Session 40

The dozen raidertanks begin backing off from what is apparently the elevator pad into Site 2, and turning upon Sam. This takes them a moment…
[OOC] WC GM: PCs get a free round. Go for it!
Linnea: "You gotta be kidding me…"
Linnea traces a peculiar pattern in the air in front of her with her knife, and lines of magic seem to burst out from the ground to form a barrier around Linnea. [Leyline: Attunement - +1 Def/Sp.Def CS]
Sam Spade: "Sensitive much?"
Sam Spade: "Malta! Harass them, keep them mad, but stay safe!"
Linnea: "You'll forgive me if I'm a little ragged after being NEARLY NUKED INTO OBLIVION."
Sam Spade: "Might wanna duck away from me, then. I'm going to be…yeah."
Linnea: "Oh you do what you need to I don't care about that."
Linnea: "You're on our side, right?"
Linnea snorts.
Sam Spade: "Well, if they don't move towards me, then they'll be sticking on that elevator and we won't be able to get inside."
Linnea: "Vexing."
Sam Spade: "….They have guns, right? This isn't gonna work if they don't have to move to shoot us."
Sam Spade: "And by us I mean me."
Max Thorn: "You can dodge, right?"
Esme: "You're…not a good target to shoot."
Linnea: "Well, I might be slightly coming apart at the seams, but that doesn't mean I can't fight. You gonna provoke them?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Technically, Sam already did, but yeah she's gonna push it.
Sam Spade used Taunt!
Linnea also sends Miator back out, in case another healbomb needs to be dropped. "<You're kidding me, right?>" "I already said that!"
Max Thorn: "All right. Ammy, you're up. Give 'em an Ember!"
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20: 3 (3) (AC 3, automatic -3 to Accuracy Rolls to target tank for 1 full round.)
[OOC] Sam Spade: UGH. No Enrage, then, but the -3 to Accy stands. And the EOT doesn't trigger so I can try again next round.
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 1 (1) 30 (4 3)
[OOC] Max Thorn: WELP
Esme quickly palms a pester ball, and winds up to fling it into the midst of the tanks!
The tank company seems to be too busy disengaging to notice the party's specific tactics.
Esme rolled up 1d20+1: 6 (5) (AC 6)
Sam Spade also shifts towards the tanks, ahead of the group.
Esme manages to hit the elevator platform, square and true. That is the center of where the tanks were…
[OOC] Esme: Could blow it up to a Blast 2, but wouldn't get the status anyways :I
Malta cruises over the tanks and lobs an Ember.
Malta rolled up 1d20+1 2d6+8+13: 19 (18) 30 (6 3) (AC 2, Burn on 18+.)
[OOC] Sam Spade: BURN, BABY!
One of the tanks is severely burned! It peels off to go take care of that.
The remaining eleven circle around. Four each flank to the left and right, while the remaining trio fire away at the party…
WC GM rolled up 3d20: 30 (7 20 3)
[OOC] Linnea: Question, do the effects of Coats that I put up from the last scene still linger?
[OOC] WC GM: The coat was a Blessing, so it is still there, which reduces Esme's hit to a non-crit.
WC GM rolled up 2d6+23 2d6+23: 32 (4 5) 26 (2 1)
Sam is hit for (32-Defense), and Esme for (26-Defense). Linnea manages to lean to the side, letting the shell aimed at her head sail on by!
[OOC] WC GM: Round 2! Party's turns.
Linnea: "AaaaaaAAAAAAAAA."
Max Thorn: "Try it again, Ammy!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 20 (20) 29 (2 4)
[OOC] Max Thorn: It's…it's gotta be CRIT! It's gotta…it's gotta be CRIT! :V
Esme seems more annoyed, than anything. [79/85]
Max Thorn rolled up 2d6+8: 17 (6 3) (crit dice)
[OOC] Max Thorn: and a bonus Burn!
Linnea: "Enough of this! Light take you all!" She points dramatically at the tank group, and a line is drawn among them, which lingers for but a moment before erupting into a [Dazzling Gleam]!
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 11 (11) (AC 2)
[OOC] Linnea: baw, no acc down
[OOC] Max Thorn: ps that was aimed at one of the tanks who fired on us.
Malta glides over the tank group to the left, throwing out a massive gout of fire! Flame Blast!
Linnea rolled up 2d8*0.75+10*0.75: 19.500000 (8 8) (Fairy/Special)
Malta rolled up 1d20+1 4d10+10+13: 2 (1) 53 (9 10 7 4) (AC 4, Smite, Burn on 19+)
[OOC] Sam Spade: …WELL. Smite, at least, so as if hit but Resisted one level higher.
Linnea's line manages to slice through three of the remaining tanks.
Linnea lets out an annoyed tch, seems it didn't work quite the way she expected.
Linnea: "<Maybe I can do a little better.>" "Please do!"
Miator conjures up an eerie ball of fae flame, which she sends cannoning into one of the untouched tanks. [Will-O-Wisp]
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 1 (1) (AC5)
It poofs into fickle smoke.
Linnea: "<Not. A. Word.>"
The second burned tank backs up to peel out.
Sam Spade swings her hovercycle around to the right, glares at the tank in the middle, and guns it.
The raidertank Sam is addressing pauses a moment, then bobs its cannon up and down as if to reply in the affirmative.
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20: 18 (18) (Taunt again. Still -3 to Accuracy for one round, even on a miss.)
Max Thorn: "Yo! Fatso! Yo momma's so fat, when she sits around the base, she sits *around* the base!"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Also do you want me to roll a Focus check to shift right past it?
[OOC] WC GM: Sure.
Esme hunkers down, and starts pulling…her glove off? She digs through her bag for something. "I have an idea, but it is entirely experimental!"
Linnea groans.
Max Thorn: "(…I don't know how effective yo-momma jokes are against tanks, but it was worth a shot…)"
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 11 (3 1 1 4 2) (Focus)
Sam does indeed manage to slip past - and sees, hidden in the ground, the gleam of yet another pokemon move powering up. This must be the sniper.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Oh! Triggering Play Them Like A Fiddle.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Next attack to hit that tank deals +3d8+10.
Sam darts right between the two center tanks, throwing an absent kick to the one she was glaring at. There's no way she didn't hurt herself or lose control with that, but it spins to follow her…
[OOC] Sam Spade: Also, it takes a tick of damage for that Social-crit. MAN why did I stop doing Provocateur stuff.
Sam bumps right past the sniper before a cannon pops out of the ground.
