Session 31

Rese recovers and struggles out of Anna's arms, getting to her feet. "L, let me go! I have to get my lucario back!"
Jack Layfield: "Are you sure you're up for it?"
Rese: "Doesn't matter."
Sam Spade: "Yes, it does."
Sam Spade: "There's four of them, one of them with six pokemon."
Sam Spade: "If you die trying, you'll never get your lucario."
Esme motions to the smouldering shoes on the ground. "Kinda really does."
Sam Spade: "And Team Jaeger has no objection to murder as a solution."
Max Thorn: "The lucario's not here, anyhow. It's in the village."
Rese: "What?"
Jack Layfield: "You kinda ran off before we could tell you."
Sam Spade: "Honestly, Rese, I know you're worried and I don't blame you, but you need to take the time to think."
Jack Layfield: "Also ninjas, way less cool than you'd think."
Rese: "But…then why…nobody in the village said they…oooh! They LIED to me!"
Sam Spade: "We knew that Stormderp kidnapped your lucario for the ninjas."
Jack Layfield: "They seem to think this is for your own good. They're kinda lame jerks if you ask me."
Sam Spade: "Why would they then give it to their most hated rivals, the Jaggies?"
Rese pivots around on one foot and begins marching angrily back toward the village.
Max Thorn sighs. "Do you even know why they wanted to keep it from you?"
Sam Spade: "She doesn't care, Max."
Max Thorn: "But it matters."
Sam Spade: "All she cares about is the lucario."
Sam Spade: "That's kind of why they wanted to keep it from her, because they figured it was literally the only thing she cared about."
Rese: "She's right, I don't care."
Sam Spade: "If Rese dies? She's fine with that, as long as she's with the lucario."
Max Thorn: "Rese. Those idiots wanted to help you live up to your mother's legacy."
Sam Spade: "Forget what the lucario thinks about her dying."
Rese freezes.
Max Thorn: "They picked an *incredibly* stupid way to go about it, though."
Rese pivots and whirls, glaring at Sam. "What. Did. You. Say."
Jack Layfield: "Hoo boy this will end badly."
Sam Spade: "Am I wrong?"
Sam Spade: "You told us you were willing to throw your life away to try to be with your lucario."
Rese: "And I am."
Sam Spade: "And your lucario is okay with you dying?"
Max Thorn: "Did you ever ask how the lucario felt about it?"
Rese: "…"
Sam Spade frowns.
Sam Spade: "What's his or her name, anyway?"
Jack Layfield: "You know these are valid points, but, uh. I would like to remind everyone at this time the forced separation of Rese and her lucario is still really dumb and counterproductive."
Rese: "…Ter."
Max Thorn: "Do you think the lucario'd appreciate losing its only tie to its original trainer?"
Rese: "Her name is Ter."
Sam Spade: "Ah."
Sam Spade: "Not saying you're wrong, Jack."
Rese: "And…i-if I died, with her…I'm sure she'd fight on, avenge me."
Max Thorn: "I'm willing to help you get Ter back, but…maybe don't sacrifice yourself to take her away from these jerks."
Max Thorn: "She wouldn't want that, I don't think. And it wouldn't be doing your mother proud anyhow."
Jack Layfield: "And maybe, just maybe, you need to have an actual talk with your ninja friends, where both sides are honest with each other."
Rese: "I don't CARE!" She squints her eyes closed. "My mom got herself killed so she's not here any more! Shut up shut up shut UP ABOUT HER!!!"
Tears beginning to form on her eyelids, Rese turns around and runs out of town.
Sam Spade takes a step after her, but Rese is already running.
Sam Spade: "Note to Max: not a good tack."
Jack grits his teeth and smacks his forehead
Esme sips on a juice box. "That went well!"
Jack Layfield: "Tact, it's not just a four letter word for unradical."
Max Thorn rolls his eyes. "…And she's fixing to follow in her mother's footsteps if she keeps that up."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Did she run in the direction of the ninja village?
Di steps out of shadows, once again looking like a ninja. "You should probably know," he notes in his squeaky voice, "the name she was born with was Terese."
Max Thorn: "Figures."
[OOC] WC GM: Roughly in the direction you came from.
Jack Layfield: "Oh really I couldn't have guessed that without ninja wisdom."
[OOC] Sam Spade: So, probably.
Di: "And the lucario had no name."
Esme: "Ter and Rese, then."
