Session 3

SamSpade: "I'm not saying we should kidnap him! Oh, hey, we're back to everyone. Where's Tim?"
Jack Layfield: "Who are we not kidnapping?"
Tim pipes up from right behind Sam. "Kidnap who?"
SamSpade: "Not sure yet. What are your feelings on kidnapping, Tim?"
Tim blinks, then yawns. "I could use a nap, but I'm not a kid!"
Jack Layfield: "So, um like, dudes, I signed up to be a pokemon trainer, not an accomplice to criminal activity."
Tim: "C'mon, Sands, let's get their rooms. Ah, I'll need one of you…Max, come with me! The rest of you, we'll see you at the pokemon center once it's your bedtime."
Tim wanders center-ward.
SamSpade: "Well."
Jack Layfield: "Shorty McShortface there is the least attentive Team Jaeger member I have ever seen."
Esme: "So what is this about kidnapping, criminal activity, and whatnot?"
SamSpade: "Long story short, Tim has some kind of extra-special connection to the Jaegers' boss, which means he's a high priority target despite his lack of sense."
SamSpade: "Which means we're liable to be killed as a byproduct, which would be bad."
Esme: "…Ah."
SamSpade: "Gym leader wants us to get him…sidetracked, safe but confined in a place where the Resistance can keep him likewise safe but confined."
Jack Layfield: "Murder is most un-radical."
Anna Tommize blinks.
SamSpade: "…Without making ourselves a massive target for the Jaggies, which I'm not sure is possible."
SamSpade: "….Also Anna doesn't wanna kidnap him, though I can't speak for Meeps."
Anna Tommize: "W-w-wur noot d-doo-an zis ah we?"
Anna Tommize: "Heez jus a k-kid…"
Esme: "It's not kidnapping him, if we knock him out and leave him somewhere."
Esme: "Then it's somebody else kidnapping him, yes?"
Jack Layfield: "Can't we just ditch him? He's a good little dude, he doesn't deserve anything bad."
Anna Tommize: "G-good plipple talk der problems out!"
Esme: "Team Jaeger is not good people."
Anna Tommize: "He'sh jus a babyjag! An 'e s-stood up fer us…"
Anna Tommize: "Eet would beh wrung to t-turn on him…"
SamSpade: "It would also be wrong for us to let him be killed."
Jack Layfield: "I am not down for hurting the little broskie or getting him hurt."
Anna Tommize: "Y-yah! Soo talk!"
Anna Tommize looks genuinely horrified that her new friends are suggesting kidnapping a little boy.
SamSpade: "I just don't see a middle ground, anywhere. I was really hoping that we wouldn't be going up against Team Jaeger until we could stand a chance against Team Jaeger. But I don't want Tim to die, either."
Anna Tommize: "I-Ishn't talkin…middlish?"
Esme: "I have no particular…desire, to see him harmed, but I have even less desire to see myself harmed, and even further less to see Team Jaeger gain anything."
Anna Tommize: "We be honest!"
Esme: "And from what you have told me, putting him in someone else's hands seems to be the option, no?"
SamSpade: "Yeah, but."
Anna Tommize: "T-Tim can goo if 'e wunts, b-bud eesh 'is decide!"
Esme frowns.
SamSpade: "Here's the flip side to that. We get him into someone elses' hands, he disappears. As far as the Jaggies know, he's dead."
SamSpade: "And we were the last ones seen with him."
Esme: "If he had sense to decide, he wouldn't be in this mess in the first place."
Anna Tommize: "W-weh dunever knoo wuss gloin on…"
SamSpade: "We have several clues."
Esme: "So either Jaeger comes after us, and we might die, or Jaeger comes after us and we might die."
Anna Tommize: "…Ah'm 'tellan 'im!"
Jack Layfield: "Don't forget Jaeger's many not-nice enemies."
SamSpade: "Fact: he's a young member of the Jaegers. He's only got one Pokemon, and he's not particularly capable of defending himself. And he's got an obscure egg."
SamSpade: "Fact: nobody likes the way the Jaegers are running Amoda."
Anna Tommize spins on a heel and marches back off to where Tim went. Meeps, following, looks back towards the party, as if defying them to follow its lead.
SamSpade: "And as it stands…right now we're stuck choosing between siding with the Jaegers by selling out that Bruce has ties to the resistance…"
SamSpade: "….ANNA!"
SamSpade: "Wait until we decide something!"
Anna Tommize swings both her arms as she marches off, as if she's in some sort of parade.
