Session 35

The volunteers shift about nervously. Linnea gives the group a baffled look, before pinching the bridge of her nose with her free hand. "Wait…you mean you lot aren't Jaggers?"
Sam Spade: "Seriously? Do we look like Jaggies?"
Sam Spade: "Do you see any sandshrews here?"
Sam Spade: "Or any of those gun things they use?"
Esme: "Or the uniform! Can't forget that."
Linnea: "… …"
Sam Spade: "Mind you, if you'd come across us a few hours ago you'd have seen some for comparison."
Linnea: "Ladies and gentlemen, we've been bamboozled."
Sam Spade: "Tim's a Jaggie, but he's with Ignacia right now. And Ignacia's a Jaggie."
Linnea: "Doubtless."
Sam Spade: "…But they're not us, they're just our Jaggie escort for pokemon journey on the one hand, and crazy psycho gym leader on the other."
Linnea: "But wait. If you're not Jaggers, then what in the world are-"
Sam Spade: "We're here to find some pokemon!"
Linnea: "Melo's sakes, this is gonna be a story, isn't it."
Esme: "I'm just here for moral support."
Sam Spade: "…There's supposed to be a houndoom nest near here, isn't there?"
Linnea: "I thought Ignacia was coming back, and so we were-"
Linnea: "Yeah."
Indeed, the houndooms and houndours regard the party suspiciously from the bottom of the crater.
Linnea: "Not exactly what we were paying attention to, though."
Sam Spade: "That's too bad. They look kinda cute."
Esme peers down.
Linnea: "I mean, if you came all the way to this gloomy, oppressed hellhole to find Pokemon, then by all means."
Sam Spade regards the houndooms and houndours curiously, Chicklet bristling a bit from her hiding spot behind Sam's head.
Sam Spade: "…Why did you think we were Jaggies, anyway?"
Esme: "They're alright, for not being poison, I guess."
Linnea: "Spend enough time with folk fighting Jaggers and your trust in other folk kinda erodes."
Sam Spade: "Understandable."
Linnea motions to the volunteers. "You lot are free t'go now, mission's a bust."
There's some mild grumbling as they shuffle off, but one of them looks quite relieved at not having another fight.
Esme: "Uh huh…"
Linnea: "I may or may not have gotten entangled in the good fight here. Which, uh, wasn't my intent, per se."
The nest's inhabitants begin slowly backing away toward the tunnels.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Great. It was Max who wanted a houndour, wasn't it.
[OOC] Esme: Verily
Linnea: "So, I'm actually looking for an out. But when you ally yourself with those they call rebels, you become a person of interest too."
[OOC] WC GM: The nest will still be here later.
Sam Spade: "Well, Tim's not so bad, for a Jaggie."
Linnea: "No way in hell could I make it out on my own."
Esme: "For a Jaggie."
Sam Spade: "…He knows there's more going on than the Jaggie rank and file."
Sam Spade: "And he has a lot of weight for someone his age."
Sam Spade: "…Ignacia, of course, is awful, even for a Jaggie."
Esme: "Well, given his…'unique' circumstances, oui."
Linnea raises an eyebrow. "Is that so."
Sam Spade: "But that's her problem."
Esme: "Oh, absolutely!"
Linnea: "Huh."
Linnea: "Well."
Sam Spade grins at Linnea, a crafty smile on her face.
Esme: "…Though I do need to pick her brain about those TM scales."
Sam Spade: "So if we help you out, we'll be sticking it to her, won't we?"
Linnea: "Sounds about right."
Sam Spade: "And if you're officially on your pokemon journey, there's nothing she can do about it but try to blatantly murder us."
Sam Spade: "…which Tim won't let her get away with."
Linnea: "I mean."
Linnea: "She can certainly try."
Sam Spade rubs her hands together, enthusiasm evident.
Linnea: "Just because I'm scared of tryin' to get out alone doesn't mean I can't fight."
Sam Spade: "Which is why I said try."
Esme: "Well if you can't fight, you wouldn't be trying to jump people on a ridge!"
Linnea: "…yes."
Sam Spade: "Yeah!"
Esme: "Presumably."
Linnea: "I do apologize for that, by the by."
Linnea: "I am thankful that nobody was injured."
Sam Spade: "Me too!"
Sam Spade: "…So we'll leave Max here with the houndours…and I'll head up to take a look at the Noibats."
