Session 54

[OOC] WC GM: Note for logs: this is a side session happening near the end of session 53.
Just as Esme has declared no more interruptions, and she and Linnea finally depart the former police station to head for Gem's Point…
???: "Psst. Linnea, Miss Duval. Down 'ere!" That seemed to come from the ash…?
Closer examination shows a somewhat hidden stairway, leading to a concrete corridor slung under one of the larger plankways.
Linnea quirks an eyebrow, looks around…then starts heading that way, keeping one hand ready to reach for her knife.
Esme perks. "…Hello, person hiding in mysterious pathway?"
It looks like this stairwell was hidden under the police station, disguised as an access to its basement, but with the station burned down it is plainly visible that there was no basement. The ash has been rearranged to make the stairwell hard to see unless you are looking right at it.
???: "Could you come down here before Moth or someone sees?"
Linnea ducks down the stairs without further comment.
Esme follows after, dusting herself off.
Inside…this is a Secret Base(TM), just like Esme and Linnea have read legends of (and in Linnea's case, lived in for a while). Decked out in furniture, with quite a few chests and small machines.
Esme: "Neat!"
Linnea: "I knew the blasted lands weren't so lifeless. Spend enough time around them, and sure enough…"
Linnea: "So. Person. Do you know us for our fame, or our actions…?"
A middle-aged man with a ratty beard, dressed in a faded black t-shirt and slacks, sticks his hand toward the two. "Name's Ishmael. I've heard of you both!"
Ishmael looks at Linnea. "Ran some supplies for your friends, though I've not met you in person before." Then at Esme. "Many of 'em, I bought from your folks."
Esme: "O-oh! Really."
Linnea: "And believe me, we were and are ever grateful."
Linnea: "T' both of you."
Linnea: "Even though it took this long for us to actually meet, haha."
Ishmael: "So what brings the two of you to th' city I call home?"
Linnea: "Getting the layout of things. Wondering what the undercurrents of this place are like compared t' back where I was."
Esme counts off her fingers. "Trainer journey, gym battle…some questionable wares. Destiny?"
Esme: "A number of reasons! But uhh, what's this about supplies?"
Ishmael: "I am a…provider, to people who some don't want provided. Business's been interrupted of late, for reasons you know too well. If it's destiny, well…maybe we can help each other out, yeah?"
Linnea cracks her knuckles. "Sounds about right for the stuff I've been through. What's the word?"
Ishmael: "I mean…" He gestures to Linnea while looking at Esme. "If you're traveling so friendly with her, you know her story, don't ya?"
Esme: "Mmmmooostly! It's been a hectic few weeks."
Linnea: "A lot of explosions and mystical bullshit."
Ishmael: "Oh?" He steps back and blinks. "Ah…I shouldn't be the one t' give you away. Are you comfortable with her knowing everything, Linnea?"
Linnea: "I've been traveling with her, and others, for quite some time. If you're okay with telling it, our story is her story as well."
Ishmael shrugs. "Part of my story's intertwined with her family's. I've no problem you telling her another part of it."
Linnea: "Put simply, you probably know some of this, I was part of the resistance back at that locktight military hellhole."
Esme: "Ya huh."
Linnea: "So, my people there had to have their contacts all over the world, and it looks like we've just found another one."
Linnea: "I just knew -of- them, but didn't interact much otherwise. My group had to keep the majority of their efforts at home."
Linnea: "Tough enough getting things in and out as it was…"
Linnea: "Now that I'm out, with a few others besides… we've got more mobility. So open to relaying messages or small amounts of supplies to other bases."
Esme nod nods. "Makes sense."
Ishmael: "Well. If you're up for relaying…what brings you here, and where are you going after? Maybe I know someone what needs help on your way."
Linnea: "I've been picking up all kinds of quests ever since I stepped outside of Brooktale, though I never expected things to escalate this quickly."
Esme: "I know right?"
Linnea: "Hm, I'll have Esme's words on this one."
Esme: "Oh! Well, right now we're still sorting out some things with Moth. Afterwards we were going to head to either the peaks or the harbor, but I don't think we sorted it out with everyone yet."
Ishmael: "Well, like…you seem like you're pretending to be pokemon trainers on a journey, if I had to guess. Not sure what that's cover for."
Ishmael: "Oh! Thinking of maybe heading to Sandbar? Well…"
Esme shrugs. "Both eventually! But not sure where we'll be going first."
Ishmael: "I hear they're about ready to turn th' tables on the psychic hunt. But they'll need some help - maybe a big army rolling through."
Ishmael: "Which…well, ya've heard what they're trying to keep a lid on in Elysium, ya?"
Esme: "…Hm."
Linnea: "There's a lot of lids. I know, I've seen them."
Esme: "No, but you've got my attention."
Ishmael: "Let's just say, you can get a temporary army there, if you can rally 'em."