SamSpade: "Please don't kill us, Anna."
SamSpade: "Please."
Jack Layfield: 'Woah, easy on the drama there Sammie. "
Esme: "That's not drama, have you SEEN what the Jaegers do?"
SamSpade: "Drama? Drama how?"
SamSpade: "Anna's going to tell him that we're part of a plan to kidnap him. He'll tell his friends in the Jaegers. They'll strap us to chairs and shoot us."
SamSpade: "You should know better. You almost got that same fate, remember?"
Esme motions to Sam.
Jack Layfield: "Know better? Me? You saw what I do. I just throw myself at things."
Jack skates over to Anna.
Jack Layfield: "Plus people are dangerous in general, Team Jaeger ain't no special case, you saw those un-radical types in Sky City, they weren't Team Jaeger."
SamSpade: "No. They just wanted to be."
Esme: "Something happen to you all in Sky City, I am presuming."
Anna Tommize: "Hmmph!"
Anna Tommize: "T-T-Tim will lissen."
SamSpade: "Yeah. What happened was the kind of people who will kill us as a byproduct of killing him."
Jack Layfield: "I'm not saying we shouldn't tell him, but could we wait to tell him until after we've left Metro Beach Anna?"
Esme: "What makes you think that? Why would he listen to the new trainers he is supposed to be looking over, interrupting his big new mission from headquarters?"
Esme: "We have been that age; We know they do not listen well."
Jack Layfield: "I don't even know if he'll actually understand us. Kid ain't exactly quick on the uptake."
Anna Tommize: "W-well, a-ah'm noot bright eeder…"
Anna Tommize: "B-but ah know dat if we explain it to him and deal honestly he'll believe wur honess!"
SamSpade: "You're plenty smart, doll!"
SamSpade: "Sometimes."
Anna Tommize hangs her head.
Anna Tommize: "Myooo…."
Esme sighs. "It is not that I /wish/ to harm him. Of the Jaegers I have seen, he seems the most…qu'est-ce que c'est…Oblivious? But I do not trust his judgement, joining of Team Jaeger included."
Esme: "…Since you seem so bent on this though, fine."
Jack shrugs.
Esme: "You can talk to him about it."
Esme: "That is my vote, at least."
Anna Tommize: "Hoo-rai!"
Anna Tommize pulls her head up and beams.
Esme: "Of course, if he even so much as looks as though he's going to inform a superior-"
Esme smiles, pounding her gloved fist into her palm. "I will crush him."
Anna Tommize frowns and hangs her head again.
Anna Tommize: "C-crush'n ish…wrong."
Esme: "Minimally! Sleepytime, and such."
Jack Layfield: "Easy there. He's tiny, you could just bop him on the head."
Esme rummages through her backpack, pulling out her dowsing rods. "Big enough to join Team Jaeger, big enough for a headlock. If we're done discussing, I'm going to comb the beach, yes?"
Anna Tommize: "H-hhmph."
Anna Tommize looks to the side.
[OOC] WC GM: Heading back to the center, then?
[OOC] Anna Tommize: Yeah
[OOC] WC GM: Esme, go ahead and roll your dowse while I type up the next bit.
Esme rolled up 4#1d6: 3 6 1 4 (14)
Esme rolled up 1d6: 5 (5)
[OOC] Esme: 3 shards of your choice
[OOC] WC GM: Given the location, Orange Shards seem most appropriate.
[OOC] Anna Tommize: As some point I'ma ask for a ground brace. Is that OK?
[OOC] Esme: Ask after she gets Crystal Resonance, and it should be fine, yeh
Once at the center, Nurse Joy silently - with a look of what might be sympathy - points down a side corridor. Two open doors face each other, opening into small bedrooms. One is empty; in the other Tim is fast asleep on a bed, Sands cuddling him and the egg, while Max's gear is on another bed. Sands gives you a sleepy glance.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: How does Nurse Joy feel about skates indoors
There are several other doors, all closed. A few of them have crying or arguing coming from them; although heavily muffled by the walls, you recognize a few of the younger trainers' voices from the beach.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Asking for a friend
[OOC] WC GM: Try it and find out, if you dare. :P
Anna Tommize yawns, takes her glasses off, and climbs into the bed before setting to the long process of keeping Meeps out.
SamSpade falls into that restful half-doze she does that keeps just enough of her attention on Meeps to be safe. Malta perches on her head.
Jack faceplants into his bed, falling asleep quickly, Sandy lying next to him.