WC GM rolled up 1d20: 17 (17)
WC GM rolled up 5d12+55+3d8+10: 113 (9 6 8 6 7 1 6 5)
There were 10 tanks engaged with the party. There are now 9 thoroughly waterlogged treaded machines with a big hole in them, and 1 tank sweatdropping.
Sam's pokedex pings again.
Linnea: "Mother of arts…"
The one tank takes another quick snipe at Esme!
WC GM rolled up 1d20: 10 (10)
WC GM rolled up 2d6+23: 29 (2 4)
Hits for (29-Defense) damage!
[OOC] Esme: 70/89
The remaining 9 take a moment to recover from being knocked around.
[OOC] WC GM: Round 3! Party's turn.
Max Thorn: "Light 'em up once again, Ammy!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 7 (7) 35 (6 6)
[OOC] WC GM: Going after the relatively-unhurt tank?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yup.
That raidertank's sweatdrop is burned clean away.
Linnea lines up a burst of otherwise plain magic at the tank, and Miator follows suit! [Lin's Struggle, Mia's Confusion]
Linnea rolled up 2d20: 31 (20 11) (Struggle AC 4, Confusion AC 2)
Linnea's magic seems to make a sound not unlike that of a mallet striking a gong -
Linnea rolled up 4d8*0.75+10*0.75: 18 (7 2 1 4) (Fairy/Special)
Linnea rolled up 2d6*0.75+10*0.75: 13.500000 (5 3) (Psychic/Special)
Malta picks one of the tanks that stayed on the elevator and throws a burning Ember at it!
Malta rolled up 1d20+1 2d6+8+13: 13 (12) 30 (5 4) (AC2, Burns on 18+.)
Linnea rolled up 4d8*0.75+20*0.75: 28.500000 (6 3 7 2) (Fairy/Special)
Malta's target is nearly toast, so to speak.
Esme stands back up, gripping something in her hand. She is tired of these salvos. "Y'know what. I was gonna do this the safe way, but screw safety precautions. Sam! Get get clear, because I have no idea what's going to happen!"
Esme holds a red shard firmly in her hand, and… pops it in her mouth! CRUNCH. Gulp.
Linnea: "Oh Melo what's she gonna do."
Esme: "…Hum. I figured there'd be more of a reacti-OOOH."
Esme is suddenly engulfed in a swirling purplish red aura! She quickly clasps her hands together. "Focusfocusfocusfocus-" Shining light gathers between her palms, the aura calming to form a blazing red outline around her. "-ANDGO!" The ball of light flies forward, and upwards into the sky… before scattering into pillars of scorching heat! [JUDGMENT]
Sam Spade ducks at right angles to the tanks - not in the party's direction, quite.
Esme rolled up 1d20+1: 17 (16) (Smite, AC2, Blast 3)
Max Thorn: "…Please tell me that that trick can be taught."
Esme rolled up 3d8+28: 37 (1 5 3) (SPECIAL FIRE BABY)
Miator warps hurriedly out of the way. "<You might wanna->" [Telepathy]
It is a solid hit to all of the remaining tanks. Sam and the pokemon were well out of the way; Max and Linnea manage to steer out to minimum safe distance.
Linnea: "Stars above…!"
Linnea: "Isn't that…dare I say…"
Sam Spade: "Ho-oh preserve us…"
Esme coughs as she runs along to the side, shaking a bit. "Ok-kay! Was-sn't exp-pecting that."
Linnea: "H-hey!"
Linnea: "I don't know who and or what you think you are, but…"
Linnea: "Did just just channel Arceus's power…?"
Esme: "N-no idea! I just-t f-figured if sh-shards can b-be used to influence n-nature things, I could m-maybe get something useful b-by channeling it with e-e-*cough* essence!"
Linnea: "Stars…"
Linnea: "Well…uh…"
Linnea: "E-experiment successful, right?"
Sam Spade: "Malta! Start working on that one! Don't get too crazy, though!"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Using Focused Orders, tagging one of the tanks close to her.
Max Thorn: "So how many times can you pull that little number off?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: And shift action to jockey away from the tanks.
As the tanks come about, from the ground comes a, "Diglett DIG diglett DIG!"
The tanks pause for a moment, then try to scatter - too late.
Linnea: "Welp."
Linnea: "Bye."
Dugtrios Popping Up: "TRIO!"
WC GM rolled up 1d20 3d8+25: 15 (15) 30 (2 2 1)
Dugtrios Popping Up: "TRIO!"
WC GM rolled up 1d20 3d8+25: 3 (3) 28 (1 1 1)
Dugtrios Popping Up: "TRIO!"
WC GM rolled up 1d20 3d8+25: 17 (17) 40 (5 8 2)
Four of the tanks are flipped upside-down. Six remain, firing off more powerful blasts at the party.
WC GM rolled up 6d20: 74 (7 16 16 19 2 14)
Linnea dodges one! Esme dodges one!
WC GM rolled up 3d8+15 3d8+15 3d8+15 3d8+15: 28 (4 3 6) 28 (1 5 7) 25 (1 8 1) 29 (8 1 5)
Max Thorn: "I would just like to remark that I'd like to go for ONE DAY in this bloody region without getting shot…"
Sam and Max each get hit for (28-Defense) damage! Esme takes (25-Defense) then (29-Defense)!
Linnea: "I don't think it's possible at this point."
[OOC] WC GM: Party's turn!
[OOC] Sam Spade: 30/91 HP, 1 Injury.
Sam Spade: "Esme, are you okay?"
Max Thorn: "Put some more heat on, Ammy!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 19 (19) 27 (1 3)
[OOC] Esme: 65/89 HP
[OOC] Max Thorn: We has a Burned tank!
Malta focuses on the target Sam gave her, and throws on the heat! Fire Blast!
Linnea makes a chopping motion with her knife, sending another line of light searing through the remaining tanks! [Dazzling Gleam]
Max Thorn: "Hey, you! Yo momma so dumb she got ran over by a parked car!"
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20+3 4d10+10+13: 8 (5) 36 (7 2 3 1) (AC 4, Focused Training+Orders+Momentum, burn on 19+, Smite.)
Miator teleports over to Sam, setting her arms on the trainers shoulders, to send a sudden jolt of healing magic through her! [Heal Pulse, +45 HP]
Sam Spade: "…wah-whoa, thanks!"
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 4 (4) (Dazzling Gleam AC2/-1 Acc evens)
[OOC] WC GM: DG misses on a 4, sorry.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Is Malta's target still up?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes.
