Session 32

None of the other Jaegers appear to have heard Nurse Joy.
Tim: "Whose what? Look, just…"
Nurse Joy holds up a datapad with a simple map. "Your room's toward the front." She taps it - then traces her finger toward the back. Names you do not recognize occupy each room, until her fingertip lands on a room in the back that only says, "Ignacia" .
Sam Spade: "We're all in one room?"
Nurse Joy nods. "We're more occupied than usual, or I'd offer you multiple rooms." She gestures around at all the Jaegers in the lobby.
Sam Spade: "Are they all here for the competition?"
Nurse Joy: "I hope so. Otherwise there might not be one."
Max Thorn: "Perk, probably."
Tim: "When is the competition?"
Nurse Joy: "They're still schedu-"
There is a commotion outside.
Many of the Jaegers look up, then head out. Ignacia is not with them this time.
Sam Spade heads out, too.
Sam Spade: "I'm gonna go check this out."
A large squad of green-clad ninja are standing in the street, in a loose triangle formation.
Sam Spade looks over the ninja. Is Di one of them? Are the Jaegers moving to attack? Is there some kind of leader present on either side?
The apex of the formation - who moves more flexibly than Di did - points at the Jaegers, who are gathered in a street-filling cloud. "You are not welcome here!"
Max Thorn pokes his head out of the door. "Ah." He considers, then finds an unoccupied chair and pulls out a book from his bag and pretends to read it.
One of the Jaegers - a self-appointed representative type, apparently - steps forward and sneers. "Yeah? Whatcha gonna do about it?" He spits on the street.
Esme snaps a photo of the formation. "Neat!"
Sam Spade: "You know, there is a competition scheduled…"
Both of the lead-for-now types look at Sam, and nod.
Apex Ninja: "A dance off to settle our grudge. We win, you leave."
Sam Spade: "Seems wiser than letting a certain gym leader do something about it."
Representative Jaeger: "And if we win, you LEAF! Ha, get it?"
The ninja facepalm in unison.
Sam Spade pats the representative on the shoulder.
Sam Spade: "It was a good effort. Maybe work on it some more."
Apex Ninja: "The challenge is scheduled. Tomorrow, high noon!"
A series of smoke bombs go off around the ninja formation. By the time the smoke disperses, so have the ninja.
The Jaeger sighs. "Yeah…I'm no good with puns. Still. At least they're willing to settle for a contest."
Jaeger: "I was worried Ignacia was going to have us smoke 'em out again. That's no fun."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, I think no one here except Ignacia wants Ignacia involved."
Sam Spade: "And happily it's bedtime for her."
The Jaeger - a young but slightly hulking man, with a slight beard - chuckles. "You got that right. Heeey, you're one of Tim's trainers, aren't ya?"
Sam Spade: "Yup!"
Jaeger: "Any of you want in on the contest? I mean, personally I wouldn't mind throwing it so we have an excuse to get out of here, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun, like throwing in someones from neither side."
Sam Spade hesitates.
Esme: "What kind of contest?"
Sam Spade: "Well, the ninja mentioned dancing…"
Esme: "…why dancing?"
Jaeger: "A pokemon contest, of course. Dance with your pokemon in the street. Beauty type because, well, that's what this town used to do."
The Jaeger sighs wistfully. "I've seen films of older contests. If things were different…and maybe they will be, someday. I wish we didn't have to keep fighting them."
Jaeger: "But don't tell Ignacia or Tim I told you that!"
Tim pipes up from right behind the Jaeger. "Don't worry, I don't care."
Sam Spade: "I don't know what you're talking about, every Jaeger I've ever met has been willing to do whatever it takes to -"
Jaeger: "Yi! Oh…I mean…phew."
Sam Spade: "…Well, we won't tell Ignacia, anyway."
Jaeger: "Thank you."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, Tim's really good at disappearing…and really good at 'not hearing' things he doesn't want to have heard."
Tim: "No, I heard this. And I don't care." He shrugs, then walks behind another Jaeger and seems to vanish.
The Jaeger Sam has been speaking with sweatdrops. "Sooo…what's your story, then? I mean, he picked you, so you've got to have something going on, right?"
Sam Spade frowns at where Tim was.
Sam Spade: "I don't know, really. I'm just a humble trainer and private detective."
Jaeger: "A detective, huh? You seem a little young for that."
