Session 54B

[OOC] WC GM: Note for logs: this is a side session happening near the end of session 53, specifically just after the other session 54.))
Sam and Max are crossing town, in the direction of Gem's Point, when they come across a burned-to-the-planks vacant lot, with ash everywhere.
Max Thorn pauses at the charred lot, and looks around.
Somehow, the surrounding planks do not seem to have been singed much.
There are footprints - recent. Two people were wandering around not too long ago, and the ash is disturbed in several places.
One of them is next to a half-melted police badge.
Max Thorn: "Well. I guess we know where the station was."
Sam Spade bites her lip.
Sam Spade: "Damn. I figured, but still. Damn."
Max Thorn: "Think there's anything to check out…?"
Here and there are larger lumps of ash. One of them near the badge could possibly be a burnt skeleton, left to the elements for a while.
Sam Spade: "I don't think I want to be here."
Sam Spade: "I've known too many Officer Jenny's."
And there, off in the corner, the ash moved around to disguise it, is a staircase leading down under the planks.
Max Thorn: "…Yeah, but…do you think we /should/ be here?"
Max Thorn 's eyes follow the footprints and on over to the staircase. "…I think whoever came by probably went thataway." He points.
Sam Spade: "Do you think he would have left footprints? He was being careful…"
Sam Spade: "…Though I suppose it would be like him to leave two sets."
Max Thorn: "These are probably someone else's, actually…"
Sam Spade unclenches her fist.
Indeed, the two sets seem to belong to different people. At least, one set is bigger feet than the other.
Sam Spade: "And it's been long enough since the station was burned down that it's probably not whoever did it."
Max Thorn hmms, and flips open his 'dex, then steps over to examine the nearest footprints.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Tech Ed to figure out the likely owners of the prints?
[OOC] WC GM: No need, if you're just going for species identification.
The pokedex does not register the footprints as pokemon. Of course, it is possible - if rare - for some pokemon to wear shoes, but that likely means these were human.
[OOC] Max Thorn: More specific than 'some humans made them'. :P
[OOC] WC GM: Ah…not Tech Ed to identify the specific humans.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Amodan 'dexes are more general-purpose than those of other regions, given what we've been doing with them.
[OOC] WC GM: Intuition perhaps.
Sam Spade rolled up 3d6: 10 (3 1 6)
Max Thorn squints at the footprints. "Definitely human, or some pokémon wearing human shoes."
[OOC] WC GM: You can get shoe size, but this is more forensics & criminology.
Max Thorn rolled up 2d6: 10 (6 4) (Untrained Intuition)
[OOC] Sam Spade: Ironically, recognizing footprints is more Sam's bailiwick.
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah.
The footprints seem familiar, as if you have seen them before, but you can not quite recall where.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yeah. I figured Max would be pulling up analysis guides from somewhere to help.
[OOC] WC GM: The guides would point to data you probably don't have from the subjects to match with.
Max Thorn: "…Think I know who these belong to, but I can't quite identify who. I can /guess/, though, given who we know is here."
Max Thorn gestures nonspecifically.
Sam Spade: "Jaegers?"
Max Thorn: "Nah, the Jags generally have standardized footwear. Comes with the uniform."
A quiet voice comes from the staircase. "Oy, psst, down 'ere!"
Sam Spade: "Are you sure? We could just going to stand here and keep drawing attention to you."
Max Thorn looks 'round again, then shrugs and heads over to the staircase.
Voice: "Please don't. You'll draw attention to yourselves, too, pokin' around like that. Yer looking for those what disturbed th' cop grave?"
Sam Spade follows Max.
Sam Spade: "We're looking for Dramaticus."
Max Thorn quietly descends…
Sam Spade: "Well, I'm looking for Dramaticus, he's looking for lodgings."
Downstairs is a middle-aged man with a ratty beard, dressed in a faded black t-shirt and slacks, in what is practically a small concrete-lined warehouse slung under the plankways.