[OOC] Linnea: Evasions?
[OOC] Max Thorn: 65/82
Esme: "I-I'm-" She slaps her own cheeks. "Je vais bien!" She pulls a familiar move, slamming her right fist into her left palm. A thin violet aura surrounds her as she revs towards the tanks. "Keep moving, let me draw the fire!"
[OOC] Esme: Readied Shield; Slowed, but +10 DR and +4 Evasions…which caps me at +9
Sam Spade used Strike Again!
Malta drops an Ember on the tank!
Malta rolled up 1d20+2 2d6+8+13: 6 (4) 25 (1 3) (Fire Special Burn on 18+)
[OOC] Sam Spade: AC2
The line seems to sparkle and fizzle instead of detonating. "Damn…"
Sam's pokedex beeps again.
The raidertanks unleash most of their ordinance on the harassing dugtrios, who in turn quickly pop back underground, but a pair of salvos come at Max and Esme.
WC GM rolled up 2d20: 28 (11 17)
Max Thorn: "Seriously, this is getting kind of old."
WC GM rolled up 2d6+23 2d6+23: 27 (2 2) 29 (2 4)
Max is hit for (27-Defense), and Esme for (29-Defense).
[OOC] Max Thorn: 49/82
The on-fire tank flees, leaving 5 targets remaining.
Esme holds out her palm the shell shattering against her empowered form! [1 DAMAGE]
[OOC] WC GM: Party's turn!
Max Thorn: "Once more into the breech, Ammy!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 6 (6) 31 (3 5)
Sam Spade: "Everyone in, they're waiting for us!"
Sam Spade ramps over the tanks closest to her, heading for the elevator.
Linnea fires at the tanks again, once more with Miator in succession - if there's one thing they can agree on, it's ALWAYS to double-tap. [Struggle] [Confusion] She then makes a break for the entrance!
Max Thorn charges for the lift instead of pulling away from the tanks, this time around.
[OOC] WC GM: Focus or Athletics check to make it to the elevator.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 19 (5 4 4 2 4) (Focus.)
Esme rolled up 4d6+1: 13 (1 2 6 3) (Vroom?)
Max Thorn rolled up 2d6: 5 (4 1) (Focus)
Linnea rolled up 2d6: 2 (1 1) (why)
[OOC] Max Thorn: oh dear
Linnea: "Agrhjergerg-"
Malta drops one last Ember on her target before retreating to the elevator.
Sam and Esme make it on. Max and Linnea are trapped behind the tanks!
Linnea rolled up 2d20: 7 (4 3) (Struggle 4, Confusion 2)
[OOC] WC GM: Both miss
[OOC] Linnea: apparently I stumbled my rolls, too
Linnea: "Little help, please!"
Malta rolled up 1d20+3 2d6+8+13: 17 (14) 27 (3 3) (AC 2, Burn on 18+.)
Esme palms another pester ball as she skids into the elevator, flinging it back into the remaining tanks!
Esme rolled up 1d20+1: 20 (19) (AC 6)
Sam Spade: "You wouldn't want to hurt a sweet girl like her, would you?"
Sam Spade blows a kiss at one of the tanks between Linnea and the elevator. Sweet Kiss!
Esme snaps her fingers, electricity crackling over the ball as it explodes into chaff to disrupt their sensors!
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20: 16 (16) (AC 6.)
[OOC] Esme: Blast 2, Confusion on the tanks
The remaining tanks are all Confused!
WC GM rolled up 5d20: 75 (13 19 19 20 4)
[OOC] Sam Spade: Confusion, -3 Evasion, may not Disengage, and if they hit themself they provoke an attack. On the one I hit.
Sam's target does indeed hit itself.
[OOC] WC GM: Go for it.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Gotta be one of us in melee to do it, so Linnea or a poke?
[OOC] WC GM: "All of their adjacent foes", was it?
[OOC] Sam Spade: Yeah, but who is that?
[OOC] WC GM: That means Max, Linnea, Ammy, and Mia all get a free attack right now.
[OOC] Max Thorn: A free Ember, you say? DON'T MIND IF I DO
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 11 (11) 27 (1 3)
[OOC] WC GM: That *and* Max gets to attack too.
Linnea seizes the opportunity, slicing another line through the air! [Dazzling Gleam]
[OOC] Max Thorn: Max is smart enough not to try to pummel a tank with his fists, though.
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 5 (5) (AC2/-1 Acc on Evens)
[OOC] Esme: Well AoOs are Struggles, typically
[OOC] Linnea: oh. oops
[OOC] WC GM: I'll allow it. 5's a miss anyway.
Linnea: "What is with my arts today…"
Max Thorn kicks up some sand at the nearest tank, though. ((-1 AP, Natural Fighter for Sand Attack))
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20: 16 (16) (AC 2 to blind target 'til end of next turn.)
That tank's sensors are thoroughly scratched by sand.
[OOC] WC GM: And Miator's attack?
[OOC] Linnea: Ooh.
Mia points at the most beat-up tank, sending a quick pulse toward it - [Struggle]
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 6 (6) (AC4)
Linnea: "<…>"
The tank drunkenly veers out of the way.
[OOC] WC GM: Actually, given the rough map, a 5th attack out of that provoc.
As if on cue from Sam, the cannon barrel pops up as the tanks line up, sending another Hydro Cannon through the ranks.
WC GM rolled up 1d20: 6 (6)
This one goes wide, though.
Max Thorn: "…Guess they weren't quite lined up right for another shot. Oh well."
The four not-pummeled-upon tanks try to surround Max and Linnea and tackle!
WC GM rolled up 4d20: 32 (5 11 11 5)
WC GM rolled up 1d8+23 1d8+23 1d8+23 1d8+23: 30 (7) 26 (3) 31 (8) 30 (7)
Linnea takes (30-Defense) then (26-Defense) damage, while Max takes (31-Defense) then (30-Defense).
[OOC] WC GM: Party's turn!
[OOC] WC GM: Sam and Esme can try Focus or Athletics to zip in and drag Max or Linnea out. Declare target before rolling.
[OOC] Max Thorn: 10/82
Linnea: "Ugh! Enough already! ENOUGH!"
Max Thorn: "GrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRR…"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 2d6+23: 6 (6) 28 (4 1) (Ember from Ammy)
[OOC] Sam Spade: Max it is.
Sam Spade: "Max! I'm coming for you!"
