Session 19

Max relays his encounter with Team Stormcloud's xatu, then heads off to investigate a lead. Team Stormcloud has evacuated by the time he gets back there, but he is searching the area for another clue, while the rest of the party mulls the information from two sources.
Tim: "Did anyone else feel like we weren't getting the full truth?"
Sam Spade: "I didn't feel anything weird, so, yeah."
The party is gathered on the steps of the gym, backlit by the glass-encased electric columns.
Jack Layfield: "I don't like that woman, at all. So unradical."
Jack looks at a nearby security camera. Then turns to it and cups his hands at it. "YOU HEAR THAT? I DON'T LIKE YOU!"
Esme: "Fairly sure she already knows."
The camera somehow appears to affect a disappointed frown. Or maybe it's just the light.
Tim: "So, where's the nursery?"
To the side of the gym is an empty field - dirt and grass, disrupted in a row where the intruders dug. Not a single pokemon aside from the party's is in evidence, though. Max is closely investigating the disrupted area, and as a result does not appear to have noticed the party.
Esme: "My guess is we go that way, and we'll bump into it!"
Anna Tommize glances at the camera, then stiffens.
Anna Tommize: "She's not so bad."
Sam Spade: "That…sounds possible."
Sam Spade: "Let's go, then."
Sam Spade does not remark on Anna's comment.
Jack Layfield: "Sure, why not."
[OOC] WC GM: Perception, Intuition, or Survival checks - and note which one you're using.
Jack Layfield rolled up 2d6: 11 (11) (percep)
Esme rolled up 2d6+1: 12 (12) (Intuition+AP)
Sam Spade rolled up 3d6: 11 (11) (Perception.)
Esme's intuition is soon backed by the trampled path Sam and Jack spot, exactly what one would expect from a large number of pokemon running together.
The path leads right off a cliff - but a quick glace over the cliff shows a ladder leading down to a large pipe, which appears to be ducting for some of the power lines leading from the gym.
Esme: "Crafty critters, aren't they."
Sam Spade: "Well, if Max is to be believed, and I can't see why we wouldn't, that xatu leading them is…"
[OOC] WC GM: Climbing down and in, I assume?
Jack Layfield: "Nefarious? Extreme? Unrighteous? Craaaaaaaaaaaazy?"
Jack keeps guessing adjectives
Sam Spade: "Very smart."
Jack Layfield: "I would have gotten it eventually dude."
Esme slips on down the ladder and into this totally safe-and-not-a-trap pipe. "It does speak the language, yes?"
About four yards into the pipe, which by this point is completely lined by insulated, thick cables, Esme sees a quartet of uniform-jumpsuited workers, two sprawled on the ground with a few scrapes and bruises, the beefiest one leaning down and extending arms as thick as psueodowoodos to help her fellows back up, and the fourth one breaking out a first aid kit.
Sam Spade: "No. It's a telepath."
The workers' pikachus and raichus have their tails up and are braced for combat, though they merely glare threateningly for the moment.
Jack Layfield: "Hey, you dudes alright over there?"
The strong worker looks up as she sets her companions upright. "Will be. You know what horde doing?"
Esme: "Stealing things. I'm guessing they continued further in?"
Anna Tommize: "…"
The strong worker nods. "Overran us. You chase? We'll report in, ask if police can cut off."
Anna Tommize: "Yeah."
Anna Tommize: "Meeps will c-cut them off. None will escape."
Anna Tommize doesn't seem to really be herself.
The worker with the first aid kit does not look up as he begins patching up his companions. "Your accent's showing, Helga."
Helga: "Sorry. Not from here. Still learning."
Jack Layfield: "Anna, you okay?"
Helga blinks. "Wait. Aren't you boss lady spawn?"
Anna Tommize: "Yeah."
Esme: "Heh. Spawn."
Anna Tommize looks down at Helga, but doesn't seem to really be focusing on anything.
