Session 36

The gunfire outside continues for a time, and while there is shouting there is not the screaming and general chaos one would associate with a battle.
In any case, the walls of the pokemon center guest bedroom seem impervious to such things.
Between bursts, there comes a knocking at the door.
Max Thorn: "Who is it?"
Tim is already gone, presumably having run out of excuses to not face Ignacia.
Chansey: "Chanseeey~!"
Max Thorn opens the door.
Jack checks the Chansey for firearms.
A Chansey with a breakfast cart is not unusual. One in a bulletproof vest (that only covers half her body) is getting odd. Grenades stuffed in her pouch next to her egg is a bit more, though Jack finds no pistols or rifles.
Jack Layfield: "Geeze, even the Chansey here are hardcore."
Linnea: "…terrifying."
Max Thorn: "…Man. Fort Blaston is _not_ on anyone's list of vacation hotspots, is it."
Jack Layfield: "More like wicked cool."
Esme: "I dunno, it's been pretty cozy so far! Minus the landmines."
The cart itself…this is not the spread you are used to. Several tough-looking but thin plastic packages, piled on one another, each consisting of three or four packets. Some of the party have heard of MREs, but only Linnea has ever actually seen them outside of pictures before.
Linnea: "Mil hospitality…"
Max Thorn looks incredibly dubious as he scoops up his meal.
Linnea: "They're all in the package and 'cook up' when you add hot water."
Max Thorn 's look of dubiousness transmutes to a vague sense of outraged disgust (that only builds) after he's prepared and begins consuming it.
The MREs are at least clearly labeled. Each one has a coffee or juice packet, a (square) sausage and/or egg packet, hash browns (in each case for the selection at hand, though it is known there are other varieties), jam or preserved fruit, and small condiment pouches.
Sandy bursts out of her pokeball, scrambling onto the cart, only to be disappointed.
Esme: "Neat!"
Linnea: "Preserved like this for storage. You don't have a lot of options in a warzone."
Sandy: "Sandiii sand? Sand sand sand!"
Max Thorn holds up a piece of bacon. "What is this? Boot leather?"
Linnea: "I wouldn't be surprised."
Linnea: "Not even the Jaggers like them."
Sandy glares at the MREs, daring them to become more edible.
Most of the MREs are at least palatable, though some less so than others.
WC GM rolled up 1d6: 2 (2)
[OOC] Max Thorn: * They fail to become more edible.
Max seems to have grabbed one of the older ones, manufactured - according to its label - 2 years ago. Surprisingly, it is still at least technically edible.
Linnea‘ just mechanically chews away at hers. Expression somewhere between thankfulness and disgust.
Jack Layfield: Jack grabs what alleges to be a breakfast burrito. It’s closer to a brick of wheat, egg, and bacon.
There are also a couple tea kettles with hot water.
Gervais seems less than pleased with this turn of cuisine, as he gnaws on what is presumably some form of meat.
Max Thorn pulls a packet of loose-leaf from his own pack and brews real tea, rather than use the supplied tea analogue.
Linnea: "…I need to get out of here before I lose my mind."
Esme: "You've had worse, Gervy. I'll get you something else later. Now…" Procuring another pack, she palms the Net Ball from her waist, releasing a familiar ornery Scyther, who immediately engages with a staring (glaring?) contest with Esme.
Chansey looks about surreptitiously, then pulls out a grenade and a cup from deep inside the cart. She lays the cup on the floor, puts the grenade in the cup, and tugs on it a bit…
Linnea: "Uh-"
Linnea‘ stands to boot it out the door.
The grenade shell pops off, revealing a grenade’s worth of pineapple chunks. Chansey makes a shushing motion, winks, and backs away.
Linnea: "…"
Linnea: "……"
Jack Layfield: "Some pokemon never change."
Max Thorn: "…Heh."
Linnea‘ considers booting it out the door anyway, but declines.
Esme: "What just happened? I can’t look but it sounded neat."
Max Thorn scoops up the cup and divvies the contents up, at least one chunk for everybody.
Jack Layfield: "The Chansey is smuggling food in its grenades."
Max Thorn: "Shhh. We don't know if the room's bugged."
Chansey closes the door, presumably off to feed the other guests.
Linnea: "…sweet merciful Melo."
Esme: "Oh! Then yes, neat."
Miator just watches the proceedings with a bemused expression, tea in hand.
A few minutes later, Nurse Joy opens the door. "Good morning! Ignacia will be formally issuing your gym challenge at noon; be there. Until then you're free to wander around but please don't go past the district walls."
Max Thorn dishes up kibble for his pokemon, who all devour it with gusto.
Her tone notably darkens for "be there" , with the air of an officer giving orders.
Linnea: "Gulp."
Max Thorn: "Acknowledged. We'll be there."
Jack Layfield: "We'll make it."
Esme gives a thumbs up, still unfortunately engaged with Alexis. Man those eyes are red. "Should be good by then, oui."
