Session 2

The sun is starting to set as the day on the beach continues. Down the beach, fewer and fewer trainers remain, many of them crying or despondent as they leave.
Anna Tommize carefully raises her milkshake with extra fluffy whipped cream up to her mouth with both hands. It is a very large mug.
Tim: "It'll be your turn soon. Let's get over there."
Anna Tommize: "B-beaches…ahr naht soo bad ah guess…."
Anna Tommize: "Myeep!"
Anna Tommize flinches at the sound of Tim's voice.
Anna Tommize: "A-awright."
Tim did not intentionally sneak up on Anna. He just happens to be behind her.
Anna is just that jumpy.
Anna Tommize stands up and follows Tim.
Esme has been tinkering with something on her wrist, as Gervais digs holes in the sand.
Tim's sandshrew makes a show of swimming through the beach.
Esme: "Ah, we are finally up?"
SamanthaSpade: "I sure hope so. It's kinda boring sitting around and waiting."
Jack, having found less sick grindage than he expected is rollerskating around on the concrete at the edge of the beach, Sandy keeping pace with him.
Max Thorn 's been reading. Antheia…has been hiding. She doesn't know most of these strangers, and the one or two she does she's understandably not noticed.
Esme folds up her chemistry set. "That is why you have to keep yourself busy!"
One last trainer group is sending all their pokemon against a blissey, and seem to be getting nowhere.
Anna Tommize: "W-wait!"
The blissey just…stands there.
Anna Tommize: "Miss-tahs!"
Max Thorn: "…Now that is a tank."
Anna Tommize approaches the trainer group.
Anna Tommize: "W-wat waz the leadah usin?"
[OOC] WC GM: The one currently fighting, or one of the departing groups?
[OOC] Anna Tommize: A departing group.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: …A blissey, huh…? Poison it with poison point, I guess?
YoungTrainer: "Th-that MEANIE! That TRICKSTER! He used that blissey right there! But it's a fake, it's gotta be! My charmander tackled and tackled and couldn't do anything!"
SamanthaSpade: "Huh. Curious."
Anna Tommize: "Ooh, soo, eet's a defenser?"
Anna Tommize: "Wat attacks, if ah moight ahsk?"
Anna Tommize pats the young trainer on the back and tries her best to smile a warm smile.
YoungTrainer: "He says if we can do enough to it, we'd get our badge. Until SOMEONE…" The trainer glares at one of the others in his group. "…thought he'd attack Bruce himself, and got us all disqualified!"
Jack Layfield: "Radical, so trainers have to go all out to take it down."
The young trainer just shakes his head. "I didn't see it do anything. It's gotta be a statue or something."
Anna Tommize: "Ooh, Oo-kai."
Esme peers over at this supposed Blissey, and pops out her pokedex.
Anna Tommize tries to lean around Esme's shoulder and read. she is too close.
Esme coughs.
Esme: "That is…how one would say, unexpected."
SamanthaSpade: "Anna. Personal space."
SamanthaSpade: "What's up?"
Pokedex: "Blissey. The eggs it lays are filled with happiness. Eating even one bite will bring a smile to anyone."
Esme: "But explains alot. It is very high leveled."
Max Thorn looks up from his novel again, and takes a closer look at the blissey…
Esme: "The maximum, if you will."
Max Thorn rolled up 4d6: 15 (15) (pokémon ed)
Jack skids to a stop, looking very excited. "And we have to fight it? Totally Extreme!"
Max Thorn: "Not a fake. That's max-level."
SamanthaSpade: "Have to? You mean 'get to.' Isn't that right, Malta?"
Sandy: "SANDILE!"
Malta: "Cheep chirp cheep!"
On the other side of the field, a man in a trench coat shakes his head. "Enough! Blissey, what do you think?"
Max Thorn: "And I imagine there's a lesson to be taught."
SamanthaSpade looks at the man in the trenchcoat.
The blissey shrugs. "Bliss? Bli…"
Max Thorn: "Something about recognizing when you're outclassed, I believe."
Esme: "Or taking an alternative approach, maybe."
The trainers stop their attacks. "We're not done yet!" "Yeah, c'mon, we're just getting started!"
Blissey: "Bliss!" It smiles and points upward with one arm.
The trenchcoated man nods. "Alright. Trainers! You've got spirit. Come here and take your Beach Badges!"
Anna Tommize: "Soo….we poison eet?"
The trainers cheer, recall their pokemon, and mob the apparent gym leader.
Max Thorn: "Or perseverance in the face of certain defeat."
Max Thorn: "…and that's a very tolerant blissey, to boot."
Once the badges are given out, the man sits on a curb. "Alright. Now…" He sighs. "One more group, eh?"
Anna Tommize: "…H-hoi…"
SamanthaSpade: "I like your coat!"
Anna Tommize: "P-pliss dun hurt mah meeps!"
A lady watching to the side tsks. "Bruce, mon ami, t'was pathetic!"
Jack Layfield: "S'up?"
[OOC] WC GM: The lady:
Bruce: "Aww, c'mon, Cheri! You know this is all I can do!"