Di nods.
Jack Layfield: "Maybe next you'll tell me that she's still suffering trauma from the loss of her mother."
Di: "'Suffering' is not the right word."
Jack Layfield: "Or explain that the sky is blue and two plus two equals four."
Sam Spade snickers.
Di: "'Clinging to' is more accurate."
Sam Spade: "To be fair, Jack."
Jack Layfield: "Di you have no idea how useless I find you."
Sam Spade: "Di is a ninja. Good at stealth."
Sam Spade: "Not good at people."
Max Thorn: "Same thing."
Di: "…this is true."
Jack Layfield: "Stop telling us about Rese's problems and TALK TO HER. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!"
Esme: "People are complicated anyway. Part of why I study numbers."
Sam Spade: "At this point, Jack, I think there's too much pain for that to work."
Esme: "Only if she wants to listen, though, Jack."
Sam Spade claps him on the shoulder.
Di: "We have tried. She is stubborn."
Sam Spade: "Happily, there are some mediators who are here visiting."
Jack Layfield: "And because she's stubborn, you have given up."
Sam Spade: "And I'm sure you did a stellar job of it."
Jack Layfield: "Augh!"
Max Thorn: "You've lied to her. On numerous occasions. Try having *someone she trusts* talk to her."
Esme: "So Jack is volunteering, then?"
Jack Layfield: "Wait wha-."
Sam Spade hums.
Sam Spade: "Honestly…"
Di: "We have been unable to get her trust. If you have, could you talk to her?"
Sam Spade: "The one I'd really like to talk to would be Ter."
Max Thorn: "…"
Di: "…"
Sandy: "Sandile!" Sandy seems to think this is a great idea, having popped out of her pokeball.
Sam Spade blinks and eyes Di.
Sam Spade: "Is there anyone else you can think of you'd be sure she trusts? Because honestly she only met us a few days ago."
Max Thorn: "What part of 'you are bloody untrustworthy MOTHERFUCKING MORONS' continues to elude your notice?"
Di: "You see the magnitude of our problem."
Max Thorn: "Wait, don't answer that. Back later."
Sam Spade rolls her eyes.
Max Thorn storms off, too.
Sam Spade sighs and looks at the gym.
Sam Spade: "…And somehow that didn't seem like an appropriate pokemon set for anyone but a Gym Leader…and it didn't seem appropriate for Rustle Fields, either."
The gym is dusty, apparently unused for a long time.
Esme: "Reminds me!"
Sam Spade: "Yes?"
Esme goes to check out that brass scale thing. That apparently gives Torchics Fire Blast.
Small vines have overgrown the doors and windows…which might be appropriate for a grass type gym, if they did not block the entrance.
Sam Spade: "Ooh, right!"
The scale looms impassively, like a machine that does not care who or what approaches it.
Esme: "Now how does this thing work…"
Upon examining it closely, Esme finds a Fire Blast TM stuck in the base. Apparently the rest of the machine is just an interface for wild pokemon to use it.
Sam Spade holds a hand out - her left hand, as it happens. Chicklet jumps down from her shoulder, to the hand, to the ground.
Sam Spade: "Hey, Chicklet. Do you wanna?"
Esme: "Oh ho~!"
Chicklet strides up to the machine and sniffs at it.
Jack Layfield: "Wouldn't it be safer to just steal the TM and use it?"
Jack Layfield: "I mean, theoretically."
Sam Spade: "…Ah…safer how?"
Sam Spade: "By safer do you mean 'more likely to get us attacked by ninjas'?"
Sam Spade: "Because I intend to piss them off enough as it is, thank you very much."
Jack Layfield: "Safer for your pokemon. The wild pokemon who've used those things don't seem very friendly."
Max Thorn wanders toward wherever the store is in this place, muttering.
Sam Spade: "There is that."
Esme looks to see if there's a panel or something she can pry off. If not, see if she can get the TM out without damaging it…
Sam Spade: "But…"
Sam Spade: "I thought Di said they thought that rogue fletchinder was a Jaggie pawn."
Sam Spade: "…Granted, that was me listening to Di, so fair enough."
The disc and reader are covered by a simple grill to keep rocks out. It is not hard to pop out, then pull the reader out.
Sam Spade: "That said, I believe they put these here for a reason…"
Max finds the shop, easy enough. With clerk, cowering behind and peeking over the counter.
The clerk whispers, "H-hello? Is it safe yet?"