Helga grins. "Hear of you. Boss lady no want people know, she cry herself sleep missing daughters. But Helga have good ears! At least boss lady still have two children here, though youngest have weird name."
Anna Tommize: "…My name is Anna. It is not weird."
Jack Layfield: "Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat."
Sam Spade: "Not you, Anna."
Sam Spade: "Younger."
Anna Tommize: "…Oh."
Anna Tommize: "Right."
Sam Spade: "Sensor's a pretty weird name, though, I have to say."
Helga nods. "Sensor look like ampharos. Weird kid."
Esme: "Very!"
Helga shrugs. "But. If boss lady training to leave gym to, boss lady's choice."
Jack's mouth gapes open in astonishment. It is at this time Sandy takes the opportunity to pop out of her pokeball and look for mischief.
Sandy has four riled-up pikachus and raichus to make mischief with, as well as various electrical tools in varying degrees of shininess.
Sandy looks for the most portable one.
Helga: "Oh! If you planning to chase herd, maybe you use map." She gets a thumb-sized - well, her thumb - data pod out of a pocket and flips it to Esme. "Tap to pokedex to download, then give back."
Sam Spade: "Handy."
Sandy finds a wrench right at paw.
Esme does as instructed. "A map for down here probably would've been a good investment. Merci!"
Sam Spade: "Okay."
Sam Spade: "What should we be on the lookout for?"
Sandy snatches the wrench in its jaws, and tries to hide it from the group.
Helga: "Hmm…herd probably no used to wires. May knock loose insulation or transformers. Beware of exposed metal. Touching will not always electrocute you but might!"
A map of the duct system - basically a second sewer, only dry and not full of odoriferous substances - comes up on Esme's pokedex, with a growing number of signaled faults in a rough line.
Max Thorn slides down a ladder, hands and feet gripping the sides rather than descending slowly like a plebe. "Oh, hi guys. I was following up a thought I'd had."
Helga: "Aside from that, bring light in case herd knock out lights." Helga gestures to the safety lights along the tunnel every so often.
There is no indication anyone has noticed Sandy hide the wrench.
Esme: "Following the breaks, I guess… Oh, back so soon, Max?"
Helga: "Get going." She checks her own map. "Looks like trail. Will ask police cut off where heading, maybe flush to surface."
Max Thorn: "Antheia, some fairy lights, if you please." Three ghostly blue-green lights appear, floating in front of Max.
Max Thorn: "Yeah. My lead led me here, same as you, apparently."
As the group gets moving, Sandy then grabs the wrench, and sneaks along behind Jack.
At first the map is redundant, as there is a trail of at first smashed, and then simply unscrewed, lights. At some point they apparently realized they were leaving a trail, though, and the damage mostly stops - though there are still occasional marks in the wiring, and some service lights turned red.
Tim: "I wonder if those red lights are for the workers, so they know where the problems are."
Jack Layfield: "Maybe."
Esme snaps a few photos as they trail along. Cool wiring. She releases Gervais at some point to ride on her shoulders.
Max Thorn: "Likely, yes."
Esme: "Between the fault-map and lighting, it would be the fastest way to ensure service."
Sam Spade strokes Malta, who does not like it here.
[OOC] WC GM: Anyone with the remotest bit of electrical sensitivity - Anna included - can confirm the wires lining the tunnel are very much live.
[OOC] WC GM: Exactly as if these were main lines leading out from the region's main power plant.
Eventually there are indistinct voices, and red and blue lights, shining from far down a tunnel - and then Team Stormcloud's hordes running right at the party! Fortunately there is a ladder and manhole to the surface between the party and Team Stormcloud.
Sam Spade: "Ohcrap!"
Sam Spade braces for impact!
Max Thorn climbs up the ladder. Rapidly.
Esme hoofs it to the ladder, pulling herself up. "C'mon!"
[OOC] WC GM: Anna & Jack?
Jack grabs sandy and races up the ladder
[OOC] WC GM: Hmm - assume someone grabs Anna & pulls her up, then?
