Session 67

The gun looks like a gun, but the crystal bullets inside look VERY familiar to Esme.
[OOC] WC GM: Max - or anyone - Medicine Ed check, if you're examining the machines wired up to the children.
Esme takes a closer inspection. Very familiar is pretty familiar. "Where'd you even get this?"
Sam Spade has an old-fashioned notepad out, a pencil over it, jotting notes.
Nurse: "…they…" She looks away. "…w-were manufactured here."
Sam Spade: "How were they manufactured?"
Linnea: "…The heck?"
Nurse: "The ammunition, that is. I think that pistol came from Dojji."
Max Thorn adopts the Karana Mudra as he meditates…
Nurse: "I…I…" She gulps, tears welling up.
Sam Spade: "Well, let's be honest, Linnea."
Esme unloads one, and holds it up to her eye. "Hrm."
Sam Spade: "The only likely place for those crystal bullets to have come from is *here*."
Linnea: "Well, yes…"
Esme: "Where specifically, here?"
Max Thorn: "Someone want to check on the machines?"
Linnea: "I can take a look but it's not entirely my forte."
Linnea does a little patrol to check on the various monitors and machines.
Sam Spade: "Better you than me, Max is working on something extra-special, and Esme's looking at the bullets."
Nurse: "Warehouse district. Number 42. I…I was only an assistant, I didn't make…I can't make…"
Sam Spade: "That's okay. We understand."
Sam Spade moves in closer, puts an arm on the nurse's shoulder.
Sam Spade: "Do you know what they're called? Anything you can tell us would help."
The nurse looks up. "Are you the ones who've been to Dojji? There have been rumors."
Sam Spade: "Well, we've seen a bit of Dojji."
Nurse: "Then you might know."
[OOC] WC GM: Linnea: Medicine Ed check.
Esme pockets the bullet, and pulls up the local map on her pokedex with a sigh. "That's us, alright."
Linnea rolled up 6d6: 13 (3 4 1 2 2 1)
Nurse: "How…many did they…" She gulps. "How much blood is on m-my h-h-hands?" She looks into Sam's eyes, tears flowing freely.
Sam Spade pulls the nurse into a hug. Damnit, it's hard to get anything out of witnesses when they're like this.
The nurse sobs freely into Sam's shoulder.
Sam Spade: "Tell Sam what happened, okay?"
Linnea: "Right, so…these kids are being kept under with sleeping gas, I believe. If they don't have crystals, you could likely ease them off so they wake. Those -with-, though…Max, I'm going to have to count on you first before we start with them."
Max Thorn: "Right. Here goes…"
Recovering a bit of composure, the nurse stands back. "A-alright…umm…I never really heard a name for them, other than 'Anti MewTwo Ordinance', or 'AMTOs'."
Sam Spade: "AMTOs works, then."
Sam Spade: "…Esme, have you found the warehouse?"
Linnea sets about starting to help one of the non-crystal-embedded folks back to wakefulness. One at a time, to keep an eye on reactions or complications.
Esme: "Maybe? About to head down to the district now, poke around."
Max Thorn: "…It's the crystals causing the appearance of soullessness to psychic readings."
Sam Spade: "I'll go with you."
Max Thorn: "Smash crystal, undo damage. With some post-smashing care, of course."
Max Thorn: "And…they failed utterly to replicate Moth's condition."
Sam Spade: "Ah. So it won't help when we try to…whatever to him."
Sam Spade: "Though I suppose that's why everyone here says he's actually dead?"
Max Thorn stands. "To properly replicate the condition, they'd have needed to conduct a cranial injection of the crystals. Which I believe they were close to doing."
Linnea: "Criminy…"
Slowly, one by one, the children Linnea assists blink back to wakefulness as the sleep gas masks are removed. Stunned, silent, but Linnea sees life in their eyes.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, but according to her they were planning on cranial injection via *gunshot*, and I don't know if that would have helped without a mewtwo's power."
Max Thorn picks up one of the crystals and examines it. Will throwing it to the ground and stomping on it smash the thing?
Esme: "I don't know a ton of medicine, but I can assure you that it wouldn't have. Let's roll while they handle things here."
Esme gets a move on to the manufacturing warehouse.
Linnea 's expression gradually becomes lightened, once she starts seeing them wake. As she passes each person, there's a smile and a little nod. "It's okay, time to wake up. No rush, no hurry. You're okay here. We're friends."