Esme: "Too easy!" She tosses the TM to Sam. "Neat setup, though the problems given the location are apparent. Should probably disable it so they can't throw another one in there."
Max Thorn: "Think she went back to the village."
Sam Spade: "But again, do we want to disable it?"
Clerk: "The…Ignacia went to the VILLAGE?!?"
Max Thorn: "Oh. *She's* in the pokemon center."
Sam Spade: "Hey, Chicklet, let's try it the old-fashioned way."
Max Thorn: "…I wasn't sure which threat you were worried about, sorry."
Chicklet looks doubtful.
As far as can be determined, the machine is no longer functional with the TM removed.
Chicklet: "Ch…chick? Chick…"
Chicklet hops up on the machine and sighs as nothing happens.
Clerk: "What other threat is worth talking about? SHE is HERE!"
Jack Layfield: "See Sam, crime is fun!"
Sam Spade: "No it's not."
Sam Spade: "I know who broke the machine. Esme. Where's the fun in that?"
Esme blinks. "Do… we want the fields to burn down?" She mulls over the reader, before slipping it into her bag. "Though without this it seems like it's more or less off."
Jack Layfield: "Well, petty vandalism is. You get to break things."
Esme takes a seat on the scale next to Chicklet.
Max Thorn: "Was talking about Rese. Anyway…"
Max Thorn browses the pokeball selection.
Sam Spade pulls out Chicklet's pokeball.
Sam Spade: "Anyway, in you go…"
The clerk shrinks a bit. "Don'tsaythatname!"
Sam Spade: "….So…how does this work?"
Clerk: "Even if she's dead she'll come for you!"
Sam Spade holds the ball, Chicklet now inside, and the TM…
Max Thorn rolls his eyes. "Was talking about the daughter."
Max finds quite a few apricorns in addition to basic and great balls.
[OOC] Max Thorn: What colours?
Clerk: "I know!"
[OOC] WC GM: All colors.
The reader has a plug that standard pokedexes can connect to.
Max Thorn picks up a selection of apricorns. ((Please hold, pulling up gamebooks.))
[OOC] Sam Spade: …but Esme has the reader? Um. Is there a difference between the reader and the TM?
Plugging it in causes a button to come up on the pokedex's screen, leading to a short set of menus that can copy the TM's data onto a pokemon the pokedex is linked to.
[OOC] WC GM: There is. Like the difference between a CD reader and a CD.
The pokedex can scan the TM directly as well, causing the same menus to appear.
Esme: "Hrm!"
Sam Spade frowns, and slowly and laboriously makes her way through menus.
[OOC] WC GM: "How to use a TM" is something all the trainers would know - they've seen it abstractly as part of the coursework to get their license.
[OOC] WC GM: Thus why I'm describing it abstractly, instead of saying "When Sam plugs it in…".
Max Thorn: "How much for four green apricorns?"
Sam Spade: "Aha! I think that's done it!"
Sam Spade hands the TM back to Esme, then taps the pokeball, letting Chicklet back out.
Chicklet bounces up in the air and spiiiiins!
Esme plugs it into her 'dex. Anything left on it?
Chicklet: "Chick! Chick chick!"
Clerk: "U-uhh…150 e-each, s-so 600 total. Please."
Max gets the feeling he could just walk out without paying, with no repercussions other than guilt. Though that might be repercussion enough.
Max Thorn pulls out a 500 note and a 100 note, and passes them over.
TMs being data, Esme finds a perfectly usable copy still ready to go.
[OOC] WC GM: Yes this is a mod from what's in the rulebook.
[OOC] WC GM: OTOH, this is several decades ahead of that time, and canon - Sun/Moon - suggests that's the direction of things.
[OOC] WC GM: This also does away with the "pokemon unavailable for an hour" ruling.
Esme: "Hrm. Guess we'll hold onto it for now. Can figure out something to do with the other part later."
The clerk waits until Max is away from the counter to take the money.
Esme perks.
Esme: "…But this one was Fire Blast. That Fletchinder was throwing around Incinerates."
Esme prepares to go marching around town. Undoubtedly more of these things at the other entrances.
Sam Spade hmms.
The clerk ducks under the counter. "Get down! She's out!"
Sam Spade: "So…"
Max Thorn turns 'round.
Jack Layfield: "Now what?"
[OOC] WC GM: Sam, Esme, Jack: Focus rolls vs. intimidation.