Sam Spade: "And what might you be looking for?"
The man bows to Sam and Max. "Call me Queequeg. Yer…Sam, ain'tcha? The detective?"
Sam Spade blinks.
Sam Spade: "Um. Yeah. You've heard about me?"
Queequeg: "That I have. Or, well, I've 'eard of the cases you busted down in Metro Beach."
Max Thorn returns the bow.
Queequeg: "Then I heard you got mixed up in that airship battle o'er on the other coast. So what brings you all the way out 'ere?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, that makes more sense. Especially with you in a police station. Or the basement, anyway."
Sam Spade looks at Max.
Queequeg: "I mean, does Dramaticus 'ave a bounty or somethin'?"
Sam Spade: "No, but he's a gym leader. We all decided we'd put off our pokemon journeys long enough."
Queequeg blinks. "Pokemon journey? You?!? Trainers actually gettin' out 'ere? Well, that's a change."
Max Thorn: "There's something preventing most from journeying, variously."
Max Thorn: "Here, it's some barrier or other."
Queequeg: "Well o' course there is. Hadn't you 'eard?"
Sam Spade: "No, we hadn't. What's the word?"
Max Thorn headtilts inquiringly.
Queequeg: "Most o' th' new trainers go up t' Sky City an' fall, or get sick on th' way to Petro Swamp, an' either way give up. Those few what make it past…well, usually they stop at th' other one. I mean, I 'eard that precisely one team went out through Ice Cove and somehow didn' freeze ta death."
Queequeg tilts his head. "Was that your team, then?"
Max Thorn: "Yup."
Max Thorn: "…Wait.
Max Thorn: "…*freeze to death*?!"
Sam Spade: "I think that's probably an exaggeration, Max."
Max Thorn: "And Metro Beach is hardly the only source of trainers, in any event. Dojoholm has several fine locals, for instance."
Sam Spade: "That said, once a team gets pulled back by the rescue pokemon with severe hypothermia and the massive disapproval of their trainer…"
Queequeg: "Yeah. Th' Route ain' exactly warmed. I heard tale that some trainers got buried in th' snow; it'd been pilin' up but th' Jaegers wouldn't let it run off."
Max Thorn: "…"
Queequeg: "Metro Beach is where all th' trainers are supposed t' start."
Queequeg: "Or, well, so I heard."
Max Thorn: "Something else to put on my list of reckoning, I guess." He sighs. "Ah well. Dojji's opened up again, and that may occupy their attention for a while."
Queequeg: "Oh! Tha's right, I 'eard Ice Cove finally ran off some o' the snow a short while ago."
Sam Spade snickers. That was good times.
Queequeg: "Even 'ad that snowboarding contest. I saw…w'as'is name, Jack, win."
Max Thorn: "Yup. That was us at work."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, he did awesome."
Queequeg: "So if yer journeyin', you got time fer another case? Just a keep-an-eye-out kinda thing."
Sam Spade: "That…sounds like something we'd be capable of doing."
Max Thorn: "My 'to do' list keeps growing like a weed, but sure."
Queequeg: "Or…well. Mebbe three cases, I tell ya 'bout the one in exchange fer info on the other two yer up to."
Max Thorn glances to Sam.
Queequeg: "Those bein' WHY trainers get blocked at Sky City an' Petro Swamp, respectively."
Sam Spade raises an eyebrow.
Sam Spade: "I'm listening."
Queequeg: "So. Sky City. 'S a 'ead game."
Sam Spade: "I've heard."
Queequeg: "There're many ways up. One o' 'em leads straight to th' gym. Trainers keep bein' tol' they 'ave t' go up that route to be worthy of a challenge. It's difficult, aye."
Sam Spade: "There's a gap in the ramp up to the tower, and the only way to cross the gap is to leap, but it's farther than a person can leap."
Max Thorn: "We came across a few trainers who'd been defeated by that. With an ambulatory dick of a minder along."
