Session 13

It is just after noon when Sam is finally returned to the gym. Esme is still out beachcombing, but everyone else has made it back from their morning excursions.
Sam Spade lets a grimace of annoyance show on her face for a split second, but then is all back to smiles.
Sam Spade: "Hey! How'd things go without me?"
Ham and An take their turn talking to Officer Jenny, letting Sam reunite with her friends inside.
Anna Tommize: "G-good…"
Anna Tommize: "I caught a magnemite…"
Sam Spade: "Oooh! Those are cute."
Anna Tommize: "Right? I-I-It's tiny…"
Sam Spade grins widely.
Jack Layfield: "It was totally rad."
Max Thorn: "Hey, Sam."
Sam Spade: "…I'm starting to feel kind of left behind. I should probably start getting another pokemon soon…"
Max Thorn looks like he's pondering something, and he has six pokéballs in front of him, two each of Net, Dive, and Dusk.
Sam Spade: "Yes?"
Anna Tommize: "Ehehehe…the gym has a bunch of steel types i-if you want…"
Sam Spade: "Mmm."
Max Thorn: "Just…thinking. I got some new pokéballs, and I was wondering if you wanted a specialty ball."
Sam Spade: "Ahh."
Jack Layfield: "Oooooooh. Max brought out the legit bling."
Anna Tommize: "Oooh…"
Sam Spade: "To be honest…I've got a few pokemon in mind, they're just not all that available here."
Max Thorn taps a Net Ball. "This one I can change from boosting capture rates for Bug and Water types into one of a variety of balls specializing in a pair of other types."
Max Thorn moves his hand to a Dive Ball. "…Or I can change these to work for other types of terrain."
Sam Spade: "Well, I've always thought Torchics were exceptionally cute…and would be very useful backup for me."
Max Thorn settles his hand on a Dusk Ball, lastly. "…and these can be altered to boost capture rates in different lighting and weather conditions."
Anna Tommize: "F-Fancy…"
Jack Layfield: "Fo' realz?"
Max Thorn: "They had other specialty balls, too, but I'm not exactly made of money, so I just grabbed these."
Sam Spade: "Heh."
Sam Spade: "Well, as I understand it, our plan is to go to Wirehold, Dojoholm, the Rustle Fields and Fort Blaston, yes?"
Sam Spade: "Dojoholm I would assume to be a place to find pokemon that evolve into the fighting classes…which would be where I could find a Torchic."
Sam Spade: "I do feel a bit left behind, I admit, but I'm willing to wait."
Sam Spade: "Especially since we have a few bigger concerns right now."
Sam Spade looks at Jack.
Sam Spade: "Team Derp is definitely after us."
Sam Spade: "…And we should probably keep a low profile to avoid attracting any attention before we leave."
Jack Layfield: "Too late. We were on TV."
Jack Layfield: "Plus I'm kinda well known here…."
Sam Spade: "…We were?"
Sam Spade: "…Well, on to plan B, I think."
Max Thorn: "Hmm. If a torchic's what you're after, then that'll be a Heat Ball…" He trails off, muttering to himself.
Sam Spade: "Ah, Max. How much do you know about Joltik?"
Max Thorn: "Depends on what you need to know, but there are some joltiks over thataway." He points to the joltik nest.
Sam Spade freezes abruptly. She turns slightly, watches the joltik nest for a minute. When she resumes talking, no tension can be heard in her voice, but it's obvious on her face.
The TV in the corner - back on, but silenced now - is currently playing news highlights. On the other half of the screen from the reporter are shots of the party, now with names under each face.
Jack Layfield: "You can find a lot of electric types here, and pretty much any steel type you want around here."
Jack glances at the TV. "Oh hey, they kept footage from my old mugshot from that time I…that's not important."
Sam Spade: "Well, those joltik we saw when that one kid collapsed were probably not a coincidence. Officer Jenny agrees."
Anna Tommize: "I-Is somethin wrong with those Joltik…?"
Sam Spade: "Huh? The ones over there? No, nothing wrong. I'm quite, very sure of it."
Jack Layfield: "Team Moron does seem to be more focused on using pokemon as weapons than Jaeger. You think they have some sort of Joltik stungun?"
Max Thorn: "…Describe the incident, please, Sam."
Sam Spade: "Sequence of events. We were recovering from when our wet friend smashed the rogue tank."
Sam Spade: "We hear a scream. We run over to an alley. There's a young boy and a young girl - roughly pokemon-journey age, I'd guess, little as that means now."