Max sees Ignacia strolling through the street towards his friends.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 17 (17) (FOCUS)
Ignacia does not seem happy.
Esme rolled up 3d6+1: 17 (17) (No Please)
[OOC] WC GM: …with those rolls, they can even boost Jack, so…
Max Thorn leans on the counter and watches from a distance…
Chicklet takes a look at Ignacia, then hurriedly pecks her pokeball and disappears in a blur of light.
Ignacia tries to walk up behind and loom over Jack, Esme, and Sam. This fails to induce the intended amount of terror.
Sam Spade frowns thoughtfully at Ignacia.
Sam Spade then smiles cheerfully.
Sam Spade: "Hello! Can we help you?"
Ignacia: "Put. It. Back."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Esme left, didn't she?
Jack Layfield: "Close. What's the magic word?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Oh, prepares to. Never mind.
Tim runs out of the center at a breakneck pace, then skiiids to a walk when he sees Ignacia has already reached the party.
[OOC] Esme: Started to, presumably interrupted
Esme: "Hm? Put what back?"
Ignacia points at the scale.
Ignacia: "The Fire Blast TM."
Sam Spade: "And there would be reason number two, Jack. Much lower risk of attack by…Team Jaeger trainers."
Esme tilts her head.
Esme: "If you didn't want people to take it, why is it so easy to remove?"
Ignacia just glares.
Sam Spade: "Esme, there's really no good reason to have taken it. We may as well put it back."
Tim: "Ignacia, if they put it back will you put better security on it?"
Ignacia WHIRLS, glaring at Tim.
Tim just looks back, unfazed. Apparently he has learned from the party.
Max Thorn: "She seems to be slipping."
Esme quietly palms the TM in her gloved hand.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Let's not poke at it, Max…
Jack Layfield: "Seriously, not even like, a bolt? Or duct tape?"
Clerk: "D-don't provoke her!"
[OOC] Max Thorn: I don't think Max is in earshot..
Jack Layfield: "I think I have a bicycle lock I could lend you."
[OOC] Max Thorn: hahaha
Ignacia whirls back and looks at Esme.
Esme shakes her smoking hand. "Augh. Sorry about that! Prototypes, you know?"
Ignacia: "Put that back NOW!"
Esme: "I was!"
Esme goes and places the TM back, putting the grate back over it.
[OOC] WC GM: I'd call for Tech Ed check to wipe the TM, assuming that was Esme's plan, but given her rank - yeah, it's wiped.
[OOC] Esme: Honk honk
Ignacia: "Hmph. Now come along, children, it's bedtime for all of you."
Even Tim makes a face at that one.
[OOC] Max Thorn: It's evening now?
[OOC] WC GM: It's barely sunset. Way too early to bed.
Tim: "At least let them have dinner first." "Yeah! Food!"
[OOC] Sam Spade: …who said what there?
Tim glances at Tim, who waves back to Tim, who eyerolls.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Ah.
Tim: "Great, another mouth to feed."
Jack Layfield: "What."
Jack Layfield: "What."
Jack Layfield: "Whaaaaaaaaat."
Ignacia begins heading back to the center.
Sam Spade: "So, who's the gym leader around here, anyway?"
Tim: "Couldn't you at least duplicate my pokemon?"
Max Thorn quietly walks out of the pokemart…
The other Tim flashes, growing into a mewtwo.
Tim: "NO."
Sam Spade: "Also, no, but that's besides the point."
Not-Mewtwo shrinks into a duplicate of Sands.
Sam Spade: "Better."
Esme watches as Ignacia moves out of earshot. "High-ranking, but not too bright."
Tim: "You don't know the half of it. She was practically Team Jaeger before my father founded us."
Sam Spade: "Huh."
Tim: "The gym leader, well…" He gestures to the unused gym. "…isn't much of one."
Sam Spade: "…Missing?"
Tim glances at not-Sands, smirking. "No. Just a dishonorable. Cowardly. Traitorous."
Di grows back to his ninja form. "Enough!"
Max Thorn: "-Liar."
Sam Spade: "Gotcha."
Sam Spade: "Fair enough."
Di shakes a bit in anger, as if daring Tim to say anything further.
Max Thorn: "The pokemart has apricorns, incidentally. I can *probably* convert them into proper balls, but the only ones I'd be able to mod are the Friend Balls. Those I can turn into 'Learning Balls', which will allow pokemon caught with one to learn their next move, assuming it's within eight levels of learning a new one."