Esme collapses into her bunk. Certainly an interesting first day out here in civilization. Gervais makes his nest underneath the bed.
The party is woken by knocking on their doors. Nurse Joy is in the corridor between the rooms, with a cart laden with various good-smelling breakfast materials.
Tim mumbles a bit, apparently still asleep.
Meeps is at the door and tries jostling the nurse a bit.
Nurse Joy giggles and attempts to pet Meeps.
SamSpade watches warily.
Anna Tommize groggily opens her eyes and searches for the noise with her swirly eyes.
Anna Tommize: "H-hullo…?"
Anna Tommize locks eyes with the nurse.
NurseJoy: "Hi-i~! And good morning! I heard what you did for Bruce, and I wanted to say thank you!"
Anna Tommize: "F-food…"
Anna Tommize: "Ooh. W-well, a-ah jus 'did wot ah thot wuz 'ight…"
Anna Tommize: "…a-an would keep M-meeps safe…"
Anna Tommize very slowly blinks.
Esme rouses to the scent of said breakfast materials, pulling herself up and out to greet the Nurse. She grabs a croissant off the cart. "Morning…it was mostly that other lady."
NurseJoy: "So I brought you breakfast. The other trainers can come get breakfast."
Nurse Joy blinks. "What other lady?"
SamSpade: "From…Bay…"
Jack Layfield: "Breakfast? HECK YEAH!"
Esme mumbles in between bites. "Cheri, was it?"
Anna Tommize: "Chev!"
Esme jumps. Loud people in the morning.
Anna Tommize: "Funneh voice…"
Nurse Joy blinks again. "Cheri? The Bay Island gym leader? But…Bay Island's way on the other side of Amoda! What would she be doing over here?"
Jack nabs muffin and shoves it in his mouth.
Anna Tommize: "Dunoo. Weh saw 'er doe!"
Jack Layfield: "Getting Bruce out of his funk, apparently."
Nurse Joy shrugs. "People said Bruce was talking to the sea, and then pulled out a Bibarel who you defeated."
SamSpade: "Wasn't the sea. Was Cheri. …I think."
Esme: "Hum."
SamSpade: "Ask Blissey!"
Esme: "…it may have been Cheri, but you're right, other people may not have seen her."
NurseJoy: "Blissey? Oh, right, a blissey came by last night. Is she yours? I'll go get her."
Nurse Joy walks back to the front desk.
SamSpade: "She's not ours, but she said she wanted to travel with us."
Tim yawns and sits up, then looks at the cart and breaks out in a near-drool. "Foooooooood!"
Tim nearly pounces, like a Persian, on the back end of the cart and begins consuming with gusto. Sands mirrors his actions.
Jack Layfield: "Yah snooze yah looze little dude."
omph* *nomph* "Tashts like winning tch me!"
Jack races with Tim to get the most food, scarfing down everything in sight.
Anna Tommize awkwardly takes the sweetest thing on the table.
Jack, being larger including having a larger stomach, is quite able to consume more than Tim.
Said sweetest thing looks like a poffin, with extra frosting.
Anna Tommize splits the poffin in two and offers half to Meeps. Meeps snatches it out of her hand.
It does not take long to rid the cart of most of its edible contents. About that time, Blissey ambles down the hall and waves. "Bliss!"
SamSpade: "Hey Blissey!"
SamSpade: "Did you already get all the breakfast you wanted? I think…our group may have finished it."
Bliss nods. "Bliss bliss."
[OOC] WC GM: And despite what you may be expecting, Blissey does not proceed to eat her own egg just then. :P
SamSpade: "….Good. …I think…"
[OOC] Esme: Hey, Softboiled is great
Nurse Joy pokes her head in. "If you're done eating, you miiight want to duck back into your rooms for just a moment."
NurseJoy: "Trust me."
SamSpade: "…That sounds like a very good idea."
SamSpade ducks back into the room.
Esme: "…Ah?"
Anna Tommize tilts her head. "Whoi?"
Jack Layfield: "Okay, if ya say so."
Esme does as advised, though with some confusion.
An intercom chimes, then Nurse Joy's voice comes from the speakers. "Attention all trainers. Breakfast is ready in the lobby. Repeat, breakfast is ready in th-"
Anna Tommize: "Ah 'ave to say a thing T'Tim real quick tho…"
SamSpade: "Ah. Stampede."
The rest is drowned out by excited voices and footsteps trampling.