Cheri: "Non, m'sieur. You can do better! You must do better!"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: I have an idea.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Grapples avoid stat comparisons, and let us move the blissey.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: We can try to drown it in the surf.
Cheri: "An' stop pouting." She gestures to the party. "Your guests have arrive. Do not subject them to this ridicule."
[OOC] Esme: That was my plan, yeh
Max Thorn bookmarks his novel, then stands and approaches. "All right."
[OOC] Esme: 3d6+3 combat yoooo
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Also: What a cutie chef…
Bruce: "What would you have me do? Blissey is my weakest pokemon!"
Max Thorn: "Borrow a weaker pokémon?"
Cheri: "'Ave you not been listening? Even Blissey tires of this."
Anna Tommize: "W-well…"
Esme: "Capture a weaker pokemon?"
Anna Tommize puts a hand on the Mareep following her around.
Anna Tommize: "Y-ye can do eet, yeh?"
Jack Layfield: "Never give out the Gym badge?"
Cheri smiles. "Oui. But not quite 'borrow'. I 'ave been training…well. I t'ink he'll be 'appier in this gym."
Meeps MeEeEeps briefly and kneads the ground with its two front hooves. It's raring to go!
Cheri whistles. "Bibarel! Enter, si vous plait."
Sandy hops up and down next to Jack. She's very happy to be here.
Max Thorn: "It is taught, in some places, that one must train a variety of pokémon so that one may always present a fair match. 'Course, that kinda depends on the gym being able to have many pokémon on hand, I would think."
A bibarel on a surfboard surfs a wave, hops off, and lands in front of Bruce.
Malta stares at Bruce, then at Cheri, then at the bibarel.
Jack's eyes sparkle, he is in love.
Jack Layfield: "That is the most rad pokemon ever. Er, I mean, aside from you Sandy."
Bruce: "…okay, how? I have the most pokemon I can have. And with the storage system offline…"
Cheri: "Tsk. Blissey! Do you want to keep doing…this? Standing there an' judging weak pokemon an' trainers?"
Blissey shakes its head.
Anna Tommize: "M-Meeps isn't weak!"
Anna Tommize glares at the lady.
Cheri: "There you go. Let Blissey free, an' you'll 'ave a slot."
Max Thorn removes the flower from behind his ear and gently tosses it forward, the little fairy pokémon it belongs to going along with the ride as it floats gently to the ground. "Compared to the blissey there? Totally is."
Sandile: "Saaaaaandiiiiiiiiiile."
The bibarel is even wearing swimming trunks. It sets the surfboard out of the arena engraved in the sand.
Sandy is cross.
Meeps steps into the ring.
Esme hails Gervais over. "Little Gervy isn't quite that big yet, no."
Bruce: "Blissey? Would you be happier on your own?"
Blissey thinks just a moment, then nods.
Max Thorn: "If your blissey likes you, she'll stick around even without your being her trainer."
Bruce: "Even after all we've been through…yeah. If you want to go on your own…promise me you'll come back some time?"
Blissey: "Bliss!"
Bruce looks up at Max. "…yeah. Yeah, I think you're right."
Bruce: "But I've been doing Blissey wrong, keeping her here doing…not much."
Bruce takes out a pokeball, opens it, and crushes the mechanism within.
Bruce: "…it's done. You're free." He looks away.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Just our luck he has this epiphany before we fought him :P
Blissey: "Bliss…" She wanders out of the arena, lost in thought.
Cheri: "You do th' right thing."
Anna Tommize: "S-so…"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Anna Tommize: "W-wat aboot aur test?"
Jack Layfield: "Does that mean we're battling that radical dude Bibarel?"
Cheri looks at the group. "Sorry you 'ad t' see that. But Bruce was in a dilemma."
Max Thorn looks over the bibarel, and considers.
Cheri: "An' yes, you will. You see, Bruce 'asn't been in a real fight since Team Jaeger…" She frowns mildly at Tim. "…'arrived'."
Esme holds up her pokedex to this big-toothed surfing fiend.
Max Thorn rolled up 4d6: 17 (17) (pokémon ed for pokémaniac)
SamanthaSpade: "We understand, Miss Cheri."
Cheri: "So what about you? Can you please, do th' favor of giving the Metro Beach gym leader the first honest fight 'e's 'ad in years?"
Max Thorn: "Of course."
Anna Tommize: "Y-yesh!"
SamanthaSpade: "How could we not?"
SamanthaSpade: "Is that alright with you, Mr. Bruce?"
Jack Layfield: "Hell yeah!"
Max Thorn: "Antheia, you ready to groove?"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Rollout spam incoming. X_X
Antheia nods and squeaks.
Bruce looks back at the group, and smiles. "…yeah. Yeah. I'm actually getting excited about this!"
Bruce: "Thanks, Cheri!"
Cheri winks and blows a kiss to Bruce. "Is no problem. And you trainers. If you do well, I look forward to meeting you on Bay Island some day."
Anna Tommize: "K-kay!"
Max Thorn: "See you around, maybe."
Jack Layfield: "Sweeeeeet."