Sam Spade: "The boy is unconscious, the girl screamed, and we notice a huge flock of joltik on Anna's earcovers."
Anna Tommize: "I-it was very sudden…"
Sam Spade: "Yes."
Sam Spade: "Later they found a bite mark on the back of the boy's neck."
Max Thorn: "Does the bitemark match a joltik's fangs?"
Jack Layfield: "Bingo bango."
Sam Spade: "Yup."
Max Thorn: "…I wonder if their electromagnetic fields were altered somehow, in a way that makes them 'tastier' to joltiks."
Sam Spade: "…That…"
Sam Spade: "Would that work?"
s Jays_away
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Anna Tommize: "M-maybe it was a venom…?"
Jack Layfield: "Maybe it was a Joltik launcher? A bazooka that fires joltiks?"
Max Thorn headtilts. "I don't know, I'm not a people professor."
Sam Spade: "…Were they that direct about weaponizing pokemon?"
Max Thorn hmms. "Anna's mother might know, though, and we're headed to Wirehold next anyhow."
Sam Spade: "I don't know if we have that much time to waste."
Sam Spade: "They know we're here."
Jack Layfield: "They were building tiny planes to fly pokemon around and go on anti-jaeger bombing runs."
Sam Spade: "And Officer Jenny was very clear that we're not leaving until she says so."
Anna Tommize: "W-we should maybe ask the Officer about the case…"
Jack Layfield: "Jenny still thinks she can stop me? Naaaaaaaaaaaah."
Sam Spade: "Well, I've been talking to her about it for the last hour."
Sam Spade: "…I've only come up with one real plan, though. Plan B."
Sam Spade: "Where B is for Bait."
Jack Layfield: "123 NOT IT." Jack's finger flies to the bridge of his nose. "
Sam Spade: "Sorry, Jack."
Sam Spade: "There's only two of us who will possibly work, and that only goes to definitely if we're together."
Jack Layfield: "But…but…the honorable rules of nose goes…"
Sam Spade: "Well, you were the last person who looks like Jack Layfield here to put your finger on your nose."
Sam Spade: "Unless you have a ditto…?"
Sam Spade: "…Or that missingno could be persuaded to make an appearance?"
Jack Layfield: "Your logicyness is most uncool."
Sam Spade: "Tell me about it."
Sam Spade: "Plan A was stay in the shadows, keep an eye out for anyone we knew to be Team Derp, and track them to their lair."
Sam Spade: "…Plan A won't work, given that you're famous and everyone in town knows 'you're back'."
Sam Spade: "Anyone else have any better ideas?"
There is the sound of squeeing outside as Esme opens the door.
Sam Spade: "Esme! You're back!"
Sam Spade: "Please tell me you have a better idea to find Team Derp and thwart their assassination than using me and Jack as bait to lure them into the open."
Sam Spade: "Because I don't."
Anna Tommize: "U-umm…"
Anna Tommize: "I could dress up as you…?"
Anna Tommize: "I dun like p-putting my friends i-in danger!"
Sam Spade: "Any more than I do."
Anna Tommize is fretting.
Sam Spade: "…But I think you'd be a better person to keep me out of danger, honestly."
Sam Spade: "Uh. By spotting them doing whatever they do with the Joltik, I mean."
Max Thorn: "Could have Meeps on standby with a Thunder Wave."
Esme wades through a sea of what appear to be 'fangirls', managing to squeak through into the gym. "I have no idea what you are asking of me, but what is up with /that/?"
away is now known as Julian
Sam Spade winces.
Anna Tommize: "O-ok…but umm…"
Anna Tommize: "T-thunder wave doesn't affect electric pokemon…"
Jack Layfield: "I have no idea…nope…noo siree bob."
Anna Tommize: "…?"
Anna Tommize: "Fans…?"
Anna Tommize: "Are you an author, Jack?"
Jack Layfield: "An author of EXTREME."
Max Thorn: "The Layfields are local celebrities."
Max Thorn gestures to the TV as he works on a Heat Ball for Sam.
Esme: "Ah. That makes sense. Guess word about things got out, now that the…danger is dealt with?"
Sam Spade: "Well, THAT danger, anyway."
Max Thorn: "…aaaaaand" —*click*— "there. Hey, Sam. Catch." He tosses the Heat Ball to her. The upper half has flames and lightning bolts alternating along the equator of the sphere, over a lenticular field that looks orange or yellow depending on the viewing angle.