Nurse Joy: "I hope morning drills didn't wake you. The training yards should be open by now if you wish to use them."
Linnea: "Muh."
Linnea: "At least it wasn't another incident…"
Max Thorn nods, then recalls his pokemon after they've eaten their fill.
Nurse Joy: "Oh! Esme, the Range asked me to ask you to search for shards in the training yards, and tell them how many you found. I think they wanted to hear from you before the gym challenge, since they didn't know if you'd be heading out right away."
Linnea‘ does brighten up a bit at shards. She knows this stuff!
Esme perks from the mention of the training grounds, which causes Alexis to flinch, blinking. "Oh right! Needed to head over there. Also, HA!" She tosses the food to her scyther and promptly begins rubbing her eyes.
Esme: "One of these mornings I won’t have to go through all that…"
Jack tosses food to Sneeze and eventually convinces Sandy to eat an MRE, before returning them to their pokeballs.
Nurse Joy: "Also, Ignacia asked to make sure one of you knew how to drive a hovercar. There's a sim on the other side of the center if you need."
Linnea‘ beckons sadly to Miator, recalling her as well. Don’t want anything unusual or sudden in this helltown.
Jack Layfield: "How hard can it be?"
Max Thorn cleans up. "…As long as it's not Jack, we should be fine."
Jack Layfield: "Awwwww…so not cool."
Linnea: "Don't ask that question, ever. It's bad luck."
Max Thorn: "You can do sick ramping when it's not a hovercar. Promise."
Esme gets Alexis and Gervy ball'd up as soon as her stubborn 'mon are done. "Should be fine, yes."
Jack Layfield: "Don't worry babe, I'll up the ante with stupid rhetorical questions. What could possibly go wrong?"
Nurse Joy smiles grimly. "There's time to teach more than one of you." She looks back. "Ah, someone's in the lobby, but this shouldn't take long. Meet me at the sim when you're ready."
Linnea‘ buries her face in her hands. "Melo…"
Nurse Joy heads off, calling out to her apparent visitor.
Max Thorn hmms. "I’d suggest Sam, actually. But I'll handle backup, I think."
Linnea: "I'm going to do something I'll likely regret and trust in your skills and judgment."
Max Thorn heads out to the sim…
Jack Layfield: "My skills are amazing. No comment on my judgement."
Esme gets all her stuff together before heading out.
Linnea‘ snorts out a little laugh.
Linnea: "Alright, you got me there."
Linnea` follows.
Jack follows as well, choosing to slide down the railing when they reach stairs though.
Nurse Joy is busier than she expected. Apparently some sandshrews forgot to duck when crawling past gunfire. How they are still alive is beyond the party’s current medical abilities to puzzle out, but Nurse Joy seems confident in being able to patch up any pokemon not yet dead.
The sim turns out to be a multi-station hovercar arcade game, repurposed into training. The coin slots have small steel plates welded over them; this is very much free play.
From the menus on screen, it looks like there are a few self-serve tutorial courses, and an option for competitive racing around a small selection of tracks. Three of the "tracks" appear to be models of Fort Blaston's northern, central, and southern districts.
Max Thorn takes the tutorial courses, then goes for the competitive racing…
Jack Layfield: "So, without having to deal with friction from the tires, these babies accelerate pretty quick don't they?"
Aside from the basics, one of the tutorials is specifically labeled "How To Get Back Into Dojji" .
Max Thorn: "…"
Linnea‘ plunks down into a seat. It can’t be too bad compared to Brooktale tech, right? She still grips the controls like one would a lifering. "
Max Thorn definitely takes that one multiple times.
Esme gives this a go! Probably not terribly more difficult than the go-karts…
Max finds, to his horror, that the gates on the northern district are usually sealed. The only way out is to ramp the hovercar around the sides of the mountains; the entire northern district is basically one giant half-pipe with buildings in it.
Max Thorn: "…I'm going to regret saying this. Jack, buckle in."
Linnea: "I'm just going to take that as a general safety warning for my own sanity's sake."
Max Thorn: "Well, yes, but up until now he's just been shoulder-surfing."
Linnea finds the controls to be slightly clunky compared to Brooktale's standards - not that Brooktale has that much in the way of vehicles, but this aesthetic is "durable and functional" , a dramatic contrast.
Linnea: "On the other hand, I could get used to this… in a different city."
Jack jumps into a sim, trying his best to see if he can get hovercraft to do sick flips.
[OOC] WC GM: Per the rules, driving is either Focus or Athletics. So, let's see a check for flipping the hovercar on purpose.
[OOC] WC GM: Normally, driving is a standard action; it becomes a swift action if you have expert Focus or Tech Ed.
Max Thorn climbs out of the sim now that he's more or less memorized the route to Dojji, then heads out to the training field…
Jack Layfield rolled up 4d6: 12 (3 1 6 2) (focus sick flippage)
To either side of the pokemon center, Max finds open dirt fields. The mountainside to the rear of the fields sport many bullet holes, some probably stemming from earlier today.