SamanthaSpade: "Have fun, Miss Cheri, we'll see you when we get there!"
Meeps has had enough waiting and Baahs loudly at the Bibarel.
Cheri: "Alright!" She shifts her stance. "I shall act as referee, for th' first REAL battle this arena 'as seen today!"
Anna Tommize: "H-hey, M-meeps…"
Max Thorn hmms, and whispers to Esmé. "…I dunno about you, but I'm feeling a little guilty. That bibarel's a bit simpleminded."
Esme tilts her head. "How simpleminded?"
Cheri: "This will be a six on one battle, 'as planned. Each trainer may use one pokemon each. The battle will end when all o' one side is unable t' battle."
Jack Layfield: "Sandy, lets stick to our normal strategy and outpace it."
Max Thorn: "Too dumb to be enraged or infatuated."
Sandy: "Dile dile."
Cheri tosses into the air a cleaver she apparently had stuffed into the back of her waistband. It catches the sunlight momentarily. "An'…"
Esme: "That is…actually pretty simple."
Cheri sweeps the cleaver down as if bisecting a wailord. "BEGIN!"
Esme: "Still, better than the Blissey."
[OOC] WC GM: Round 1, trainer actions!
Anna Tommize: "Myeep!"
Anna Tommize flinches at the cleaver.
Anna Tommize: "M-meeps! W-we dunno wat it can do, soo be careful!"
Max Thorn: "…On the other hand…also means if you can intimidate it in any way, it'll be affected more than others."
SamanthaSpade: "Keep your eye on the target, Malta! Tackle!"
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Agility training order of course
SamanthaSpade is using Focused Training.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: I'ma apply inspired training.
Max Thorn: "Groove on, Antheia!"
Antheia starts weaving around, limbering up a bit. ((Agility Training))
Jack Layfield: "Keep moving Sandile, Get around the side and flank!"
Esme: "Alright Gervy, stay focused as always!"
Gervais winds his head around, and gets into position.
Sandy darts back and forth, trying to keep Bibarel off balance.
Bruce consults his pokedex and stroke his chin, standing up and hopping to his trainer's box. "Hmm…hmm, yes, this will be interesting…"
[OOC] WC GM: After trainer actions, Sandy!
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Meeps takes excited status from inspired training.
[OOC] WC GM: Init order is: Sandy, Bibarel, Malta, Gabriel/Antheia, Gervais, Meeps
Jack Layfield: "Sandile, use Thunder Fang!"
Sandy darts to melee range, it's jaws crackling with sparks.
Jack Layfield rolled up 1d20: 20 (20) (Accuracy 3)
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Oh crap
Bibarel dances out of the way, tapping Sandy's shades and giving a quick thumbs up.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Paralyzed + Flinched, huh?
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Yeah,
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Huh? He rolled a 20!
Only to then notice Sandy has his leg.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Oh. Hahaha Oh OK.
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah. :P Roll damage!
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Is that a crit?
[OOC] WC GM: Oh yeah.
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Yup.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Man, fuckin haxdile
[OOC] Esme: so! 2d6+10, modified by critical hit, +12 Attack, 4d6+32
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Sandy is such a lucker noob
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Stab, so 2d8+10
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Wait no, that's bite
[OOC] Esme: Thunder Fang is not STAB, unless Sandile suddenly became Electric type
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Stab? Yeah.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: I R SMART
[OOC] Jack Layfield: So dumb of me
[OOC] Anna Tommize: You should get a sawsbuck, though. Serene Grace, man. Base speed 10, also.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Or if we're doing it #rarestyle a togetic. : P
[OOC] Jack Layfield: I know, I could ride it too, it's awesome
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Please keep the OOC chat to #aeons when possible.
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Otherwise Jack will forget to roll Sandy's damage.
Jack Layfield rolled up 2d6+10: 18 (18)
[OOC] Esme: roll it again; crit
[OOC] Jack Layfield: oh right
Jack Layfield rolled up 2d6+10: 18 (18)
[OOC] WC GM: Okay then.
Bruce: "Use the sand to rub some of it off!"
[OOC] Esme: 48 before Def and 1.5 from SE hit
[OOC] Jack Layfield: 36+12=48
Bibarel tries to comply, but is having a hard time…
[OOC] WC GM: Malta!
Malta gets up in Bibarel's face and CHEEPS as loudly as he can! Growl!
Max Thorn: "That's the spirit!"
SamanthaSpade rolled up 1d20+1: 3 (3) (AC 2 move)
SamanthaSpade: "C'mon, Malta! You can do it!"
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Only not.
Bibarel does not seem to notice.
[OOC] WC GM: Gabriel & Antheia!
Malta hangs her head in shame.
Max Thorn: "…though, that's a pretty weak attempt. Hm. Antheia, Vine Whip!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20: 11 (11)
[OOC] WC GM: Hits
Max Thorn rolled up 1d8+9: 12 (12)
[OOC] Anna Tommize: So it's running unaware, huh.
[OOC] Max Thorn: probably should've just used fairy wind. oh well!