Sam Spade: "Well, I'm really still learning the ropes."
Jaeger: "What about your friends?" He gestures to Esme and Max.
Sam Spade: "Max is a university student, I think he plans to spend his life there. And Esme's studying chemistry."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Fortunately, Sam is good at blatant lies.
Esme narrows her eyes, but waves. "Oui. Chemistry."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Oh, but they already know she does shard-tech.
Sam Spade: "Also I think she's been experimenting with elemental shards?"
Jaeger: "Shards - wait, YOU'RE the one they pulled that mini-conference in Wirehold for?"
Esme blinks, then coughs.
Esme: "Well, of course."
Jaeger: "I just heard that one of Tim's trainers was a scientist who'd made a breakthrough on raidertank behavior."
Sam Spade: "Heh. I'm pretty sure it was Tim that made the breakthrough."
Sam Spade: "We've only seen one thing even CLOSE to a raidertank."
Jaeger: "Something something turning Dojji into a giant nest like beedrills make but with shards instead of honey."
Esme: "Sure, let's go with that."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Sam Spade: "So, who do we talk to for registration?"
Sam Spade: "Personally, I think Chicklet's cuter than she is beautiful, but she disagrees."
Chicklet: "Torch!"
Jaeger: "Nurse Joy, of course. Forms'll be up by now. I doubt you'll have real tough competition, if you're trying to win it."
Sam Spade: "Esme, Max?"
Indeed, there seems to be a line of Jaegers in the lobby - and a shuriken pinning a set of forms to the counter next to Nurse Joy, which everyone except her is staying away from.
Esme: "Ehhhhh."
Max Thorn: "Nah. Only cuties here, no beauties."
Even Ignacia seems to have been drawn out of her room by the commotion.
Esme: "Not really Gervy's thing. Alexis…should probably stay put for now. She'd cut someone."
Jaeger: "You can register in the morning, if you want. Deadline's half an hour before the contest begins."
Sam Spade: "Alright. I'll need to think about it before I sign up."
Esme: "Luc might be up for it?"
Sam Spade: "On the other hand, there is something I'd like to take care of…"
Jaeger: "Alright. Good luck if you do sign up!"
Sam Spade: "Thanks!"
Sam Spade moves to the back of the pokemon center. Is anyone looking her way?
No one appears to notice, or be back here.
[OOC] WC GM: Unless the other PCs join her?
Max Thorn joins Sam, all quiet-like.
Sam Spade muses. Which room is Ignacia's? And is it locked?
Esme will stick around up front, figures she'll look over these entry forms…and keep a lookout.
Max Thorn mutters, "Biggest room in the back."
The outside back of the center looks like the normal, nondescript backs of most commercial or industries buildings. There are a few doors, all locked, but it is difficult to - wait, there's a recently installed ventilation unit near what, if Sam has her map correct, would be the emergency exit from the trainers' wing.
[OOC] WC GM: Tech Ed, General Ed, or Perception for more details on the unit.
Sam Spade rolled up 4d6: 17 (17) (Perception.)
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 15 (15) (Tech Ed)
Sam realizes she has seen this exact model of fan before, in a video seen years ago. A bulbasaur on the inside side was sending some kind of powder - thinking back on it, maybe it was Attract, but she would have to watch again to be sure - through the fan to a small group of pokemon outside to harass them.
Eventually a vulpix used his claws as a makeshift screwdriver on the four corner-mount screws, climbing the fan and bracing himself against it to reach the top ones, letting the fan fall in and pin the bulbasaur. His fellow pokemon scrambled inside and surrounded their tormentor…
She is not sure what happened next, because she was suddenly called away and had to dismiss the video. She tried loading it again later, but by then it had been flagged inappropriate for minors for some reason.
In any case, the unit is a meter-square, roughly 10 centimeter thick block, consisting of fan, screen meshes, solar panels and batteries in the upper corners, motors in the lower, secured only by those four screws.
Max has seen an industrial catalog description of this unit. Apparently it is standard order for government buildings needing a quick remodel.
Max Thorn: "…Wonder why they needed a new one in a hurry."
[OOC] WC GM: Easy Tech Ed if you're trying to dismount it.
[OOC] WC GM: Unless you want to try to look or listen through first?
Max Thorn has a quick listen, to make sure nobody's going to notice it being taken down.
