Session 49

The next morning comes with bright sunlight streaming in through the thick window - fortunately dispersed, and so not shining right in anyone's eyes.
It also comes with the scent of…fish?
Sam Spade sits up.
Chansey is standing in the doorway, smiling but silent as a ninja, pushing an apparently-standardized food cart with fish sausages, hash browns, fruit juice, and coffee.
Linnea blinks owlishly and looks around. "Huh…"
Linnea: "Oh, right. Pokecenter chow, I nearly forgot."
Linnea: "Feels like I slept for a week."
Sam Spade: "Ah, good morning, Chansey!"
Sam Spade: "How are you?"
Chansey bows and gives off a cheerful, "Chaaan~."
Max Thorn transfers the dishes to the dining room table, of course.
Linnea: "Hah, I like that enthusiasm."
Sam Spade: "That's nice."
Linnea: "Gonna take that and run with it."
Chansey pirouettes briefly, then hauls forth a monitor and sets it on an unused bed. The monitor is displaying a local newscast - on mute, but the context is easy to interpret.
Sam Spade turns to watch while she eats.
Linnea helps herself to entirely too many hash browns as she watches the newscast. Brain still booting up.
The newscast shows building after building on Bay Island, with few signs of damage. Everything outdoors looks as if it was in a torrential downpour the previous day.
One scene includes Dimitri, at the docks, fussing over the university's banged-up but still seaworthy boat.
Linnea: "This place is remarkably well engineered."
Sam Spade: "Kinda…odd, actually."
Sam Spade: "I mean, on the one hand, given what we know, it makes perfect sense."
Linnea: "Build a strong enough dome and it could prolly -live- in the depths."
Sam Spade: "But on the other hand, THEY don't know that."
Sam Spade: "Right?"
Then the newscast shows pictures of the previous night, with the storm clearing up. Zoomed-in patches show Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, though the pictures do not clearly show that they have any riders.
Max Thorn: "Oh, good. They can't blame us for this one."
The expressions on the reporter's and anchor's faces suggest they believe the legendary pokemon were restoring Bay Island on their own.
Linnea: "Bless superstition."
Further scenes from underwater show pokemon restoring Bay Island's foundation - with the help of underwater lights. It is unclear if the lights are artificial or natural.
Linnea: "And I love the cleverness of the creatures here."
Linnea: "One of those feels-good-to-be-alive days."
Linnea: "Which is good, because we've got an interesting problem to approach."
Linnea: "Right, so…you know how I took a Lugia-back ride, yeah?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah?"
Linnea: "We went far enough up to see wards and world-lines."
Linnea: "Let me see…"
Linnea scratches the back of her head as she recalls.
Sam Spade closes the door.
Chansey has, by now, left for the front. Tim and Sands are not present either.
Max Thorn focuses on munching breakfast. He avoids the fish sausages.
Linnea: "Lines all through the sea, like Arceus's writing. Wards here and there, among what's left of the Dojji wall. A barrier over a crater in the middle of Amoda."
Linnea: "And most likely most vexing…"
Linnea: "Problems over areas we're gonna be visiting."
Sam Spade hmms.
Linnea: "There's a wall shortly before Gaela."
Max Thorn: "Here or abroad? Or both?"
Sam Spade: "Well."
Linnea: "Something keeping something… worrisome caged up in Shady Narrows."
Sam Spade: "Something's keeping…Cheri out, from looking for her love."
Sam Spade: "….Or."
Sam Spade: "Oh, dear."
Linnea: "And something similar over Elysium Valley. Like a lid."
Linnea: "Considering what Elysium is, I'm not sure whether that's good or bad."
Linnea: "Or both."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Linnea sips at her coffee, and shrugs. "I mean, I've worked out how to blow up a ward before."
Max Thorn: "Great. Note to self: Do *not* utter Those Words while we're in Shady Narrows or Elysium."
Linnea: "Ah, yes, please don't."
Sam Spade: "…Which words?"
Linnea: "Those are the most powerful words in the universe."
Max Thorn: "The ones on par with 'What could possibly go wrong?', Sam. *Those* words."
Linnea: "Exactly."
Sam Spade: "Ah."
Thunder ripples through the clear sky moments after Max's words.
Sam Spade: "Well, on the bright side, none of us are anywhere close to retirement."