Queequeg nods. "So ya know. An' th' gym leader's so busy helpin' run th' city - what with resupplies bein' low, they're tryin' t' go self-sufficient these days - no one from up there e'en knows about it, I dare say."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Sam Spade: "Jaggies. I can understand where they're coming from, but still…"
Queequeg: "So I dunno what you'd do about that. Spread th' word, make it obviously impossible, fix it so it stays fixed…" He shrugs. "Sounds like you'll be goin' there eventually."
Max Thorn: "I don't doubt that we'll be able to get up, but yeah, we'll be there sooner or later."
Max Thorn: "I think the Petro Swamp'll be one for Esmé, though…"
Queequeg: "Also sounds like you'll be 'eadin' to Petro Swamp eventually. Think you can punch th' Duvals on behalf of all th' trainers what got poisoned?"
Max Thorn: "Dunno about /punching/, particularly, but it'll be resolved."
Queequeg: "I mean. Please don' tell anyone I spoke bad about 'em. But uh. I deal wit' some shady clients, but they…"
Queequeg: "Word is, their favored daughter jus' ran away. I can guess why."
Max Thorn: "…Quite."
Queequeg: "Emma? Erma? Somethin' like that. If you find 'er mebbe she can tell you what's up."
Queequeg: "Heck, someone what looked like 'er was rummagin' aroun' up there not too long ago, so she's pro'lly still in town."
Queequeg: "Don' tell her I set ya onto 'er, please. Got professional relations ta maintain, you see."
Sam Spade: "So you maintain those relations by setting one contact onto another contact and telling the one not to tell the other."
Sam Spade: "Truly, you have a dizzying intellect."
Queequeg nods. "I'm no genius, but it's saved me skin so far."
Queequeg: "Anyway. So, th' third case. Seems there's a white wailord out there. I want a picture of it, if you see it."
Max Thorn: "Well, if we see one we'll be sure to manage that."
Sam Spade: "That sounds like…a sight to see."
Max Thorn: "…You wouldn't happen to know a Captain Ahab, would you?"
Queequeg starts, then looks to the side. "You…might say that, aheh. Heard of me, then?"
Max Thorn: "I had a hunch."
Ahab bows. "Pleasure to meet someone what saw through me act, then."
Sam Spade: "It's not nice to blow people's cover, Max."
Max Thorn: "I'm sure you'll catch that white devil yet."
Ahab: "Captain Ahab atcher service. Smuggler extraordinaire. You need anythin' on th' black or grey markets, odds are I can find it."
Sam Spade: "Dramaticus is an exception because he'll just make a new cover after we finish our conversation."
Ahab: "Catch? Oh, no, no. I just wanted to warn an acquaintance o' mine."
Max Thorn: "Oh?"
Ahab: "Lass, name o' Linnea. That white wailord's huntin' her."
Max Thorn: "(Remind me to get you a copy of Moby Dick, Sam.)"
Max Thorn: "…Aha. I'll be sure to pass the warning on."
Ahab: "Linnea was 'ere not too long ago, in th' company o' Esme Duval. Not sure what they were lookin' for up…"
Ahab blinks.
Ahab: "What, you know 'er?"
Max Thorn: "Yes. And Esmé."
Ahab blinks.
Sam Spade coughs.
Ahab: "Well I'll be. Anyway, I'm not sure it was the wailord itself was drivin' th' hunt. The wailord seems t' 'ave a passenger. Didn' get a good look."
Max Thorn: "What were you able to observe of what you did see, wailord aside?"
Sam Spade: "And do you have a Pokedex address that we can send the picture with?"
Ahab: "A bit of a setup, topside. Small shelter. Looks like that wailord's one who rides th sea, so if ya can get Linnea outta 'ere soon, she'll pro'lly be fine so long's she's away from th' coast."
Sam Spade: "So, don't head to Gaela."
Sam Spade closes her eyes, then rolls them. Naturally.
Max Thorn: "…Maybe we can arrange to paradrop from the rocket at Scale Mount?"