[OOC] Esme: boggle.gif
It could be a tableau. Sam, bracing. Malta on her shoulder, ruffled and ready. This is all that stands between Team Stormcloud and freedom.
Malta: "PEEEP!"
It is enough.
The hordes break and scramble up the ladder, erupting onto the surface behind the rest of the party.
Sam Spade: "I. I'm alive?!"
They have come up in the middle of the shopping district. Shoppers scramble every which way, fleeing the chaos.
Esme peers down the manhole. "Fortunately!"
Sam Spade: "Agreed."
Sam Spade: "Um."
Sam Spade: "I was watching my life flash before my eyes - did any of you see the nursery?"
Easily spied among the living river of pokemon is the xatu. But nothing that looks like a nursery.
Esme: "Maybe they hid it somewhere?"
Jack Layfield: "Aw sweet, a mall!"
Sam Spade: "That - or…did we ever ask just what the nursery was?"
Jack Layfield: "Maybe this day is turning around?"
Esme: "I did, though I never got a straight answer…"
Max Thorn: "Probably they ditched it in the need to escape?"
The hordes regroup after surfacing, forming a rough turtle formation, as if unsure what direction attacks will come from.
Sam Spade: "If that's true, it's probably hidden somewhere between where we lost them and where they doubled back."
Max Thorn blinks. "…I wonder what they were fleeing from."
Sam Spade: "I still see red and blue lights. Maybe the coppers actually did something and cut them off?"
Esme watches the horde carefully, as she dials the local Jenny. "Let's find out!"
The red and blue lights grow brighter, and then resolve to a lone Officer Jenny on a motorcycle, whose phone begins to ring.
Anna Tommize: "…Oh."
Esme waves.
Sam Spade runs up the ladder.
Max Thorn facepalms.
Officer Jenny picks up. "I'm in the middle of…" She looks up, then hangs up. "Ugh. Thanks for flushing them topside! Where are we?"
Max Thorn: "Mall."
Anna Tommize: "Officer. Did you see any undesirable influences pass this way?"
Anna Tommize wobbles slightly as if unstable.
Officer Jenny: "You mean that rampaging group of pokemon?"
Anna Tommize: "Yes."
Officer Jenny: "Hey! If you're trainers, help me round them up, will you?"
Anna Tommize shivers bit, almost smiling a little.
Anna Tommize: "Yes ma'am."
Anna Tommize: "Which way did they go?"
Officer Jenny: "You tell me. They just ran past you!"
Sam Spade: "Did they leave the nursery behind?"
Unseen by Jenny but seen by the party, the pokemon begin to march down the street, guarding against all sides.
Officer Jenny: "What nursery?"
Max Thorn sighs and moves around to be in front of the pokemon.
Officer Jenny: "I just got a call that a bunch of pokemon were running together down here."
Max Thorn: "Jack, over there. Esme, you go over *there*…"
Max Thorn 's clearly trying to have them surrounded.
Jenny kicks her motorcycle, collapsing it to a backpack, and begins to climb up to join the party.
Esme nods. "Gervy, cover there!" She and the Nidoran fan out around the 'mon-horde.
Surrounding the horde does indeed make them stop, for the moment.
Max Thorn sends Nootaikok off to his right and Antheia off to his left…
Sam Spade moves up in front.
Sam Spade: "You don't really want to make a fight of it, do you?"
Max Thorn: "Xatu. Where's the nursery that was removed from the gym?"
Xatu: "What nursery?"
Sam Spade: "The thing that was taken from the gym. They call it a 'nursery.'"
Sam Spade: "What do you call it?"
Xatu: "Nothing. You stopped us from removing any porygons."
Anna Tommize: "…Why remove them in the first place?"
Xatu: "Because they were enslaved, or so we were told."
Xatu: "But they seemed unwilling to leave."
Anna Tommize: "…You…"
Max Thorn: "We had a talk about that with the facility owner, both before and after I talked to you."
Anna Tommize gulps.
Sam Spade: "Who told you?"