Jack's flips are not that sick (yet, but this is what practice is for), though he does at least learn the timing for complete 360s and 720s, rather than landing the hovercar upside down.
Max Thorn gets to training all three of his pokemon..
[OOC] Jack Layfield: MAS remembers he has higher athletics than focus
[OOC] Jack Layfield: oops
Esme thinks she's got this down. On to more pressing matters! Like shards. And ammo casings. She makes way out to the range.
Linnea‘ follows Esme. Leave the stunting to the criminally insane.
Jack now tries to drift. I mean, that’s gotta be easy, right?
Jack finds that hovercars, lacking tires, do not drift in quite the same way. Fortunately, these models have multiple engines, which can be configured to do something like drifting.
[OOC] WC GM: Is Esme dowsing before going to the range?
Jack Layfield: "I can't help but shake the feeling this is really just driving sideways."
Jack Layfield: "Still radical though."
Esme decides to give a little dowsing a go around the field first-see what's available.
Max Thorn pauses his training to watch Esme work her mojo.
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 3, exploding >= 6: 4 4 2 6 2 1 3 1 5 4 5 6 5 (2 explosions)
Linnea‘ also pokes around, hoping she’ll find more than cases.
Linnea‘ rolled up 7d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 2 2 3 1 5 3 4 (0 explosions)
Linnea and Esme find red shards, to no one’s surprise.
Jack, after reading a note on the simulator, starts to worry just a bit.
Linnea‘ takes the two red shards and crams them in a pouch with the rest.
Esme dumps the 8 she managed with a grumpy look. "As expected, still missing one."
Linnea: "Whatcha missing?"
Esme: "Violet."
Esme: "Shoulda scraped some up before leaving home."
Linnea: "Hmm…wouldn’t that be more Elysium's forte?"
Max Thorn: "The swamp'd probably have violet, too, if I understand how shard typing works."
Esme: "As a whole, yes. Sometimes you can find nice little pockets of essence if you're lucky." She perks, snapping her fingers as she recalls. "Like I should've done so at that cemetery back in Dojoholm!"
Max Thorn: "…Yeah, the memorial'd do it, too."
Linnea: "Ah, bad luck…"
Esme shrugs. "Eh, someone was impaled. Priorities."
Linnea: "…"
Esme claps her hands together. "Gotta find out about these cases!" NOW to the range.
Linnea: "Yeah, that'd-"
Max Thorn: "Hmmm…Hey Esme, I recall asking a while back if you could do a Fairy Booster for Antheia. I think you said something about needing red shards for that…?"
Linnea‘ just shuts up and moves on. Impaled. Eesh.
Esme: "Mm? Oh! Oui! Red shards are naturally affinitied to Fairy, Psychic…and well, the obvious one. I might be able to toss something together before the match, if that’s what you wanted."
Linnea: "Ooh…I can only make single use foci, so to see an example of your work…"
The Research and Development Range, as stenciled in block print above its doors, proves to be a corrugated metal - possibly aluminum - arc, stretched about a quarter kilometer, with concrete face and back. The front side has a small reception area, with an office lady who, Team Jaeger uniform aside, seems like a standard-issue cute and perky type. She smiles as Esme and Linnea walk in.
Office Lady: "Hello! Can I help you?"
Max Thorn: "I don't think a Fire one'd be all that useful, unless Ignacia slips up and sends out something weak to it, so I'll stick with Fairy for now. Favour owed okay?"
[OOC] WC GM: Max is accompanying them there, right? Is Jack meeting up with them too?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yes.
Linnea: "Just checkin' the place out. Anything we should know beforehand?"
Esme gives Max a thumbs up; no biggie. She eyes the Jaeger-lady up and down. She's still not sure how to feel about their science-types.
Esme: "Looking for more concrete information on your ammo shells. Also shards."
Max Thorn perks up once he sees the 'R&D' part of the sign. "That, and what else can you tell us about the range?"
[OOC] Max Thorn: * Wild SCIENTIST appeared! What will OFFICELADY do?
Office Lady: "Ah. Well, if it's your first time here, don't go into the range lanes without getting a safety briefing. We wouldn't want you to get shot."
Linnea: "Right, yeah. So do you do that or are there handlers?"
Max Thorn: "We wouldn't want us to get shot either."
The desk precludes Esme from being able to examine at or below the waist, though Esme notices the office lady is keeping one hand below the desk, possibly dealing with something down there.
[OOC] Linnea: Alarm button, doubtless
Esme rubs her chin. "I /do/ need to test the stress limits of that one project…but yeah, not-being-shot is generally a good thing."
Office Lady: "Shards…" She peers, then her eyes widen. "Oh! Are you Esme?"
Esme: "Oui."
Linnea: "That'd be Esme."
