the more powerful ones are restricted to various types of certified professionals, and this policy appears to be Amoda-wide. Fortunately, "a trainer with 9+ badges" is one of the types of certifications.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: I kinda need to leave now, sorry
[OOC] WC GM: We're almost done with session.
[OOC] Max Thorn: …how is that 'fortunate'? I'm only a third of the way there still. :P
[OOC] WC GM: Fortunate in that you can eventually get them.
Esme rolled up 9#1d6: 3 2 4 2 2 2 2 3 3 (23) (Magical Treasures)
Esme rolled up 9#1d6: 3 4 3 3 6 4 6 4 2 (35) (Magical Treasures)
Esme rolled up 2#1d6: 3 1 (4) (Magical Treasures)
Esme finds Yellow Shards on this beach.
[OOC] Esme: 6 shards. Rubbish, but still progress.
[OOC] WC GM: Max: Technology Education check
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Anna's using the bit of downtime to squeal over her new extra-small magnemite.
Max Thorn rolled up 3d6: 9 (9)
Max finds the raw materials for Great Balls are not restricted, just selling Great Balls themselves. Unfortunately, he is not familiar with formulas that would be completely successful using the materials he can find this day.
[OOC] Max Thorn: …that seems a weird way to say "no you can't do that yet". ¬.¬
[OOC] Esme: Esme's probably going to come back and use the workshop a bit; if she has time, anyway
[OOC] WC GM: As in, you can roll TE again later on, but before you have 9 badges, to see if you can find the materials.
Max Thorn: "…Hey, Esmé. They've got Net Balls. I can alter 'em to boost Poison-type capture if you want."
Esme: "Oh ho! Useful…but with my current plans, if you could pick me up a regular one, I'd appreciate it. I'll pay you back!"
[OOC] WC GM: Sounds like that's all until Sam rejoins the group next session, then?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Allrighty.
[OOC] Esme: sure thing

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