Sam Spade catches
Esme smiles. "There is always more, isn't there."
Sam Spade: "Oooh, neat!"
Esme: "Ooh! Pokeball adjustments?"
Sam Spade: "Team Derp, who have their own name for themselves, have taken it upon themselves to use joltik to 'take out' any pair of people who look like Jack and me."
Sam Spade: "….I really like the way this looks. Thank you, Max! Should make things much easier."
Max Thorn: "Yup. Sam wants a torchic, so I adapted one of my Net Balls to be able to handle fire and electric types."
Sam Spade kisses Max on the cheek.
Max Thorn: "You're welcome, Sam."
Jack Layfield: "You got anything for dark types?"
Max Thorn: "I can whip something up, yes. Got a particular target in mind, or…?"
Jack Layfield: "Absol. It's sooooooo extreme."
Esme rubs her wrist. Seems she's been working on that weird… gauntlet thing. Looks a lot more refined. "Useful! Did you get my message and pick me up a standard one?"
Max Thorn reaches into his pack, pulls out the ball that was requested, and tosses it over.
Esme: "Merci!" She reimburses him the coin, looking over her proxy purchase.
Max Thorn gets started on the other ball, then. This one ends up with a 'haunted graveyard' on deep purple motif. "One Haunt Ball."
Max Thorn: "Incidentally, the first ball's free; after that I'm gonna need to recoup the costs of buying and adapting the balls."
Anna Tommize blinks.
Anna Tommize: "A-absols are bad luck…"
Anna Tommize looks concerned.
Max Thorn: "Way I heard it, an Absol was a town's good luck, 'til some idiot went and shot one."
Sam Spade: "Well, it's not like I've spent that much of our Gym winnings."
Esme: "Well, it's more they're usually omens of bad things, and they come to warn people. So people have a tendency to think they're bringing the bad luck."
Anna Tommize: "Yeah, and now the ghost of that absol guides all others. They wait in low gorges, plotting to overthrow human society with the aid of zoroark body-snatchers…"
Max Thorn tosses the Haunt Ball to Jack once complete.
Esme taps a few buttons on the side of her glove. "Much faster than pulling out the dex each time."
Sam Spade: "Neat!"
Max Thorn packs up his toolkit, then pockets the other four balls and stands. "So, Plan Bait, huh…?"
Off in the workshop sounds a "ding" .
Esme: "Ah, it mostly just saves me the trouble of opening it up for personal notes, and nothing else at the moment. Still need the dex itself to use any of the other functions. Those things are locked down pretty hard."
Sam Spade: "Oh."
[OOC] Jack Layfield: I gotta run
[OOC] WC GM: Jack goes outside and deals with the fangirl mob?
Esme smiles slyly. "For now, anyway."
Max Thorn goes to investigate that 'ding'…
It is the machine that was mending the scratches on the disc and decoding its data. Max finds detailed plans for the poke plans, including a parts list.
Apparently several varieties are planned, for different types and stages (and sizes) of pokemon.
In addition to flight are prototype systems for extending the range of a pokemon's natural, non-melee attacks.
The squeeing outside intensifies as Jack slips out. Sam notices the crowd shoot her a few glares before the door closes behind Jack.
Sam Spade sighs.
Max Thorn: "Welp."
Esme peeks over Max's shoulder. "Huh."
Max Thorn looks conflicted, hugely. "Such plans should never be allowed to see realization. Pokémon are not tools of war, to be manipulated as we wish."
Max Thorn: "And we've already seen the results of returning such a machine to service."
Anna Tommize: "A-are pokemon and people aren't that different?"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Esme: "I agree…though flight in and of itself is an interesting phenomenon." She glances over the plans and parts. "And the implementation of range enhancement are interesting!"
Esme frowns, though she clearly is trying to suppress some excitement over neat prototypes. "But yes, unfortunately weaponizing things is usually the go-to approach. Because it is most often easy, and useful against people who haven't."
Max Thorn sighs. "If we could retool these plans to provide peaceful applications…such as restoring flight to an injured flying-type…"
Sam Spade sighs, too, casting a worried glance at the Layfields.
Sam Spade: "…I don't want to say it, but I do know of a few people here who had no reservations about weaponizing pokemon before."
Esme: "That could be doable! …I think. You'd need specific chassis for prosthesis based on species and size."