Ahab: "Gaela? Well, that migh' be a way t' ditch th' wailord, if's huntin' the Amodan coastline."
Max Thorn hmms. "…Actually." Max taps in an inquiry with Cherie regarding the white wailord.
Max Thorn: "The last gym leader we talked to might be able to help us out with that."
Ahab: "As to an address…I don' 'ave me own pokedex, but…" He scribbles down an address and hands it to Sam. "…this'll get messages to me…eventually. If you ever need ta buy somethin' you can't buy, just lemme know."
Max's pokedex beeps - an acknowledgement from Bay Island's Nurse Joy, who says she will pass the message along.
Sam Spade: "Thanks."
Ahab: "So. Wit' that done, can I sell ya anythin' while yer 'ere?"
Max Thorn: "Uhh…well…"
Ahab: "I got TMs, stones, an' other stuff. Tha' Esme wanted a certain…well, toy for 'er porygon, a verrry rare one."
Max Thorn thinks for a few seconds…
Max Thorn: "…Would you happen to be able to reach the Thorns?"
Ahab: "Message service? Tha's one o' the few things I don' do from 'ere. It'd get tracked back t' me store. I relay messages through…other places in this town."
Max Thorn: "Which drop should I use, then?"
Ahab: "You've got yer own pokedexes, right? Those're clear - they're you, not me."
Ahab: "Jus' don' say where you are while yer 'ere."
Max Thorn: "Right, right, but…that presumes I have a means of contacting them, no?"
Ahab tilts his head. "You don'? Ah…you said th' Thorns?" He closes his eyes in apparent concentration. "An' who'd they be?"
Max Thorn: "Eevee breeders, but…mostly, they'd be my parents."
Max Thorn: "Haven't heard from 'em since they disappeared 'round the Jaegers' coup."
Ahab's eyes open, and he dons a look of sympathy. "That's why ya wanna find 'em. Where'd they be?"
Max Thorn: "Well. We used to live at Sandbar Harbor."
Ahab: "…"
Ahab sighs.
Max Thorn: "I doubt they'd be anywhere near there /now/, but."
Ahab: "Well. Th' obvious place t' check would be Elysium, sorry."
Ahab: "Though they could be in hidin'."
Max Thorn: "All I know's they managed to get into hiding and warn me."
Ahab's face brightens. "Oh? Well…come t' think of it, I did 'ear o' some reclusive eevee breeders, moved into Brooktale a year or two ago."
Ahab: "Maybe that's them?"
Max Thorn: "Possibly. I wouldn't want to break their cover if it is, though."
Ahab nods. "Yer on a pokemon journey anyway, so you've an excuse t' go there an' look."
Max Thorn nods. "True enough."
Ahab: "So…outta curiosity. If yer 'anging around Linnea, you part o' the resistance too?"
Sam Spade: "Not really."
Sam Spade: "We're more…"
Sam Spade looks at Max.
Max Thorn: "Independents."
Sam Spade: "Change in action?"
Max Thorn shrugs. "Either way, our role is more…encompassing, I'd guess is the word?"
Max Thorn: "Oh. That reminds me."
Max Thorn gets his rifle out of his pack. "…I'd like to replace this with a pair of holdout pistols."
Ahab's eyebrows rise. "Oho? Well, now."
Max Thorn: "Got it from some holdouts up in Dojji before we went up and took out the raidertank factory up there."
Ahab steps back, opens a treasure chest full of guns, and begins rummaging. "Yeah, I've got…personal project o' mine. You seem like th' perfect customer for it, so I won't even charge you more than that rifle."
Ahab: "A pair, you say?"
Max Thorn: "Yes, please."
Ahab pulls out two small pistols - one shiny, obviously never even fired, and the other with a bit of wear, filed down from whatever it originally was. Both appear to take the same ammunition. "Here. Th' one needed to be smuggled aroun'. I made th' second myself t' the same specs, thinking I'd be givin' them t' differen' people…but I never, until now, found someone who should 'ave them."