The office lady smiles, extending her free hand to shake. "I'm the one who asked for you. I'm Professor Petri."
…she doesn't LOOK like a professor.
Max Thorn looks like he's taking notes…
Linnea: "With a name like that…do you study gems and such, then?"
Esme warily accepts the shake.. "Esme Duval, of the Fontaine-Duval Estate."
Petri smiles. "Fossil pokemon, actually. At least that's where I started, but I've had to learn a lot since then. I…used to be Dojji's leading pokemon professor, starting young trainers on their journeys."
Linnea: "How'd you end up here, then?"
Linnea: "Seems like quite a shift."
Linnea: "I mean, obvious happening aside."
Petri: "Honestly? They picked me up and hauled me here. Said my lab wasn't safe any more."
Petri pouts for a moment. "And they were probably right."
Linnea: "Well, that was a good call at least."
Max Thorn: "Can't say I blame them, either. I'm Max Thorn, professor-in-training."
Petri: "So! I've taken over the range, made it my home now. I carry on what work I can, but everyone seems to want ammunition, more than science."
Max Thorn: "I'd rather have the science, honestly. Anyone with training can do ammo."
Linnea: "I dunno about here though… it's a little TOO safe."
Petri: "I know, right? That's what I keep telling them. But they keep washing on through; almost no one sticks around long enough to train, and those who do stay aren't interested." She sighs.
Petri: "It's as close to home as they'll let me be."
Esme puts the Electric Case she got from the store earlier on the counter. "Ammo /is/ science! Sometimes."
Petri: "Oh! Yeah, I made that. Well, I made the machine that made that."
Linnea: "I know Brooktale has an outfit or two that does tracking bullets, darts, and the like. For Pokemon territorial studies and the like."
Linnea: "That's kinda like science ammo, I think?"
Petri: "Oh? I'd like to see that someday."
Esme: "Certainly not…fossils, was it? But still interesting! How does this work?"
Petri: "The ammo?" She shrugs. "It's basically a battery in a bullet."
Petri: "When it hits, it discharges. Enough elemental nature and you can change the type…or, well, things react like you've changed the type. Close enough."
Max Thorn: "I presume it has some quick-discharge mechanism, though? Like a capacitor?"
Petri: "Yeah. And you're the first people in a week in here, other than me, who knew the word 'capacitor'." She rolls her eyes.
Max Thorn: "…That's kind of depressing."
Petri: "So since you're not dumb, let me rephrase. It's a bunch of single-use capacitors. All discharge, little life but that doesn't matter."
Petri gives Max a weak smile.
Esme: "That's the part I'm curious about…Things like Electric and Fire are simple enough to emulate but for others, where are you getting that-" She wobbles her hands as she produces the Steel Case. "-je ne sais quoi?"
Max Thorn: "As long as the ammo case keeps it charged, sounds fine."
Max Thorn: "…I'd suspect a full metal jacket made of steel."
Petri nods. "And a core of steel too."
Esme shakes her head. "Not that simple. If I throw a rock at Jack it doesn't make it Rock-typed."
Max Thorn: "The tricky ones would probably be, oh, Flying and Fairy."
Petri winces. "Yyyeah, I haven't figured those two types out."
Max Thorn: "I'd probably have a look at mythology…you'd probably have to do something with oak, ash, and thorn."
Max Thorn: "At least for Fairy, anyway. Wouldn't know where to begin on Flying."
Petri: "Well…just throwing a pebble, no. But consider how a pokemon can throw rocks and it is!"
Petri: "There's a certain amount of force needed - and maybe elemental composition. I try for a mix of silicates, and it seems to work."
Max Thorn: "Huh. I figured the silicates would make it _Ground_…"
Petri: "Eh. If I used oak, ash, and thorn it'd probably just wind up grass type."
Max Thorn: "Individually, you're probably right."
Linnea: "Silver?"
Esme rubs her chin. "If the materials were pure enough in composition to be attuned to the right Essence, then that would work…and I suppose just using a capacitor to emulate an infusion /would/ fit within the bounds of my data…"
Petri: "They do if you grind them up! Exploding sand bullets. But if they're all fused together in one tough rock - preferably stuff that's been a single stone for a while…"
Max Thorn: "Like a chunk of granite? I can see that, sure."
Petri: "…you know, I don't think I've tried silver bullets yet."
Esme: "Let me see this machine!"
Linnea: "If nothing else, you'd have anti-lycan rounds."
Max Thorn: "So…pack a bullet with sawdust from oak, ash, and thorn mixed with a binder-probably a resin or sap blend from those three-and you'd probably get a Fairy round. Those three have associations with Fairy, if I recall my lore aright. Or use moon rocks."
Esme frowns. "Fairy is weird."
Esme points between Linnea and Max. "With all your sparkling and all that. Never really got it."
Linnea: "Well, it's, uh…"
Linnea: "It's complicated. Kind of an individual thing on how you deal with its essence."