The vine whip seems to barely scratch Bibarel.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Not Unaware. Just Simple and Oblivious.
[OOC] WC GM: Gabriel!
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Derp, yeh.
Isabella rolled up 1d20: 3 (3)
[OOC] Max Thorn: Think that Growl just actually missed, though.
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Yeah. Unfortunately, all it needed was a Special Evasion of 1 to ignore that Growl. And…
[OOC] WC GM: …I'd ask which move, but with that to-hit roll…
[OOC] WC GM: Gervais!
[OOC] WC GM: Though - that was Growl from Gervais too, yes?
[OOC] Isabella: it's like you still think I have any other move worth using at this level
Gervais walks up to the poor paralyzed…whatever it is. And gives it the staring of a lifetime. [Leer]
Esme rolled up 1d20+2: 9 (9)
[OOC] WC GM: There is Confusion.
Bibarel is Leered at!
[OOC] Isabella: not sure what you thought I was using
[OOC] WC GM: Meeps!
[OOC] Esme: Def CS -2
Meeps advances up and stands next to Sandile, carefully spitting out electricity to build a barrier around its teammates.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: And now the most powerful member of our party acts.
[OOC] WC GM: Thought you were trying Growl, same as Malta.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Reflect, and move next to Sandile.
[OOC] WC GM: Round 2, trainer actions!
Bruce fumbles a Paralyze Heal out of his pocket. Looks like he has training in how to use it, though it also looks like his training is a little rusty.
Esme gives a thumbs up to Gervais. The small nidoran nods.
Max Thorn: "Keep it up, Antheia!"
Bibarel is no longer Paralyzed.
SamanthaSpade: "Don't worry about it, Malta, just stay focused!"
SamanthaSpade maintains the Focused Training.
Antheia squeaks, weaving about around her flower.
Esme: "Oh, we can use items?"
Jack Layfield: "Alright Sandy, You've got em! Keep hitting him, keep on the move!"
Esme questions the referee.
Max Thorn: "League rules, Esmé."
Cheri: "Oui. Item use is allowed."
Esme: "I am not familiar with these League Rules, hence the question!"
Cheri smiles. "But! As I 'ave already seen, you know you can do that OR encourage your pokemon. Not both. An' Bruce 'as a technique to it."
[OOC] WC GM: Sandy, once trainer actions are done.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Anna reserves her action.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Agility training order again
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Oops, at the end of last turn I should have stat linked, I mean, I guess I don't need it, being at Speed 19 with +8 to initiative, so I dunno.
Esme ponders…but decides to stick with encouragement for now. [Focused Orders]
[OOC] Anna Tommize: …What's the damage base on bite? At our level I think the +2 damage base might hit harder than the weakness.
[OOC] Max Thorn: ctrl-f in PTU 1.05 core, 'Move: Bite'
[OOC] Esme: Bite is at 8 with his STAB
[OOC] Esme: And no, it really isn't
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Hmm, alright.
[OOC] Esme: 2d8+10 vs 2d6+10+atk x1.5?
[OOC] WC GM: Remember that that *1.5 is after -def
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Yeah I just checked.
Jack Layfield: "Sandile Thunder fang, one more time!"
[OOC] WC GM: Granted, Def is -2 CS
[OOC] Anna Tommize: For some reason I thought thunder fang was DB4
Sandy's jaws spark once more.
Jack Layfield rolled up 1d20: 16 (16) (Accuracy 3)
Sandy lands a clean fang to the torso!
[OOC] Max Thorn: quit rolling 15+, you're hauling too much ass. :P
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Quite.
Max Thorn: "Still kinda amusing that a ground pokémon can conduct electricity, dood."
[OOC] Jack Layfield: This is thunder fang, so it only flinches/paralyzes on 17+
[OOC] WC GM: Roll damage
Jack Layfield: "What can I say, Sandy's jawesome."
Jack Layfield rolled up 2d6+22 : 34 (34)
Max Thorn: "Your pun was bad, and you should feel bad."
Jack Layfield: "I feel rad."
Bruce: "Bibarel, you're taking too much damage! Defense Curl, now!"
Bibarel curls up around the bite, forcing Sandy off.
[OOC] WC GM: Malta!
Max Thorn: "And that just negated the leer."
Esme: "Not quite."
SamanthaSpade: "Scare him, Malta!"
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: Sorry about delay. Growl.
SamanthaSpade rolled up 1d20+1: 3 (3) (AC 2)
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: THANKS, CHESSA.
[OOC] Esme: There she is
SamanthaSpade: "Malta! Don't growl at Sandy!"
Max Thorn: "Antheia, give'm some Fairy Wind!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20: 7 (7)
Max Thorn rolled up 2d8+20: 33 (33)
Sandy is nonplussed
Bibarel is barely hanging in there…
[OOC] WC GM: Gabriel!
[OOC] Isabella: confusion, since theres apparently question
Isabella rolled up 1d20: 20 (20)
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Aww I wanted to finish it off with a zapper struggle attack.