Anna Tommize desperately struggles against the crowd. This includes wild arm flailing.
The empty breakfast cart, abandoned in the hallway, is not seen afterward. Blissey comes out of it with footprints over her and a dazed expression.
SamSpade: "Hey, Tim. Question for you."
Jack Layfield: "You okay there Blissey?"
Tim looks up, having been packing his backpack. "Hmm?"
SamSpade: "Do you know why people would want to kidnap you?"
Blissey staggers a bit, but manages to stay standing. "Bliss…"
Tim: "Kidnap? Nooo…?" He blinks.
Tim: "The boss said I should make sure no one kidnaps you!"
Tim: "Is that what you meant?"
Anna Tommize grabs Tim's shoulders and shakes briefly before saying, "Tim! Yor in dan-ger!"
Anna Tommize: "Ah dunno wot it eez, but da gym bawss told meh!"
Tim tries to back away but can not break Anna's grip. "I know! There's a crazy lady shaking me!"
Anna Tommize: "Noo! Wait, pliss…"
Anna Tommize lets go and hangs her head.
Anna Tommize: "Ah'm worried aboot yeh…"
Tim: "Me? Why?"
Jack Layfield: "….This is going chill."
Esme: "Oh yeah, totally."
Anna Tommize: "Da strong-guy says it hass t'do wit yer egg…'e wouldn't tell me the details…."
Tim: "My egg?" He looks at the egg, which Sands is packing away.
Anna Tommize: "B-but, ah knoo 'e's a good plipple!"
Anna Tommize: "Wot kinda egg 'eez it?"
Tim shrugs. "My egg. The boss says it'll be my partner, maybe even more important than Sands. I…don't know how that could be."
Tim: "Sands is my first pokemon and best friend!"
SamSpade: "…Huh."
Anna Tommize: "Weh t'alked after da match 'an 'wen ah mentioned da egg 'e becomm dangerous t'everyone…"
Sands: "Sand!"
Esme eyes down the hallway. Other people are off eating breakfast?
Anna Tommize: "Ah 'tink he knoos wass init. 'E said 'e wanted to keep ya safe."
Indeed, the hallway is now clear. The lobby is a bit crowded for the moment. Esme gets an impression of humanoid piranhas, or possibly extremely vicious humanoid magikarps.
Anna Tommize: "…E'even if we hadta…force yeh. But ah woon't! Kidnapping ish wrong!"
Anna Tommize: "B-but, sometin dush seem off t'me aboot dat egg…"
Anna Tommize: "Iss wavvy…odder wavs hurt plipple…"
Anna Tommize looks sad at Tim.
Tim shrugs. "Even if there is something wrong, the boss told me to keep it safe."
Jack Layfield: "Why are you a member of Team Jaeger anyway, they don't let just anyone join?"
Anna Tommize: "Dat's fine, can keep it safe…b-but, hurting people ish wrong Tim!"
Anna Tommize frowns.
Tim looks up at Jack as if he just asked why the sky is blue.
Tim: "Because I've always been a member?"
Anna Tommize: "Can y'least talk t'im? Ah'm worried aboot yeh…"
Esme: "…"
Tim: "…oh. Oh, right. You have to JOIN. I keep forgetting."
Tim shrugs. "Just because I'm the boss's lone."
Jack stares, wide-eyed at Tim.
Tim: "Actually…can I ask you something?"
SamSpade: "Lone?"
Anna Tommize: "Yah!"
Tim: "What IS a 'lone'? The other grunts just talk funny when I ask them."
Tim: "I *think* it means because he's my only parent. So, 'lone parent' or something?"
Jack Layfield: "Clone. Clone is the word."
Anna Tommize: "Ah dunnoo, b'if it wazzat….Oooh, clone?"
Tim tilts his head. "C-lone…?"
Anna Tommize: "Ooh. Oooooh."
Jack Layfield: "That's uh, oh geeze."
Jack Layfield: "Not radical."
Anna Tommize: "…Yor uh…yor a copy."
Anna Tommize frowns…then something clicks in her 'ead.
Tim: "Well yeah. Everyone's a copy of their parents. I know that much."
Anna Tommize puts a hand over her mouth.
Anna Tommize: "Clone ish…not like parent."
SamSpade: "Clone is twin with different age."
SamSpade: "Mostly."
Tim: "Huuuh?"
Anna Tommize: "Iss like…take uh…"
Jack Layfield: "Like they grew you in a…" Jack makes a sidelong glance along the hall. "erm, uh…tube."