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20: 20 (20) (-1 AP for Natural Fighter to Sand Attack another bozo)
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 10 (1 3 2 3 1) (Focus to snag Max and get him out of the scrum!=)
Esme narrows her eyes. "Yeah, this is bad." She kicks off, seeing if she can zoom in there to grab Linnea.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Ew.
Linnea is swaying back and forth a little, but still standing. (9/[65] but I think that's a new Injury.)
Sam Spade: "Malta, that one!"
Esme rolled up 4d6+1: 19 (4 5 5 4) (ZOOM)
Malta throws an Ember at the one Sam just pointed at.
[OOC] Linnea: 9/[56]
Malta rolled up 1d20+4 2d6+8+13: 22 (18) 31 (6 4) (AC 2 burn on 18)
[OOC] Sam Spade: BURN BABY
Linnea: "… … ."
Linnea forces herself to stand more straight, stock still. The world around her seems to come to a complete halt as her aura flares out, and when she speaks, it comes out in a booming knell. "By the powers and passions of the Imperishable Stainless Knight, I seize your vitality for my own! [Draining Kiss]!" Shimmering, crimson light seems to burst outward from Linnea, into the tanks, and back into the magician!
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 18 (18) (AC 2)
Sam Spade: "….Moltres."
The gem in her hand seems to crumble away to ash as the magic takes place…
Linnea rolled up 2d8*0.75+10*0.75: 15.750000 (8 3)
When the spell completes, Linnea seems far more stable than she had been before, but she still looks a little unsteady, and the magical armor is gone.
The worst-off of the 5 tanks just comes to a halt. The others do not look so good.
That is about when Sam grabs a strut of Linnea's hoverbike.
The party squeezes past the raidertanks - barely, in Sam's case - and makes it to the elevator. The ground promptly drops out from beneath the party. Two seconds later, just as the party's heads clear ground level, a steel plate snaps into place overhead, cutting out the light.
Linnea: "Ajsdlhfsdf-"
Abruptly, the party's course changes from down to forward to right to back to down to left to…it is soon a maze of acceleration, roughly spiraling downward but taking quite the circuitous course to get there.
Sam Spade: "Malta, you with us?"
Malta: "Fletch!"
[OOC] Linnea: 44/[56]
Max Thorn: "If you're tryin' to make us vomit, I'm not gonna be the one to mop it up, y'hear me?"
[OOC] WC GM: 12 raidertanks - given level, multiplier, and party size - comes to 600 pokemon XP per trainer. I suspect that's a level or two for some of the pokemon.
[OOC] Max Thorn: …you 'suspect'? jeez. :p
[OOC] Sam Spade: Strongly suspect.
Linnea: "No- no, I'm… well. No, I'm not okay."
Linnea: "But I'm not gonna puke."
Sam Spade: "They're not."
Sam Spade: "Secondary defense."
Sam Spade: "Tanks were crowding on the hatch, and some of them just saw us go through."
Sam Spade: "If they make it in, they'll have to get through the maze still."
Sam Spade: "….Am I right? Can you guys hear me?"
Max Thorn: "Well aware of that, it's just a bit much for someone who's injured.
Sam Spade: "Beats fighting another twenty raidertanks."
Esme streeeeetches. "Phew. Yeah. Not interested in doing that."
Linnea looks down at herself. She's covered in nasty bruises, and gods know what else. "Um."
Several minutes later, the party finally emerges into a giant cavern, lit by scattered emergency electric lights. A few hundred people, and about a thousand pokemon, mill about here and there: some tending to equipment, some giving aid to the dugtrios from earlier, and a couple dozen with rifles pointed right at the party.
Linnea: "Hi. Please don't shoot us."
Max Thorn: "I've had enough getting-shot for the day, if you don't mind."
Sam Spade: "I'm with them on this one."
The leader - or so you guess, given his slightly less ragged clothing and more alert bearing than his peers - consults his pokedex. "Ayep, they're the ones." He nods, and the crowd lowers their weapons. "Welcome to Holdout Colony."
Indeed, it's a wonder that Max is able to remain upright, under the circumstances.
Holdout Leader: "What brings you by?"
Sam Spade: "…We're the ones what?"
Linnea: "The ones who lived."
Linnea snorts.
Holdout Leader: "The ones with pokedexes, of course."
Linnea: "Oh."
Sam Spade: "Ah, gotcha."
Holdout Leader: "Nice job linin' up them raidertanks."
Linnea: "Yeah, hi."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, more luck than anything."
Max Thorn: "Please tell me you've got a medic. Because I'm not answering questions until after I've been seen by one."
Holdout Leader: "Sure we do." He whistles. "'Ey, Joy, need ya over 'ere!"
Linnea: "Thank Melo…I think I'm running on sheer adrenaline at this point."
Max Thorn: "Now, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna…rest…" Max slumps over. He's still awake, but is obviously not going anywhere under his own power any time soon.
Esme frowns. "You two did get banged up pretty bad…"
Linnea just lays out flat on the ground.
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Sure enough, there is a Nurse Joy even here. The party can only recognize her by her hair and slightly scarred face, though, and she carries a rifle across her back. "Huh. They lived through that?"
Linnea makes a magic-wand-waving sort of motion.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, that's about what Iggy expects, too."
Linnea: "We got the touch."
Joy snaps her fingers. Lackeys come up with stretchers for Max and Linnea, carrying them toward what looks like a makeshift pokemon center.
Linnea: "Ooooh, I'd recognize that equipment anywhere. Yes, please."
Nurse Joy: "This may sting a little."
Linnea: "Compared to what I just went through? Sting away."
Max recognizes the equipment: it is similar to what was at the Dojoholm pokemon center.
Max Thorn: "Sting me…Sting me again…Sting me…Sting me, my friends…"
Max Thorn: "…but no shooting me up 'less it's drugs…"
Exactly 150 seconds later, Max and Linnea can remember, vaguely, pain and embarrassment over the past couple minutes. While their clothes are still damaged, their bodies are completely healed.
Linnea: "…I feel like I've been run through a washing machine."
Linnea: "But uh. Otherwise all together. Thanks for everythin'."
Max Thorn: "Through? Try 'over'. By several washing machines on wheels."
Nurse Joy: "You kind of were."
Linnea: "Ooh."
Linnea: "Okay, yeah."
Nurse Joy: "That's more accurate."
Nurse Joy: "I'd describe the process but everyone gets squicked out. That's why I had that memory suspender installed, after people got so freaked out they hurt themselves more than when they went in."
Linnea: "Handy, that."
Holdout Leader: "Now, what're you doin' out here?"