[OOC] WC GM: Roll that critical damage.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: I even had the narration. : P
[OOC] Isabella: I can take another miss if Lauren wants to go since I couldn't tell you what to roll next anyway
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Up to you. : P
[OOC] WC GM: No, no, you've got it. Roll 1d8+8 twice.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Meeps will just pose after the fight.
[OOC] Isabella: thought it was different for stab
Isabella rolled up 1d8+8: 9 (9)
[OOC] Isabella: yeah I'm done
[OOC] Esme: Yeah, it should be 4d6+20+11 spatk
[OOC] WC GM: …you're right. 2d6+10 w/STAB. Sorry, I thought your sheet listed it.
[OOC] Max Thorn: not +22?
[OOC] WC GM: Crit doesn't +spatk twice
[OOC] Esme: Crits don't double stats, only the base dice
[OOC] WC GM: Just normal damage twice
[OOC] Esme: Hence why knowing the DB separately is important
[OOC] WC GM: So, 2d6+10 + 2d6+10 + 11 = 4d6+31
[OOC] WC GM: Byrdi: if you want to roll that as the total?
[OOC] Max Thorn: aha. at any rate, please please please ensure your sheets take STAB into account.
Isabella rolled up 4d6+31: 46 (46)
Bibarel is blown completely out of the arena!
SamanthaSpade: "Whoa!"
Max Thorn: "…Nice shot."
SamanthaSpade: "That was…impressive."
SamanthaSpade: "Not bad, little ralts!"
Jack Layfield: "Jeepers Creepers!"
Isabella: "…oops."
Esme claps excitedly. "We win!"
Max Thorn crouches down and picks Antheia up, returning her flower to behind his ear.
Cheri: "Bibarel is unable t' battle. Victory goes to the trainer team!"
Malta flutters back up to Sam's shoulder and buries its face in her hair.
Meeps, not quite ready to let the Bibarel go, wanders up to and just glares while crackling with electricity.
SamanthaSpade: "Don't worry, Malta, it happens."
Max Thorn: "'Oops'? You did precisely what you needed to."
Bruce falls down on his rear. "You…you did it. You actually won. Honestly."
Slowly, it turns around and walks back to Anna before puffing itself up.
Bruce gapes at the party.
SamanthaSpade: "It's been a while, huh?"
Anna Tommize offers a hand to Bruce.
Sandile digs down into the ground, then bursts out again posing happily.
Anna Tommize: "I-iss okai…"
Bruce takes it, standing up, then HUGS Anna, weeping manly tears.
SamanthaSpade walks over to Bruce, not-so-coincidentally placing herself between Bruce and Tim.
Anna Tommize: "A-ah'm sure yer Blissey would of beat us."
SamanthaSpade: "I don't think he's unhappy to lose, Anna."
SamanthaSpade: "He's a gym leader. They want to win, yeah - but they don't mind losing."
Jack Layfield: "RADICAL, WE WON!"
Max Thorn: "That's…not the point. For a combat gym, the gym leader must actually be bested before the badge can be given. Doing elsewise cheapens it."
Bruce soon lets go. "No, no! I wanted to lose! I'm supposed to lose, to any competent trainers."
SamanthaSpade: "But if he had NO Pokemon any weaker than Blissey - say, because he's only allowed to have three…"
Jack Layfield: "Sandile, we're so FAST!"
Esme picks up and squeezes Gervais. "Nice setup, mon petit chou!"
SamanthaSpade: "…then given how strong that blissey was, just who would he lose to?"
Bruce: "My gym…I mean, this is where everyone gets their licenses. I only see newbie trainers."
SamanthaSpade is not looking at Tim.
Sandy: "Sandile!!!!"
Tim is standing back.
SamanthaSpade is very carefully, and very deliberately not looking at Tim.
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Bruce: "You understand."
Anna Tommize: "Huuh?"
Anna Tommize: "I doon't. Ah'm sorr!"
Anna Tommize knocks on her head with her fist and tilts it.
Anna Tommize: "Ehehehe."
Bruce: "For years I've been the gateway for new trainers to get their licenses. I've had to go easy on everyone."
SamanthaSpade checks to see if Meeps is in shocking distance, and since he's not, she pats Anna on the shoulder.
Bruce: "But…my team. I've always had strong pokemon. Until Team Jaeger came around I borrowed and trained a few for battles, but…"
SamanthaSpade: "But they have that rule."
Bruce: "Thank you. THANK you. And you too, Cher-"
SamanthaSpade looks. She's gone?
Bruce looks to the side. There is but a spray of seawater where Cheri was.
SamanthaSpade: "….Huh. That was…"
Jack Layfield: "Woaaaah."
Bruce: "Huh. Anyway. I want to give you more than just a badge."
Jack Layfield: "Is she a Gym leader too?"
Max Thorn: "It wouldn't matter if they had that rule or not, as the first gym leader trainers tend to face, Bruce is required to set a fair match. Which means he can't have a team of high-rollers."
Bruce: "Oh, yes. The Bay Island gym leader."
Esme: "Oh right, we get a badge!"
Bruce: "I don't think she's actually had a gym fight in…oh, right, right."
Bruce rummages in his pocket and brings out a set of 6 badges, depicting a stylized beach.