[OOC] WC GM: Perception, then.
Max Thorn rolled up 3d6: 12 (12) (Perception)
Max hears nothing from inside, save for voices echoing down the hall from the lobby.
Max Thorn: "Right, now to take it down…"
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 11 (11) (Tech Ed)
The screws are on tight, but Max manages the job without leaving marks. It is a bit unwieldy to pull off and put to the side, but that done there is now an open window.
Max Thorn gestures to Sam. "You first, o detective-in-training."
Ignacia's room - one glance leaves little doubt whose it might be - smells a bit of smoke. From the singed, slightly warped steel training mat in on corner it is apparent she has been training her pokemon in here. She has also rearranged the bunk beds in a line, making one big bed - too big for one person, unless she just likes hogging all the covers and pillows, which would explain why they are gathered toward the center.
Aside from that, the only unusual thing is a few 1.5ish meter squares of parchment - actual old-fashioned parchment, not paper, but dull white instead of yellow suggesting modern manufacture - hanging on the walls, with patterns of char on them depicting various scenes. Apparently Ignacia has been teaching her pokemon to "paint" . One trio catches your eyes.
The first shows a simple cycle, in multiple frames. It starts with ankle-high grass with a treecko standing in it, which are then burned. The grass grows back knee-high, this time with a bulbasaur somewhat concealed within, burned again. Waist-high with a servine, shoulder-high hiding either a venusaur or a torterra…the pattern continues until it is about as high as Rustle Fields' grass seems to be today with grass pokemon of unusual size, and judging by the painting another cycle is planned.
The second is a pair of landscapes roughly depicting Routes 6 and 7, with fire pokemon rustling giant grass pokemon past Fort Blaston to Bay Island. Some detail has been put into the pain and rage the grass megafauna appear to be feeling as they are herded along, as well as exactly which spots their herders apply fire to.
The third is divided into four frames, the first three featuring Cheri held in place by tentacles - it is hard to tell, but you think these are meant to be vines and leaves - wrapping around her limbs, entering all her holes, and making new ones. What little blood comes from these wounds is clear except for outline, as if to suggest she is bleeding water.
The first panel shows her in surprise and horror. The second, in agony and beginning to wither. The third shows her deflated - practically eviscerated, but in her limbs too - and tired, with a single tear on one cheek. The fourth just shows a puddle of water under her clothes in a small pile, and an incoming gout of flame. Each of these four panels appears to have gotten as much attention to detail as each of the other two pieces of parchment; if it were not for the subject matter, one might almost call the level of attention "loving" .
The rest of the char-on-parchment paintings are of various places, with a level of detail suggesting Ignacia and/or her pokemon had been there. One, it takes you a moment to recognize but looks like Gaela if the water was drained so the islands became mountains, with a stylized ho-oh flying between them inside a heart-shaped aura, though if this is meant to show ho-oh in love there is no sign of the object of his affection.
Max Thorn: "…"
Max Thorn whips his pokédex out and takes photos of the parchments for later discussion.
Sam Spade does the same before she notices Max already doing it.
Max Thorn whispers, "Anything else?"
[OOC] WC GM: General or Pokemon Ed if you're examining the parchment itself, rather than the paintings in it.
Sam Spade rolled up 2d6: 8 (8) (General Ed)
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 26 (26) (Pokemon Ed)
[OOC] Max Thorn: Hooray, high-rollin'.
Sam Spade: "Knowing Ignacia as I'm starting to…"
Sam Spade: "…That paper's not made from a person, is it?"
Sam Spade: "…Or a pokemon?"
Max Thorn holds up a finger.
Max Thorn whispers. "I have words, but now is not the time and this is not the place."
Sam Spade nods.
Max Thorn whispers further, "But take a sample."
Sam Spade looks over the room. Is there anything else we might have missed?
There is, fortunately, a small, burned-off scrap of parchment in one corner that appears to have been forgotten.
It's somewhat a mystery how Max can remain so calm and collected, but Sam can clearly see the towering rage burning in his eyes.
Sam Spade: "Okay, Chicklet, time to start your sneaky training. Get me that scrap!"
That appears to be everything of note - especially since footsteps and Ignacia's grumbling voice start coming down the hall.
Chicklet hops down and runs over to the corner, with really light steps.