Linnea: "Someone else explain that, I'm all outta juice."
Max Thorn sits up. He wobbles a bit, then steadies. "Wanted the truth of things. Was also asked to lay someone's ghost to rest, which I suspect-and hope-was a rousing success."
Sam Spade: "Also Ignacia sent us to get something for her."
Esme: "Visiting! Probably help out somewhat. Also gonna go get the eye of the Megatank."
Sam Spade: "She's a Gym Leader in Amoda, now."
Linnea: "Yes and yes."
Holdout Leader: "An' how do you have pokedexes? Ain't been any for-real pokemon trainers out here for ages. What colony're y'all from?"
Max Thorn: "That's what that mushroom cloud over yonder was about." Max gestures vaguely in the direction of the ex-lab.
Linnea: "Uh…I'm from Brooktale…"
Max Thorn: "We came from Amoda."
Sam Spade: "…I don't think there are any other colonies left, actually."
Max Thorn: "Not unless Site 3 was obliterated while we weren't looking."
Holdout Leader: "What? Sure there are. There's Tea Colony and…" He blinks. "'Site 3'?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, well, I'm not sure about Site 3. It's not a Colony is it?"
Linnea: "Oh. Oh gods. They don't know, do they?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, Tea Colony just got evacuated."
Max Thorn pulls up his map of Dojji and has it project on the nearest vertical surface.
Sam Spade: "We have the last of the tea."
Esme: "Oh yeah!"
The leader gapes. Many of the others suck in their breaths, then begin murmuring excitedly.
Max Thorn: "We managed to get some info from external resources. Site 1's gone. So's the lab. You're Site 2."
Holdout Leader: "By. Lugia."
Esme digs out a green shard to sprinkle on those singed plants. "Forgot to patch these ups with all the mortar shells and everything."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
The leader salutes. "You have done us a great service. We, the last remaining sons and daughters of Dojji, do hereby formally forgive Amoda for its many war crimes."
Nurse Joy: "You can't just forgive them like that."
Sam Spade blinks back tears.
Sam Spade: "She's right."
Holdout Leader: "Sure I can. Who else has claim to? Besides, ain't no point in holding grudges NOW."
Max Thorn: "Don't do that just yet, please. We're not part of the government-such as it is, and what there is of it aside from Team Jaeger."
Sam Spade: "How can you forgive our ancestors for what they caused, when all we did was help mitigate the damage?"
Esme: "You can forgive /us/ though. I had nothing to do with that."
Sam Spade: "Not that it matters that much, really."
Holdout Leader: "What's done is done. Ain't gonna be time later, possibly."
Sam Spade: "Dojjians rule Amoda now, anyway."
Max Thorn: "Anyway, we dug up some info while we were in the lab."
Sam Spade: "….Time?"
Max Thorn: "Turns out, that thing people've been calling a mega raidertank? It's just a mobile raidertank factory."
Max Thorn: "Take it out, you take out their ability to reproduce."
The leader points to Site 1 on the projection. "There was just Tea Colony…" The lab. "…Lab Colony…" Site 2. "…us, Holdout Colony, and…" Site 3. "Tank City."
Linnea: "Was. Was a lab."
Holdout Leader: "An' y'all just showed us where they are."
Sam Spade: "Is Tank City a good thing, or a bad thing?"
Holdout Leader: "We figured Mega Raidertank's their queen and source."
Max Thorn: "…Given what he's saying, Sam, knowing where it is means we know where the factory is."
Sam Spade: "And to be fair, Max, we don't actually know it's mobile."
Holdout Leader: "With Lab Colony and Tea Colony gone, ain't no one left to protect."
Sam Spade: "So Holdout Colony can evacuate, too?"
Holdout Leader: "We can either wait for them to realize it and bust in here, or…"
Max Thorn: "Which means we can go do something about that. Which we _need_ to do."
The leader shakes his head. "Some of us'll evacuate. The rest…we've been waitin' for this, I guess."
Sam Spade: "Max, that's not what I'm asking."
Max Thorn: "And in fact the main reason we came here was for supplies. And info, but mostly supplies."
Linnea: "Protect is a funny word for murder."
Sam Spade: "I'm asking if Tank City was Dojjian."
Sam Spade: "Linnea, he's talking about the people here, not the tanks."
Linnea shakes her head.
Linnea: "Right…"
The leader chuckles. "NEW Dojjian, you could say. We'd had reports but not coordinates."
Holdout Leader: "Now I can't rightly ask you to come with us, but it sounds like you wanna. We'd be glad for your help."
Sam Spade: "Ah. The refugees we talked to said there were people still fighting the raidertanks, and maybe another colony. I wasn't sure if it was the same, is all."
Sam Spade: "Tank City coulda been an arming place, able to hold back the raidertanks. I guess that's not the case."
Sam Spade: "And yeah, we're in. We have our own reasons, but…"
Holdout Leader: "No it ain't. It's their place. And we're gonna take it out."
Linnea: "Awesome."
Holdout Leader: "Glad to hear it. We head out in the mornin'."
Sam Spade: "One more question."
Holdout Leader: "Sure."
Sam Spade: "…Something's holding back the clouds. Any idea what could do that?"
Linnea: "I really hope it isn't what I think it is."
The leader smiles. "Yeah, we got a pretty good idea." He whistles again, and a green-haired lady slowly approaches.
Linnea: "…!"
Holdout Leader: "Mel, why don't you-"
Mel looks up at the party, and locks eyes with Linnea.
Linnea: "Mel…I-"
The leader blinks. "You know each other?"
Linnea stares. "…look, I know this is awkward, but -"
Linnea: "Yes. Yes and no. I'm not sure."
Linnea: "I…"
Mel smiles and shakes her head. "We've never met. But she's the one, I know!"
As Mel approaches, it looks like her garb used to be a shrine maiden's. Now, of course, it is torn and dust-colored like most of the colony's clothing.
Linnea blushes slightly. "Um, well, I'd like to know the context on that and-"
Mel: "You're the one who will break the seal!"
Linnea: "Oh…! Yeah! I've had some amount of practice in that, though mostly from studying my own."
Linnea: "It's nice to have the encouragement, or at least a mission or direction."
Mel: "No. No, I can see it in you." She looks to Esme. "You have some of it too. Are you her assistant?"
Linnea: "We're…nah. We're comrades, you could say."
Linnea: "I got swept up along with 'em."
Linnea: "Didn't have much going other than the group's mission, until just now."
Esme raises an eyebrow.