Xatu: "A computer. Probably controlled by a human."
Anna Tommize pauses.
Anna Tommize looks around. At the wires.
Max Thorn: "Where is this computer?"
Sam Spade frowns. There is one…
Xatu: "Unknown. It called our airship before our airship was destroyed."
Esme: "Don't know where from?"
Max Thorn: "Is that usually how you get information?"
Xatu: "The signal came from this direction."
Xatu: "We have not gotten requests for our services before."
Max Thorn: "…Huh. Then we need to find who sent that message."
Esme rubs her chin. "Something fishy, yes?"
Sam Spade: "I have a thought."
Anna Tommize: "R-regardless…"
Anna Tommize gulps.
Sam Spade: "…I'm wondering if someone…sensed…the porygons down there."
Anna Tommize: "You…crossed mother."
Anna Tommize steps forward.
Sam Spade eyes Anna and bites her lip.
The horde steps back - a half-step, as they are still surrounded on the other side.
Anna Tommize: "I-I'm sorry."
Sam Spade: "Your mother is not the be-all end-all of authority, Anna."
Anna Tommize: "Meeps, thundershock."
Sam Spade: "ANNA!"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Meeps may refuse orders
[OOC] WC GM: Your call if Meeps does.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Quick vote: Do folks mind?
Sam Spade: "Malta, Quick Defense!"
[OOC] Max Thorn: It'd be in character for Anna to order it. Not sure about Meeps's likelihood of refusing, though.
[OOC] WC GM: If Meeps does, I'll allow Malta to autosucceed at defense, in this case.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Meeps is headstrong.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: And loyal to her. And can tell this isn't what she usually is like.
[OOC] WC GM: So - attack goes off but intercepted, then?
[OOC] WC GM: Aided by uncertain aim from Meeps?
Meeps steps forward unsure, looking back to Anna. It seems upset.
With a halfhearted baah, Meeps launches the attack, clearly aimed high.
[OOC] WC GM: Does Malta intercept even so?
[OOC] Sam Spade: Only if needed to protect the pokemon who haven't attacked this time.
[OOC] Sam Spade: ….Unless the Pichu is notable. Cuz screw that Pichu.
Sam Spade: "Anna!"
The attack goes over the heads of the pokemon horde, missing - until the pichu is thrown up by its fellows, judging by its surprised look right before the attack hits.
Max Thorn sighs.
Malta dives under the Pichu, not guarding IT.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Though. Pichu's electric type.
[OOC] WC GM: Yep. Half damage.
Anna Tommize falls to her knees.
Sam Spade grabs Anna, eyes up and watching Stormderp.
[OOC] WC GM: Who was on the far side from Anna?
[OOC] Esme: Yo
[OOC] WC GM: Is Esme still moving to pen them in?
[OOC] Esme: Tolly
The horde shifts back and forth, as if unsure whether to try to run past Esme or to break through the portion of the ring Sam was covering.
[OOC] WC GM: If Esme's opposite, the ring is roughly Anna-Sam-Max-Esme-Jack-Anna, with pokemon near each respective trainer, right?
[OOC] Esme: Sounds like a good estimation
[OOC] WC GM: Alright, then what are Esme, Max, and Jack up to?
Esme waves with her gloved hand and a smile at the encircled Stormclouds. "Non non, stay put. Though surprised you just tossed 'em up like that…"
Sam Spade: "I guess they don't like the Pichu much more than we do."
Xatu: "He jumped, without moving a muscle. Honest."
Max Thorn 's just keeping them in place. "Uh huh. So what's the play, Officer Jenny?"
Sam Spade: "A telekinetic pichu. Frightening thought."
Xatu: "Pichu are not known for telekinesis."
Sam Spade: "Hence the frightening."
Sam Spade: "So, where do we go from here?"
Officer Jenny: "…are you talking to them? I'm only hearing your words."
Officer Jenny: "What are they saying?"
Max Thorn: "Oh. They said they don't know about any nursery, and that they were stopped before they could pull any porygons out."