Max Thorn shunts a copy of the data to his pokédex, then queues up a series of commands, to be triggered by a single keypress.
[OOC] WC GM: Prepping to wipe the copy on the Layfield's servers?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yes.
Esme looks to Sam "Well…people pay them to come up with ideas. Ideas by themselves aren't dangerous, but they are absolutely dangerous when they end up in the wrong hands."
Max Thorn continues to look deeply conflicted, even as his hand hovers over the button…
Max finds security especially lax, though that may be because he has physical access - and there are at least minimal physical security measures to get in here.
Esme: "Even outside of…" She winces. "Warfare applications, having a range advantage or ability to fly is useful even in things like recreational battles."
Max Thorn: "Correct. But…"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: OK, and Anna is providing security?
[OOC] WC GM: Security as in doors that can lock.
Esme: "Same could be said of things like Type Bracers, Stat Boosters, all sorts of Pokemon equipment."
Max Thorn presses the button flat, decision made.
Max Thorn: "…I'd rather not discuss this here."
Max Thorn takes the disc out of the machine and pockets it.
Sam Spade: "Discuss what in here?"
Sam Spade frowns, takes the disk from Max, and examines the scratches.
The disk's scratches have been completely repaired. The disk is read-only; while the Layfields' servers no longer contain the files, the only way to delete from the disk is to physically destroy it.
Sam Spade casts a slightly reproving look at Max as she does, pulls out her Pokedex, and writes a note.
[OOC] Sam Spade: The note reads: "They know they had it. Damage data beyond recovery."
Max Thorn nods, taps out a response in his own. "Find a fire-type willing to destroy it and then hide the remnants."
Sam Spade stares, confusedly, at Max, while pulling out a nail file and working over the disk a bit more.
Max Thorn snorts. "Quite."
Sam Spade sticks the disk back in the machine. Was that a sufficient level of damage to render it essentially unreadable?
Max Thorn: "Though…this system's designed to restore any damage done."
Max Thorn pulls up the schematics. Any way he could trivially alter it to do the inverse? Without making it look intentional.
The system whirs and restarts repairs. It is unclear whether it will be able to restore the data now, though it will be a while if it is possible.
Sam Spade hesitates.
Esme peeks at the system. "You may need a little more than that."
[OOC] WC GM: What specifically is Max attempting to invert on the schematics?
[OOC] Esme: Mebbe make the scratches worse instead of undoing them?
[OOC] Max Thorn: ^
A cursory examination of the system suggests very strongly that this was hand-built by the Layfields themselves. It's certainly no store-bought system. Without deep familiarity, Max gets the sense that any tampering would likely be detected.
[OOC] Sam Spade: PLAN C.
Indeed, the same seems to be true of most of the workshop, possibly the whole Steelworks gym.
Sam Spade ejects the machine from the disk, and heads over to where the steel-types are nesting.
Max Thorn ponders…and slops together a blob of random data with superficial headers and suchlike into the recovery directory on the system.
A pair of klinks, snuggled against each other with gear teeth interlocked, yawn and wobble slightly as Sam walks by.
Sam Spade: "Hey there, little fellows!"
Anna Tommize stares wideeyed at them, as if they were little puppies.
Max Thorn …just as quickly decides against it, then erases his tracks, and stands.
One of them opens one eye and gives a high-pitched but sleepy, "Iiink?"
Sam Spade strokes the gear faces, keeping her fingers from the teeth.
Sam Spade is not so careful with the disk.
Max Thorn taps out a note and holds it up for Esmé. "Misdirection? Claim to be carrying data (to ?) for review."
The klinks snuggle against Sam's fingers.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Are they big enough that the gears could actually break the disk?
One of them climbs up on the other, trying to fit in the palm of Sam's hand. It is just a little too big to completely fit.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Ohgod they're too cuuute
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Steel types are the cutest. <3
[OOC] WC GM: Even if they were tiny, the question is if they're strong enough.
Esme tilts her head.
[OOC] Sam Spade: …Well, same question, then.
The klink-in-hand gives off a rumbling "kkkkkk" that sounds much like a purr.
[OOC] WC GM: You're not certain. At a snap judgment you'd say these are kitten-strength.
[OOC] WC GM: Though there are certainly stronger ones around.
Sam Spade brings the hand holding the disk over to pet the klink-in-hand.
Max Thorn ponders. Did he see any fire-types when he walked through the habitat side?
Max did not see fire-types but he did see occasional thin rivulets of molten steel.