Sam Spade: "…Are you the thing we were supposed to meet with down the tunnels past the noibat nest?"
Linnea: "Am I?"
Esme nods. "Mmmhm."
Esme: "Well, not sure, actually."
Linnea: "I mean, if that's the case, then I'll be going with you."
Linnea shakes her head. "Honestly I can't make heads nor tails of ANYTHING that's going on these days."
Linnea: "World's falling into absolute disgrace. The emotional outcry is…"
Linnea: "Well, around here, it's deafening."
Sam Spade eyes Linnea.
Sam Spade: "Emotional outcry?"
Linnea: "…huh? You can't feel it? You know how you hang around people that are miserable and it's like a weight on your shoulders?"
Esme: "Nope!"
Linnea: "Curiouser and curiouser."
Sam Spade: "I kinda get what you're saying."
Linnea: "Well, in less mystical tones, the world's going to shit and I've been trying to do my part to reverse the trend a little."
Linnea: "But, uh…I'm only one woman and I'm also in way over my head."
Sam Spade: "Agreed!"
Esme: "Speaking of-"
Esme points.
Esme: "Who are you?"
Linnea: "Oh!"
Max Thorn 's slowly advancing down the tunnel with the houndours'n'their parents. He's opening up a sack of canine pokemon chow, and then he stops and dumps the contents in a heap.
Linnea: "The name's Linnea Maylithos. Magical practitioner and researcher from Brooktale."
Max Thorn backs up a few feet, then takes a seat, a friend ball in one hand.
Sam Spade: "Samantha Malakowski, but everyone calls me Sam Spade. I'm from Metro Beach, where I'm learning to be a detective."
Esme perks. Twice. "…Practitioner and researcher, huh."
Linnea: "Yeah."
Linnea: "I mean, it's pointless wielding things you don't understand."
A few houndours yip and pile on the chow! None of the parents are going for it, though.
Linnea: "Pointless AND dangerous."
Linnea: "Magic is no less an appropriate study than hard science."
Linnea: "Or, rather… I would say magic is a branch of science all on its own."
Esme ahems. "Esme Duval, of the Fontaine-Duval Estate. Also magical practitioner and researcher."
Max Thorn: "Don't worry, I'm not going to throw this ball at any of you. I just wanted to make a goodwill gesture, for now. But…"
Linnea flashes a grin. "We're likely gonna get along just fine then."
Esme rubs her chin. "Potentially. Usually people are not so forthcoming, nor knowledgeable of such matters."
Once the chow is mostly gone, one of the houndours wanders in Max's direction - until a houndoom, likely that houndour's parent, stops it by putting a paw firmly on its back.
Linnea: "Well, I for one am not one of those people. Secrets have the nasty tendency to breed distrust, ill will, and false statements."
Esme: "So does openly declaring yourself to be a wizard."
Sam Spade: "…True, but some things have the nasty tendency to breed kidnapping by Jaggies."
Linnea: "…oh."
Linnea: "Well, shit."
Sam Spade: "We're not Jaggies, but it's not like we don't spend a lot of time with them…"
Sam Spade: "…So you might want to be careful what you say around them."
Linnea pales slightly. "Uh, duly noted."
Sam Spade bites her lip.
Esme: "Or witch…or thaumaturge…or whatever type of designation you may choose. Personally I like technothurge! It's fancy and mysterious!"
Sam Spade: "I'm worried about Anna now. But…if the Jaggies had her she'd have been with us, so they don't."
Max Thorn sets the friend ball down. "I'm not going to trick any of you. I'm just looking for a friend, a companion, and I was wondering if any of you'd be interested."
Linnea: "Technothurgy, eh?"
Linnea: "You'd like Brooktale, then."
Linnea: "Lot of high class tech gear out there."
Linnea: "Or at the very least, a great deal of automation."
The houndour looks at Max curiously, trying to struggle free, though the houndoom with a paw on her child growls at Max.
Sam Spade looks at the noibat cave ahead.
Sam Spade: "Hey, I'm gonna get a little closer, if you don't mind?"
Sam Spade leaves Linnea and Esme a bit behind as she accelerates, still walking smoothly and quietly up to the cave.
Max Thorn: "Don't worry, I'm not going to take anyone permanently! I'll be back, and I'll make sure your pup grows up as strong as, or even stronger than, you, and I'll let her make her own decision as to whether she wants to remain with me or not."