Sam Spade rolled up 3d6: 14 (14) (Chicklet Sneak go!)
Max Thorn slips out of the window…
Sam Spade grabs the thing and bolts back!
Chicklet leaves no trace, not even footprints on the bed.
Sam Spade: "Okaylet'sgo!"
[OOC] WC GM: Tech Ed to reinstall the ventilation unit in a hurry? Probably with assistance.
Max Thorn waits for Sam to get out, then reinstalls the unit…
Sam Spade rolls out of the vent and joins Max, letting Chicklet out, then helping Max close it.
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 21 (21) (Tech Ed)
[OOC] Sam Spade: Thanks, Chessa!
The screws are tight, good as before, just as you hear the door behind the unit opening.
Max Thorn quietly returns to the front of the center.
There is a sniff, then Ignacia mumbles something about the air being too clean. Sam and Max are quite familiar with the flash and sound of pokemon being let out - but they are not pursued.
Max Thorn pauses before he 'rounds the corner, though, and takes the time to muss himself up so it looks like he snuck off with Sam for some, ah, private time.
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 13 (13) (Guile)
Esme has been musing over all these safety waivers. Quite a few for a dance competition. Oh hey, those two are back. "Anything neat?"
Max Thorn: "'Neat'? No. Quite the opposite. But I need to vent somewhere we won't be overheard."
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 15 (15) (Guile to look flushed and a little embarrassed)
If anyone other than Esme notices Sam's and Max's return, none of them says anything.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."
It looks like the town is basically shut down at this point. Anywhere away from the center would be out of earshot of everyone - except maybe ninjas.
Max Thorn hmms, and picks a spot far enough from the center that even shouting won't cause an uproar.
Sam Spade: "…Max, do you think Di will take it badly if he hears?"
Sam Spade: "Because if not, the gym is probably the best place."
Max Thorn: "I don't think there's anyone with a heart who /wouldn't/."
Sam Spade: "I'd rather give Di some time, but from what we saw I don't know how much time he has."
Max Thorn: "But, yes, Di should probably be in on the discussion."
[OOC] Max Thorn: I assume the gym's far enough away from the center for Max's need, right?
Esme squints. "I'm guessing there's something concerning."
[OOC] WC GM: Correct.
Sam Spade: "Well, the short answer is that Ignacia really, really believes in the power of evolution."
Max Thorn waits for everyone to enter the gym and for the door to be closed, at which point he unleashes a torrent of invective, some of which sounds physically improbable for a human being to do, even with the help of pokemon.
The gym is easy to re-find. Di has cleaned it, mostly, so now it resembles an empty warehouse. He is half-meditating near the box in the corner.
From the box a voice pipes up.
Looker: "Oh? Di, do you have company?"
Somewhere in the middle of the rant, Max tosses his pokedex, with the photo gallery pulled up, to Esme.
Sam Spade: "Yes, and I might recommend not asking that out loud when you're not sure if that company is someone who should know about you."
Sam Spade: "Hello, Looker."
Looker: "Ah, Sam. Um, I don't have visual; who's with you?"
Sam Spade: "Esme and Max."
Sam Spade: "We, ah. We recently got a look at Ignacia's paintings."
Looker: "And no one else? Hmm…I'll ask later."
Sam Spade: "She'd be a Jaeger gym leader, here for…personal reasons. Because she's crazy."
Sam Spade: "And…Max would be a better person to explain."
Max Thorn: "'Crazy' is putting it mildly."
Looker: "Oh? Ignacia, Ignacia…Fort Blaston's gym leader? I take it I should see them? Upload them to the box and it'll transmit them."
Sam Spade: "Short answer, she's planning on torching Rustle Fields again."
Sam Spade uploads the pictures to the box.
Esme: "…huh."
Looker: "They're coming through now…what. What is this."
Max Thorn takes a moment to pull himself together, then explains, with an arctic voice, what he and Sam found.
Looker: "Is that the Bay Island gym leader?"
Sam Spade: "Yes."
Sam Spade: "Apparently Ignacia really, really, really doesn't like her."
Looker: "And that material…hold on, I'm running it through photoanalysis…"
Max Thorn: "I think the worst part is that those were all burned into poképarchment."
There is just a bit of ice in Looker's voice. "Pokeparchment. Manufacture. Was. Banned. Decades. Ago."