Esme motions, indicating there is at the very least, a large supply of molten steel.
[OOC] Esme: Yeah that
The mini-klink is petted! It makes excited noises.
Max Thorn: "…Hey, Sam." He points to a rivulet of molten steel.
Sam Spade 'absently' lets the disk slide between the two klinks.
Sam Spade wanders over towards the molten steel.
The klinks struggle to grind it, but the disk is too hard for their tiny gears! They disengage from it and reconnect with each other.
Sam Spade gasps quietly, moves the disk out of the way, and resumes petting.
The klink is fully awake now. It raises one gear to meet Sam's hand.
[OOC] WC GM: Dumping the disk in the steel? Continuing to pet?
Sam Spade: "Oh, you are a cute one, aren't you?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: …I think dropping the disk in the steel might be a little too obvious.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Not really. Claim you destroyed it to ensure Team Jaeger could never obtain the data on it.
Sam Spade passes the disk subtly to Esme or Max, whichever is closer.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Oooh. That's not a bad approach, actually. Especially since they're on their way with lots of guns and will probably be going through this Gym with a steel-toothed comb called Sands or Sandy.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Exactly.
As Sam continues to pet, she scores a crtitical pet! Klink excitement increased.
Sam Spade sidles up next to Max.
Sam Spade: "…Can you make a bad copy of the data?"
Max Thorn taps out note: "Oh, a corrupter? Sure."
Max Thorn taps out a followup. "They're engineers, though. Corruption'd be too obvious."
Anna Tommize: "Ummm…"
Sam Spade slips the disk into the molten steel.
Anna Tommize: "It's not really nice to break people's stuff just because you dun like it…"
Anna Tommize: "I think?"
Max Thorn: "It's not really nice to make weapons of war out of pokémon, either."
Sam Spade: "Agreed to both, and as an addendum…"
Anna Tommize: "W-well, noo…."
Anna Tommize: "But it's nice for people, right?"
Sam Spade: "…It's really REALLY not nice to give the Jaggies plans to make weapons of war out of pokemon."
Max Thorn: "No, it's not. War isn't nice for *anybody*."
Anna Tommize: "W-why's it different with pokemon…"
Max Thorn: "The only people who profit from it are at the top. Who never sacrifice for it. Who never suffer the indignities thereof."
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Anna Tommize: "This stuff is hard, though…"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, it is."
Esme looks around. Is Tim anywhere nearby, or has he made himself scarce?
The disk burns and melts, quickly becoming undetectable among the red glowing melt.
Anna Tommize: "O-oh…"
Sam Spade: "The important thing is, we have the data, and the Jaegers can't get it."
Anna Tommize: "W-well, I guess that's…done."
Max Thorn: "Who, in short, never experience the results of their actions."
Tim…oddly, is not present.
Sam Spade: "…We just need to make sure the Layfields-" *loaded look at Max, here* "-get the data when the Jaegers have left town."
Sam Spade: "Now we need to make sure they know that we've done it, and why."
Max Thorn whistles innocently, slightly off-key.
Sam Spade sighs.
Sam Spade: "…I'll do the talking."
Esme: "I'm still less concerned about it going to the Layfields, and more concerned about who it goes to /after/."
As if on cue, Ham and An return just then.
Sam Spade: "Absolutely agreed."
An Layfield: "Phew! I've never seen Officer Jenny that mad before."
Max Thorn: "Oh? What's up now?"
Sam Spade: "Was she mad at me?"
Ham Layfield: "Yeah. The tank didn't hurt anyone."
Sam Spade: "…Ah."
Max Thorn: "It darn nearly hurt *us* when we came in."
An Layfield: "Naw, she was just chewing US out 'cause we repaired the tank. But it was hijacked."
Max Thorn: "It's a weapon of war. Its mere existence is a danger."
Ham wanders into the workshop. "So that Stormcloud disk should be just about done by now."
Sam Spade: "Well, on the bright side, the Jaegers aren't here yet."
Max Thorn: "Was."
Esme: "Yet."
Sam Spade: "Do you have a plan to keep the data secure when they get here?"
Sam Spade: "…Or were you figuring that nothing bad would possibly happen?"
Ham Layfield: "Sure do! It's called the data not bein' here."
Sam Spade: "Oh. Well, good."
Ham Layfield: "Send it on to our friends at the university. Wipe our…heeey!" Ham pokes his head out of the workshop. "The disk is gone."