Max Thorn: "…And that's why."
Linnea: "The return-cutting side of the double-edged sword that is human curiosity."
Max Thorn finishes up breakfast, then gets his pokémon out, fed, and training…
Nurse Joy smiles and waves, entirely too chipper, when the party finally heads to the lobby and outside.
Outside is mud, plain and simple. There is an obvious hole where Sands dug in; Tim presumably followed.
Unfortunately, it is a bit small to allow easy following.
Max Thorn: "…Please tell me there's a clear path somewhere 'round here."
Linnea: "Could always make one."
The gym is visible about a mile away. On the other side of the pokemon center is a town.
Max Thorn: "True. Hot or cold?"
Linnea: "Hot. I can't stand the cold."
The newscaster from before - a somewhat busty redhead - and her team - a mister mime and a dusclops - are packing up a camera and a boom mike into a van.
Max Thorn: "Right. Ammy, could you give us a dry path, please? Starting over there." The purple doggo wags and starts up a Flamethrower, aiming carefully at the ground so as to dry out the mud without setting things on fire, padding along as she does.
It is easy enough to dry the mud into nice, solid dirt.
Linnea waves to the newscaster cheerily.
Max Thorn follows the heckin' good doggo, issuing course corrections as necessary… "Through or around?"
The newscaster looks up, smiles, and waves…then pauses, blinking. She walks up. "Umm…excuse me but…are you…pokemon trainers?"
Max Thorn: "Yes…?"
Sam Spade: "Well, yeah!"
Newscaster: "Did you see the Legend-no. No, focus. Are…you wouldn't…I mean…areyouhereforthegym?!?"
Sam Spade: "They were amazing!"
Max Thorn: "We're heading that way, yeah."
Linnea: "Definitely what we're here for."
Linnea: "Great reporting, by the by."
Newscaster: "Uhh…th-thanks?" She backs off a bit, eyes wide, then presses a button on her lapel. "Hi. Yeah, um, just got a bigger story. …yes, bigger than Legendary sightings. …there's a gym challenge. …no, I don't have to go to it, it's Bay Island, where I already am. …that's right: Bay Island gym's getting challenged. …I'd assume so; I'll go check now."
Linnea: "It's almost as though the viewers where right there with them."
Linnea grins a very catlike grin.
The newscaster lets her button go, smiles, and waves. "I'm gonna interview the gym leader! Hopefully I'll see you there!" She then RUNS for her van, which takes off for the gym.
Max Thorn: "…Man, I don't know what she's on, but I bet she gets her supply from the same place Jack does."
Sam Spade: "That, and…apparently Bay Island doesn't get much traffic."
Sam Spade: "I mean…REALLY doesn't get much traffic."
Esme yawns as she catches up to the group; These late nights are starting to catch up. "What was that all about?"
Sam Spade: "From what Nurse Joy said, NOBODY has ever challenged Cheri."
Max Thorn: "Well, considering the major ports require a gifted pokémon to navigate safely…"
Sam Spade: "And Cheri was the only person to say much of anything to the Jaggie the TJs dropped here."
Linnea: "This is a story for the ages, apparently."
Sam Spade: "Sure, but Dmitri got us here without any problem."
Max Thorn: "Ah well. Let's just focus on getting there, yeah? So do we want to pass through town on the way there, or nah?"
Sam Spade: "We didn't really get to see much of town last night, so why not?"
Linnea: "Because it was mostly underwater."
Linnea: "So, let's go through town."
Max Thorn guides Ammy thataway, then.
Behind the pokemon center is a giant well, or possibly a natural geyser. From the scent, it is pulling up saltwater from the sea under the island. This well spills over into what is essentially a river - with a town built up over and along it - that winds its way back into the sea.
It is a bit reminiscent of Scale Mount, but no steps or plateaus, and certainly much less height from top to bottom. Just a gentle rolling down, albeit the sharpest descent on the island - though also apparently the only human habitation on the island.
Linnea: "… this place is gorgeous. I'm glad it held up through all this."
Unsurprisingly, maritime engineering and products are the main focus of what economy is present. Every single one of the buildings looks like it was meant to be submerged from time to time.
Esme: "Too much water. 6 out of 10."
Linnea: "Oh my gods."