Ishmael: "You'll have to overcome th' gym leader first, though. No way 'round that; he maintains the lid."
Ishmael: "Be ready b'fore you do, though. You'll be directin' a LOT of rage, and that can go bad very easily."
Linnea: "Eep. Yeah."
Esme: "…You're not wrong."
Ishmael: "I mean, th' ghosts of everyone what died in the invasion and wants revenge still?"
Ishmael: "That's not small."
Linnea: "Speaking of escalation…oy."
Ishmael: "Well. Almost everyone, what didn't get buried elsewhere."
Esme grimaces. "Ghosts again."
Ishmael: "Point 'em at Sandbar, and th' psychics MAY be able to hold their own while their masters get washed out t' sea. But this ain't that simple."
Linnea: "It's always ghosts. Or metal. Or ghosts in metal."
Esme: "Would you believe I actually kind of liked ghosts before all this mess?"
Linnea: "Probably."
Ishmael: "You've run into a few ghosts, then?"
Linnea: "You might say that."
Ishmael: "Well. These ones SHOULD be on your side. Hopefully. If you can convince 'em you're not Jaegers."
Linnea: "Aha ha ha."
Esme: "Ha."
Linnea: "Should be easy enough."
Ishmael: "Once you've got the harbor free, you might want to get a boat. I dunno, but I've been hearin' a strange rumor. 'The sea's been singing for Linnea.'"
Ishmael: "Or, well. Not in so many words, but th' only sea-haired rebel I know of who's been up near - though the rumors said IN - Dojji is you."
Linnea: "Goodness me."
Esme: "Yeah we were there for a bit."
Linnea: "I'm honored, and intrigued."
Ishmael: "In full, 'The sea sings for its sea-haired lover, met in Dojji fighting the power, for whom a path to Gaela soon flowers.'"
Ishmael: "…I got th' sense some, ah, bardic liberties were taken."
Ishmael: "Don't know who sang it, though. Heard it from somewhere off t' sea. Probably a ship I didn't see."
Linnea goes a very slight shade of red. "Um. I suppose I must be picking up admirers."
Ishmael shrugs. "Anyway. I'm guessin' you'll want to check it out, but you'll need Sandbar open t' do so."
Linnea: "Correct."
Ishmael: "So. While you're here, anything I can do ya for?"
Esme ponders.
Esme: "Oh! You are a supplier, yes?"
Ishmael: "I am. What supplies do ya need?"
Linnea: "Hrrrrrrmmmmmn."
Esme: "Know where one could acquire a Disk of Dubious Data?"
Ishmael's face brightens. "Dubious disk, you say?" He steps over to a chest, opens it, and begins rummaging. "Think I recovered one from, ah, upstairs…"
Linnea groans, though it's mostly good-naturedly. "I guess they wouldn't need the evidence chest anymore…"
Esme: "Yeah, I don't really see them getting use out of it."
Ishmael: "One of the few things what survived. Never did figure out if it was a Jaeger or someone else what torched th' place."
Linnea: "Got any TMs, or know who can get me some?"
Ishmael: "I mean, I did hear th' name o' the person. But I dunno who she is."
Ishmael: "TMs? Sure, got a stash o' them. Ah, if ye wanna do th' shop thing, I can do that. Lemme…get…the…" He plunges both arms deep into the chest, straining and sliding a bit, then finally pops free a disc.
Linnea: "Yeah, I'm not just gonna -take- things."
Linnea: "… that was not an accidental jab at you, Esme, I promise."
Linnea: "Or intentional for that matter."
Ishmael: "You wouldn' get outta 'ere if you did. Wouldn' be sellin' to ya if I thought you would, either."
Ishmael: "So ah. I notice ya got pokedexes there."
Linnea: "That's right."
Esme: "Oui!"
Ishmael holds up the disc. "I'll sell this to ya fer three kay an' a query, 'cause it's been buggin' me, come t' think o' it."
Linnea: "Go for it."
[OOC] WC GM: "3K" being common slang for "3,000".
Ishmael: "So just who or what is an 'Ignacia'? I mean, that's a made up name, right?"
Linnea just silently facepalms.
Esme pulls out three 1000 pokeyen coins.
Esme: "No, it's a name."
Linnea: "Unfortunately, it's quite real."
Linnea: "She's uh…temperamental."
Esme: "She's one of the higherups in Jaeger. M├ęchant."
Ishmael: "Oh? They say Ignacia's charizard burned the station during the invasion."
Linnea: "Well ain't that a sonnuvabitch."
Ishmael: "All this time I thought that was a code name. Ya say that's her REAL name?"
Linnea: "Yuuuuuuuuuuup."
Esme: "You'd think it was a code name she picked or something, but no."
Ishmael: "I notice you didn't 'ave to look her up. She visit Fort Blaston while you were there?"
Esme: "She…'escorted' us there."