Petri: "The ammo factory? Sure, just don't touch anything." She taps on her desk's computer's keyboard a bit, and a door opens to the side. A grinding sound comes from within - not loud enough to drown out conversation in the office, but you might not be able to hear anyone if you go in. "It's currently making rock-type bullets."
Max Thorn: "…I presume you have noise-cancelling headphones?"
Petri shakes her head. "The noise is the best deterrent to…you know the types."
Petri: "So I don't keep convenient ways for them to cheat out of it."
Esme makes her way in. Let's see this operation.
Max Thorn: "…I sympathize."
Linnea: "Ah, well."
Esme soon finds that, yes, she can not hear much else, though the noise is at least not painful. She has seen videos of ammunition factories, and this seems to be a small example of such - chipping off bullet-sized pieces of granite, grinding them into shape, drilling small holes in their rears, inserting explosive, filling up said holes to make percussion caps, then boxing up the results in magazines.
In many ways it can be summarized as turning rocks into bullets.
It is uncertain if there are a few steps hidden from view among the workings of the machine.
Linnea‘ figures there’s always something hidden. To explain the trick would ruin the effect.
Max Thorn checks the clock…
It is 10 AM. Still plenty of time.
Esme squints. There's gotta be more to this. Any way to peek around? Anything seemingly out of place?
[OOC] WC GM: Esme: Technical Education check w/high TN.
Jack walks over to the range, looking concerned.
Max Thorn: "So what other types have you had trouble figuring out?"
Linnea: "…so how do you do Dragon?"
Esme rolled up 5d6+1: 25 (6 4 6 5 3) (Tech What)
[OOC] Max Thorn: sweet
Petri: "That's one of them. How DO you do Dragon?"
Jack Layfield: "Ghosts. I really don't get ghosts."
Linnea: "If I had to guess…by utilizing something in their remains."
Max Thorn: "I'd probably take a dragon fang."
Jack Layfield: "And we might need to be very worried about them."
Linnea: "That still means duking it out with one, though."
Esme can not figure out everything without disassembling the factory - which, danger aside, would require touching it - but she does spy something out of place. The propellant mixer includes ethers, just like one would feed to pokemon.
Max Thorn: "Scales might work, too, and would take a lot less work. They have to moult too, after all."
Linnea: "Hmm, yeah…"
Esme shouts "AHAH!" , though it is probably muffled by the machinery. Good enough answer for her. She heads back out to the reception area.
Linnea: "…"
Linnea: "Weirdo."
Jack Layfield: "Wait, what did you find?"
Jack Layfield: "What's going on?"
Max Thorn: "I think Ghost would definitely involve pokemon remains, though."
Jack Layfield: "Will it help with the ghost tanks?"
Max Thorn: "Which is why you'd have to go with scales or fangs rather than bones."
Linnea: "I can only imagine."
Petri: "So far I have designs for electric, fire, ice, ground, steel, rock, water, grass, and of course poison. I haven't put those last three into production yet, though."
Max Thorn: "…Wouldn't water just be a matter of doing paintball rounds?"
Linnea: "Ah yes, the long-standing tradition of ranged poison delivery."
Esme: "I knew just using some rocks wouldn't do it. They're adding Ether."
Jack Layfield: "Somebody left a note on the simulators. Apparently the mini-tanks can phase through solid objects."
Jack Layfield: "Which is terrifying."
Petri: "Hmm? Oh! You found my note!"
Petri: "I was trying to get word out throughout Dojji, but by now they probably know."
Jack Layfield: "Wouldn't Dojji know before us?"
Petri: "Parts of Dojji. But Dojji is almost as big as Amoda."
Petri: "And I don't even know what all is still inhabited. By people, anyway."
Max Thorn: "Think we'll be finding out one way or the other, just as soon as we're done here."
Jack Layfield: "Fun."
Petri: "Still, yeah. You live behind thick walls or underground, then one day the raidertanks just…" She makes a swatting motion. "…and then they're ten or more meters away, right through your walls, tearing up your compound. That's when they dragged me out of there."
Jack Layfield: "That sounds bad."
Petri: "Never seen anything like it in all my eighty years." …judging by looking at her, there is no way she is older than twenty-five.
Jack Layfield: "Your eighty what now…"
Petri: "Anyway. Yeah, water and poison are kind of just water balloon bullets and…poison balloon bullets."
Max Thorn squints.
Esme makes some notes on what she gleaned from the machinery, with some plans on how to disassemble the carts she got later. "Given what I've seen, it's basically just some automated low-scale alchemy. Which…is actually kind of impressive, though could be refined. Now that that's out of the way…"
Petri: "Grass is kind of a pollen bullet, really."
Esme: "What did you specifically call me here for?"
Petri: "So anyway. Esme, you searched for shards - ah, 'dowsed', was it?"
Esme: "Mmhm."
Petri: "In your opinion, how rich is Fort Blaston in…the type of energy you uncover?"