Tim: "So? Go on. Tell them why there haven't been any gym challenges since…then."
Di looks to Max. "Oh? You're a poke ball smith?"
Tim facepalms.
Sam Spade: "Tim, you had to know that Di avoids conflict by ignoring it."
Jack Layfield: "I think the term is closer to 'technician' than smith."
Tim: "Yeah, yeah. Speaking of which, is that 'smith' as in 'lock smith' too?" Tim grins.
Di twitches, seeming to sprout a cross vein in his forehead.
Max Thorn: "Not yet, but I've got a guide…"
Max Thorn: "I can do the basic balls and I can mod 'em, but properly coring and curing apricorns…whole 'other ballpark."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Pun entirely intended.
Jack Layfield: "Tim keep going, I want to see what he actually looks like angry, he just seems to ignore me when I insult him."
Di: "You. Wouldn't."
Tim: "I will if you don't."
Tim looks to Jack. "Well? Have you ever made a key from a blade of grass?"
Sam Spade: "So the gym is locked is it?"
Sam Spade: "I'm…kinda surprised that our firey-tempered friend hasn't just torched it."
Tim nods. "And the key is…" He gestures to the fields outside town. "…somewhere."
Tim: "She's got no interest in someone else's gym."
Esme pokes at the vines on the gym's door.
Tim: "She's already the Fort Blaston gym leader."
Sam Spade: "….Oh she is, is she…"
Jack Layfield: "Uh oh."
Sam Spade muses.
Sam Spade: "….What's she doing here, then?"
The vines are easily removed, revealing a locked door - with a strange looking, apparently wooden lock.
Tim: "Hunting. Setting traps."
Sam Spade: "For ninja?"
Sam Spade displays absolutely no inkling that she thinks Tim is talking about the International Police.
Tim nods. "Stress relief, I think."
Sam Spade: "…Huh."
Max Thorn: "Not taking everything super-seriously would help with that…"
Sam Spade: "I don't think it's working."
Tim shrugs. "She's just as wound up as the last time I saw her."
Esme: "All the time with that, huh?"
Tim: "Probably."
Jack Layfield: "Is she part of Jaeger?"
Sam Spade: "Had to be."
Sam Spade: "There were six pokeballs."
Esme looks over the lock. Weird. "What she said."
Max Thorn: "Needs a chill pill, STAT."
Tim: "Like I said, she practically was Team Jaeger before my dad founded it."
Sam Spade: "The Jaggies won't let anyone else carry that many."
[OOC] WC GM: Is Esme going to try to pick the lock?
[OOC] Esme: Oh absolutely.
Sam Spade: "Hey, Di. …Is finding the key the gym challenge?"
[OOC] WC GM: Alright. Guile check to pick it.
Di turns pleading eyes to Sam. "Not you too!"
[OOC] Esme: THAT's the skill. I was trying to remember which one it was.
Esme rolled up 2d6: 6 (6) (Not a Rogue)
Tim: "Heh heh. Good luck with that."
Sam Spade: "Well, I'm curious!"
Sam Spade: "….And I'm starting to get curious about what's on the other side."
Sam Spade: "Esme, if you wouldn't mind?"
Max Thorn has a look at the lock, and pulls out a little rod…
The wooden lock is nonstandard enough that Esme does not know where to start - though she has an inkling who does.
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 12 (12) (Guile)
Sam Spade moves in.
[OOC] WC GM: Sam helping Max?
[OOC] Sam Spade: I guess he's bumping Sam out of the way.
[OOC] WC GM: I'll allow you to roll too, boost the result.
[OOC] Sam Spade: …fair enough, I didn't realize we had that much skills overlap.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 18 (18) (Totally a Rogue)
Esme ducks out of the huddle forming around the door.
[OOC] WC GM: "Overlap" = "teamwork"
[OOC] Max Thorn: I need Guile for Fairy Ace, since I didn't go with Charm. :p
Esme: "I'll let you all do the vandalism, this time."
The lock practically bows to its new masters. The door is open!
Sam Spade: "No, no. This isn't vandalism, Esme."
A brief, small cloud of dust swishes from inside.
Max Thorn: "This is *sanctioned*."
Sam Spade: "The lock has to work right afterwards, or else they know you got in."
Sam Spade: "Hardly that. The person who appears to have locked it is very miffed at us right now."