Sam Spade: "I don't think Ignacia cares too much about that."
Looker: "There's no way the material in these pictures is more than two years old."
Max Thorn: "Correct. Next Officer Jenny I see who still cares about the old laws will receive a full report."
Max Thorn: "Those photos were taken tonight. Not even an hour ago."
Looker: "Thank you, though I don't think she'll be able to arrest a Team Jaeger sponsored gym leader. And…our intelligence suggests she facilitated the invasion."
Sam Spade: "Ignacia? It fits."
Esme: "That's… more than just not liking her. The water thing is troubling. Well, there's a bunch of troubling things, but that's another on the list."
Sam Spade: "Our Jaggie insider said that she was practically a Jaeger before Ten even created the Team."
Looker: "Oh? Huh…a founder of Team Jaeger, infiltrating herself to Fort Blaston…yes, that would make sense."
Max Thorn: "We need someone capable of taking her in for trial for crimes against humanity and cruelty to pokémon."
Looker: "That would be me. IF she can be arrested, but for that I'll need access to her. Fort Blaston is…well, they don't call it 'Fort' for nothing. Your pokedexes should have basic maps of it, if you want to look it up."
Max Thorn: "She's presently in Rustle Fields."
Max Thorn: "So if you can get here sometime before tomorrow afternoon…"
Looker: "No can do. I'm still coordinating that relief operation."
Looker: "And besides, we've tried. You recall what happened to Lieutenant Surge."
Looker: "We would need a more protected approach."
Max Thorn: "Hmm. Other option's a Trojan ponyta."
Looker: "Perhaps if we could somehow co-opt Dojji. That would at least safely get us to the fort's door."
Sam Spade: "It is how the Jaggies did it."
Sam Spade: "And I believe it's our destination once we ourselves make it past Fort Blaston."
Max Thorn: "We'll have a look at that angle when we have a look at Dojji; it's on our agenda."
[OOC] WC GM: Is anyone looking up Blaston's map?
Sam Spade shall do so.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Esme's still got Max's pokedex, unless she returned it without saying anything.
Fort Blaston occupies a pass - the only pass, you recall - between the mountains separating Amoda from Dojji. On the north and south ends are thick walls; you can not tell the height from the overhead map but you suppose these are not mere fences.
Everything else within that pass screams "military base" , from the lava-fed forges to the "tank hangars" to the multiple armories - you have never heard of a town with an armory. But you have all heard of castles, designed to withstand sieges. This looks like the modern equivalent.
Esme hands Max back his pokedex; Quite enough of looking at that.
Max Thorn tappitytaps…encrypting the photos, uploading it to a fileserver with a deadman's switch rigged to send it on to every major newspaper in the event that he's taken out for whatever reason.
Looker: "We'll need to find a way to communicate once you're there. The station you're at is a direct link to us, but I must insist it stays where it is. I've been studying Dojji's maps, and it seems you may be out of broadcast service for major parts of it."
Looker: "In fact…if you're headed to Dojji, I can have a radio spectrum analysis done tonight, and have it ready by tomorrow afternoon. This will help you locate what pockets of civilization still exist there."
Max Thorn: "That would be excellent."
Esme: "Probably much better than wandering pseudo-aimlessly."
Looker: "Just make sure to pick it up from this station before you leave town."
Looker: "I'll have the relief convoys wait for signal from you from one of these locations before moving in."
Sam Spade: "Sounds good."
Max Thorn: "Sounds like a plan."
[OOC] WC GM: So, asking him or conferring anything else?
Sam Spade looks around the group.
Sam Spade: "…What do we think are the chances of Ignacia pulling out when the Jaggies lose the contest tomorrow?"
Looker: "What's this?"
Looker: "Another contest? I thought those had ended."
Esme: "Dance Contest."
Sam Spade: "No? Why?"
Esme: "I think the official circuit's been down for some time…small ones like the Ice Cove one still pop up from time to time."
Max Thorn: "Spontaneous thing, the ninjas challenged the Jags to a dance-off."
Looker: "And you say the Jaegers will lose?"
Max Thorn: "They're kinda tired of propping her up, from what I understand."
Looker: "This IS news. Di, please make sure to record and upload it."
Di continues to not react or speak.
Looker: "Hmm. Maybe this is an angle you can exploit at the fort, too."