Sam Spade: "We're one step ahead of you, there."
Max Thorn: "Given how mad they were when they left Ice Cove, I'm not entirely sure 'the data not being here' would've been enough. But you can point them at us. Or rather, me."
Sam Spade: "Which friends at the university?"
Ham Layfield: "…explain."
Max Thorn taps his pokédex. "Data's here. Disc was destroyed specifically to ensure no physical copy could be found."
Max Thorn: "I will deliver it myself. That way there won't be any evidence of a data transfer over the networks, either."
Ham Layfield: "Hmm. I should smack you for taking it without permission, but…"
Anna Tommize: "Ah'm sorry they melted yer disc Mr. Layfield…"
An Layfield: "Oh, now dear." An pats Anna on the head. "YOU don't need to apologize for someone else's actions."
Sam Spade is stroking the klink still.
The klink shows no sign of stopping. There is no way to end this madness.
[OOC] Sam Spade: There is, I just don't know that I particularly want to add them to my team.
Max Thorn: "I'm sure they have better forensics experts than myself, of course, but I countered the obvious routes of transfer. All that needs to happen next is for someone to plausibly depart toward Scale Mount who isn't us. For that…you wouldn't happen to have a zorua or zoroark, would you? Or a ditto?"
[OOC] WC GM: What, you haven't gotten the ref by now? :P
Ham Layfield: "Plausibly depart? There's traffic all the time. Things we make go all over Amoda."
Max Thorn: "Yes, but you'd need to be seen interacting with someone specifically for that purpose, rather than just having an anonymous truck come in and head out that way."
Ham shrugs. "So we go about, do our normal business. You say they won't be arriving until tomorrow? There'll be at least half a dozen contacts by then."
An Layfield: "Starting with Officer Jenny just now."
Ham Layfield: "Speaking of, what kind of things does a poke plane need? Anything rare?"
Esme: "They were super neat!"
Sam Spade frowns.
Sam Spade: "I didn't get a good look at the schematics, personally, and I didn't make a copy. Max?"
Max Thorn: "It all looked fairly common to me, but I don't have an *engineering* background."
Esme considers what she recalls…
[OOC] WC GM: Does Max show the files to Esme?
[OOC] Max Thorn: I thought she had a reasonable look while he was tapping in the deletion sequence.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Or at least she was looking over his shoulder while he was examining them, anyway.
[OOC] WC GM: Either way, she has the info.
Esme: "Mmm… Mostly common materials. Aluminum, couple magnets. Also, stone fragments."
Esme: "Though, is kinda weird people other than me work with shards! Who requisitioned all this?"
Ham Layfield: "Work with…?" He blinks. "You've worked with these before, miss?"
Esme lifts the blue gemstone hanging from her neck. "Made this on the iceberg on the way over. It's not /hard/, but not really…the type of thing I'd expect most people to know about."
Esme also opens the pouch on her side, revealing the bounty of shards she's been gathering up. "It's a thing, oui."
Ham inspects the shards. "That's…those are evolutionary stone fragments, alright. Huh. Never met anyone who…"
Ham shakes his head. "What kind of equipment would you need for that?"
Ham Layfield: "Does it put out any signature radiation?"
Esme blinks.
Esme: "Well, for small stuff like this, you wouldn't need any, just your hands. Since it's mostly-" She waves her arms around in a circle. "-Kinda stuff."
Esme: "For something big like the plans though… That's a good question!"
Ham Layfield: "Kinda what stuff?"
Esme: "Y-y'know, c'est mystique!"
Esme: "Just tuning the elemental nature one way or another."
Ham Layfield: "Err…?"
Esme sighs. "Hold on." She digs out a handful of yellow shards.
Esme holds it up, and then compresses it in one hand, rubbing her other over it. She continues for a moment…and then holds up a pristine faceted silver stone. "See, Steel Gem?"
Esme: "But also…" She takes another 4, and does before, this time the process ending with a loud CRACK. She holds up a thunderstone. "But also stone, oui?"
Ham Layfield: "…I see it and I don't believe it."
Anna Tommize: "They put out wavs!"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Esme: "Yellow is associated with Steel, Rock, and Electric. There's not really Steel or Rock evolutionary stones, so if you try to make a big one, it doesn't really work. Easy to make a gem though!"
Ham Layfield: "'Wavs'?"