It would take more force than stomping to smash the crystal. It was designed to survive being used as a bullet, after all. But perhaps another bullet - and there is that pistol right there.
Max Thorn hmms. "Is that wall there an outer wall, or…?" He points vaguely.
The nurse looks up. "No, but…" She points to the left of where Max is pointing. "…that one is. Why?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Pretty sure without a casing you can't just shoot the crystal at the wall.
Max Thorn turns a bit, then tosses the crystal up into the air. He whips out one of his holdouts and shoots the crystal.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Ah
[OOC] WC GM: …normally that'd be a check, but on fail Max can just try again and again, so…
[OOC] Max Thorn: Besides, Rule of Cool.
[OOC] WC GM: Yep.
That crystal is smashed, well and good. The nurse instinctively shrieks and cowers.
The outer wall is not even penetrated fully, though there is a definite bullet hole.
Max Thorn gently removes the mask of the patient whose crystal he smashed, and waits for the kid to wake up…
Linnea mutters to herself as she checks on the kids. "(Melo, why right here…)"
Indeed, the child soon awakens - with much the same results as Linnea's. The kid - it is impossible to tell if this one is a girl or a boy - seems drowsy. Not a morning person.
Max Thorn: "…Right. Don't do crystals, kids." He repeats the crystal-smashing-via-gun with the other crystals.
Linnea cringes. "So bloody dramatic."
Max Thorn: "…did you want to go fetch a hammer instead?"
Esme, being outside, manages to see a bandana-and-camo-clad Officer Jenny charging down the hall, gun drawn.
Linnea: "Meh."
Officer Jenny: "What's going on in there?!?"
Max Thorn: "Resolving a very, /very/ stupid experiment with a positive outcome."
Sam Spade: "Hazmat disposal."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Max is inside, yes?
Esme: "Just now? Unclear! But we're fixing all those comatose kids."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yes.
Max Thorn holsters the holdout once the last crystal's been pulverized.
Officer Jenny: "Disposal WITH A GUN?!?"
Sam Spade: "Yup."
Sam Spade: "Breaking rocks."
Esme: "Don't ask me, I'm on research duty."
Jenny shoves past Esme and Sam and aims her pistol inside the room - fortunately, just after Max's gun is holstered.
Linnea: "Can we please stop shouting."
Sam Spade: "Probably setting a point, given that someone here thought it was an acceptable idea to put a bunch of kids in comas-"
Sam Spade: "Ah, she's gone. Let's get to that warehouse, Esme."
Max Thorn is, by now, removing the masks from the formerly-crystal'd kids.
Outside smells of…Sam and Esme recall Foundry Town during the airship's bombardment, until it got cleaned up.
Rubble and spots of blood are everywhere. A couple crews, apparently noncombatant townsfolk, wander through collecting bodies - people and pokemon - here and there, occasionally freeing those trapped by debris.
Esme: "It's probably bad that I'm getting used to that 'warzone' je ne sais quoi."
Sam Spade: "Probably."
Sam Spade: "But I know exactly what you mean."
About half the children have awoken. The nurse is talking Officer Jenny down and shooing her out.
Esme keeps an eye out for the warehouse…how bad is the building damage over here compared to where they came in?
Max Thorn checks on each of the kids, making sure there are no permanent injuries.
The damage is not quite as bad here, but then, where the party arrived the forces seemed to have formed up and fortified, and so probably saw the most intense fighting. In particular, none of the buildings here look like they are one strong punch away from collapse. Three or four punches, at worst.
There is no permanent physical injury to the children, and their eyes suggest they will recover once they fully wake up. There is likely to be more trauma from any family these children have lost during the fighting - but at least the crystals' direct harm will be undone.
Max Thorn: "Whew. The kids should be fine physically. Whether they'll be fine spiritually when they're discharged, though…"
Linnea: "…Right, where are they going?"
Many of the warehouses no longer sport recognizable numbering. The scent of the sea washes in from the docks.
Max Thorn shrugs. "Definitely /not/ back into the hands of Petri's researchers."
[OOC] WC GM: Sam, Esme: Focus checks.
Esme rolled up 4d6+1: 13 (5 3 1 3) (Focusin')
Sam Spade rolled up 6d6: 19 (1 3 3 2 5 5) (Focus is one of the things I DO)
Esme: "She said 42, right?"