Sam Spade walks over and sits down next to Di, putting her head on his shoulder.
Di squishes, just a bit, again like a balloon humanoid.
Sam Spade pretends to not notice.
Max Thorn: "Perhaps."
Sam Spade: "Things will get better, Di. We promise."
Sam Spade stands after a few minutes of silence.
Esme: "Probably!"
Sam Spade: "Right, now it occurs to me that there is one Jaggie who wants to win."
Sam Spade: "Which has me a little worried, because there's certainly a beauty to fire."
Max Thorn: "Just means someone with the right stuff should enter as a third party. I'm out, though-Nook's not the dancing type and Antheia doesn't have any appropriate moves."
Esme scrolls through her Pokedex. "Beauty is naturally attributed to it, oui. Along with Water, and Ice. Not really my forte."
Esme: "If only one of us had fire pokemon!"
Sam Spade: "Thanks, Esme, no need for sarcasm."
Sam Spade: "I was already thinking about it."
Esme snerks.
Sam Spade leads the way back to the pokemon center.
Sam Spade: "Excuse me, Nurse Joy. Do you know who's registered for the Contest?"
The lines have died down, and the ninja registrations appear to have been taken care of.
Nurse Joy: "So far we have…hmm…quite a lot of entrants. We'll need a qualification stage to narrow them down, and probably 5 finalists."
Nurse Joy: "It's about an equal number from Team Jaeger and, ah, 'the locals'."
Nurse Joy: "A bit under 30 in all, and I expect more tomorrow morning. Why, did you want to register?"
Sam Spade: "I'm thinking so, yeah."
Max Thorn: "Pity Jack's gone to bed already, I'm sure he'd enjoy the chance to show off some radical moves."
Sam Spade: "Well, he can sign up in the morning if he'd like."
Nurse Joy taps on her terminal. "Okay, tap your pokedex and you'll be all set. You can decide which of your pokemon to use at the start of the qualifiers, but you'll need to use that one again for the finals if you qualify."
Sam Spade hesitates for a moment, then taps her pokedex.
Esme claps.
Nurse Joy: "By the way, there was a security alarm from the back ventilation unit a short time ago. There weren't any cameras, but I'm told you and your friend were seen, ah, 'working out' back there around that time. I don't suppose you saw anything?"
Nurse Joy taps a bit more on the terminal. "You're all registered. Good luck!"
Sam Spade: "No? Maybe a wild pokemon though?"
Sam Spade: "We were kinda distracted."
Sam Spade: "Training. Our pokemon."
Nurse Joy: "Uh huh. Training your pokemon. I'll just write it up as a malfunction, then."
Max Thorn: "Something like that. Yes."
Max Thorn slinks off to the room.
Nurse Joy blushes and giggles. "Breeding his diglett."
Sam Spade gapes.
Sam Spade: "Um. No. No, no. Nope…"
Nurse Joy: "That's what they called it back when…"
Max Thorn: "At least it wasn't spanking a Mankey."
Esme also slinks off, at that.
Nurse Joy: "Oh! Is THAT what they're calling it these days?"
Sam Spade: "No, no. Nope. Definitely not that."
Sam Spade: "In fact, I'm going to say 'nope' one more time, and then head to get some sleep and maybe pour some cold water over my head. It feels really hot here…"
Nurse Joy: "Well. I can assure you, the rooms here are thoroughly soundproofed. And that you would be grateful for it even if you weren't…" She winks.
Tim just STARES.
Tim looks around the room.
Sam Spade: "Massively overcrowded?"
Sam Spade: "Because after all, there are five of us in there, including Tim."
Tim flees to the party's room!
Sam Spade does not flee. She simply repositions. To the party's room.
Nurse Joy: "Let's just say, some of the Jaegers here are quite…bored."
Nurse Joy: "Good night now!"
Max Thorn: "…Ithinknexttimeweneedalessembarrassingcoverstory."
Sam Spade: "Moltres yes."
Sam Spade: "…Though it's not really that bad, I think?"
Sam Spade: "This Nurse Joy seems to have a really dirty mind, though."
Max Thorn: "Or else needed to take it out on someone 'safe'."
Tim: "What I think she was saying was that, what for you was just a cover story, is for too many of my fellow Jaegers here…" He facepalms.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, I got that from her parting comments."
Tim: "Alright, alright. I wasn't expecting the contest but this works. Just one problem."