Anna Tommize: "E-err, I mean, y'asked if they put out radiation…"
Esme squeezes the thunderstone tightly in her hand, until another CRACK resounds. Opening her palm reveals 4 shards once again.
Anna Tommize: "A-and they do! They're like…uh…"
Ham Layfield: "Do you know how to detect…" Ham gestures to Esme. "…what she just did?"
Anna Tommize waves her hands about seemingly randomly.
Esme: "Ah, yes! Just small bits of elemental energy. Noticeable with the right equipment, but not dangerous."
Anna Tommize: "K-kinda…yeh."
Anna Tommize: "T-they're like radio waves…"
Anna Tommize points at Esme.
Anna Tommize: "She puts out tons of 'em w-when she makes stuff…"
Anna Tommize: "T-to be honest it's a little irritating…"
Esme tosses the Steel Gem to Ham. She honestly wouldn't know what to do with it.
Ham catches it, inspecting.
Esme scratches her head. "Sorry, it unfortunately comes with the territory. I can make you something later to make up for it!"
Anna Tommize: "T-they kinda…g-get in my head, I guess? I-I wear my ear-cones t'stop 'em from messin with me."
Anna Tommize: "W-when they get real heavy, p-people can act real strange…"
Anna Tommize: "I-I guess, ummm…I can kinda show you what they're like?"
Esme: "Wavs are weird."
Anna Tommize squints at Ham.
Anna Tommize: "Eerrrmm…."
Sam Spade raises an eyebrow at Anna.
Anna Tommize removes her glasses and starts rocking her head back and forth.
Ham Layfield: "Well…thanks for this…I guess I'll buy it off you?" Ham flips Esme a 100 pokeyen coin.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: She's using reflect, which she learned through her sage class.
Anna Tommize holds a hand out and starts pointing in seemingly random directions, before finally ending with one arm straight up, and the other straight to the side.
Anna Tommize finally ends by sloooowly switching her hand positions, before a few flickers of light pop out in the familiar form of a reflect barrier.
An Layfield: "Oh! So they look like pokemon moves?"
Anna Tommize: "U-uh, well, s-sometimes…"
Anna Tommize: "They're…"
Anna Tommize scrunches her face.
Anna Tommize: "They're w-wavey…a-and have types? T-they seem t'act like radio waves…"
Anna Tommize: "But they also can mess w-with peoples' moods."
Esme blinks. "H-hey! You never told me you could do that!"
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Anna Tommize: "S-should I have…?"
Anna Tommize shrinks a bit.
Esme puffs her cheeks…but then slouches a bit, thoroughly unpuffed. "Honestly, upon consideration, probably not."
Esme: "Err, that is to say, it makes sense that you wouldn't. But this is good!"
Anna Tommize: "I-I can also…"
Anna Tommize starts whistling a series of odd tunes that sound strangely like a dial-up modem, before clapping and covering her ears as the move 'lucky chant' takes effect.
Max Thorn: "…why are you making modem noises."
Esme: "Huh." She is typing fairly heavily into that armband. "Very different form of incantation. Learning!"
Anna Tommize: "A-are things…OK?"
Anna Tommize shakes her head and returns her attention to the Layfields.
Sam Spade: "Should they not be?"
Anna Tommize: "I-it's not just m-moves though…T-they're also around her little rocks…or, uh…that missingo, or lugers…"
Anna Tommize: "Ah, I mean, Lugia. Rude thing."
Esme: "Lugia was not rude! Just…concerned."
Anna Tommize: "It broke mom's tank!"
Anna Tommize: "We'd already stopped it!"
Esme: "It thought it was going to shoot at it!"
Anna Tommize: "I-it was messin' with the rotom!"
Esme: "The rotom had been blowing everything up until then!"
Esme: "But it stopped and went away, oui? No more troubles?"
Anna Tommize: "I-I guess, but…"
Anna Tommize gulps.
Anna Tommize: "T-that tank gettin' wrecked is gonna…it ain't gonna be good…"
Anna Tommize: "She'll be mad fer sure…"
Sam Spade: "Not from what An said."
Anna Tommize: "Y-y'dunno 'er."
Esme: "In any case…" She pockets that 100 pokeyen. "I presume you are asking about how to find such things for a reason?"
Ham Layfield: "Well, you sound like you want to find Team Stormcloud?"
Ham Layfield: "There won't be many places in this town that use those techniques, not if they're so rare we hadn't heard of them before."
Sam Spade: "…And they'll be dowsing."
Sam Spade: "Plan C!"

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