The leader steps around Mel and approaches Sam and Max. "So, uhh, you seem to have some tea back there. You stop by Tea Colony or something?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, like I said."
Sam Spade: "The colony was evacuated, but we grabbed the last of the tea."
Sam Spade: "The pokemon asked us to."
Mel: "Oh. Well - breaking the seal is quite simple. Here, let me show you." She grabs a stick. "The first step is to defeat Mega Raidertank. They placed the seal within its workings."
Linnea: "Ah, clever…"
Linnea: "So, we're getting right to the heart of the matter."
Max Thorn gives the leader a rough timeline of their actions from the point of leaving Fort Blaston on to their arrival at this colony.
Holdout Leader: "Hmm. Sounds right. Like I said, some of us will be evacuating while the rest of us go into battle. Mind if we send your tea off with them? We'll also need a driver, if any of you don't want to go with us."
Max Thorn: "Hm. We'll give you the hovercar and Jack if you've got a spare hoverbike."
Holdout Leader: "Yeah, we can spare a hoverbike. We'll go in a convoy, punch through any raidertanks in the way."
Mel nods at Linnea. "Once you have stopped it somehow, just draw these five glyphs around it and call out their names. It's a simple spell, but you must do them in this order to summon the weather."
Mel carves runes into the ground. "Sign of the Sun. Sign of the Wind. Sign of the Rain. Sign of the Thunder. And…sign of the Storm!"
Linnea: "I can do this. Though, uh, I hope we have sufficient time to get the hell out before things erupt into natural chaos."
Linnea: "Because that sounds like a recipe for a pretty fierce whirlwind."
Mel smiles more broadly. "You won't. But you'll be in the eye of the storm."
Linnea: "Mm."
Linnea: "Well, I can manage."
Linnea: "I've survived a gigantic, building-neutralizing explosion, I can live through a storm, too."
The tea plants were singed and beat up from the battles. After Esme's ministrations and green shard dust application, they look supremely healthy, and aromatic enough that Esme is feeling a slight buzz just standing next to them.
Max Thorn: "(…I hate volunteering him like this, but he's the most competent driver we have, and they might need his wicked sick moves…)"
Mel hands the stick over. "You should practice drawing these tonight. You will probably want to get them right the first time, when it's time for real."
Linnea: "Understood. You can trust me with this."
Linnea: "Just…this is gonna sound kinda weird when I haven't even done anything yet, but thank you."
Max Thorn: "Do you have a rifle and some ammo to spare?"
The leader grins at Max's question. "Sure, if you can shoot. We've got more guns than hands or paws that CAN shoot."
Esme rubs her nose. "Strong…Here's your tea! You got somewhere I can take a look at this orb we salvaged from the lab?"
Mel: "Thank YOU, oh la~."
Linnea: "…!"
Linnea looks absolutely stunned for a moment. It can't be. Can it?
Max Thorn: "Excellent. Didn't have much time to practice marksmanship, but I doubt I'll be all that embarrassing…"
Holdout Leader: "Hmm? Looks like some fancy tech. Ain't got equipment, probably best to send it with the evacuees. They'll be heading to Blaston, and I gather so'll you if - WHEN - we win."
Max Thorn: "I think it'll be fine to send it on with the convoy, since it's already strapped to the hovercar and all."
Sam Spade: "…Just make sure they don't give it to Professor Petri till we get there, okay?"
Esme: "…Oui."
Linnea: "O-oh. Before I start gettin' ahead of myself - d'you accept currency here, or would we need to trade for our supplies? I can make some of my own but there's a couple things I'd really like to have on hand."
Mel seems to be a human, but Linnea knows well that legendary pokemon avatars can seem perfectly human - even able to defeat pokedex scanners sometimes.
Holdout Leader: "I'll pass it along."
Holdout Leader: "Ah, your money's no good here. We've got what supplies we've got. Ain't gonna be nobody here to run a bank this time tomorrow anyhow."
Holdout Leader: "What supplies're ya lookin' for?"
Linnea: "That's what I was thinking, but it's perfectly alright. I can see what I can do with what I have, but I was looking for some extra bandages. In case of further injuries out this far."
Holdout Leader: "Bandages? Hmm, yeah, we've been makin' those. Joy?"
Nurse Joy: "All accounted for, but I'll be making a fresh batch on the way over. Check with me when we reach Tank City BEFORE you head in, and I'll have some set aside for you."
Linnea: "Thank you. I'll see if there's anything I can exchange for them - mostly field medicine, though I have some small amount of shards I might be able to work into something useful, with Esme's assistance."
Joy shakes her head. "Kill Mega Raidertank. That's your payment."
Esme looks at the tattered clothing of her associates.
Esme: "You guys need some armor."
Linnea: "Eh?"
Linnea stares down at herself.
Linnea: "…"
Linnea: "Yeah uh armor would be great."
Linnea: "I mean, that one trick, it fixes itself, but."
Esme: "Maybe we could take some of those extra guns and I could throw something together? Unless they've got some spare protective stuff already around."
Max Thorn: "Yes, quite."
Holdout Leader: "That we're a little short of, I'm afraid. Holdin' out against the raidertanks plum used up our supply - even salvaging raidertank corpses."
Linnea: "Ah, they've already been picked clean?" Dowsing senses tingling.
Holdout Leader: "Wait…you wanna make armor out of guns?"
Esme stares.
Esme: "Yes?"
Holdout Leader: "…interestin' idea. I suppose we could toss our remainin' spares toward that, if there ain't nobody gonna be firin' 'em."
Esme: "Maybe ask Chicklet to help with a little heat, have Alexis cut some pieces, Lucrece with some of the finer molding, but…Should be doable, if you have enough!"
Linnea: "Oh, this should be good. Esme's amazingly clever."
Ten more rifles, similar to the one handed to Max, are soon deposited in front of Esme. ((8000 pokeyen in scrap toward making metallic objects.))
[OOC] Esme: That's two sets of Light Armor if there are any takers!
[OOC] Linnea: oh my god yes please.
Sam Spade: "Hey, Chicklet…"
Sam Spade pulls out a pokeball, and frees the Torchic…but only for a second.
Chicklet: "….Combusk!"
Chicklet does a neat spinning kick - then sees all the people around and hides behind Sam.
Esme looks them over with a grin, before releasing all her pokemon. She cracks her knuckles. "Alright mon petit chou! We're in crunch time. Gervy, you're on drill duty."