SamSpade: "Nah, not necessarily."
SamSpade: "Just…"
Anna Tommize: "Take a pidgey."
SamSpade: "Like, um, boss's twin brother, only a buncha years younger."
Anna Tommize: "Eet 'az parents yeh? But da parents are diff'rent."
Anna Tommize: "Child, parents mix…"
Anna Tommize: "Clone, parent makes…new parent. Same body."
Anna Tommize: "Yor ah clone…egg ish wavvy…Tim, ah 'tink yor boss…trying to make ya same 'as 'im…."
Tim: "I don't get it. Parents 'mix'? You mean you melt the parents down to get a baby or something?"
Esme is boggling. "To think they have already come this far with cloning technology…this is bad."
SamSpade: "…She's not making sense. Honestly, my way is the best way to understand."
Anna Tommize frowns at Sam.
SamSpade: "The boss isn't your parent, he's your twin brother. Just older is all."
Anna Tommize: "Ah d-do m'best!"
SamSpade: "I know, Anna, I know."
Anna Tommize looks a little hurt.
SamSpade slaps Anna on the shoulder.
SamSpade: "C'mon, we need to get going if we're going to ride the avalanche to Ice Cove."
Anna Tommize: "O-oK…."
Esme: "…Get going? We can't get going!"
Tim: "I'm pretty sure the boss is…eh? Why not?"
Esme stares at Tim.
Anna Tommize looks confused.
Anna Tommize: "Noo?"
Esme: "Right! No!"
Jack Layfield: "We should totally get going." Jack nudges Esme.
Blissey: "Bliss?"
Anna Tommize: "Y-yess? Noo? Ah dun understand…"
Esme almost nudges Jack back in a less than friendly way, but pauses for a moment. "…Yeah, I suppose so."
Esme goes and scoops up Gerv and her gear. "Gonna go get ready." They head downstairs for their morning training.
Jack Layfield: "Ooof. Right, training time, come on Sandy!"
Sandy: "Sandile, dile!"
Tim: "Oh! You do training too? I'll meet you on the beach when you're done; that's the best place around here for Sands' training."
SamSpade: "C'mon, Malta. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."
Malta pecks Sam.
SamSpade: "I was kidding!"
Sandy scurries along with Jack, hopping up and down alongside Jack as her trainer laces up his rollerskates.
Anna Tommize follows in a confused daze. It seems she has already packed.
Downstairs is an open basement, filled with a wide variety of well-used training equipment.
It is a good guess that said training equipment will soon be in use by the horde upstairs, but for the moment the party has the whole basement to itself.
[OOC] Esme: get dat hour
Jack looks for a treadmill so he and sandile can work on their cardio.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Speed as the trained stat for Sandy from ace trainer, Speed and Attack as Jack's trained stats from Athlete
[OOC] WC GM: Let me know when you wish to move on.
[OOC] WC GM: But yeah, you've totally got an hour to train. The other trainers start filtering in toward the end of that hour.
Esme gets in some small accuracy training with Gervais, using one of those pop-up clown bags. They're so wacky, but useful! [Focused+Experience Training]
[OOC] SamSpade: Same for Malta.
[OOC] Jack Layfield: Oh right, Agility training as well for Sandy
[OOC] Jack Layfield: And experience training
[OOC] Anna Tommize: I'm spacing out really hard, but Anna just encourages and feeds meeps. Inspired training.
[OOC] WC GM: No prob. Didn't know if you wanted to RP this out or do further discussion while training. If not, then moving on…?
Esme begrudgingly makes her way out to the beach after they finish up.
At the beach, the party sees a bunch of holes…and off in the distance a divot with a slit. Looking closely, there are a pair of eyes watching the party - Tim, with a serious expression.
Tim: "Targets sighted. Five degrees right, fifteen…no, fourteen meters. GO!"
SamSpade frowns.
SamSpade waits five seconds, then JUMPS back!
Seconds later, Sands erupts from behind the party, claws glinting in the sun!
SamSpade: "Welp."
SamSpade hits Sands with the back of her knees, and goes sprawling!
SamSpade: "Waaah!"
SamSpade: "You okay, Sands?"
Jack Layfield: "NOT RADICAL!"
Sands arcs up and lands on Sam.
SamSpade: "Malta-"
Sands seems a bit pleased. "Sandshrew!"
Malta glares at Sands, her feathers ruffling.
Esme coughs, dusting herself off.
SamSpade: "Okay, that's…"
SamSpade: "Okay. You can dig, Sands?"