Linnea: "Why."
Linnea facepalms.
[OOC] WC GM: Which is to say: fishing rods are for sale.
Linnea perks up at the new merch, though!
Max Thorn ponders. "…I wonder if anyone has a marill or azurill for sale."
One store specializes in kelp paper. Another in potions of suspicious nature. One of the more recent buildings, near the coast, looks like a shipwright's.
As Max wonders that, a marill just wanders by, walking down the edge of the river, feet and tail wet but eyes dry.
Max Thorn: "Hm. Hey, marill. Do you have a keeper, or…?"
Linnea spies a pokemart that appears to have various specialty pokeballs on sale; it is obvious why it is displaying net balls prominently.
Linnea: "Jackpotttttt."
The marill just keeps walking, with no sign of it having a trainer.
Esme: "Never pegged you for much of an angler."
Linnea: "It's how you get to a lot of new critters, right? Now that the storage system is open…"
Max Thorn: "Welp." Max hurries over to the pokémart and buys two net balls and some marill-oriented kibble, then jogs after the water mouse.
Linnea grins with glee, wandering on over to pick up a Good Rod and a set of four Lure Balls. She can always hand the extra out to others if necessary.
Max Thorn tosses his first net ball without preamble, in a shocking breach of his usual habit.
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 1d100: 12 (12) 58 (58)
Linnea also dashes back and gets two packages of bait. And grumbles as she's kind of short on change now.

The ball bursts open!
Max Thorn: "…Nuts."
The marrill keeps sauntering along.
Max Thorn tosses the other one…
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 1d100: 5 (5) 33 (33)
The ball wobbles…
Max Thorn breathes a sigh of relief. "All right…Nook's going into storage…and…there."
[OOC] WC GM: Letting it right back out to greet it?
[OOC] Max Thorn: yes, but I've been asked to assist with something IRL, so bbiab
As the marill comes out, it starts to glow…oh. Right. Evolution, apparently triggered by the capture; it was probably right on the cusp. Perhaps that was why it was doing something moderately challenging (toeing the waterline exactly), to push itself over the edge.
[OOC] WC GM: Level 20 azumarill. Nothing else established about it yet, so the usual rules apply.
[OOC] WC GM: So, while Max greets his new pokemon, what's the rest of the party up to?
[OOC] Linnea: Lin was out shopping and bemoaning her sudden lack of funds. Though if there's time she can hit the shoreline and try fishing.
Sam Spade just watches the non-trainers. How crowded is it? Are their crowds? Has word spread that for the first time in ages, someone is challenging the Bay Island Gym?
Esme is just following along with Linnea, flicking through her dex. "What are you hoping to get, anyway?"
Linnea: "Feebas. Their evolution is gorgeous and has a lot of potential."
Word does not seem to have spread yet, and the town is drying out. Most of the non-trainers are finishing up inspections and repairs from last night's dunking.
Linnea: "Though, it takes a special bit of care to get them to evolve. You can't just put them through their paces like you would a Magikarp."
Sam does spy a small team that carries itself like officials, supervising the supervisors, flitting from one site to the next and checking off forms.
Esme: "I was about to say, it looks like an uglier Magikarp."
Linnea: "Well, like magikarp, it becomes something awesome."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Back.
As for crowds, this is among the least dense towns Sam has seen. Then again, offcially this is one of the smaller towns in Amoda.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Can I assume the town's mostly mud-free, or…?
[OOC] WC GM: Half mud free. There are dry paths so you can get from building to building, but also a lot of mud.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Okay.
There are several bridges over the saltwater river. These seem to have been the focal point of whoever dried out the paths, connecting each building either to a nearby building or the closest bridge.
Max Thorn: "All right, Ammy, go ahead and rest for a bit." She yaps in response and flops next to Max, chest heaving as she pants.
The group of officials - lead by a magcargo, which is leaving dry dirt in her wake - wanders up near Max. One of them, wearing a hard hat, nods. "Thanks for the help!"
Max Thorn: "No prob. We'll be heading up to the gym shortly, and she'll be helping out along the way there, too."
HardHatGuy: "Here to see the gym, huh? Joy says Cheri just got back. Hope she sticks around this time."
HardHatGuy: "Not that I can blame her for traveling, after the challengers dried up."