There is a tunnel leading up to the designated noibat spot. Sam thinks she can hear…noibats chirping in song?
Sam Spade listens to the song.
Max Thorn: "I believe in a world where we can work together for the betterment of all, rather than one in which humans are dominant."
The noibats seem to be singing in some sort of celebration.
Esme makes some notes. "I see…" She peeks back at the tunnel, then ahead at the cave. "Sure sure! I'll wait up for him, in case he needs to outrun a flamethrower or something."
Sam Spade reaches the edge of the cave and carefully takes a seat, transferring Chicklet from her shoulder to the ground next to her. Chicklet leans in, resting her head on Sam's hip.
The houndour rolls on its back, trying to wriggle free, but the houndoom's paw shifts from back to belly.
Max Thorn: "…Well. I figured it was worth a shot. If you're not interested, I'm not going to force the issue."
Linnea: "And I can provide some manner of healing along with Miator here." She gestures at the Kirlia alongside her, who makes a humming sound of assent.
The noibats are dancing! Well, making rhythmic flapping in a pattern, but close enough to dancing in the air. They are definitely singing in tune to their dance.
The houndour nips at the houndoom's paw, earning enough freedom to wriggle free and run up to Max.
Sam Spade does what worked so well in the past and sets a pokeball down in front of her. Then she listens to the tune, trying to catch a way to whistle along.
Max Thorn: "…Aw, what a cutie." He holds his hand out, letting the pup investigate it.
[OOC] WC GM: Sam & Max: Charm checks, please.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Can I do Pokemon Ed instead, please?
[OOC] WC GM: Sure, though a higher TN.
Sam Spade rolled up 4d6+1: 16 (3 5 1 6) (Charm while wearing sunglasses at night )
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 18 (6 1 1 6 4) (Pokemon Ed)
The noibats shift their dance and begin to encircle Sam, as if dancing around a Sam-shaped totem pole.
The houndour sniff sniff sniffs at Max's hand, then licks it - then tries to bite, but Max sees it coming in time to react.
Sam Spade whistles along, not intermittently but only when she's sure she's not going to disrupt.
The noibats fall in, letting Sam conduct.
Linnea: "Well, I'll be."
Sam Spade blinks as she realizes they are now dancing to her tune, metaphorically. She starts throwing a bit more variation in. Still not loud, but that pokedex entry said they were good listeners…
Linnea grins as she watches the spectacle. "That's probably one of the best things I've seen in a good couple of weeks."
A noivern flies by, circling the noibat circle as if playing psyduck psyduck farfetch'd.
Max Thorn gently thumps the houndour's nose, making it clear that biting isn't permitted, but then pets the pup. He scoops up the friend ball with his other hand and presents it. "If you really want to come with me, little dude…" He presents the ball to the pup.
Sam Spade looks at the dancing noibats, and lets herself fall silent.
Sam Spade: "You guys are so beautiful…"
The houndour presses head into the petting, craning neck up into a high-pitched little howl. At the crest of the howling motion, the houndour's nose brushes the friend ball on the button - which is enough. Seconds later, Max has a wiggling pokeball in hand.
WC GM rolled up 2d100: 166 (75 91)
Esme half rolls her eyes with a smile, while she sorts files on her pokedex. "All the time like this with these two. Not a bad thing, but not really my forte. Barely worked for me with Alexis…"
Max can feel his friend ball almost - almost - come apart, but not quite. A ding, and the houndour is captured.
[OOC] WC GM: Level 15, allocate stats as normal.
Linnea spots something out of the corner of her eye, then whirls around, starting a brisk walk around the perimeter, though giving both packs of Pokemon a wide berth. Peering here, stooping down to glance there, remarking, "Hm, yes." or "Dang." occasionally.
Given her expertise, Esme quickly recognizes what Linnea is up to.
Sam Spade: "…I don't know if any of you want to come with me. I can't promise any dances like this one."
Sam Spade: "But…if you do come with me, you could learn some new tunes, and bring them back here…"
Esme: "Oh! You dowse?"
Max Thorn smiles. "I really will come back, as often as I can, to let her see you guys." He stands, then slowly backs away, careful to avoid eye contact. Once he's out of sight, he turns around and then briskly walks back out to rejoin the party.
[OOC] WC GM: Naturally, any shards uncovered here will be red.