Ahab hands them to Max. "Until now."
Ahab plucks the rifle from Max. "Jus' get 'em outta town. I can't 'elp but think that's why Moth is stormin' around."
Max Thorn makes them disappear into his pack. "…Got a harness in there somewhere with twin holsters?"
Ahab closes the chest and opens a closet. "Hmm…think so. Somethin' with them woven in…"
Sam Spade: "Them?"
Eventually, Ahab pulls out a brown duster coat and tosses it to Max. "Here we go. Try it on, see 'ow it fits."
Ahab glances to Sam. "Harnesses, built int' the jacket so no one can see th' bulge o' the pistols. Got a bit of psi shieldin', too, in case anyone's got attachment to what's inside. An', well, you can guess Moth's attachment to that one, right?" Ahab points to the older pistol.
Sam Spade blinks
Sam's jaw drops.
Filed down, obviously used several times afterward…but Sam gets a strong sense that this is the same firearm. Sam knows it was a mass production model; the memory must have passed along some psychic significance so blaring that even Sam can feel it. Images of how easily Moth would recognize it suggest themselves.
Max Thorn catches the coat and slips it on, then relocates the pistols. "Hm."
Sam Spade: "Yeah. Yeah, that…"
Sam Spade gulps.
Max Thorn: "…"
Sam Spade: "Now…hypothetically, if we were to, say, run across Moth in the streets…"
Ahab: "Run."
Sam Spade: "Would he be likely to feel that gun through the shielding?"
Ahab: "…hopefully not. That's th' point."
Ahab: "So long as they're holstered."
Sam Spade glares at Ahab, leans in close.
Sam Spade: "I haven't run from an encounter yet. And I'm not planning on it."
Sam Spade: "You know what I did the last time I saw Moth?"
Sam Spade: "I brought. Him. Tea."
Max Thorn: "I dunno that I really feel comfortable holding the gun that put that bullet in his head. At the very least, though, I wouldn't have been the one who did it."
Ahab looks Sam in the eyes, a bit uncomprehending. "But…yer no' a Jaeger. No uniform."
Sam Spade: "Don't care."
Sam Spade shakes her hair free.
Sam Spade: "You heard him say it. We're independent. We're not Jaegers, we're not Resistance, we're not Global Police."
Sam Spade: "We find problems, and we solve them. If those problems are from Amoda's invasion of Dojji, we'll fix them."
Sam Spade: "If the problems are from Dojji conquering Amoda, we'll fix them."
Sam Spade glowers at Ahab.
Sam Spade then gets a slightly panicky look on her face.
Ahab: "An' e'en if they're from Gaela's…?"
Max Thorn: "Besides. He asked us to help him with something."
Sam Spade: "Oh, no. I'm wasting my reserves of drama! Come on, Sam, come on, calm down…"
Sam Spade: "Need to save it for Dramaticus…"
Max Thorn: "As for Gaela, *Shaymin* asked me to go over there. Which we were gonna do anyway on account of other business, but."
Ahab: "Shaymin, eh? Hmm…makes sense."
Ahab: "I mean. Wild claim. But I can believe it."
Max Thorn gestures up at his hair. "I started out a redhead. This isn't dye."
Ahab nods.
Sam Spade: "Don't know too much about Gaela, yet."
Ahab: "Oh? Not how…well."
Ahab: "I mean. If Shaymin's sending ya to rescue Ho-Oh from 'is new master, didn't give ya any details o' that?"
Sam Spade turns back to Ahab.
Sam Spade: "No, but I'd love some."
Sam Spade: "I thrive on details."
Max Thorn: "We got some information concerning an acquaintance, but that's about it."
Ahab: "Ha'n't been out there meself, so I've not got that much ta give."
Max Thorn: "Nothing about conditions on the ground or what dangers we ought to watch out for."
Max Thorn: "Which, well. I think you already know what the reward for a job well done is."
Max Thorn coughs. "We did so well with Dojji, after all."