Malta: "Chirp. CHIRP."
SamSpade: "Oh. Malta would like you to get off please."
Tim: "Sands, get off." He climbs out of what turns out to be (once he removes the top) a well-hidden underground sandfort.
Jack Layfield: "Most ground types can burrow, at least a little."
Sands jumps down to the sand.
Jack Layfield: "Sandy's particularly good at it, isn't that right sandy?"
Sandy: "Sandile!"
Tim walks up to the group. "Of course Sands can dig. That's, like, basic training."
SamSpade: "How'd you know I was gonna jump back just then?"
Tim: "The boss says that's the most important thing sandshrews and sandslashes can do."
Esme: "Gervy can burrow too, though sand is fairly new for him."
Tim: "I didn't." He hangs his head. "I was trying for in front of you, but I got the distance wrong again."
SamSpade: "Ah. Well, you were very close! I was definitely impressed."
Tim kicks the sand, still looking down. "Yeaaah…"
Sandile hops down from atop Jack's helmet.
Jack Layfield: "Don't stress yourself too much, you'll get better…"
Tim: "I guess. Anyway. Anything else you want to do here, or are we going to Ice Cove?"
Tim: "I checked the map. It'll take about a day to get up to the tunnel, then another day through, then another day going down to the city."
Tim: "…I guess the boss wanted me to get used to walking. We go so much faster back home."
Esme: "How do you get around back home?"
Tim: "Depends who you are and what you've got. I got to Amoda on a hoverscooter."
Tim: "They stopped it at Fort Blaston. I had to walk the rest of the way."
Tim: "Me and the other handlers. We came to Metro Beach together."
SamSpade: "Huh."
Tim: "Took us most of a month! That hoverscooter would've gotten me here in a day."
Jack Layfield: "Hoverscooter? That's crazy fast."
Tim looks to the side. "Weeell…you kinda have to be."
Tim: "But not in Amoda."
Esme: "Well walking has its own-…Well why do you need to be?"
Tim blinks. "To…survive the…oooh, right right, you've always lived here. Man, I'm a bit jealous now."
Anna Tommize: "Ehehehe…"
Tim: "YOUR homes don't get blown up. I haven't seen a single raider since I got here. I guess they just aren't in Amoda."
Anna Tommize: "'Ow about 'immigratin then?"
Jack Layfield: "Raider? What are you talking about?"
Esme mumbles. "Well not anymore, they don't…"
Tim smiles. "You mean moving here, to Amoda, forever? I think I kinda did."
Tim: "Yep! That's Team Jaeger. Immigrants!"
Anna Tommize: "…Ya conquered us…"
Anna Tommize frowns.
Anna Tommize: "Ar gov'ment wass dissolved…"
Jack Layfield: "At least the Gym Leaders are still around."
Anna Tommize: "Yeah…"
Esme: "Barely."
Tim: "Oh! I did some reading up on Ice Cove. Apparently the gym leader's named 'Ivan'."
Tim: "And sometimes he helps out the weather stations? So we might want to check them before we head into town, in case he's up there."
Tim: "The guide said if you get his express, it's safe. Do you know what that means? 'Cause I don't."
Jack Layfield: "Dunno, I'm more of an urban guy."
SamSpade: "Um. No, not really."
By now the group has reached the edge of town, and the formal beginning of Route 1.
SamSpade: "So…"
SamSpade: "Do we say something?"
The route is a fairly straight, paved path leading up to the mountain wall that rings Ice Cove. The terrain to both sides is mostly grasslands and prairie, with only occasional shrubs or trees. The curve of the planet and the distance to the mountain wall conspire to mask the tunnel entrance from direct view from here.
Jack Layfield: "I don't think the kid would notice short of us shouting in his ear."
SamSpade: "Not what I meant."
SamSpade: "We're leaving Metro Beach…on our Pokemon journey."
SamSpade: "That's all."
Reportedly, in other regions, Routes are often left to be slightly broken up by terrain. Amoda has long prided itself on ease of access from city to city, while living in harmony with the pokemon whose grounds the Routes cut through.
Esme has been rubbing her wrist. She looks irritated.
SamSpade: "Esme? You okay?"
Jack Layfield: "Well, I'm excited to catch some pokemon."
Esme: "Not particularly."
In the far distance - somewhere around 100 kilometers - if you squint, something white glides through the air toward Ice Cove. The speck, whatever it is, soon flies behind the mountain wall.

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