Linnea holds up a hand a moment, then scoops up another shard with a note of glee.
Linnea: "Oh, you bet I do!"
Linnea: "These things are some of the basic materials I work with!"
One of the noibats - the one chosen by the noivern - descends on Sam's pokeball…which shatters after one wobble. The noibat stands where the ball was, blinking in confusion.
Linnea: "Though… I'm not all that good yet."
Esme: "I guess what you say is true, then…" She looks to Max. "Oh, you're back! And unsinged."
Sam Spade: "…Dangit."
Sam Spade grimaces. Good thing she has a spare.
Esme glances.
Sam Spade sets that one out, while she brushes any possible pokeball shards out of the noibat's fur.
The noibats look at each other, blinking, and begin flapping in a confused flurry all around Sam! There is no more song, just screeches.
Esme: "I dunno, that's a fairly good haul from a quick look!"
Linnea: "I mean, the making."
[OOC] WC GM: For the logs: Linnea rolled 12 shards.
Linnea: "I can turn them into two different kinds of charged stones, but…that's about it for now."
Esme: "Ehhh? That's the easy part! Everyone seems to find it so confusing, though."
Linnea looks a little put out. "Then show me sometime."
Linnea: "I definitely feel like my form is lacking."
[OOC] WC GM: Sam: Acrobatics check
WC GM rolled up 1d100: 20 (20)
Linnea: "I can make a good three or so stones from this, though… I'm quite pleased."
Sam Spade rolled up 2d6: 7 (6 1) (Acrobatics, not Sam's strong point.)
Sam remembers, a bit too late, how there was a tunnel leading up to the noibat cave - and what goes up, can go down. Fortunately she has that one noibat in her arms, which ducks into her second pokeball for safety - and this time, it holds.
The rest of the party has an incoming Sam to catch or duck away from.
Chicklet cheeps and runs after Sam.
Esme perks at her airborne ally! She will (attempt to) catch.
[OOC] WC GM: Athletics or Combat to catch
Linnea is startled at the sudden descent. "Sweet Melo, what-"
Sam Spade: "Waaaaaaaaa~"
Esme rolled up 4d6+1: 13 (5 1 4 2) (SWOLE ARMS)
It is not the most perfect, beautiful of catches, but Esme does manage to divert and slow Sam's descent such that neither of them have more than a few scrapes.
Esme: "Oof!"
WC GM rolled up 1d8+8: 13 (5)
Linnea: "Oi…"
Sam Spade throws her arms around Esme.
[OOC] WC GM: 13-Defense damage to each.
Sam Spade: "Thank you, Esme. Thank you very much."
[OOC] WC GM: …which Esme completely negates, I think?
Esme: "I am not sure why you fell, but you're welcome!"
Max Thorn: "Yup. Friendly little girl decided she wanted to tag along. Her momma tried to stop her, which is not a surprise at all, but when there's a will, right?"
[OOC] Esme: Yes
[OOC] Esme: Minimum of 1, but huzzah!
[OOC] WC GM: Sam's noibat: Level 15, allocate stats as normal.
Linnea: "Please no more flying lessons. Unless you're secretly a skywalker or something."
Linnea does not hear dramatic mechanical breathing just then.
Sam Spade lets her new friend out of her pokeball. She runs a finger through the poke's fur, paying careful attention to the eye ridges.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, little Noisy's friends here freaked out a bit. I guess the first pokeball I used must have been past its expiration date, or got broken or something…because it shattered."
The noibat shakes its head rapidly at Sam.
Esme dusts herself off, after setting Sam down. "Oh, you got one?"
Sam Spade: "…Not Noisy, then?"
The noibat shakes its head, more slowly.
Linnea: "Well, what with the rule, I imagine there's a lot of 'past-best' gear out there."
Sam Spade: "Okay…"
Sam Spade: "…Noiseless?"
Max Thorn: "If you still have the ball I could take a look at it."
The noibat cocks its head in thought. Then nods, once.
Sam Spade: "…It's up there, by the angry noibats."
Max Thorn: "…Pass."
Linnea: "Heh."
Max Thorn: "Anyway…were you the one looking for me, specifically, or is there someone around these parts who's mighty confused right now and wondering where I've wandered off to?"
Linnea: "I don't know thing one about what's going on yet. I figure I'll learn as I go along."
Esme: "Probably not, oui."
Esme: "…so we get to find the pokeball after all!"