Linnea: "I'd love to stay and watch the process, but I've a ritual to commit to. So I'll just trust in your marvelous skills."
Esme: "Merci! Make some shortcut notes! Always helps me."
Linnea: "Will do."
Linnea: "Aught else I should know of before I get the happenings happening?"
Max Thorn: "…training, right. And I'll take some armor, yes. I seem to be the one who's getting shot up the most, along with Linnea."
Mel: "I believe in you, champion, and I have long awaited your arrival."
Linnea blushes further. "…gosh, I don't even know what to say."
Linnea: "That's…the most blessed thing I've heard from anyone in a long, long time."
Sam Spade: "Not the weirdest I've heard, though."
Sam Spade frowns.
Esme has already gotten started disassembling. "Let me know if you have any…more obscure requests." She picks an orange gem band off Gervais. "Going to be taking my brace back for now, you."
Sam Spade: "Just to make sure of something…"
Linnea: "Eh?"
Esme: "Oh! Did we ever tell Linn about the ice cream thing?"
Sam Spade pulls out her pokedex and points it at Mel.
Linnea: "Wh-what are you doing?"
Sam Spade: "Well, so far we've run into two Legendaries and a talking Ditto, so I just wanted to m…"
Linnea: "That's…probably horribly rude…"
Sam Spade: "…Make that three Legendaries, I was trying to forget about Ten."
The pokedex shows no reading.
Sam Spade puts her 'dex away.
Sam Spade: "…And I forgot about the talking rotom, too."
Linnea: "…so many questions."
Sam Spade: "And that was earlier today, so I'm sorry if that was rude, but I'm a bit twitchy right now."
Linnea: "Well, just…"
Sam Spade: "The ice cream thing, though, definitely the weirdest one, yeah."
Linnea: "You either scan a person and they might get offended, or you end up with the real deal and risk cheesing off a higher power…"
Esme passes Linn her pokedex.
Linnea: "A-ah…"
The leader glances at Sam, then steps up and whispers, "Yeah, I'm thinkin' that too."
Linnea looks down at it.
Linnea: "What's all this then?"
Sam Spade: "Well, the MissingNo…"
Esme: "I've been making a bunch of notes and letters back home, it's got a nice summary of our trip so far."
Linnea: "Oh yeah?"
Linnea: "I'll be sure to go through it in a lot more detail once I have the time."
Esme: "This way I won't have to explain the Miltank-turned-MissingNo and the whole chosen one dealy we're going through."
Esme snaps another rifle in two.
Linnea: "Ooooooooh."
If Mel noticed Sam's scan, she shows no sign of it. She instead seems to be watching Linnea's practice like a hawk.
Linnea: "Ooooh, alien encounters…" She's talking as she works on her own pattern of symbols alongside Mel's.
Esme: "Oh! Ignore the starred ones. That's Anna notes."
Sam Spade: "That was pretty much what set me off, yeah. What…Mel, right? What she said triggered my whole 'chosen one' thing and I just wanted to make sure she wasn't the MissingNo circling around us."
Linnea: "Sun, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Storm…reminds me of a soul temple ritual, except…well, going in the opposite direction. Invoking turbulence."
Sam Spade: "….Anna…I hope you're safe, wherever you are…"
Holdout Leader: "You say you ran into a MissingNo?"
Esme takes a little bit, but manages to fashion up two light-fitting sets of plated clothing. Should help with that whole bullet problem, and shouldn't stand out when they get back to…well, greater society.
Esme: "Probably?"
Holdout Leader: "Heh, that's what inspired our tunnel design. After the raidertanks started poppin' through dirt, we had t' make sure they couldn't just pop in a straight line and come down 'ere. Hope it didn't make you too queasy."
Sam Spade: "Yeah. It started as a talking miltank. Then it started shifting into anything that touched it. I thought it was a crazy ditto, until Esme here actually checked."
Linnea: "Wasn't any worse than what we already went through."
Sam Spade: "Then it came back as a Vanillin."
Linnea: "That's the MissingNo for you. Try not to think about it too much."
Holdout Leader: "You didn't try t' lick it, did ya?"
Linnea: "You know, that'd be a horrifically bad idea, but there's still that one part of me that's curious about what gods taste like."
Sam Spade: "No, we were a little too creeped out."
Sam Spade: "I'm pretty sure that if I'd tried it would have turned into me, and that would be really, really, really weird and awkward."
Linnea: "…"
Linnea: "I should probably refrain from comment."
Mel: "They taste like gods. They're too varied to have just one taste."
Sam Spade: "Going to take your word for it…"
Linnea: "Ah, right? Intruiging."
Linnea: "The palette of the pantheon."
Esme: "Anyway…all done!"
Linnea: "Hells, already?"
Linnea: "I knew you were good, but THIS good?"
Esme: "It's easy when I have my help!" She scratches Gervais under his chin, and pats Alexis on the back.
Chicklet: "Busken!"
Chicklet retreats from Esme and hides behind Sam again.
Gervais grins cheekily, while Alexis is reluctant to accept the compliment.
Esme: "You don't need anything Sam?"
Linnea: "Oh, that's awesome. My partners are more for the mental side of things, not physical. Even Lulim is mostly for intimidation's sake until pedal hits metal."
Sam Spade: "I'll do without for now."
Sam Spade: "I'd rather not slow myself down too much."
Esme: "Hmm…Oh!"
Linnea: "But it's lighter stuff, isn't it?"
Linnea: "It can be light or heavy. Scales, for example."
Esme pulls the blue gemstone she's had hanging around her neck since…well awhile now. She tosses it to Sam.
Esme: "Use that, then."
Sam Spade snags it.
Sam Spade: "…I can do that, yeah."
The night fades on, friendly chatter and grateful comments and resignations to fate all around the party. Then it is morning.
Linnea is already awake early, tracing the patterns once more, committing them to memory.
Sam Spade stretches and rises.
With an all-clear from the scouts above, the cavern is opened up and everyone gathers into two large groups. The smaller one, including Jack, loads up to head south. The rest are to head north.
The colony is thoroughly packed up, as nobody plans to return here. Nothing is left behind. The pokemon center is loaded into the southern group, healing on the run being their main survival strategy.
And then, once the cavern is just a cavern and scouts yell the raidertanks are beginning to return, it is time to go.
Esme and her 'mon go through their morning routine. Gerv and co meditate on the day ahead, while Esme decides to snoop around for shards now that the cavern is clear.
Max Thorn 's hoverbike has a shiny new-well, okay, it's neither shiny nor new, but work with me here-holster on his hoverbike for his equally shiny and new rifle.