Petri: "Compared to other places in Amoda."
Max Thorn: "I think Dark would require a hollowpoint or fragmentation round, assuming you can manage the latter. Got to go for the dirtiest, nastiest thing you can do for Dark…"
Linnea: "A lot of overlap between Poison and Dark in that respect."
Esme scratches her chin. "Hard to tell, given I've improved quite a bit on the way up here-"
Esme: "Not at all!"
Jack Layfield: "How would Psychic work? Would you fire brains at people?"
Max Thorn: "Not really. Poison is pretty distinct; it's just introducing a toxin, venom, or poison of some description."
Petri: "There's…no energy here, then?"
Esme: "Poison is not simply 'being nasty'. It is the concept of erosion, decay, and entropy. The inevitable crawl to the end."
Petri: "Oh, that."
Esme coughs. "Sorry, distracted."
Esme: "My first dowse seemed fairly plentiful."
Linnea: "Psychic…probably some kind of sedative? Power of suggestion?"
Petri chuckles. "Heh. 'Inevitable'."
Petri: "Oh! Wait, if you were taking that sim…are you heading into Dojji?"
Max Thorn: "Yes, but don't let on if anyone asks."
Petri: "How far are you going?"
Max Thorn: "…Not entirely sure yet."
Esme: "Enough to deal with the big thing."
Jack Layfield: "So not brains…"
Max Thorn: "We're looking to do something about the megatank, though."
Petri: "Pff. Mega Raidertank?" She smiles as she rolls her eyes. "Ha ha, very funny."
Max Thorn: "I am, unfortunately, *quite* serious."
Esme: "Mmm. Hold that thought about richness." She slips out towards the range proper, getting out her rods again.
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 2 1 1 5 5 5 2 3 5 5 4 (0 explosions)
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 1 2 1 4 6 5 1 3 2 2 1 1 (1 explosions)
Petri: "Err! Ah…oh, it's fine, nobody's using it."
Petri seemed very worried when Esme burst into the range proper.
Linnea‘ starts poking around as well, taking an area Esme isn’t once she heard the place was unoccupied.
Linnea‘ rolled up 7d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 5 2 3 4 1 1 5 (0 explosions)
Esme returns, another 9 Red shards richer. "Mm. Fairly average."
Petri: "Anyway…fine, keep your secrets, but since you’re the first competent people I've talked to in a bit…" She digs under her desk, pulls out a keycard, passes it through what Max recognizes as an imprinter, then tosses it to Max.
Linnea: "…I think I'm just bad at this."
Linnea: "For now."
Petri: "There. That should get you into my old lab if you're in the area."
Max Thorn pockets it. "Need anything in particular from it?"
Jack Layfield: "Would the raidertank still be in the lab?"
Petri: "Eh, something done with it. You mentioned ghosts, so you've dealt with them, right?"
Petri shrugs. "It's probably moved on. But you never know."
Max Thorn: "That sounds ominous."
Linnea: "Oogh…"
Linnea: "Well, I can compensate if push comes to shove."
Max Thorn: "Well, if nothing else, I have a pokemon that can deal with them now."
Esme puts about half of them in her pack. The rest she clasps firmly in her fist. With a few moments, her eyes shine, and the usual resounding CRACK rings out with a small flash of sparks.
Linnea: "Both I and my Pokemon are capable."
Linnea: "…oh!"
Petri: "Anyway. If you deal with them then there's, ah, one I'd like laid to rest if you could please."
Linnea‘ startles a bit at the sound.
Petri puts on a forced smile. "Some personal business I couldn’t finish."
Esme: "There ya go!" She tosses something to Max - a small crystal ring. Should be just right for Antheia to wear as a little belt, though.
Max Thorn: "It's on the list." He catches the ring, then passes it up to Antheia, who starts posing with it on.
Petri: "If you go there it should be obvious; there'll probably be just the one. Thanks."
Jack Layfield: "Okay, we can do that, We've totally wrecked one Raider tank, what's another?"
Linnea‘ takes out four shards - they float up into the air, seem to whirl into mist for a moment, then re-integrate into a small, perfectly spherical pink Fairy Gem.
Petri shakes her head. "Not a tank. My…daughter."
Linnea: "…urk!"
Petri: "I had her ghost contained while I was there, but in the raid…" She shrugs.
Linnea` loses her focus at that, nearly dropping the gem to the floor. "
Linnea: "Y-y-y-y-y-y-you what? With…what?"
Esme squints. "Ahh, you do it the old way! Probably more efficient in the long run, bu-…Lost ghost?"
Petri: "Yeah. Due to circumstances my daughter’s ghost wouldn't go away. I rigged up a containment matrix so she could get some rest, but I knew it wouldn't be permanent. I never got around to…well, more like I didn't know how to make it permanent. Then the raid - there's no way the matrix is still intact, but I was hauled out of there."
Jack Layfield: "You know I may be the wrong person to say this, we may be a in little over our heads with that."