SamanthaSpade: "Max: but if they didn't have that rule, then he could have more pokemon for battling new trainers. He wouldn't have to…get rid of…the pokemon he'd spent so much time with."
Bruce: "It is my honor, and I mean that, to present you all with the Beach Badge!"
Max Thorn: "Do you usually hand out TMs, too, or just badges?"
SamanthaSpade: "…"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Max Thorn: "He didn't 'get rid of' blissey at all."
Anna Tommize: "A-ah Tee-Emm?"
Esme perks. "/And/ TMs?"
Bruce shakes his head. "I…don't have much TMs at all, anymore."
SamanthaSpade: "Necessarily."
Esme slumps. "Aww."
SamanthaSpade: "I remember hearing something about component shortages."
Bruce: "But you're right. Blissey! You want to travel around? Could you accompany these trainers for a while? I think you'll find the adventures you're looking for with them."
Jack grabs his badge and pins it to his skating helmet
Blissey sa-LUTES. "Bliss!"
Anna Tommize takes the badge and turns it over.
SamanthaSpade hesitates before taking the badge, but does take it.
Esme accepts her badge, placing it within her pokedex case.
Max Thorn accepts his badge and sockets it into his badge case.
SamanthaSpade: "Thanks for coming along, Blissey!"
Anna Tommize pins the badge to Meeps. It preens.
Max Thorn: "I hope we're able to give you the adventure you're looking for, blissey."
Max Thorn: "…Though, I have a question. Do you want a nickname?"
Jack Layfield: "You'll have some ballin times with us Blissey!"
Bruce: "And while I don't have any TMs, I DO still have a budget for rewards…eheh, a small budget…"
SamanthaSpade turns and shines a bright smile at Tim.
Esme perks again.
SamanthaSpade: "That's kind of them!"
Bruce rummages in his pocket again and hands out…none of you have ever seen 1,000 pokeyen coins before. He hands one to each trainer.
SamanthaSpade doesn't seem to hesitate this time. Cash money.
Blissey shakes her head.
Anna Tommize opens her eyes wide.
Bruce: "Aheh…Blissey's just been Blissey for a while now."
Anna Tommize: "A-ah cahn't accapt zis…"
Esme: "Research funds!"
Anna Tommize blinks.
Max Thorn: "Okie-doke. Well, glad to have you on board, Blissey."
Bruce: "Take it. It's yours."
Anna Tommize gulps, and, trembling, takes the money.
Jack Layfield: "Oh man, I could buy a BMX bike!"
Esme: "…Though more likely a nice lunch. Thank you!"
Jack Eagerly snatches the money
Anna Tommize: "A-ah'll spend eet wisely."
Max Thorn: "And…Bruce, if you ever need anything, please do feel free to go look for me. I may not look like much, but I aim to be the next premier pokémon professor."
Bruce straightens and finally reties his tie. "I'll check the news for you. Though…one question. You're going on your gym badge journey, right? Where will you go next? I want to tell the gym leader to prepare for you."
Jack Layfield: "Somewheres cool I think. But uh, I dunno brah."
SamanthaSpade frowns
Esme: "Ah, the Ice Cove is near here, yes? I think heading there would be most exciting!"
Max Thorn: "Well…as to that…probably Sky City?"
SamanthaSpade: "Ah. Sky City, aheheh…"
SamanthaSpade: "I'd rather not head that way just yet."
SamanthaSpade: "There were some…issues…at the airport on the way, and I don't think I'd like to go back until Malta has a chance to get stronger."
Max Thorn: "I'd prefer to avoid having to buy a parka, at any rate."
Anna Tommize: "…A-ah'd like to see ze foundries…"
Jack Layfield: "Yeah, Sky city airport, crazy what happens there…"
Bruce: "Aheheh, you won't need a parka in Ice Cove. Sure it's cold outside, but they keep the buildings warm."
Anna Tommize looks at the group with big eyes.
Max Thorn: "Doesn't do a thing for the route /to/ Ice Cove."
Max Thorn: "Anyone object to Petro Swamp, then? I hear it's a gas."
Esme winces.
Jack Layfield: "Foundry town is my hometown, my folks are there. there's great skateparks too."
Jack Layfield: "Max, bro, you pun hypocrite!"
Bruce nods at Esme. "Looks like there's an objection."
Esme: "While the swamp is /lovely/, I would also prefer to avoid there for the time being."
Jack Layfield: "It looks like we have no idea where we're going."
Bruce: "If you're heading to Ice Cove, I'll tell Ivan. He's…"
Esme mutters. "There's not even that much gas, mostly sludge, mud, the occaisional mist…"
Bruce looks to the side.
Bruce: "…got, well, *a way* to speed up the route."
Bruce: "I've been with him before. It's safe…honest…"
SamanthaSpade: "Well, riding down an avalanche doesn't sound like fun."
SamanthaSpade: "At least, I assume that's what you're talking about."
Bruce: "It's not…EXACTLY…an avalanche…"
Jack Layfield: "Is it a snowmobile?"