Sam Spade: "Nothing particularly relevant. They haven't answered my last question."
Esme: "Someone from around here contacted them to break into the Gym, too."
Max Thorn: "They also said that they had been /told/ the porygons were being held against their will, but that the porygons seemed unwilling to leave."
Xatu: "Proposal: you let us go, and we leave."
Sam Spade: "They want to retreat."
Sam Spade: "If they don't have stolen property…"
Officer Jenny: "What porygons?"
Sam Spade: "…then the only reason we have to refuse them is because they offended Momma Tommize."
Max Thorn: "Still liable for the damage caused."
Esme: "Damage to the gym, damage to the wiring systems…"
Sam Spade: "Officer Jenny! Does our legal framework handle acts committed by pokemon?"
Sam Spade: "Wild pokemon?"
Sam Spade: "Who don't have trainers?"
Max Thorn: "Which, well. I *think* Madame Tommize can just bill insurance?"
Esme: "There's probably insurance for wild pokemon interference, mm."
Max Thorn: "I suspect someone else took the nursery under the cover of the attack."
Officer Jenny: "That's generally treated like natural disasters. I mean, without trainers, you can't sue pokemon."
Sam Spade: "And we can't jail them, either."
Max Thorn: "Xatu, would you or one of your compatriots be willing to work with us to identify the individual who misled you?"
Sam Spade: "Was it you who trained the Joltik?"
Officer Jenny: "Was there damage to the gym? I know the gym's got insurance against wild pokemon attacks."
Sam Spade: "There was. I don't know how much financial assistance will be required; the pokemon in question did a solid job of closing up the breach behind them."
Xatu: "We could offer information, but do not know what would be of use toward identifying our solicitor."
Xatu: "Pichu trained the joltik. Many of us were disquieted by that."
Sam Spade: "That…explains much."
Sam Spade feels an itching in her pokeball-throwing hand.
[OOC] Sam Spade: But no.
Max Thorn: "All right. I'm willing to let you go, if we have some means of contacting you should we have business to discuss in the future."
Max Thorn: "Pichu…would be in trouble if we had a legal system capable of dealing with pokemon-caused misbehavior not involving a trainer."
Sam Spade: "And I wouldn't be surprised if Pichu knew that."
There is a slight pause, then the xatu replies, "We will discuss business in the future. Assuming you survive long enough."
Max Thorn: "Thank you." He motions for Nootaikok and Antheia to move off to the side as he does likewise.
The horde pours through the gap created, if neither Sam nor Esme moves to fill it.
Esme huffs, but lets them through. "You keep that Pichu out of trouble!"
Sam Spade is holding onto Anna still.
Sam Spade: "By force if necessary."
Max Thorn: "Send him to us if you feel a trainer'd set him straight, too." He winks at Sam.
The pichu starts to bi-da at the group, only for the xatu to whap the base of its skull with a wing.
Esme smiles. "Très bon."
Xatu: "Ask for its story once we meet again. It misses its trainers."
Sam Spade blinks.
Sam Spade: "…Now that…"
Sam Spade: "…Huh."
As the pokemon leave, Officer Jenny surveys the scene. "Alright, I'll write this up as a wild pokemon incident. But…what porygons?"
Max Thorn: "Madame Tommize has a horde of porygons helping to run the power plant, or so I am given to believe."
Anna Tommize: "…"
Officer Jenny tilts her head. "A…horde?"
Esme frowns.
Officer Jenny: "You mean more than three?"
Anna Tommize: "Y-yes."
Officer Jenny: "Show me."
Anna Tommize goes white.
Anna Tommize: "I-I can't."
Anna Tommize: "She's…"
Anna Tommize looks around for cameras.
Anna Tommize: "I-If I show you, Mother and Sensor will…"
Anna finds plenty, several hooked to live displays.
Anna Tommize: "O-oh geez I've never been a liar…"
Max Thorn: "I believe they are classed as 'free range', they're just housed in the facility."