Linnea: "… …"
Linnea stares at Max a moment.
Max Thorn: "…Yes?"
Linnea: "You're Max, right?"
Max Thorn: "I have that honor, yes."
Linnea: "Huh. Genius really does come in all forms."
Linnea: "People've said a bunch of weird stuff about you, but I don't know the whole truth of it."
Linnea: "Anything from fixing the storage system to getting folk into space."
Linnea: "…do you have any idea what I'm talking about or do I just look like a raving loon again?"
Max Thorn: "Dunno about the 'getting into space' part, but I do plan on fixing the storage system next time I'm through Scale Mount."
Linnea: "Is that so."
Linnea: "The folk I was with said that you were a prime way of getting there."
Esme: "There were other folks?"
Linnea grimaces. "Probably best that I sent my fellows off. The more drastic element figure they'd just nab you to find their own way to Scale Mount."
Linnea: "The whole, uh…underground movement in the fort."
Max Thorn: "I have an errand to run that needs doing before I go to Scale Mount, but if they're willing to wait for me to come back, I'm willing to lead the way."
Linnea: "Huh. Well. Well."
Max Thorn: "…Do I know any of those people, by any chance?"
Linnea: "Unless you've been around the gritter anti-Jagger scene I expect not."
Max Thorn: "Hm. Because the only people I can think of who know my dreams and aspirations well enough to be able to tell you about my early fascination with space exploration are my parents."
Linnea pulls out her 'dex and taps out a message to one of the thankfully saner leader-minded folk. "<Please try to rein in your cohorts a little, I've met Max and he's willing to lead the way to Scale Mount, after a matter of waiting.>"
Linnea soon gets a message back. "<Think you can infiltrate his party, make sure he unlocks the PSS & satellites? We'll try to get access codes for the satellites.>"
Linnea: "<I was needing an out anyway. But I can do that. I'll press the issue when it becomes pertinent.>"
Max Thorn: "Anyway. We've matters to attend to. You're welcome to join us if you'd like."
Linnea: "'Course."
Esme: "Yeah, I have Jaggietech to commandeer. Also a gym battle, maybe."
Linnea: "I'll pull my weight, never fear."
Linnea: "Me -and- my Pokemon." "Li~"
WC GM: Another message comes through: "<Then good luck, Linnea. It has been an honor. Victoria Amoda!>"
Linnea: "<Take care. I'll stay in touch, I promise.>"
Linnea positively beams as she snaps the 'dex shut and pockets it.
Sam Spade: "Great! Next stop, Dojji!"
Linnea: "Oh, we're walking straight into it. Interesting."
Sam's words echo around the canyon. The next stop would be either up to the central or back to the southern district of Fort Blaston, about a couple hours' walk either way.
Max Thorn: "No. Next stop, Ignacia's gym. I'm not leaving Tim in her custody any longer than I have to."
Esme: "Taking the tram, more likely."
Sam Spade: "Actually, we were going to the research facility, weren't we?"
Max Thorn: "…And fortunatey, Ammy's more or less what I was looking for."
Sam Spade: "Dojji's more of a metaphorical stop."
The sun has set, though in this valley the sun sets early. It is around 5 PM.
Sam Spade: "Next stop, rather."
Linnea looks between the lot of them in confusion.
Linnea: "…does this happen a lot?"
Sam Spade: "Does what happen a lot?"
Max Thorn looks up. "…On second thought. Pokemon center first. Then whatever else. Unless you really want to camp out here…?"
Linnea: "Always tryin' to pull folks in different directions?"
Sam Spade waves a hand airily.
Linnea: "Melo, it's like I never left."
Down in the crater, the houndooms have reemerged, and begin to howl in chorus.
Sam Spade: "That's the price of having too many interesting things to do! They're all in different places."
Esme: "Only one way through the fort, no?"
Linnea flinches.
Linnea: "We should leave."
Sam Spade frowns.
Esme: "We were!"
Sam Spade: "Okay."
Linnea: "Don't care where at this point."
Other howls echo throughout the valley.
Sam Spade: "Back to the station area for now. Pokemon center first, I think."
Sam Spade frowns at the area around the group, then blasts out a peircing whistle.
Max Thorn: "Sounds like a plan."
There is no station here. The cable car stopped when prompted to let the party off, but they will have to walk to reach civilization again.