Petri: "So if you deal with stuff like that, I'd appreciate it."
Jack Layfield: "Unless your daughter's ghost will be soothed by sick flips."
Esme: "Well it depends on what she wants. Just putting her somewhere itself isn't that hard." She snorts. "I mean, I put like a tenth of my soul into my glove."
Petri shakes her head. "She wants her body back. That is of course impossible, especially now."
Esme: "Oh! Quite difficult then."
Max Thorn: "I suspect we'll have to have a talk with her, then."
Linnea: "Can't design a body around some kind of soul container?"
Max Thorn: "Won't be the first, and I doubt it'll be the last by any stretch."
Linnea: "You know, like a phylactery."
Petri: "The artificial one was way too big. I considered having another child so she could take that body, but…" She shrugs.
Max Thorn: "…That's not how phylacteries work."
Linnea: "…bollocks."
Linnea: "Don't look at me, not my field."
Esme wobbles her hand. "Sort of half mine? Quarter?"
Esme: "Wait, way too big?"
Max Thorn: "…How old was she, did you say?"
Petri: "She was eight, when…she became a ghost."
Max Thorn: "…"
Max Thorn: "…That's going to make it more difficult."
Max Thorn: "Anyway, as I said, we'll see what we can do."
Petri: "And she hasn't grown since then, that I've seen. Though partly that's because I put her to sleep in the matrix shortly afterward."
Petri: "Just as soon as I could build it, once I realized she was a ghost."
Jack Layfield: "Lady have you considered you might be an evil mad scientist?"
Linnea: "I think I'm getting concern fatigue."
Jack Layfield: "Because this sounds like science of the not particularly sane kind."
Petri smirks. "I've done what could be called 'mad science'. Evil is a point of view. Team Jaeger certainly appreciates my work, even if they don't always understand it."
Max Thorn: "Science is science. As long as nobody's coming to harm as a result of its pursuit, it's not _evil_."
Jack Layfield: "Also you look considerably younger than you talk."
Jack Layfield: "This is hella wack."
Esme: "I mean, I don't really blame her for not trying to exorcise her own daughter."
Max Thorn: "So anyway…you said you specialized in fossils, right? What all does that entail?"
Petri: "Oh, you know, cloning pokemon from old fossils, charting and studying what used to be."
Max Thorn: "What all have you been able to revive?"
Petri: "I think I'd created at least a hundred pokemon before the invasion."
Petri shrugs and ticks off on her fingers. "Omanytes, Kabutos, Aerodactyls, Lileeps, Anoriths, Cranidoses, Shieldons, Tirtougas, Archens, Amauras, and…a Tyrunt, once."
Petri: "Haven't gotten to do any of that since the invasion, though."
Linnea: "Wrong kind of site, I reckon."
Max Thorn: "I'd bet not, under the circumstances. If we come across any, I'll be sure to bring them to you, though."
Petri: "I'd have to rebuild my machine. I hear there's one at Scale Mount University, though."
Linnea: "You ever consider setting up shop somewhere else?"
Linnea: "Brooktale's good for tech."
Petri: "I'd love to! But Team Jaeger won't let me leave."
Max Thorn: "The Jags'd have to let her go, though."
[OOC] Max Thorn: ^ is simultaneous with Petri's statement, fwiw.
Linnea: "…oh."
Linnea: "Well, damn it."
Petri: "If I could get out of here…well, I'd visit Brooktale, but Scale Mount would be my first choice."
Max Thorn: "I'd be happy to show you around, if you were able to manage it."
Linnea: "I've never been to Scale Mount, but Brooktale's where I grew up."
Esme: "Could at least phone her while we're there. Virtual tour?"
[OOC] Max Thorn: Max's todo list isn't quite as long as his arm, but it's starting to get there… <.<
Max Thorn: "If we can get an outgoing connection going from here, maybe."
Linnea: "…good point."
Linnea: "Isn't this place firewalled to hell?"
Jack Layfield: "Well, it turns out the actual walls aren't much good at keeping raidertanks out, so…"
Petri: "I've been able to get around it, from time to time. Actually, there're some visitors coming by to chat in a few days."
Petri: "If the guards'll let them in."
Max Thorn: "Oh?"
Petri: "Yeah. Used a phone avatar, pretty sure. I mean, who ever heard of a talking xatu?"
Linnea: "I mean…"
Linnea: "They usually talk right into your head."
Esme: "Oh boy."
Esme claps her hands together. "What did the Xatu say?"
Linnea: "Oh boy?"
Esme: "Oh yeah! You weren't here for that."
Petri: "…huh. You know, now that I think about it, it did kind of sound like it was coming from my head instead of the phone."
Max Thorn: "…I've /met/ a tallking xatu."
Linnea: "What was its deal then?"
Petri frowns. "…and the phone picked itself up…I thought?"
Max Thorn: "He was part of Team Other People's Servers."
Linnea: "That's a really silly name."