Anna Tommize looks at the cameras and quakes.
[OOC] Max Thorn: wanna Guile?
Officer Jenny: "…oh. That would be legal."
Anna Tommize struggles against Sam slightly.
Sam Spade: "Is the Wirehold Gym not a pokemon sanctuary, like the Foundry?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: I wanna roll it anyway
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 16 (16) (Guile)
Officer Jenny nods. "It's not officially registered as one, but that's not technically required."
Officer Jenny: "Just so long as she only has at most three licensed to her…" She brings up a datapad.
Anna Tommize looks around, trying to spot a place out-of-sight of the cameras.
Max Thorn: "So we're no closer to identifying this 'nursery'."
Anna Tommize: "S-Sam…"
Officer Jenny: "And…it says here she only has one. An ampharos."
Anna Tommize: "L-lemme go…"
Sam Spade: "Huh."
Max Thorn: "So far as I may personally attest to, that is correct."
Sam Spade: "Can I right now, Anna?"
Officer Jenny: "Hmm…but…that's…really odd. She transferred to…that can't be right."
Anna Tommize: "Y-yeh…Yeah."
Max Thorn: "…Hmm?"
Sam Spade: "I wouldn't worry about it too much, Officer Jenny."
Sam Spade: "Alright, then, Anna."
The only places out of sight of the cameras are back down in the wiring, or in alleys, either way some distance away.
Sam Spade lets…go.
Anna Tommize nods and trots off to the entrance of a nearby alley.
Anna Tommize: "O-one moment."
Officer Jenny shrugs. "Yeah. The records say her ampharos is also a trainer, and that she transferred the rest of her team to that ampharos. Obviously there's been some sort of mix-up."
Anna Tommize: "I-It's…Sensor is a trainer, o-o-fficer…"
Officer Jenny: "Yeah, yeah, that's what the records say."
Esme: "She was gonna have her run the Gym, apparently…"
Anna Tommize: "They're not mixed up."
Officer Jenny: "Just so long as she's not breaking the wait WHAT?!?"
Anna Tommize: "S-Sensor is a trainer…"
Anna Tommize: "She handles m-most of the gym battles…"
Anna Tommize: "She's…t-terrifying."
Sam Spade: "Yeah. Assuming she's not…"
Officer Jenny looks at her datapad in minor terror.
Sam Spade: "But anyway."
Anna Tommize: "N-now…"
Officer Jenny: "But…that's…there's…there are no LAWS about this!"
Once in the alley, Anna slumps down against the wall and curls up into a small ball.
Anna Tommize sniffs, for a bit.
Esme rubs her chin. "Though, that reminds me that I'm still concerned about this computer business."
Officer Jenny: "Umm. Ah, excuse me, I need to go find Luther. He'll know what to do about this." She unpacks her motorcycle and rides off.
Sam Spade stands outside the alley.
Sam Spade: "Who's Luther?"
Max Thorn: "Need to retrieve the computer from the airship…"
Max Thorn: "Anna's older brother?"
Anna Tommize: "M-my…*sniff* my brother."
Sam Spade: "Oh, right, duh."
Sam Spade: "…Then…"
Anna Tommize: "Just…gimme…a second."
Tim finally climbs out of the ducts, apparently having fallen behind. "Hey - huff, huff - I'm…oh, you already took care of everything?"
Sam Spade: "…It's not learning about Sensor that freaked Jenny out. Something new?"
Anna Tommize: "Sensor is…"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, the Stormcloud pokemon escaped but they didn't have any 'nursery' with them."
Sam Spade: "Unless Sensor made a more overt move than just tipping Stormderp off about the porygon?"
Esme: "We can check it out, though the real thing that concerns me is that whoever contacted that Xatu knew about the… free-rangers-"
Esme: "Yeah see!"
Max Thorn: "…I wonder."
Max Thorn: "It sounds like Sensor's taking control over things here."
Max Thorn: "In which case, is she actually an ampharos or a ditto in disguise or Something Else?"