Sam Spade: "What happened to all the challengers?"
The hard hatted one shrugs. "Team Jaeger, 's far as we know."
Sam Spade frowns.
Sam Spade: "How so?"
Linnea: "Probably being outrageous douchebags."
HardHatGuy: "After our last leader dropped the island during the invasion…well, we figured stopping trainers from coming here was part of their revenge."
Sam Spade blinks
Sam Spade: "…Ah."
Sam Spade: "Once again, I am glad we got the escort we did."
Linnea: "Wait, dropped the island? That's something you can just do? Without a disaster?"
The elder with the hard hat tastes his gums for a moment. "Well, most often it's unintentional, but yeah. I've seen…hmm, this's my ninth. Twice in a decade now, that's an uptick."
HardHatGuy: "But that's why we build the way we do, don'tcha know?"
Linnea: "Man, I'm gonna have to read up more about that sometime. Such mechanisms must be fascinatingly complex."
Linnea: "Right!"
Linnea: "This whole place is very well built."
Shining eyes glint under the hard hat. "Heh. Thanks! Butcha get dunked so often, ya have to build for it. I make sure we keep to the building codes, Jaegers or no."
HardHatGuy: "O' course, those who don't, well…" He waves a wrinkled arm at the open space away from the river. "Y' don't see any o' them now, do ya?"
Esme: "Non."
Sam Spade turns sad eyes towards the sea.
HardHatGuy: "Heh, heh. Th' Jaegers wanted to do things their own way, I at least convinced 'em to build with no foundation. They're probably halfway to Shades by now, and good riddance."
Sam Spade bites her lip.
HardHatGuy: "Anywho. Y'all ain't from around here. How're you enjoying our sleepy little burg?"
Linnea: "We're on tour."
Esme: "Very wet!"
Sam Spade: "It's a fascinating place, though."
HardHatGuy: "Good t' 'ear. Oh, you might wanna duck." He and his crew hunker down.
Sam Spade ducks.
Linnea ducks, quickly.
Esme ducks. Always listen to the guy in the hardhat.
A squad - no, a near platoon - of tentacools and tentacruels, chasing an octillery, fly up from the shore on jets of water (which rain into brief rainbows in the morning sun), landing in the faux-well and racing each other down the river.
Linnea: "The hell?"
The old man with a yellow plastic hat stands back up. "Ah, they're just having fun. We've learned not to get in their way, lest we get inked."
Linnea: "Or poisoned…"
Max Thorn: "I'd be more worried about what the octillery's packing."
HardHatGuy: "No, no, with them it's ink."
Esme: "Neat!"
HardHatGuy: "Say, did that Dimitri guy bring you? Bad time t' come last night. Good thing those boat builders finally gave up on Sandbar and came here."
Esme: "Gave up?"
HardHatGuy: "Yeah. Between th' navigators being rounded up an' Jaegers bein', well, more than just present, business was off."
HardHatGuy: "Way I hear it, they flipped a coin between Brooktale and here. Heads, we won."
Esme: "Hrm."
Max Thorn: "Interesting."
Esme: "Anyway, gonna capitalize on this whole 'submersible' living arrangement thing."
Esme gets out ol' dowsey.
Linnea perks up again, and sets about dowsing. There might be something dredged up in the chaos.
Max Thorn: "Go right ahead. I'm gonna see what all Suijin can do."
Esme: "Wah?"
Max Thorn 's gesturing to the fresh-caught azumarill.
Esme: "…Ah."
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 1 2 6 4 6 1 3 2 2 3 3 1 5 (2 explosions)
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 6 3 6 1 3 3 5 4 2 6 3 1 1 4 (3 explosions)
Esme rolled up 11d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 5 6 2 4 2 6 2 1 6 4 4 4 4 1 (3 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 4 1 2 5 1 6 1 5 1 (1 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 1 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 (0 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 3 2 5 5 1 3 6 2 3 (1 explosions)
Linnea rolled up 8d6, success >= 4, exploding >= 6: 4 4 6 2 3 4 5 5 6 5 (2 explosions)
Esme and Linnea attract a few stares as they collect many shards, but then people go back to their business.
Esme: "They'll get with the program one day. Maybe."
Sam Spade: "Well, things are getting…interesting."