Tim: "This means she'll be leaving for Fort Blaston about the same time as we are."
Tim: "What if she decides to come with us?"
Sam Spade: "That…"
Sam Spade blinks
Max Thorn: "I'm not sure there's really any way around that, unless we want to pretend to be going somewhere /else/."
Tim: "I think you won't be able to catch any pokemon, at least."
Sam Spade: "Well, we could decide to wander around Rustle Fields for a bit to catch some pokemon, give her a chance to get ahead."
Sam Spade: "Not that we'd want to visit a ninja village for any reason, that'd be crazy."
Esme: "Hopefully she doesn't want to wait up."
Tim: "No, she'd insist. If you want to catch any more pokemon, tomorrow before the contest is your best bet."
Max Thorn: "…If we need a sacrifice, I'm sure she wouldn't mind helping me get a houndour."
Max Thorn: "But it might be better to go for that on the way back, maybe."
Tim: "You'd probably have more luck finding one at Fort Blaston, anyway."
Max Thorn: "This is true."
Tim: "…by the way, has anyone seen Anna?"
Sam Spade blinks
Sam Spade: "Oh, no."
Max Thorn: "…No, I haven't, not since this afternoon."
Tim: "If she's not with you…and her stuff's gone…" He sighs. "All in favor of thinking she's run off after Rese, and we'll see her when we see her?"
Max Thorn: "Less 'thinking', more 'hoping'."
Tim: "Even if that's days from now."
Esme frowns.
Esme: "Meeps will hopefully keep her out of trouble. Hopefully."
Max Thorn: "Meeps is /generally/ good at that."
Sam Spade: "HA."
Sam Spade: "Meeps IS trouble."
Max Thorn: "Especially when she's /in/ trouble."
Max Thorn: "…not much we can do about it now, though."
Tim: "Yeah…"
Sam Spade: "No…"
Sam Spade sits on one of the beds with her hands under her chin…
Tim hops into bed. "Ignacia wants to have a few words with me in private tomorrow, so I might not see you until the contest."
Max Thorn: "That sounds ominous."
Tim: "Don't worry, I'll have Sands with me in case they're like the 'words' she had with Rese."
Max Thorn: "Well…still, though."
Max Thorn slips into bed himself. "Anyway, 'night, folks."
Tim: "Weren't even the same color boots. Di's slipping."
Sam Spade: "Di…is distracted, I think."
Sam Spade: "A lot of bad memories."
Night fades into dreams, ominous ones about the formation of the landmass that would later be labeled Dojji and Amoda. The sun and the sea clash back and forth, creating land as a result of their "play" . Then there is peace, as they get along…and then the sun is ripped away, into something like a pokeball. The sea searches everywhere, frantically, only for much of the land to be warded off.
The sea pushes and probes, and eventually the land sprouts souls who can help - if they can be trusted, after all this time. Fire burns the sun-shaped hole in the sea's heart, and fury grows as Lugia looks right at you-
Wakefullness and morning light come as one, followed a second later by the buzzer at the group's door. Tim and Sands are not there.
Sam Spade: "Mph?"
Max Thorn: "…Eerie dream."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, me, too."
Sam Spade: "I think I saw Lugia."
Esme: "Morning!"
Max Thorn: "Same here."
Sam Spade: "Huh. Probably what Nurse Joy said yesterday got stuck in our minds."
Esme: "Oh, you guys had one of those…" She wiggles her fingers. "Dream things too?"
Max Thorn: "No, I don't think it was what she said…history, perhaps? From Lugia's viewpoint?"
The door buzzer buzzes again.
Sam Spade: "Oh, right."
Max Thorn: "We're up!"
Sam Spade stands up, wrapping a blanket around herself for now.
Sam Spade: "Coming, coming, coming…"
Max Thorn 's his usual well-groomed self again. Somehow.
Sam Spade hits the door, then pulls it open.
[OOC] WC GM: Once you open the door I'll have to logend, because Jack will have a reaction to what's there, I'm sure.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Works for me.
[OOC] Esme: Righto
Chansey is there with a breakfast cart. Fruit piled high, alongside grass-wrapped tamales, fresh-baked bread, and a small tankard labeled, "Grass Ale Coffee" . Everything, save the Chansey and the cart itself, smells extremely edible.

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