Bruce: "It's…on snow, and definitely mobile…"
Bruce holds up his hands. "You'll see when you get there."
Anna Tommize: "Ess eet an Avalugg?"
Max Thorn hmms. "Okay. How about we do rock, paper, scissors? If I win, Petro Swamp. If Esmé wins, Ice Cove. If Jack wins, Sky City. Agreeable?"
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
SamanthaSpade: "But Jack doesn't want Sky City."
Anna Tommize: "Dey look so comfortable…"
SamanthaSpade: "For similar reasons that I don't want it."
SamanthaSpade: "….Actually, if I don't miss my guess, exactly the same reasons."
Max Thorn: "…I had to pick somebody, Miss Spade."
Jack Layfield: "Hmmm, what loses to what Esme would pick…"
Max Thorn: "Though, if two out of six are opposed, I guess it should be a coin toss between Petro Swamp and Ice Cove."
Esme looks at Tim. "Ah, ah, but doesn't our guide maybe have a suggestion? Maybe?"
Tim: "Hmm. I kinda wanna see what Bruce is talkin' about."
Tim: "Ice Cove it is!"
Max Thorn bows to the inevitable. "All right, all right…"
Jack Layfield: "Wait, the kid Jaeger is staying with us?"
SamanthaSpade: "Yeah. He's our…escort."
Tim: "Of course I am!"
Max Thorn: "Yes. It's as much his journey as ours, apparently."
SamanthaSpade: "To make sure we don't abuse the privilege of having all of three pokemon each."
Max Thorn: "…although, I notice /he/ didn't participate in our little gym battle…"
Esme wipes her brow. "Oui, oui…good, good."
Jack Layfield: "Ice cove then. I gotta get a snowboard."
Bruce looks at Tim. "Wait…you look familiar…"
Tim stares at Bruce.
Bruce backs off. "…way, waaay too familiar."
SamanthaSpade says nothing, and doesn't let her face react beyond a slight, curious raise of the eyebrows.
Anna Tommize tilts her head.
Anna Tommize: "Do yanno eachotha?"
Bruce: "Alright! That being the last battle for today, my gym is closed for the day!" He begins walking away, a bit fast.
Anna Tommize: "Waaaait!"
Jack Layfield: "Whaaaaaaaaat."
SamanthaSpade bites her lip.
Tim: "I've never met him before."
Anna Tommize: "Wuss wrong?"
Anna Tommize: "Pliss tell us Mistah!"
Anna Tommize walks after him.
Jack Layfield: "You must have one of those faces Tim, I wouldn't worry about it. You're a cool little dude."
Anna Tommize waves her arms and jogs up to him.
Bruce lets Anna catch up, once out of earshot of Tim. "Be VERY careful around that boy. Whatever you do, don't let Team Jaeger know if you mistreat him."
SamanthaSpade decides to stick with Anna.
[OOC] WC GM: Then Sam hears that too.
SamanthaSpade: "He's the son of Team Jaeger's boss, isn't he?"
Anna Tommize: "Why? He hass a weird egg. All jaggy and scurry. Only bad thing I 'tink?"
Bruce: "A wierd…" He stops. "…egg?"
Anna Tommize: "Yass!"
Bruce: "Could you describe it?"
Anna Tommize: "Is wavvy. Umm…purple and whitesish I guess?"
Anna Tommize: "Yanno wat it iz? I just dun like it becuz it reminds me of the wavs."
Bruce: "Purple and…" His eyes widen. "…white." He gulps.
Anna Tommize takes her eyeglasses off and rubs them for a second before looking at bruce and tilting her head.
Anna Tommize: "Wuss wrong?"
Bruce: "'Son' would require that he have a mother. I don't think Team Jaeger's boss has slept, or CAN sleep, with anyone…any human, that is."
Anna Tommize: "Wavvy 'tings are uzually baaad vor humans 'an other livin 'tings."
Bruce: "This is bad. This is very bad." He resumes walking.
Anna Tommize blinks.
Esme eyes the trio. "Discussing a bit, I see."
Anna Tommize: "Should we zmash it?"
Bruce: "NO! No…that, that would be worse."
Anna Tommize: "Ee-eef ah got hurt to save Amodan from the Jaggies tho…"
Anna Tommize: "Zsteal it?"
Anna Tommize: "He's a nice boy though."
SamanthaSpade: "….Is the boy…going to evolve if we finish our journey?"
Bruce: "Hmm…hmm…tell you what. If you can find a way to, ah, 'waylay' him in the city while you head on to Ice Cove, I can…get him taken care of." He holds up his pokedex. "Get my number, then call me once he's detained. Make it look like an accident."
Anna Tommize rubs her eyes and looks at Bruce.
Anna Tommize: "Weel he be o-kai?"
Esme eyes Max in the meantime. "So how hard is it to get into a pokemon university anyway?"
Bruce: "…'evolve'. That's…one way of putting it."
Anna Tommize: "I dunn wants to hurt a person…even Jaggy."
Anna Tommize: "Wuss in ze egg 'nywavs?"
Bruce shakes his head. "How much he's hurt is up to you. Just…tie him up, leave him unconscious, or something where I can get to him and sneak him away."