Linnea heads on over to the river, while she's at it, scanning the area.
Linnea soon finds that counting magikarp is like the mareep of the sea.
While the river is not a constant stream of pokemon, there is at least one every few minutes.
Magikarp, magikarp, shiny magikarp, magikarp, magikarp, Linnea's not sure if she's dozing off or if that's a dratini, magikarp, magikarp, ugly magi-oh, wait, there's a feebas!
Linnea gets a glint in her eye, and readies her fishing equipment, also deploys Miator, just in case. "<So is this place a little less of a clownshow->" "Shh."
[OOC] WC GM: Athletics check
Linnea rolled up 2d6: 10 (4 6)
And reel! The feebas is right in front of Linnea, ready for a pokeball!
Or to be fought and weakened.
Linnea heaaaaaaves, and pulls the unfortunate creature on shore for a time. Then, first-turn Lure Ball, go!
Linnea rolled up 1d100: 28 (28) ((don't know how to adjust for the 20 bonus))
[OOC] WC GM: I've been handling the bonus
The ball wiggles…
…wriggles, slipping back into the river…
…and comes back up to the surface with a "ding!"
Linnea: "Yesssssss."
Linnea: "Fisherman's luck!"
Sam Spade: "Nice!"
Max Thorn: "…I don't think that's how that phrase goes…"
Linnea: "Shhhhh."
Sam Spade snickers.
The hard hatted mayor-alike wanders up to the party. "Oh? Catching pokemon, how nice. Here, I wanted to thank you for helping dry the paths." He hands out rice donuts.
Max Thorn accepts his portion and shares it with Ammy. "Thanks."
Linnea grins even more widely, accepting the food grateful.
About this time, the newscaster from before comes by, van parked on a boat, her and her team heading for a cafe.
[OOC] WC GM: Level 20 feebas, standard rules apply.
HardHatGuy: "Hmm? Not sticking around to film the battle?"
The newscaster rolls her eyes. "Cheri said it's a private affair, wouldn't let me record it."
Max Thorn hmms. "Think it's about time to start heading up to the gym. Unless there's anything else you folks wanted to do?"
Esme: "Heh."
Sam Spade: "She can be cruel sometimes."
Newscaster: "Wouldn't even let me look at the badge. She seemed evasive about it. I mean, she did give me a long interview, but I couldn't understand half of what she's talking about."
Max Thorn: "…I'd be fascinated to read the transcript."
Newscaster: "Not just the accent." She looks at the party. "Like, what did she mean about the sea's heart being in Gaela?"
Max Thorn: "I'd tell you, but you wouldn't believe me."
Newscaster: "I'm going to have to go through it to see what I can even air."
Newscaster: "But, like, she was talking about the Mewtwo Wars like she took part in them. There's no way she's that old."
Sam Spade: "Well."
Sam Spade: "I've been told that they're still going on."
Sam Spade: "And given what happened in Dojji a week ago, it's hard to deny."
HardHatGuy: "Heh. Darn right. And further, folk can surprise sometimes."
Max Thorn: "Just cos there's no active fighting here and now doesn't mean it's over, necessarily."
HardHatGuy: "No, no, I can believe she's seen a thing or two."
HardHatGuy: "They say she was sent to us by Lugia, y'know."
The newscaster freezes, then looks suspiciously at the elder. "Who says?"
Sam Spade: "Ah, the nebulous 'they.'"
Esme: "Yknow. /They/."
Max Thorn: "Them."
Linnea: "Theirs."
The elder looks a bit nervous. "Oh, umm, y'know, folks. Like someone prayed t'Lugia to come help save us, an' then Cheri showed up."
Newscaster: "…this is the first I'm hearing of it."
The man with the hat looks to the party. "You've heard th' tale, right? Like she's blessed by Lugia?"
Sam Spade: "I don't think we had, but it makes sense of some of the stories we've heard."
Linnea: "Something like that, yeah. Though you know what they say about legends. Kernels of truth, right?"
Max Thorn coughs. "I'm sure it's just superstition and wishful thinking."
HardHatGuy: "Yeah, you got it! Just a legend."
Sam Spade quietly jerks a thumb at Max and mouths "skeptic."
The newscaster grabs the elder by the ear and drags him to the cafe. "A legend you are going to tell me about."