Ahab: "Well. So, ya know Gaela's an archipelago, right? Where someone bound Ho-Oh so th' islands wouldn't vanish under risin' tides?"
Sam Spade blinks
Ahab: "They say she came 'ere, ta Amoda, fer some reason."
Max Thorn: "'She' as in Lugia?"
Sam Spade: "No."
Sam Spade: "The one who bound Ho-Oh."
Ahab shakes his head. "As in Ignacia."
Sam Spade grabs Ahab by the shirt.
Sam Spade: "Ignacia bound Ho-Oh?"
Ahab blinks. "Yeah. So's the legend go, anyway."
Max Thorn: "That…would explain a lot."
Sam Spade starts cursing, then moves to grinding teeth to shut herself up. She lets go of Ahab, steps back.
Ahab: "At first it was duty. Then love. Then…"
Ahab shrugs. "They say Lugia was jealous, or spurned. Ripped out Ignacia's memories. Ignacia only remembered enough t' come t' Dojji an' seek t' kill Lugia. But killin' a legendary pokemon ain't no simple thing."
Sam Spade: "Cheri, what have you done…"
Ahab: "But they also say Lugia ain' 'llowed t' go over there - an' supposedly, neither's Ho-Oh, but 'e's there."
Ahab: "Violated Arceus's boundaries."
Max Thorn: "Well. That particular Ho-Oh is that particular Lugia's lover."
Ahab: "They say some o' the other Legendaries are tryin' ta make things right."
Max Thorn: "So she reacted pretty much how you would think someone would react."
Ahab: "One big family, they are…'cept fer the artificial ones, like th' MewTwos."
Sam Spade clenches her fists.
Sam Spade sighs and looks at Max.
Max Thorn: "Anything else y'think we ought to know? In general, I mean."
Sam Spade: "Not gonna run away, Max. Not from MewTwo, not from Ignacia, and not from this…*mess*."
Max Thorn: "(Between you'n'me, I'm sure Shaymin would hunt me down himself if I tried to shirk his charge."
Ahab: "In gen'ral? Hmm…oh!" He gestures to Max's coat. "Th' fastest way outta town's from th'…upper levels of Gem's Point, butcha need th' management's 'elp t' use it."
Max Thorn: "Ah. Gotcha."
Ahab: "Also. Ya say yer lookin' fer Dramaticus? He's pretty good at disguise…" He smiles at Sam. "…butcha got th' right idea to draw 'im out."
Sam Spade smiles at Ahab. "Give him what he wants? Yeah."
Ahab: "An' maybe, jus' maybe, you can help him get his act back together, if you know what I mean."
[OOC] WC GM: No, honest, I did not make the entire Shady Narrows arc up solely to justify that line.
Max Thorn: "That's one of the things we're here for, yeah. Seems like every town in Amoda has some issue or other that requires our personal attention."
Ahab: "The way Amoda's been? That might even be true."
Sam Spade smiles.
Ahab: "Oh, one more thing. Will you be tryin' to use the Gem's Point exit?"
Max Thorn: "Most likely…?"
Ahab: "Take you straight to Onix Peaks if you do. From what I hear, I recommend you bring sunglasses, or goggles, or somethin' else so's you don' go blind."
Ahab: "Gold ain' all that glitters."
Max Thorn: "That is definitely on the list, and thanks for the advice."
Ahab: "You'll get a glimpse o' what I mean when you see Gem's Point."
Max Thorn: "The name alone is a bit telling, I would think."
Ahab: "Yeah, but it's one thin' t' say it, an' a whole 'nother t' see it."
Ahab steps to the wall and pulls up the end of a fiber optic cable - a kind of building periscope; Sam has seen this sort of surveillance before, at least in pictures. "Anyway. If that's all, coast's clear for now. Yer friends left in th' direction of Gem's Point; even if they weren't headed to it, th' bling may slow them down."
Max Thorn: "Right. Thanks for everything, sir." Max heads over to the stairs…

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