Linnea: "Oy…"
Noiseless screws up her eyes and shudders, squeaking complaints. However, Sam's whistle is echoed by the streak of a not-so-distant fletchinder.
Sam Spade: "…So, bit of a walk ahead of us…"
…or perhaps run, judging by the looks the growing houndoom pack in the crater is giving them.
Linnea: "Let's goooooooo…~"
Sam Spade: "…Perhaps that would be a good idea."
Sam Spade: "South, or central, do you think?"
[OOC] WC GM: Athletics checks, everyone.
Linnea rolled up 2d6: 5 (4 1)
Sam Spade rolled up 1d6: 2 (2) (Athletics? HAHAHAHANo.)
[OOC] WC GM: Or Acrobatics.
Max Thorn rolled up 1d6: 3 (3)
Linnea: "Bugger bugger bugger bugger…"
WC GM rolled up 3d10+30: 44 (7 3 4)
Esme rolled up 4d6+1: 17 (3 3 4 6) (CHEESE IT)
A chorus of flamethrowers burst out! Everyone except Esme is hit for (44-SpDef) HP before they can escape the crater!
Linnea: "Shhhhhh-"
Linnea bounds over the top of the crater and immediately falls into a roll.
Sam Spade: "Yeouch!"
Max Thorn yelps, then loses his footing and tumbles down the other side of the crater wall. "…Ow."
[OOC] Linnea: 50/84
[OOC] Max Thorn: 44/78
Esme manages to hoof it out of the way in the nick of time!
These houndooms do not immediately pursue the party - but howls pop up in increasing frequency up and down the valley, from sources suddenly identifiable by the red glow of flames against the darkening mountainsides.
Linnea: "T…this is bad…"
Max Thorn: "Best get a move on, I think." He gets back up and starts jogging…
Linnea picks herself up and takes off as best as she's capable.
Kirlia floating along shortly behind.
Max Thorn: "I don't think momma's happy that, in her opinion, I tricked her pup into coming with me…"
Linnea: "That and we're intruders at best, prey at worst…"
It is hard to distinguish the actual pokemon in the distance, but the red glows boil out of the mountain, heading for the valley floor, gathering behind the party.
And then a faint but growing thunder of running, as if lava itself had grown legs to chase the party.
Linnea is trying her level best not to scream. Gotta save that energy for running.
Esme is, as the locals say, getting the hell out of dodge. "Non non non!"
Sam Spade is trying desperately to stay with the group.
On the closest cable run, a cable car swings by then abruptly reverses course. The door opens and a rope dangles from it.
Tim: "GRAB ON!"
Linnea: "AaaaaaaAAHHHH!"
Sam Spade leaps up and grabs!
Max Thorn jumps for the rope and shimmies up like it's nothing.
Sam Spade: "Hey! Tim! How…are…"
Linnea practically leaps for it after the others, pulling herself up with all due haste!
Esme takes the jump!
The rope proves to be securely tied to one of the cable car's seats.
Getting on and in is easy enough. Once the party is all aboard, Sands pulls up the rope then Tim closes the door.
Tim: "What did you DO out there?!?"
Tim stares at the party, wide-eyed.
Sam Spade: "Recruited a houndour."
Linnea: "And a friend. Hi!"
Sam Spade: "Also Noiseless here, but they didn't seem to be…"
Linnea waves.
Sam Spade: "…Tim, Linnea. Linnea, Tim."
Linnea: "Pleased as ALL HELLS to meet you, with a save like that."
Sam Spade: "Tim is the Jag-uh, member of Team Jaeger who is escorting us on our trip."
Tim: "Hi, new person who I've never met before and certainly didn't hear was working with the rebels."
Tim: "You're a trainer, aren't you?"
Linnea: "Yep."
Sam Spade: "Indeed, I forgot to ask. Are you still technically on your journey?"
Tim gets out his pokedex. "I'll just…add you to my group. Done."
Linnea: "I am certainly on A Journey, yeah."
Sam Spade: "Cuz if not, it's an easy fix as long as-"
Sam Spade: "Okay, then."
Linnea: "Glad to get that bit squared away then."
Tim: "Apparently Linnea's minder forgot to log that they got separated."
There is a loud THUMP as a fletchinder lands on the top of the cable car, but not a tearing sound or anything. It's content to sit.
Sam Spade: "Mmm."
Tim: "Dying got in the way, apparently."