Anna Tommize: "Sensor's…she's an ampharos."
Anna Tommize: "She's just…brutal, in battle."
Anna Tommize looks up at Max, sobbing.
Anna Tommize: "D-don't fight her."
Sam Spade: "We may not have a choice."
Sam Spade: "We need that electric gym badge."
Anna Tommize lowers her head back into her knees.
Anna Tommize: "…L-let me, try, then…"
Tim: "Fran said you'd have the badge once you got the nursery back."
Max Thorn: "If it comes to that, it's not going to be because we have a choice in the matter. Sandy, at least, will be immune to Electric moves…"
Anna Tommize: "I-if it's me, then…"
Tim: "If Team Stormcloud didn't have it…where is it?"
Anna Tommize: "M-maybe she won't hurt anyone too badly…"
Esme looks to Tim. "Oui, but if Sensor has something to do with its disappearance in the first place…"
Anna Tommize: "Sensor is completely loyal to Mother."
Max Thorn: "You say that, but it's probably the other way around, if what I've observed is anything to go by."
Anna Tommize: "She wouldn't do anything that…she wouldn't…"
Anna Tommize: "It wouldn't m-make any sense…"
Max Thorn: "Besides, you'd be the last one to notice anything, I would think, since Sensor would definitely know to keep you in the dark."
Anna Tommize curls up.
Anna Tommize: "T-they're practically the same person…"
Anna Tommize takes a deep breath.
Anna Tommize: "O-Ok…OK…"
Anna Tommize pushes herself back to her feet.
Esme: "Ready to go investigate?"
Anna Tommize: "Y-yeah…"
Anna Tommize raises her glasses briefly to wipe her eyes, exhales, and shakes herself out.
Anna Tommize steps back out into the alley and gives the cameras a big smile.
Esme claps her hands together. "Alright! Back to the gym?"
For all the running around the underground maze, getting back to the gym aboveground is but a few blocks' walk. Rep is leaning against one of the columns out front as Luther fiddles with a large handheld gizmo with an antenna.
Sam Spade: "They didn't have what we were looking for."
Sam Spade: "So now…we're curious."
Luther looks up. "Oh? Maybe they stashed it somewhere."
Luther: "Rep and I were going to go look."
Esme: "Said they only came to release the Porygons."
Esme: "That they'd received a tip they were being enslaved against their will."
Luther: "Of course they did. Ah, don't worry, if I find it I'll make sure you still get your badges for helping."
Sam Spade: "What does the nursery look like?"
Luther: "Oh, you know. Start with beakers and vials and your standard chemis…ahh, just kidding. It actually looks kind of like a trade station you'd see in most pokemon centers."
Luther: "Basically we just compile porygon into existence. Takes a lot of energy, but, you know, power plant. We've got energy."
Anna Tommize: "Yeah…"
Sam Spade: "Could a bunch of very small pokemon steal one?"
Esme: "A bunch of very small pokemon that knew exactly where to blast in for some reason?"
Luther: "Well yeah. I mean they did, didn't they? Though some of them didn't look that small."
Anna Tommize: "They're…"
Anna Tommize: "I-It could have been father…"
Anna Tommize: "O-Or Luther…"
WC GM rolled up 5d6: 22 (22) (Guile)
Anna Tommize: "or…"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Oppose with perception?
Anna Tommize starts counting family members on her fingers.
[OOC] WC GM: Perception or another appropriate skill if you want to oppose, anyone.
[OOC] Sam Spade: ….Can't, not that roll. The only skill I could possibly win with would be Guile.
Luther does not even break a sweat. "C'mon, sis. Next you'll be saying it was the porygons themselves who called."
Anna Tommize: "Huh?"
Anna Tommize looks up.
Sam Spade: "That doesn't make sense."
Anna Tommize: "O-oh, yeah, I guess."
Luther winks and gently elbows Anna. "Or you, in your sleep."
Esme: "Do they even have a net connection down there?"
Sam Spade: "The porygon didn't even know, anyway."