Max Thorn: "Vandalism would be if Di weren't standing right there being shown up by newcomers."
Sam Spade raises an eyebrow at Di.
Di just leaps over the party, through the doorway, and turns on the lights.
This…is a very, very, very sparsely furnished gym. Which is to say: burn marks and removed walls, even the stadium stands are just missing, withered plants line the walls having gotten no sunlight in years, the remains of vines outline a pokemon arena, and one lonely meter-high box stands forgotten in one corner.
Jack Layfield: "What happened here?"
Di: "…stuff."
Max Thorn: "No maintenance."
Sam Spade: "It's more than no maintenance, Max."
Max Thorn: "*Someone* has to clean up after the matches. That's maintenance."
Sam Spade: "…Really? You think everything got taken out of here because no one took care of it?"
Max Thorn: "Nobody bothered to put anything back in afterward."
Tim: "The former gym leader died in…the center of the arena, I think? Someone from outside Amoda moved in until Team Jaeger kicked him out, the new gym leader founded a ninja group and then lost the key to the door."
Sam Spade: "No, what happened here is that someone, not naming any names, took all the Gym furniture, cleared off any identifying information, and then shut and locked the door."
Sam Spade freezes for a moment.
Sam Spade: "Or…"
Tim nods to Sam. "No, no, you're right too."
Tim: "Probably. I mean I wasn't here to see all of it, buuut that sounds right."
Max Thorn: "…And I'm going to guess that the said former gym leader's daughter is busy trying to recover her pokemon."
Jack Layfield: "So now who is actually gym leader is in dispute?"
Sam Spade: "I…"
Tim shakes his head. "The former gym leader had no kids. That's the former Champion's daughter."
Sam Spade: "…Yeah, the Champion died at the league headquarters…"
Tim: "The current gym leader? Pfft, no dispute because nobody CARES."
Max Thorn: "Lack of kids is a problem for that theory, but the two aren't exclusive."
Sam Spade: "Well."
Max Thorn shrugs. "Anyway."
Tim: "Even the gym leader himself."
Max Thorn: "…So why were /we/ the ones who picked the lock, then?"
Sam Spade sighs and wanders over to the forlorn looking box.
Di: "I just…there was no reason…"
The box fits Looker's description perfectly, and is unplugged.
Sam Spade shrugs, plugs it in, waits, then wanders back to the group.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Waiting to 'see what it does.'
Esme gives Sam a thumbs up.
Jack Layfield: "Team Jaeger's lack of care is why everything's in the state it's in right now."
The machine makes some noises as if powering on.
Sam Spade throws a silent wink at Esme.
Max Thorn: "Suffering from a lack of trainers to face your challenge?"
Di: "Yes. When they burned the grass, the grass grew tougher. Visitors stopped coming."
Di: "The more they burned the more overgrown it became."
Di: "So I became one with it, as did many others."
Max Thorn looks around. "And I'm going to guess there's no local talent to hone, either."
Tim: "He's been honing it."
Max Thorn: "Dojoholm was more respectable than this."
Sam Spade: "Because to Di, this isn't the gym."
Sam Spade: "Is it?"
Tim: "Just a guess, but I think there are more people in his 'village' than in this town, now."
Di: "This…is the gym. It's where I was trained."
Sam Spade: "…Out of curiosity, why did they burn the grass?"
Tim and Di in unison: "Ignacia."
Max Thorn: "Given how even Di seems to want to avoid Ignacia's attention…I can't say I blame the townsfolk for hiding."
Sam Spade frowns.
Sam Spade: "…So…'because,' then."
Max Thorn: "But bullies don't stop bullying just because you run away from them."
Sam Spade: "…Fair enough."
Max Thorn: "You get good enough to take them down, and then you wreck them so utterly that they won't ever bother you again."
Max Thorn: "Sends a message to other people who might try it, too."
Tim: "She probably takes it as a challenge. That or she WANTS the grass overgrown like this."
Sam Spade: "I can believe it."
Esme: "Given the way she fights, the ninja strategy is probably the way to go, honestly."
Sam Spade: "That was a pretty overwhelming strike…"
Sam Spade: "…Is that normal for her?"
Sam Spade: "…And I wonder if Meeps, prepared, could take it…"
Tim: "If you want to know what's 'normal' for her, ask around the other Jaegers."
Sam Spade: "Fair enough."