Tim looks up at Linnea, cocking his head. "Not your fault, right?"
Sam Spade: "…That…would do it…"
Linnea: "Certainly not!"
Max Thorn lets Ammy out, then gives her a thorough inspection, followed by some puppy chow. The houndour wags her stubby little tail and gets to munching.
Linnea: "It was an incident of separation, not murder, if that's what you're implying!"
Tim nods. "The rest of you don't mind if we take in a stray, do you?"
Sam Spade: "Nope."
Esme: "Not at the moment!"
Max Thorn: "…If you're referring to her, I'd already extended an offer."
Linnea: "Yeah."
Linnea: "We're good."
Linnea: "I mean, maybe a little scorched."
Linnea: "But good."
Tim: "Yeah, I figured. By the way, thanks for stirring up trouble. You got me out of a long lecture from Ignacia."
Linnea cracks a wry smile.
Sam Spade: "Excellent! I wasn't sure if we were ready to confront Ignacia more directly yet."
Max Thorn: "Wasn't intentional. I don't think Ammy's mother liked my making off with her, though."
Tim rolls his eyes. "I mean, guh. Responsibility and honor and all those things you KNOW I've been upholding, right?"
Max Thorn: "…What, exactly, did you do with the noibats, anyway, Sam?"
Sam Spade: "Every time I see you, Tim, I think of nothing but."
Sam Spade: "…I sang with them."
Sam Spade: "…It was the pokeball shattering that riled them up, I think…"
As the cable car speeds along, the charging lava-like formation recedes into the distance, and soon the mountains are no longer dotted with fire.
Linnea shudders.
Linnea: "I don't like those…"
Max Thorn: "That's unfortunate."
Up ahead the party can see the bright lights of the central district, behind a wall probably meant to keep wild pokemon out.
Max Thorn: "…Wait, _shattering_?"
Max Thorn: "That'd only happen if you hit the resonance frequency with a fair amount of energy."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Sam Spade strokes Noiseless again.
Max Thorn: "A noibat could manage it, but a human certainly couldn't. Without help, anyway."
Sam Spade: "I couldn't tell you how it happened, only that it did."
Linnea: "It, uh. Certainly Happened."
Esme: "And then she fell, or something."
Sam Spade: "Noiseless got in the pokeball, and the pokeball shattered, and the noibats and the noivern freaked out."
Sam Spade: "…Noiseless got into the second ball before they knocked me into a tumble that went down the slope."
Soon the cable car slips over the wall. Grey concrete buildings jut out of dusty rock. There is a broad avenue through the center which the cable car runs pass over. Neon signs advertise barracks and machine shops and cafeterias.
Linnea: "Home sweet hell."
Esme: "Neat!"
As the cable car slows to a stop at the station complex in the middle - all girders and catwalks set in a lawn providing the only greenery in sight - off to the side is the most fortified pokemon center the party has ever seen. Barricades in front, several obvious automated turrets dotting the ceiling, reinforced metal set out a bit from the mountain to deter digging infiltrators…
But even here, the red roof and pokeball symbol are present.
Malta hops off the cable car.
Max Thorn: "…Overkill much?"
Linnea: "… …"
Max Thorn returns Ammy to her ball, then disembarks.
Linnea: "I feel sick…"
Esme: "Certainly a different aesthetic than we're used to."
A few Jaegers wait outside, apparently relieved once they see the occupants.
Tim: "I heard this center was supposed to be a civilian shelter if somehow the fort was breached."
Linnea: "I guess that works…really well."
Tim: "And that it was designed for what kind of power would be around if that breach happened."
Tim: "Y'know, repeated direct hits from a mewtwo. Or a nuke."
Max Thorn: "Can't say I disagree with the decision-making process, really."
Linnea: "It's greatly unnerving but remarkably effective looking."
Tim: "Yeah, but I'm not sure it could actually stand up to a mewtwo."
Esme heads to check out the center. Might as well get their lodging settled before more exploring.
Max Thorn: "Ah. Vault. Hopefully not Vaults 68 or 69, though."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Couldn't resist. :p
The Jaegers outside applaud briefly. "Nicely done, Tim." "Does anyone need medical assistance?" "Wait…isn't there an extra?" "You're miscounting. Ah - Tim, you did get them all, right?"
Max Thorn: "Medic'd be nice."
Max is definitely sporting a nasty burn. Nothing modern medicine can't fix, though there's likely to be strong words from Nurse Joy regarding the dirt that's caked on it.