Linnea takes a moment to rummage around as they move. There has to be SOMETHING here.
To Esme's and Linnea's surprise, the shards in the cavern are green.
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 2 1 5 5 4 2 3 4 3 5 3 (0 explosions)
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 3 6 3 5 1 4 6 4 2 5 5 6 3 6 3 (4 explosions)
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 5 2 2 2 3 1 6 3 3 6 6 5 6 1 1 (4 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 5 5 2 3 2 6 6 4 3 3 (2 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 5 6 4 3 1 6 6 1 4 4 5 (3 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 1 3 1 6 6 4 2 6 6 2 3 2 (4 explosions)
Esme: "Weird! I guess because of the cave…"
Linnea: "It's a nice change of pace. The green, out here in this wasteland."
Esme: "Mmm. I suppose it is more sand than anything."
Max Thorn: "I wonder if employing that green shard yesterday affected the shard distribution here…"
Holdout Leader: "You heard her, everyone. Good luck, and may Arceus protect us all."
The two convoys begin making their way up and out.
Max Thorn: "Swift travels, Jack!"
Linnea: "Funny you should say that…"
Linnea chuckles darkly to herself.
Esme clasps an orange band onto her belt with a cough. "I uh, still need to look into that."
Once topside, it appears the scout was not kidding. Dust rumbles up from every direction, past the hills on some sides, from the heat-miraged horizon on the other.
Holdout Leader: "They must have figured out we're the only ones left already. Every raidertank in Dojji is probably on its way here now. Good thing we're not going to be here when they arrive."
Max Thorn: "Indeed. Let's roll."
Linnea: "Hmhm."
About half an hour later, the convoy meets the first of the raidertanks. The party does not even get a chance to call out attacks before the convoy's vanguard blasts them aside.
The leader pulls alongside the party. "Say, you lot. I've been talking to Mel and some of the others. What's your line on Mega Raidertank?"
Linnea: "Our line?"
Holdout Leader: "Mel seems convinced you're going to be the ones to kill it. Why is that?"
Sam Spade: "Heck if we know."
Linnea: "Because we're awesome."
Sam Spade: "But we have one job - to steal its eye - and a task - to break the cloud barrier - and we're pretty much awesome."
Esme: "We're at the very least the one's crazy enough to try."
Holdout Leader: "Steal its eye? What do you want its eye for?"
Sam Spade: "Iggy wants it."
Linnea: "Gym challenge."
Holdout Leader: "…"
Linnea: "This is some crazy-ass prerequisite."
Sam Spade: "Oh, she thinks we're going to die."
Sam Spade: "That's why she made sure that Tim didn't come with us."
Linnea: "Yeah, pretty much."
Esme: "Not planning on that, though."
Sam Spade: "I'm planning on being there to see the look on her face."
Sam Spade: "Also I want to make sure we give the eye to Tim, not Iggy. Just in case."
The leader laughs. "Alright then! Far be it from me to interfere with a gym challenge. You stay near the center of the convoy, save your strength. When we get to Tank City, the rest of us will lead what raidertanks remain on a merry chase, to try to give you a clean shot at Mega Raidertank."
Max Thorn: "It's fine if you think we're suicidal for trying it. I mean, at this point we really don't have much in the way of alternatives. Not and still be able to like the person we see when we look in the mirror."
Holdout Leader: "No more suicidal than the rest of us. Everyone who wanted to live went south."
Holdout Leader: "We just want to make sure we do the job."
Linnea: "I feel a little better now that I have a kind of personal purpose here."
Linnea: "Instead of bein' a stray."
Holdout Leader: "Oh hey, we're making good time. Tank City should be coming into sight soon."
Linnea: "This is it."
A few minutes later, an industrial wasteland - something out of the fever dreams of one afraid of robots - stretches out in front of the party. Solid blocks of buildings lie scattered about, a raidertank or other manufactured thing occasionally popping out of this or that one. No shard stockpiles are in evidence, but the rooftops glint with solar panels.
Linnea: "Holy shit…"
Sam Spade: "….Tank City indeed."
Linnea: "Well, they're drawing upon the one energy source definitely in abundance…"
Toward the middle is what looks like a junk pile, some giant treads under a vast slab of metal that some titan thrust spears into.
The leader points to the pile. "Mega Raidertank should be somewhere around there. You lot go up there. Everyone else, find and waylay the raidertanks!"
Max Thorn: "All right. It's time to kill tank factories and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum."
Linnea: "Good hunting, you lot. Keep alive if y'can."
Sam Spade: "I got some around here somewhere-"
Max Thorn: "…Ruining the moment, Sam."
Nurse Joy's hovercar - a wasteland hoverambulance if ever you have seen one (and the party had not before today) - pulls up to the party. Joy pokes her head over the side. "I'm going with them, but here you go." She hands Linnea 10 bandages.
Esme: "I want gum!"
Linnea: "Right, thank you. I'll see to my friends as best I can."
Sam Spade gives Esme some gum, then blows a bubble of her own.
Nurse Joy smiles weakly. "Please survive." Then she drives off.
The distraction tactic seems to work. In minutes, the party has a clear path to the junk pile.
Max Thorn blows a raspberry at Sam, then gooses the engine, pulling his rifle out as he jets toward the megatank's general area.
Esme: "Oh good, it's not cinnamon."
As the party approaches, three raidertanks pull out in front. They spy the party and the split convoy - by now, two battles raging, one to the left and one to the right - and converse for a bit. One raidertank peels off to each of the battles, while the third drives under the junk pile…
…that…is no junk pile. It shudders, spears rotating and resolving into massive cannons. Missile tube like ports open up along the top. And a giant conning tower levers up, with an orb topping it.
An orb within which a slit pupil forms, looking around then glaring down at the party.
Esme: "…Oh."
Linnea: "Ohhhhh, I'm going to call you Sauron now."
Linnea: "This is gonna be wicked awesome."
Max Thorn: "It's not on fire, is it?"
Linnea: "IT'S GONNA BE!"
[OOC] WC GM: - and (the beige one) for size comparison.
An arm unfolds from the back and interfaces with a nearby factory block, apparently drawing power to finish starting up.
Max Thorn: "Well. No time like the present."
The front guns swivel down toward the party as they approach.
Sam Spade guns it.
And a short distance to the west, where the city borders on Dojji's beach cliff line, the sounds of the ocean swell.
[OOC] WC GM: +1 trainer level from clearing Site 2.

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