Max Thorn: "Nurse Joy, would you happen to have hard copies of any documentation relating to these experiments?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah, and that's 42 right…"
Sam Spade: "And that feels like it's trying a little too hard to be an ordinary warehouse."
Sam Spade: "Chicklet! Back us up."
Nurse: "I'm not Joy. I…w-well…" She blushes. "N-not my field…andIflunkedout…umm! Documentation!"
Sam Spade starts walking towards the door to the warehouse.
Sam feels a gentle pushback, something in the warehouse insisting it is unimportant.
Nurse: "Umm…not really? I got the impression they kept all their records electronically."
Sam Spade: "Oh, no you don't! I'm Samantha Malakowski and nobody tells me what I can't do!"
Nurse: "I bet if you could hack into the Jaeger database, it'd all be there."
Esme: "…right, psychics!"
Esme sees Sam talking to apparently thin air.
Linnea: "Hoo boy."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Damn, and it's Esme who has copies of all the files.
[OOC] Sam Spade: =p
Max Thorn: "Hm. Any way I could access it all from here?"
Linnea: "Depends on how hackerman you are."
Nurse: "Well…there are computer terminals in the office area, but you'd need Jaeger access."
Esme squints. "I don't know who you're talking to Sam, but I'm going to assume there's something over there."
Sam Spade: "Uh. Duh?"
Max Thorn: "I've got a better idea." He taps out a note to Esme, requesting a copy of the documentation.
Sam Spade: "I'm not in the habit of talking to…well I suppose I am just talking to a building, but."
Sam Spade walks up and knocks on the door.
Sam Spade: "See? Hello?"
The building takes Sam's comments stoically.
The door falls inward, stirring up a small cloud of dust.
Sam Spade blinks, coughs a bit, and peers into the darkness.
Esme squints harder, taking a moment to check this incoming message. "Psychics…" She shoots Max some quick access credentials to that one folder she puts things in, before following after Sam.
Nurse: "I've only seen them use the keyboard to log in, but they put a badge lock on it too."
Max Thorn: "…Badge lockout, huh. Well, it's worth a shot. Where did you say this terminal was, again?"
The warehouse is mostly pitch black. Only sunlight streaming in through the door illuminates the area near the entrance, where Sam and Esme leave footprints in the inch-thick dust.
Sam Spade: "Come on, Chicklet."
Nurse: "The office area." She points down the hall.
Max Thorn nods. "Thanks." He heads over thataway.
Linnea glances at the recovering folk, then follows Max.
Esme turns on the flashlight on her Dex. "It /looks/ like the place hasn't been in use, but that's what they'd want it to look like."
The entrance looks like a typical reception area, not unlike the one at Fort Blaston's range, with a security desk with computer guarding the way to two doors leading further back, one with the universal restroom symbol, the other unlabelled.
Sam Spade tries the handle on the unlabeled door.
Max Thorn scopes out the office area. Anyone present?
Esme hops over the desk, checking out the computer.
The office area of the hospital is much like the one back at Scale Mount. There are a couple secretaries - twin medium-height black-haired young office ladies, on a quick glance - and three terminals. Sure enough, each terminal has a fist-sized scanner bolted on.
The unlabeled door is locked. The warehouse computer is powered down.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Afternoon, or…?
[OOC] WC GM: Sunset, though none of the PCs are in direct line of sight of the sun right now.
Esme whistles as she releases Lucrece. "Let's see if we can get this running again, Luc. You hop in, while I check out the wiring."
Max Thorn: "Good afternoon, ladies. May I borrow a terminal? I helped with the kids and I want to make sure nothing of what they endured will have negative long-term effects."
The ladies look up in unison, and double-take in mirror echo. "Max…" "…Thorn? Is it really…" "…you?" They slide apart, pulling up a rolling chair in front of the middle terminal, and pat it. "Sure," "please!"
Linnea: "…What."
Max Thorn: "(I'll explain later, Lin.)"
Max Thorn: "Much thanks," he says, and takes the seat offered, then slots in his 'dex…
Sure enough, the hospital computer's screen lights up a brief outline of Max's badges, then "AUTHORIZED. WELCOME JAEGER RECRUIT." The ladies, who had been leaning in to cuddle from both sides, stop short and give Max a wary look.