Sam Spade looks around the gym.
Sam Spade: "Di, what do you want to do with the gym?"
Tim: "Maybe even break into her room. I heard her say she's painting a plan, or something. Maybe you could find out what's up with that?"
Di: "Just…leave it open."
Di sits in the center.
Sam Spade: "What? Me? Break in some place I'm not wanted?"
Sam Spade: "Surely you wouldn't think me capable of a nefarious deed like that."
Di gives Sam an annoyed look, then digs out a bundle and pelts her with it.
Sam Spade grabs…what is it?
Inside the bundle is…badges? Wither Badges, she would guess, given the brownish bronze design. Just enough for one per party member, along with 6,000 pokeyen per party member.
Jack Layfield: "Are you seriously just giving them to us?"
Sam Spade: "Well. I take it that was the gym challenge…"
Jack Layfield: "Oh."
Max Thorn: "…So I guess picking the lock /was/ the challenge."
Di: "Payment in advance. GET IGNACIA OUT OF HERE!"
Max Thorn: "Will do our best."
Di: "And just…" He seems to deflate. "…go."
Sam Spade freezes for a moment.
Jack Layfield: "Hmm, I wonder if we can convince her to give us her badge when we beat her."
Sam Spade then grins, remarkably fiercely.
Sam Spade: "Sounds like a deal."
Max Thorn: "Probably not, since it won't be an actual gym challenge."
Max Thorn about-faces, exits the sad sack of a gym.
Sam Spade walks softly over to Di and rests a hand on his shoulder for a second. She then walks out.
Tim follows Max and Sam out. "So. You think Rese'll come back when she realizes they moved the village on her?"
Sam Spade: "Eventually."
Max Thorn: "I'm for camping out tonight."
Tim shakes his head. "Gotta get you sleeping in the center tonight."
Sam Spade: "Yeah. TJ rules, remember?"
Sam Spade: "Besides, I'd like to be conveniently placed."
Max Thorn: "…I was hoping to avoid proximity to, um, that woman."
Esme follows out of the gym with a shrug. Grass sucks anyway. "Yeah, that's where Iggy's at isn't it?"
Esme: "You said it yourself though, can't really drive her out while avoiding her."
You can tell Max was about to say something much more unkind than that.
Sam Spade: "Aww, I'm sure she's just an old softie. Assuming you're immune to fire."
Jack Layfield: "Well we gotta deal with her eventually."
Tim: "I can get you your own room, at least. And I think the walls are soundproof."
Max Thorn: "I was thinking 'in the morning', after a good night's sleep."
Jack Layfield: "If not here at Fort Blaston."
Max Thorn: "…and if I can find some fireproof PPE somewhere in this town, which I doubt…"
Max Thorn: "Or Occa berries."
Jack Layfield: "Maybe the pokemart sells a portable fire extinguisher?"
Tim leads the way back to the pokemon center. It looks somewhat like an armed camp, with racks of rifles to one side with a couple Jaegers doing maintenance, maps of the area with various lines and symbols drawn on them and a few other Jaegers consulting, and the local Nursy Joy and chansey at the front desk with grim expressions. Fortunately Ignacia is nowhere to be seen.
Sam Spade smiles cheerfully and politely at all.
The various Jaegers glance at the entrance. A few nod to Tim, then get back to their work.
Tim walks up to the front desk, but Nurse Joy speaks before he can. "Your room is reserved. First one down the hall to the left, as you requested." She looks to the party. "Are any of your pokem…"
Nurse Joy blinks, and double takes.
Sam Spade glances back over the group. Do we have any doubles?
Jack Layfield: "What?"
Max Thorn headtilts.
No doubles this time.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Is Di with us?
[OOC] WC GM: Nope. Di stayed at the gym.
Max Thorn: "Ah…I don't think our pokemon are in need of care tonight."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Well I'd assumed that, but wanted to make sure.
Sam Spade: "Is…something wrong?"
Nurse Joy smiles. "No. Nothing is wrong. Now that you're here, everything's going to be alright."
Sam Spade frowns.
Esme: "Gooood?"
Max Thorn , low enough for only the party to hear, "…That sounds ominous."
Nurse Joy whispers to Tim, though the party can overhear, "You didn't say you were bringing THEM."
Tim whispers back at similar volume, "What? Who?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: "The Chosen Ones!"
Nurse Joy: "Lugia's rescuers. Who else would I be talking about?"

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