Ishmael: "With a name like that, I'm guessin' she's some sort of pyromaniac?"
Linnea: "Temperamental. Heavy on the mental."
Esme: "All fire types. Likes burning things. Has weird hobbies."
Linnea: "I have a sinking feeling we're going to be on the wrong end of her rage someday. And to that end I'm wanting things to, uh, douse her."
Esme hands over the dollarydoos for the disk.
Ishmael: "I see. Well. Ye've more than answered my query, so…" He takes Esme's coins and puts the disc in their place. "Pleasure doin' business. Now, you said somethin' about TMs? Which ones be ya looking for?
Esme: "1!"
Ishmael: "Rain Dance? Sandstorm? Or…1? You mean Cut or Hone Claws?"
Linnea paces back and forth as she thinks. "A few things I have in mind. Rain Dance. Attract. Surf or Waterfall if either of those have washed up here. And given a Charizard…" There's an uncharacteristic evil glint in her eyes. "Stone Edge."
Esme: "The latter latter."
Ishmael: "Well." He moves on to another chest with a bunch of TMs, and begins leafing through them. "Know I've got Rain Dance in here. Ah - I got Dive, if yer interested in that. Let's see what else…"
Esme: "Nah, I don't fuss with water types. Yet."
Ishmael begins pulling TMs out. "Ah, here's Hone Claws. Rain Dance. Got just th' one Surf. And…aye, here's Stone Edge. Don't 'ave Attract, but I'd betcha either Sandbar or the' Peaks does."
Esme: "Oh ho! How much?"
Linnea: "Brilliant!" She returns to her normal grin and slaps down a touch over ten grand for her pile of TMs. (-10400)
Ishmael: "Fresh outta Waterfall, though I know there're some up in th' Peaks. Use it for minin', they do."
Esme blinks. "Going all-in, huh Linn."
Linnea: "Clever, that. I'll have to save up because those ones are pret-ty damn purse heavy."
Linnea: "Oh, Esme."
Linnea: "I have -plans-."
Ishmael counts up the pile of pokeyen. "Twelve hundred short, 'less you didn't want the Hone Claws?"
Esme has twelve hundred, she totally has twelve hundred! She hands over twelve hundred.
Ishmael smiles. "There ya go. See ya've been studyin' up on merchanting, Linnea? Or's that pokedex jus' tell you these things?"
Linnea: "A bit of everything. You need to know the value of things when you're part of supply runs. They don't just run on faerie dust and good will."
Ishmael: "You'd know. And what DOES run on fairy-types' dust, well…"
Linnea: "Yeah, that too."
Linnea: "So, any other bits of information other than the terrifying bit of flattery thrown my way?"
Ishmael: "Nothin' else, though…Miss Duval, will you be returnin' home within the next week or two?"
Esme: "Eeeeeeh…"
Esme: "Debatable."
Esme: "I have been keeping in touch, though."
Ishmael: "I've got a package I need to get t' yer estate somehow. If you're goin', I could just give it to you."
Esme scratches her head. "We'll certainly end up heading that way eventually, just depends on what other- How did Linnea put it… quests present themselves.
Ishmael shrugs. "Close enough, so long as you promise to get it there, then." He brings up from behind a desk a brown-paper-wrapped package smelling faintly of the sea. "TO: DUVALS" is scrawled on it. Whatever is inside feels solid, if a bit granular - sandstone, perhaps, but nowhere near as crumbly.
Esme looks it over, before stuffing it in her bag. "Hopefully don't end up diving through the ocean again."
Esme: "…though now that I think about it, that was mostly dry."
Ishmael: "Don't worry, it's sealed within the wrapping."
Ishmael: "Just don't let any water spears or the like at it."
Linnea: "That seems oddly specific."
Ishmael: "Somethin' what punctures it and injects water?"
Linnea: "Ah."
Ishmael walks over to one wall and takes hold of a strand of what looked like busted insulation fiber, but from the way he looks into it, it might be fiber optic cable. "Hmm. They're almost here…"
Linnea: "Good they or bad they?"
As if noticing Esme and Linnea again, Ishmael lets go of the fiber. "Ah - never you mind, but if we're done it may be good if ye were outta sight. There's no one up there right now."
Esme: "Oh right! We're in a Secret Base."
Linnea: "Hey, I'm not gonna intrude if I'm not needed anymore-"
Linnea: "Probably time t' go."
Esme: "Nice meeting you!"
Ishmael: "Don' get me wrong. You, friends, are welcome. But gettin' in an' out is, well…I do prefer th' Jaegers don' know I'm here."
Ishmael: "An' it sounds like we've run outta things t' talk about fer now?"
Linnea: "Right."
Esme nod nods.
Esme offers a wave, and makes her way back up to the ashy remains of the former police department.
Linnea gives Ishmael a slight bow, then follows Esme outside.

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