Anna Tommize frowns.
Bruce looks at Anna with intensity. "Something. Very. Bad. Or good, *if* we can swing it…"
Anna Tommize: "K-keednapping ish wrong!"
SamanthaSpade: "Will we be in danger if he goes with us? I'd like more information, and he'd be a useful tool."
Anna Tommize looks put out.
SamanthaSpade: "….I mean….source."
SamanthaSpade: "Yes. Source."
Bruce: "YOU'LL be in danger if he goes with you."
Max Thorn: "Not that hard. Just need to have good grades and so on, y'know?"
Bruce: "He'll attract…" He shakes his head.
SamanthaSpade: "I was afraid of -"
Esme: "Grades, huh…"
Bruce: "Can't believe I didn't recognize him on sight."
SamanthaSpade: "….Huh."
Anna Tommize: "Attwact…? Pliss dun be so cagey. Ah wants to help pleople…."
Anna Tommize looks like she's sad.
Bruce: "But I didn't think…"
SamanthaSpade: "What will he attract?"
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Rolling charm h/o
Max Thorn: "More important, perhaps, is a love of pokémon."
Esme: "How about for those with…qu'est-ce que c'est…informal educations?"
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: If Anna's roll is insufficient, I can boost~
Esme: "Ah!"
Bruce looks at Sam. "You know Team Jaeger is not…fully in control, right? There are still fighters."
SamanthaSpade: "….Ah. And we could be hurt by this…resistance."
[OOC] WC GM: If you want, but your RP has effectively passed a Charm roll anyway.
Anna Tommize rolled up 4d6: 15 (15)
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Hass it? Oo-kai!
Bruce: "Collateral damage. He's safer with me."
Anna Tommize: "Coulds we talks to him?"
Max Thorn: "I think they have programs for those with informal educations but a sincere love of pokémon and the mindset required to succeed." He ponders a bit.
SamanthaSpade: "Not openly. Not about this."
Anna Tommize: "Heez ah nice boy…"
SamanthaSpade: "The TJ Boss has told him to journey. I don't think there's anything we can do that would convince him not to do it."
Bruce: "Sure. You're not leaving town tonight, right? Talk to him all you want before you waylay him. But don't tell him what I told you."
Max Thorn: "…Tell you what, when we get to Scale Mount, I'll set up an appointment with Admissions, if you're interested."
SamanthaSpade: "Yeah."
Anna Tommize: "Noo yannow what I mean."
Anna Tommize: "Have him meet willingly."
Anna Tommize: "Kidnapping ish wrong!"
Anna Tommize: "Ezpecially kidz!"
Bruce shakes his head. "I don't think he'd agree to this."
Bruce: "But then, you could say his agency's been taken away anyway."
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Have to go in 15.
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah, wrapping up.
SamanthaSpade: "Like I said, I don't think it'll work! He's gonna go, and the resistance will probably kill him. And we'll die when they do, or when the TJs kill us for not protecting him."
Anna Tommize: "Pliss jus 'tell us wuzz go'in awn…."
Esme claps her hands together. "Ah! That would be most appreciated!"
Anna Tommize: "Ah can keep a secret!"
SamanthaSpade: "….We need to talk to the others about this…"
Anna Tommize: "Even mah…Myeep!"
Anna Tommize claps a hand over her mouth.
Max Thorn: "And I think having several badges in hand will go a long way toward proving you have that mindset."
Bruce: "Trust me, if you make it look like an accident, they won't come after you right away."
SamanthaSpade: "Anna's not worried about them coming after us. She's worried about actually doing something to him. She's a good person."
Anna Tommize: "Y-yah!"
SamanthaSpade: "…Frustrating as that can be sometimes…"
Anna Tommize beams.
Bruce nods. "And I appreciate that. So don't let him journey with you. That's the best you can do for him."
Anna Tommize: "Ah'm a good!"
Esme: "Well I have my research as well, though it's a bit unorthodox."
Max Thorn: "…Oh?"
Max Thorn: "How 'unorthodox' are we talking?"
[OOC] WC GM: Do Anna or Sam have their pokedexes out?
[OOC] SamanthaSpade: I do.
Bruce taps his pokedex to Sam's. "There, now you have my number. Give me a call when it's time to pick him up."
SamanthaSpade sighs and nods.
SamanthaSpade: "We'll need to talk this over with the others, I guess…"
Esme glances in Tim's direction warily, but winks back at Max. "Enough. Maybe I'll discuss it another time."
Bruce nods. "Go. They'll be suspicious enough as it is."
Bruce walks away, body language suggesting he really does not want to be followed this time.
Anna Tommize frowns.
Jack Layfield: "I'm just hoping to get Sandy and me as fast as possible. I wanted to be like, Champion, buuuuuut…well…"
Max Thorn: "…Fine, but I'll have to know by the time we're in Scale Mount, because I'm not going to sponsor someone I think would be detrimental to the university."
SamanthaSpade: "C'mon, Anna. The whole group is at risk, which means the decision should probably be made by the whole group."

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