The warehouse computer takes longer to power on, but soon enough does.
Linnea: "…"
Linnea just crosses her arms and watches.
Max Thorn: "Don't look at me like that, /all/ new trainers get that level of access."
Both computers display generic inventory and records management screens, not identical but both of them awaiting search prompts.
Esme coughs, as she gets up from under the desk. She swats the dust off her tee.
Sam Spade: "Any luck?"
Esme: "Alright, let's see what we got." First query! Production records.
Max Thorn taps in queries regarding the patients.
Max Thorn indicates Lin. "Even her, I bet."
Esme finds records of distribution. The units - unlabeled but obvious what "units" are being referred to - were hand crafted, not mass produced. About half, including the "cannon sized units" , went to Foundry Town. About a third were used in testing, including several failures. The remaining sixth are listed as "on hand at production site" .
Sam Spade: "Any luck?"
Max's initial queries produce much the same data the Jaeger officer volunteered.
The twins give Linnea a curious glance.
Max Thorn dives in, looking particularly for the experimental data.
Linnea: "I'm a friend. No need t'worry about me."
Twins: "Are you…" "…with him?" "Just…" "…a friend, or…" "…his type?"
Esme turns the screen towards Sam. "Looks like a bunch are still here. Gonna pull up the testing records next. You see anywhere to go other than the restroom?"
Sam Spade: "Just this locked door. But I have a fix."
Linnea: "Nah, not his type at all."
Sam Spade: "Chicklet? Break the door down."
The warehouse computer pings a prompt: someone else is accessing the data.
Linnea: "Traveling together, with some other folk, on a journey."
Max soon finds testing data for the crystals. This is starting to look like pre-Jaeger records, imported.
Max Thorn: "Righting wrongs, fixing things up, meeting deities, that kinda thing."
The twins smile mischievously. "Oh…" "…really? And you don't…" "…get lonely?"
Max Thorn purses his lips, then frowns. Imported, huh? From Gaela…?
Esme nods with a laugh. "Traditional Fix…Hm? I guess someone else is poking around too. …Prooobably Max. Hopefully."
Esme: "Handmade…" Esme gives a shot looking up if there's any plans, schematics, or any record of what exactly they did.
Chicklet lines herself up on the door, gathers her chi, and inflicts a single, heavy blow! Brick Break!
The data looks at first to have been imported from earlier tests in Sandbar Harbor. But pressing further, the designs were indeed originally imported from Gaela.
Max Thorn: "…That's…interesting."
Max Thorn: "Yet another reason to go traipsing about in Gaela, it appears."
Max Thorn pokes around some more. How early was Petri involved?
Linnea: "Uhhhhhhh that's kinda pointed, innit?"
Linnea scratches at the back of her head.
Esme finds schematics for various machines to make the crystals. Most of them were apparently designed in Sandbar Harbor, but the "Ignacia" credit on the prototype design catches Esme's eye.
Petri appears to have been brought in by the Jaegers to coordinate the recent round of testing, with no involvement pre-occupation.
Esme: "Hrm. Between the-" She coughs. "-Parchment, eye thing, and this, she's way more savvy about these types of things than she'd appear to be."
Max Thorn: "…Huh. So she came in with the Jaegers when they took over the research…" He looks to see who was originally involved.
The door crumples inward easily, almost as if its designers never expected such an assault.
Sam Spade looks around the back room.
Inside…the large empty space is reminiscent of Fort Blaston's range, too. Only, in here, Sam spies in the darkness machinery here and there, much of it very similar to what Esme had called up on screen.
And, glinting in the black, a dozen more crystals.
Max soon finds the same production records Esme did - with a note that someone else has the files open, which note Esme receives too.
Sam Spade: "Hey pretty lady, we got more crystals back here."
Esme scrubs a copy of the data, then goes to investigate with Sam.
Sam Spade: "Manufacturing and testing? They were shooting the crystals, probably to get the design down."
Max Thorn follows the same trail Esme did, entirely independently. "…Oh, so it's all /her/ fault. I hope I have a front-row seat at Iggy's sentencing."
The bullet-sized crystals are lined up on a cloth. Esme has seen refineries similar to the machines here, to turn liquid poison into solid forms.
Quite a heap of shards and dust lines one side, backing up Sam's suspicion of firearms testing.
Esme: "Yeah…all this's gotta go."