MedicJaeger: "Oh? Let me take a look at that." She breaks out burn cream and a cloth with some sort of stinging ointment.
Max Thorn: "…And I'm going to have to get a new coat, too. And shirt." Max shucks coat and underlying shirt.
Tim: "Yeah, they're all here. Could you tell Ignacia I need to get them checked in before we can resume, please?"
Another Jaeger - whose posture and quick-snap salute scream "flunky" - stands at attention. "Yes, SIR, Tim, SIR!" He runs off toward…oh, there's the gym. You mistook it for a small fortress.
Linnea: "Dear Melo…at least they run a tight ship around here."
A slightly anachronistic star-shaped castle, with cannon-topped towers, stands opposite the pokemon center. Its door stands open, and from just beyond the door Ignacia peers at the group. Tim takes one glance at her and ushers the party in the opposite direction, toward the pokemon center.
Linnea hurries toward the center. That person…
Esme is ushered.
Max Thorn maintains a steady pace, trying to minimize vertical or lateral movement so the medic can address the burn properly.
[OOC] WC GM: - not this exact layout, but this kind of thing.
Sam Spade follows, too.
[OOC] Max Thorn: As long as there aren't any star chambers… :P
[OOC] WC GM: Or possibly but replace all the grass with rock.
The medic Jaeger fusses over the party all the way to the pokemon center. Even here there is a Nurse Joy, though in a Jaeger uniform. "Were any of your pokemon injured?"
Sam Spade: "…No, not really."
Esme: "Not a one!"
Max Thorn: "Nope. Only injuries are on us humans."
Linnea: "Yyyyyeah."
The lobby is larger than usual - this was clearly intended as an emergency shelter for a large number of people - but there are the usual corridors leading toward the back, if more than usual and each one having a thick blast door, albeit currently open.
Max Thorn gestures to…well, everyone but Esme.
MedicJaeger: "They'll need some rest, and to Stop! Walking! While I treat them!"
Esme gives a thumbs up.
Sam Spade: "…Ignacia seemed to be glaring at us."
Tim: "Err…could you get us a room, please? They can stop walking once they're there."
Esme: "Isn't that the default?"
Sam Spade: "I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure the medic here would understand why we didn't linger."
Nurse Joy: "Already booked. First one on the left." She tosses a keycard clear across the lobby - missing Tim, but on a course where Esme can catch it.
Max Thorn pulls out a chair and sits backward on it, leaning forward so as to give the medic full access to his burn.
The medic sighs appreciatively and gets to work. Relief soon spreads across Max's back.
Sam Spade: "Thank you, Nurse Joy!"
Linnea: "Thanks, folks."
Max Thorn: "Much appreciated. Rest of you, see this medic ASAP. You can get settled in after you've been seen to."
Medic Jaeger: "Now, no exercise until morning. You take a good rest."
Max's words aren't-quite-backed by a Command Voice, but that's mostly just because Max doesn't _have_ a Command Voice.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Good thing, too. Sam's a Rebel and responds poorly to command.
Esme totally caught that keycard. Totally! She goes to examine what it opens.
It opens "Guest Room #2" , apparently. Just inside the hall on the left, Esme can see a door labelled "2" .
Max Thorn: "Right." He stands up and puts the chair away, then heads into the room and collapses across the first bed he reaches.
Even the guest rooms are secure. The door is a bit heavy - and Max notices bullet holes in the corridor. Not a one managed to penetrate the interior walls.
Max Thorn: "Sure is _built_ like a vault…"
Nurse Joy: "Four, five…dinner for six. I'll have it delivered to your room."
Sam Spade: "Thank you, Nurse Joy!"
Sam Spade: "Also I think almost all of us have three hungry pokemon."
Tim: "Now? But Ignacia wanted me to…" He shrugs. "Guess she'll just have to wait."
Sam Spade: "Nurse's orders, Tim!"
Nurse Joy nods. "Six humans, and your pokemon. And yes, Tim. Sorry for the inconvenience but I suppose Ignacia will just have to keep that fire burning until morning, hee hee." She winks.
Esme coughs.
And so the party is ushered to bed and rest. The evening is fairly relaxed; it looks like most of the residents use the barracks rather than the pokemon center.
Then in the morning, the party wakes to the sound of lots of gunfire outside.

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