Sam Spade: "I could use a drink."
Sam Spade: "Coffee, maybe chocolate."
Esme: "Mocha?"
Sam Spade heads into the cafe, interested to hear this tale.
Max Thorn: "(Who're you calling a skeptic? I've been touched by a demigod, y'know. Kinda hard to be any kind of skeptic after that.)"
Max Thorn: "(I was hoping to cause the newscaster to go somewhere else, though.)"
Sam Spade: "(Little too blatant in your lying.)"
Sam Spade: "…Really? Why?"
Max Thorn: "(Nah, it's the elder's fault, not mine.)"
Cheri: "Is true." …apparently she was lurking just inside the cafe door, waiting for everyone to come inside, judging by the smirk on her face.
Max Thorn: "(Business?)"
Max Thorn shrugs, and orders a tapu cocoa.
Cheri takes in the newscaster's surprise, as said lady absently lets go of the elder's ear. The gym leader walks over and briefly hugs the elder. "" Allo old timer. Lugia thanks you again for the riunione. "
The bartender silently nods and provides, pointing to the menu for the 10 pokeyen price.
HardHatGuy: "Yeah, well. I couldn't think of who else to tell our problems to that'd help."
Max Thorn flips a 100-yen coin onto the table. "I'm paying for…hmm, me and my friends."
The bartender nods, and looks to the rest of the party for their orders.
Sam Spade orders a cocoa as well.
Newscaster: "Wait. You're telling me he prayed to Lugia, then you came?"
Sam Spade: "Hey, they're called Legendaries for a reason…"
Cheri: "Si."
Max Thorn: "Surely you don't think the avian triplets last night pulled the island up of their own free will?"
Cheri: "Lugia and I…well. I have a connessione to the pokemon of the water. It's why I came here, to be the gym leader."
Newscaster: "It's what eye witnesses say, and video footage confirms: Bay Island was saved by the Legendary Birds."
Max Thorn: "Didn't say they didn't do it."
Cheri: "Then I will confirm: Lugia…suggested they comply." For a moment she takes on the air of a queen, or at least a baroness.
The newscaster frowns at Cheri. "Let me guess, you're a prophet of Lugia, aren't you?"
Cheri smiles. "Something like that."
Shaking her head, the newscaster looks at the party. "So what did you see of last night?"
Max Thorn: "The, ah, /whole/ island. From top to bottom. It was kind of nippy."
Max Thorn: "And wet."
Newscaster: "What, when you came in you saw it from the side?"
Sam Spade launches into an excited tale, of which the first and last three words are intelligible. Both triples are 'It was AWESOME!'
Newscaster: "…what."
Sam Spade hesitates
Sam Spade: "….I'm sorry, I'm not sure I can really do it justice."
The newscaster snaps her fingers. Her dusclops produces a microphone and thrusts it in the party's direction.
Newscaster: "Could we get that again, on the record?"
Max Thorn smirks, and weaves a fantastical tale that is recognizably accurate in the details, but is otherwise unbelievable. His eyes glint with amusement.
Newscaster: "Uh…huh." She looks to the rest of the party. "Is that really what happened? All of it?"
Sam Spade: "Well, he saw other parts than I did."
Max Thorn: "For one thing, *I* had to go underwater."
Sam Spade weaves a different fantastical tale that is recognizably accurate in different details, and still unbelievable. Her eyes shine with sincerity.
Newscaster: "…umm." She looks to Esme and Linnea. "And what did you see last night?"
Cheri quietly slips outside.
Esme: "Buncha stuff."
Max Thorn sips his tapu cocoa…
Esme: "Mostly water."
The newscaster sighs. "Really. Well, I'll take that into consideration."
The elder steps in the direction of the door, only for the newscaster to put a hand on his shoulder. "I still need to interview you."
HardHatGuy: "Alright. But I was going to tell our friends their ride's here."
Max Thorn: "Ah, excellent."
The newscaster smiles and shakes her head. "The way this is going, I might as well interview this ride too." She heads outside, and freezes.
Sam Spade follows them out.
Max Thorn finishes his drink and heads out as well.
Lugia plucks the microphone from the newscaster's dusclops, quietly (for Lugia) breathes into it a "Lu" , drops the microphone, picks up the party, and heads for the gym.

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