There is enough here to reconstitute into at least a hundred more crystals with the right formula - which the party has, having seen the end results.
Linnea: "I mean…I'm not regular-lonely when I have a lot of people with me, but the other kind…I dunno! I can't really stay here, though."
There are also metal blocks with "PR" then numbers then "%" .
The metal blocks have many, many bullet holes.
Sam Spade: "I…"
Max Thorn backs out of that part, then looks particularly at what the researchers were doing to the kids here.
Sam Spade: "…Esme…could you use this stuff?"
Sam Spade: "Not for amto, but for something…more useful?"
Sam Spade: "Turn it into shards or plates or something?"
As far as Max can tell, the researchers were indeed attempting to replicate Moth's condition as ordered.
Esme perks, then frowns, then considers. "…Could proooobably reverse engineer some stuff out of it, or at least make something less…/this/."
The researchers were "lucky" enough to find leftover bullets, but they knew the ammunition had come from Sandbar Harbor in the first place.
Esme crouches down and looks over the shard cache and blocks. "Though I was just going to kind of uhh, burn it all so they didn't have anything to work with in case they got some ideas."
Max Thorn: "Hm." Max looks to see if there are any backups of the data regarding the crystals.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, I was going to have Chicklet smash it-" * Chicklet perks at that- * "- but that would just leave small crystals they could turn into big crystals."
Sam Spade: "I figured if you turned it into a brace they'd have to pry it off one of our cold dead arms."
Esme: "The blocks at least seem to be designed to test Psychic resistance, which doesn't bode too well either."
Max soon finds the data is replicated in two locations: the one he is at, and the production facility.
Sam Spade: "….Which they might be okay with, so burning it is starting to sound better."
Sam Spade: "No, it doesn't."
Max Thorn: "Right. Nobody should have this information. So I'm going to purge it."
Esme claps her hands together. "Sounds like we have a plan, then!"
Sam Spade: "Chicklet, destroy these rocks!"
Max Thorn sees if he can gain admin privileges…
Chicklet first pounds the big rocks into little rocks, and then follows up with a burst of fire! Fire Blast!
Esme faces the opposite side of Chicklet, and swirls her wrist around. Small white orbs gather around her, before burning crimson. She swipes her hand, a cone of flame washing over the other side of the room. [Hidden Power]
Admin privileges seem to be two-keyed, with the other key at the production site.
The shards and dust melt, then evaporate, under the combined assault.
That leaves the machinery itself, and the file system.
Max Thorn taps in a note to Esme. "Purging the crystal data. Need you to hop on to the terminal over there so I can gain administrative access."
Esme shakes her hand. "Well, that works." More messages! "…Hm." She pokes her head out of storage. "Hey Luc! Help out Max with the rights to get rid of all that stuff!"
A series of whirrs and beeps emanate from the desk. Sounds like they copy.
The office twins watch Max go at this, then glance at Linnea. "So…" "…is he a good…" "…kisser? Or is he…" "…a man's man?"
Max Thorn: "Ask our friend Sam," Max says with a blush.
Max's screen soon lights up, "ACCESS GRANTED" . It appears that Max has full admin rights now.
Linnea looks flummoxed. "I wouldn't know, not my type."
The office twins squee silently. Or perhaps supersonically, above human hearing range. Or perhaps telepathically. It is hard to tell.
LET THE (data) PURGE BEGIN! Max's fingers fly over the keyboard, setting up the necessary commands, then he taps the Enter key.
Linnea: "I find myself amused and uncomfortable in equal measure."
For all the drama and importance, the commands proceed without drama.
Esme: "Sounds like our other half is taking care of the data, now just the machinery. Now /that/ I'll actually take just enough of…"
Esme sees about dismantling this production rig.
Lucrece pops out of the production site computer just before it completely shuts down. At the same moment, Max's terminal goes dark for a moment, then lights back up with "DISCONNECTED" .
Max Thorn pulls his 'dex out of the slot. "And that's /that/ wasp's nest handled. Now to deal with the rat's nest outside."
The machinery is jury-rigged test equipment, the kind of thing where if there are not records of how it works it would be all but impossible to restore from guesswork alone once messed with, let alone thoroughly dismantled.
[OOC] WC GM: Call it 20K pokeyen worth of scrap usable for machinery gadgets, useful for anything psychic or manufacturing related.