Esme ponders.
Sam Spade: "And if they'd called for rescue, they would have, you know, gone with their rescuers."
Esme: "I'm gonna head back down there, I wanna see something." She makes her way back towards the lower levels, if unimpeded.
Luther chuckles. "Anna, heroically investigating the crimes of the wicked Anna, accompanied by the ever-dutiful Anna and the loose cannon Anna!"
Anna Tommize: "A-ah'm none of those things!"
Luther: "As you like, but I've locked up the nursery's former location just in case anyone ELSE tries to break in."
Anna Tommize squeaks im embarrassment.
Anna Tommize: "O-OK.."
Luther pats Anna on the head. "Well, *I* think you're ever-dutiful!"
Sam Spade: "Hmm."
Sam Spade: "So, what's that there thing you have in your hands?"
Indeed, Esme's path down to the Source room is uninterrupted.
Luther: "This? Oh, just…some tracking equipment, yeah. Seeing if I can get the nursery's frequency."
Luther begins walking away. "C'mon, Rep, let's see if we can find it."
Esme lets out Lucrece as she reaches the bottom. "Investigation!"
Just then, Officer Jenny wheels up. "Aha! I found you!"
Sam Spade looks at Jenny.
Luther jumps a bit. "O-oh! Hey, Jenny, what's up?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, Luther said he had a way to find the missing equipment from the gym!"
Officer Jenny gets out her data pad. "Apparently your mother's making her ampharos a trainer? How does that work?"
Sam Spade: "Oh, that was what got her all riled up…"
Luther glances at the party, then back to Jenny. "I'll tell you, but not here. Let's…" He leans close and whispers.
Whatever Luther whispered has Jenny blushing. "Alright, alright. My treat this time!" She pats her motorcycle seat.
Luther recalls Rep to a pokeball, climbs on behind Jenny and grabs on, then waves briefly to the party before Jenny guns the engine and drives them away.
Sam Spade: "Huh."
Sam Spade: "I'd never thought about buying off the law through seduction before."
Sam Spade: "I'll have to remember that one."
Sam Spade: "Malta? Follow them, please…"
The Source room has been well patched up, though the cement covering the breach is still drying.
Now that Esme has time for a thorough investigation, it is easy to find the nook - a workroom - to the side that apparently once housed the Nursery. As Luther said, the door has been locked. There are windows, but they have been covered from the inside, with steel shutters drawn.
Anna Tommize: "Ooh…why're the shutters drawn?"
Esme hops. "A-ah!"
Esme: "Oh, it's just you, Anna."
Max Thorn wanders around to the part of the gym that had been dug into…
Anna Tommize: "Hello Esme…"
Max faces a repaired, blank wall.
Esme: "I am investigating!" She turns to her porygon. "Lucre, I know you just got here, but the other porygon seem to like you. See if they know anything, and I'll connect you to my dex afterwards, ok?" She pats it on the head, before scooting it off towards the others.
Max Thorn: "Man, they work fast…"
[OOC] Max Thorn: Logend soon?
[OOC] WC GM: Sure. Just need to get to a good point.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Alright.
Esme eyes the door. Maybe she can just jiggle it open…
[OOC] WC GM: As usual, name a skill and make a case for that skill, then roll it.
[OOC] Esme: Hmm
[OOC] WC GM: This is a computerized lock, so even Tech Education might work.
[OOC] Esme: Mebbe I-AHAHAHA
[OOC] WC GM: I take it that is what you wish to use? Roll it, then.
Anna Tommize watches Esme.
Esme seen this type of lock before, and unfortunately that model always has the same reset code. Terrible really. Let's see if she can recall it…
Esme rolled up 5d6+1: 25 (25) (TechEd+AP)
[OOC] Max Thorn: nice.
Luther changed the code…but someone, Esme does not think Luther's handwriting would be that bad, engraved the code nearby. The door opens…
…computer. Trade station like. Yep, that looks like a Nursery, right where the Nursery's supposed to be.

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