Jack Layfield: "Wait, was he a hacker pokemon?"
Max Thorn: "Well, to be fair, so is Team Stormcloud."
Max Thorn: "Really silly, I mean."
Petri shrugs. "Anyway. They said they wanted to…oh! That's right, he said Team Stormcloud would come for me."
Jack Layfield: "Oh right, them."
Linnea: "Do they intend to literally storm the fort?"
Jack Layfield: "…You do seem to fit the bill of their favored target."
Max Thorn: "…Did they say what they wanted you for?"
Petri: "No? I guess they heard of me or something."
Jack Layfield: "Pokemon scientist, loose morals…."
Jack Layfield: "Surrounded by stuff they don't feel guilty blowing up…"
Petri frowns. "Do you think this may be a hostile visit?"
Max Thorn: "Well. They're not our friends, at any rate. Nor are they friends with the Jags."
Linnea: "They're out of their bloody minds."
Max Thorn: "So my guess is, if you're at all essential to the Jags, you really don't want to go willingly."
Jack Layfield: "The only people we've seen them be friendly with is those ninjas."
Linnea: "All the same, I wouldn't want to be here for the crossfire."
Esme: "Well yeah. That's why we crashed their blimp."
Esme: "They are not pleasant."
Jack Layfield: "They're also hella dumb."
Jack Layfield: "Like, really really really dumb."
Jack Layfield: "At least, the humans are."
Petri: "I'll inform the southern district to beef up security. Thanks for telling me."
Esme: "Watch out for a Pichu."
Esme: "If you see it, don't even hesitate."
Jack Layfield: "Punt the little bastard."
Esme: "Just-" She slaps her hand, motioning into an arc. "Right towards the magma. It'll get caught by a Togekiss or something."
Max Thorn: "Bonus points if he almost lands in the magma."
Petri: "Pichu is the priority target. Got it. Is that their leader or something?"
Max Thorn hmms. "In a way."
Esme: "As far as they can be concerned, he's up there somewhere."
Linnea: "You're making it sound like the 'mon are smarter than the handlers."
Max Thorn: "Kinda are, yeah. The humans aren't the brains of that particular outfit, as far as I can tell."
Linnea‘ just shakes her head. "(Melo.)"
Time has passed, and noon approaches.
Petri: "So…about the same shard energy here as everywhere else?"
Petri: "So what we’re doing isn't affecting things. Good to know."
Max Thorn: "Nah, it varies based on the place's type specialty. But…we gotta run."
Jack Layfield: "Quick, anyone got any insulting versions of Ignacia? Iggy pop is a little too obvious, I need help."
Linnea: "Not the same, per se? Elements, after all-"
Max Thorn: "Ignoracia?"
Linnea: "Ignorant? Ingrate?"
Linnea: "Ignomy?"
Petri smiles. "You want to get under her skin?"
Petri: "Gaelan."
Linnea‘ headtilts.
Jack Layfield: "Gaelan, got it."
Max Thorn makes a note.
Esme: "Hrm."
Petri: "She wants to pretend to be more than that. And she is. But."
Jack Layfield: "Is that her last name? Real name?"
Petri: "Nah. She’s just from Gaela. Some days I think she left her boytoy back there to come here on a mission and forgot to check in with him."
Esme: "Oh! I almost forgot!"
Esme nearly flails.
Esme: "UpGrade!"
Petri: "Hmm? You mean for a porygon?"
Esme: "Oui."
Petri: "I could make one for you, sure. Hmm…probably shouldn't charge normal money for that. I mean, that'd need accounting and all."
Petri: "Tell you what. How many shards would you be willing to part with for one?"
Esme considers…then digs through her bag. She dumps roughly half her Green shards on the counter.
Esme: "This many."
Jack Layfield: "How many of those do you have?"
Max Thorn eyes the clock. "We…really need to go, though. Ignacia's going to be issuing her challenge to us at noon sharp."
Linnea: "That's a lot of green…"
Petri raises her eyebrows. "Done!" She scoops them up and gets to typing. "It'll just be a moment."
The clock ticks down…tick, tick, one minute left, the party can see a small crowd forming in front of the gym…then Petri finally pulls a data card out of her computer and hands it to Esme. "Here. Upload it through your pokedex. But I'd wait until after the challenge ceremony."
Esme: "Just another sec and we can go!" She goes ahead and releases Lucrece, who bobs up and down as its gelatinous self.
Petri: "That's…a porygon?"
Max Thorn starts heading out thataway…
Esme: "It's a little bit special. Merci!"
Petri: "Well, it should still work. Though I almost want to see if it'd work if you just inserted the card directly."
Jack looks, then starts sprinting over to the right position. "
Esme just presses the card into Luc, where it sits suspended. "I'll let you know if it works!" Gotta get to that challenge thinger.
Linnea‘ follows Jack. Enough talk, she doesn’t want to get slapped for insubordination. "

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