[OOC] WC GM: This was a serious, well-funded project you're looting.
Chicklet cherps cheerfully, putting her wings in a kung-fu pose, and looks at Esme for direction.
Max Thorn stands, then bows to the twins. "Thanks for letting me use the terminal. Please, let me know if there's anything I can do for you."
Esme grins, removing a few key pieces she could use later…before of course just smacking it around a bit. She takes a nice selfie-panoramic of her and Sam's handiwork. For posterity! She sends it over to Max and Lin when she finishes up.
Linnea: "(Melo, they're gonna love that.)"
Max Thorn: "(Eh, I just hope it gives Iggy the apoplectic fit that finally shuffles her off this mortal coil.)"
The twins giggle at this, slowly stand up, slink up to Max…and then get their ears grabbed in unison by an irate Officer Jenny. "What! Have! I! Told! You! Two! About! Dating! On! The! Job!?"
Officer Jenny then drags the twins away.
Max Thorn: "That was not what I had in mind, but I suppose I should've seen that coming."
Linnea: "Sigh."
Linnea: "And to think I thought they were hittin' on me first."
Linnea: "Ah well."
Max Thorn: "Truth be told, they've been low-key after me for years."
Max Thorn scratches his head, then shrugs. "I guess now we go on out, since our business here's concluded."
Linnea: "Prolly."
Linnea: "Catch up with the others, then?"
Max Thorn: "Yup."
A message pops up on the party's pokedexes, from Tim. "Things getting calmer over here. Psychics request psi-bullets destroyed. Jaeger artillery's willing to level the place, if you can find it."
Max Thorn heads out of the hospital, texting a response: "Well, the data needed to reproduce 'em is gone. Kids are back to normal; the psi-bullets were what was causing the nonresponsive kids to be, well, nonresponsive."
Tim: "What about where they were made?"
Max Thorn: "Think Esme & Sam took care of that," Max texts back.
Tim: "It's where Sam & Esme are now?"
Max Thorn: "Think so."
Tim: "Relaying."
Tim: "Gun jumped. Almost literally. Sam, Esme: run plz"
Linnea: "Sigh."
Sam Spade bolts for the exit as fast as she can.
Max Thorn facepalms.
As Sam gets out the door she can hear the whistle of incoming ordinance.
Max Thorn: "I swear by Shaymin's fluff, if they hurt Sam or Esme, they're going to regret it. Deeply."
Esme breaks into a sprint, recalling Luc as she makes for the exit!
Sam and Esme make it across the street before the artillery SLAMS home! Chicklet is blown onto a nearby roof, trailing flame and smoke - which is perfectly healthy for a fire type - and lands safely.
In about a minute, the warehouse is rubble.
Esme: "Phew. Well, doubly thorough is good too."
Now that everyone is outside, the party can see that night has well and truly fallen. The city looks more peaceful now, even as the smoke rises from the warehouse (which easily guides Max and Linnea to the others so the party is unsplit, if that is where Max and Linnea are headed).
Linnea is indeed heading that way because holy shit are they okay?
Max Thorn , too, and for the same reason.
Esme is covered in machine oil, possibly radioactive psychic shard dust, and smoke. She is quite jolly.
Linnea: "…Adventures?"
Chicklet looks excited as she climbs down the building.
Esme: "Oui!"
Sam Spade: "Yeah. Adventures."
Linnea: "Nice."
Linnea: "So what all happened?"
Linnea: "Other than nearly getting artilleried."
Esme: "Copied some data. Burned and smashed stuff. I thought I sent pics?"
Linnea: "Ah, right. Was too amused by Max's, uh…friends."
Sam Spade: "Man! I haven't done anything like that since I met Malta!"
Max Thorn: "It will no doubt surprise you that Ignacia was responsible for that data coming to Amoda at all."
Max Thorn: "I mean that sarcastically, that is. Because if you /are/ surprised, I have some bottom land in Petro Swamp you might be interested in. Just don't ask what it's on the bottom of."
Esme: "Yeah, saw that in the plans." She holds up a bag full of scrap. "Salvaged some of the…uhh, non-questionable material."
Linnea: "Neat."
Max Thorn: "Just so long as all the questionable material's gone. And unrecoverable."
Esme: "Told you, pics! With that and the artillery, should be no-"
Esme: "Oh right."
Another message pops up from Tim. "Linnea, do you have a lot of prophecies about you?"
Esme digs around in her pocket, pulling out that bullet she removed from the gun earlier. She clenches it in her palm, giving it a small blast of energy to dust it.
Esme: "Forgot about that one."
Max Thorn: "…What a question to ask a lady."
Linnea looks baffled again, then taps out "Uh, there might have been something about a whale…and we ran into a giant wailord…I'd have to have a think about it."
Tim: "Apparently this wailord came here hunting for you."
Linnea: "…I guess that almost makes a kind of sense. Maybe."
Linnea: "Why, got somethin' else?"
Tim: "Trying to. Between this skitty's drawings and the psychics."
Tim: "Maybe you'd have better luck? I think these messages are for you."
Linnea: "Bring 'em to me?"
Tim: "A mess. Easier if you come here."
Linnea: "Right, where are ya?"
Max Thorn: "More skitty-on-wailord action, eh?"
Tim: "Where you left me."
Linnea starts off in that direction, then.
Tim: "I tried to get off, but then they wanted to relay to you."
Max Thorn follows along. Might as well.
Sure enough, Tim is still atop that white wailord - and beseiged, a trio of psychics all talking at once and glowing runes in the air being drawn by that skitty. None of the four seem conscious of the other conversants.
Linnea: "OI."
Only the skitty breaks off, looking at Linnea
Linnea: "Number one, calm down. Number two, gimme a lift and I'll see if I can start making sense of this."
Esme snaps a pic. "Getting a couple nice ones, today."
The skitty leaps off, dancing through the air and making small glowlng platforms out of the runes, generating a stairway up to the top.
Linnea steps quickly up to the top to meet the three psychics.
Sam Spade pulls out her own dex and scans the wailord, then the skitty.
The psychics stop talking and turn as one to face Linnea, then echo, "The prophecy begins!"
Tim and Sands back off for a moment, then shove the psychics overboard, into the water.
Tim: "Phew. FINALLY! Thanks, Linnea."
Max Thorn: "…"
Linnea: "Please tell me you didn't summon me all the way back here for a prank."
Linnea: "Because I can tip you over too."
Pokedex: "Wailord. The biggest of all Pokémon. It can dive to a depth of almost 10,000 feet on only one breath."
Tim: "No, no, I-"
Pokedex: "Meloetta. The melodies sung by Meloetta have the power to make Pokémon that hear them happy or sad."
Tim: "…"
Tim frowns at the skitty, who keeps dancing.
Sam Spade: "I hope you don't mind that I outed you."
Esme: "Who else would show up if Lin's involved?"
Sam Spade: "Well, of course!"
Max Thorn: "Especially leading a dance."
Sam Spade: "I know. That's why I apologized."
The skitty whirls and transforms, revealing Meloetta's Pirouette Forme. "I made a promise. That I would fill it is predictable."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, I'm actually a little taken aback that Tim was surprised."
Tim: "I wasn't expecting THIS!"
Meloetta looks at Linnea. "It was prophecied that you would need assistance."
Meloetta: "That you are soon to go where you can not walk."
Meloetta: "You go to set things right. Arceus approves, and so I may assist."
Meloetta: "My champion." She looks into Linnea's eyes. "And her friends." Her arms sweep along the party.
Meloetta: "We travel with the tides, oh la."
Tim: "Oh! I've got this! You mean we leave at high tide at midnight?"
Meloetta gives Tim a look that practically screams, "Don't interrupt."
Returning her attention to the party, she continues, "Make what preparations you need, and return at the peak of the waves. This may be all I can do for you, but this much I will do!"
Meloetta: "Friends! Let us sing and dance and weave Gaela back to harmony, and free the heart of the sun, that the sea so yearns for!"
After waiting a moment to confirm Meloetta's speech is done, Tim makes a quick call. "Yeah, umm, Abbas? Iii'm gonna have to ask you to sit on things here a while longer."
[OOC] WC GM: +1 trainer level for re-establishing peace in Sandbar Harbor.
Esme stretches with an audible groan. "Midnight, right…going to finally swing by the Pokemon Center to take care of Alexis and get cleaned up."
Esme: "It's been a long day, and it looks to be getting longer!"
Max Thorn: "I'll get the sleeping bags out while you go do that. Mind handling Antheia for me?"
Esme: "Can do!"

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