Session 70

[OOC] WC GM: Tipsy-Drunk is a volatile status condition, and we're outside combat. Shake it off whenever you want - and again, Sam dodged it entirely in the first place.
Slakes trundles, in the way blastoises do, back inside his office, clearing the doorway. "Please, come in." He gestures to some large couches inside; it is an easy guess they are intended for recipients of his 'generosity' to sit it off.
Linnea: "Wrrr… what was that for…?"
Max Thorn stumbles over to one of the couches.
Sam Spade: "Hello!"
The marowak sighs, putting her bone club in a holster on a small belt. "It's his idea of hospitality."
Linnea flops over to the couch, baffled by the apparent intoxication via non-drinking.
Slakes: "So! I'm told you want information about our friends under the drink."
Linnea: "Funny."
Sam Spade: "Yes, definitely."
Slakes: "Are you looking to go down there, or are you just curious?"
Linnea: "Yes."
Esme wobbles ever so slightly, before pulling something from her pocket and sniffing it. "Whew."
Sam Spade: "We have a lot of places to go, but…down there is one of the places we'd like to see."
Slakes: "Hmm. That's going to be a challenge. The sea…well, it's kind of liquid ice!"
Linnea: "So it's really freakin' cold."
Sam Spade: "Um."
Slakes: "More like impermeable."
Linnea: "Wait, what?"
Esme: "Too cold to melt?"
Sam Spade: "Isn't the sea usually 'liquid ice?'"
Max Thorn: "Impermeable how, though?"
Slakes grins. "Yes, well. But the currents and flows - it's liquid, so far as I can tell, but no one can swim through, just like a solid."
Linnea: "…"
Max Thorn: "Our wailord partner managed…"
Slakes: "So, liquid ice, not quite solid water."
Sam Spade: "He didn't go through."
Sam Spade: "He went over."
Slakes: "Oh, the surface is just fine! I'm talking if you go a few dozen meters down."
Max Thorn: "Ahh."
Max Thorn: "Great, another barrier to break."
Sam Spade: "Yeah. Which we would have to do, if we wanted to reach the underwater cities."
Slakes: "I'm a little worried for those trapped down there who need more than kelp and fish to survive."
Slakes: "But, nothing I can do from here. Not yet."
Esme: "Hrm… sounds non-newtonian. Becomes resistant when outside force is applied."
Max Thorn: "(I'm beginning to think I should just make my todo list 'save the world'. At least then I wouldn't have to add anything do it…)"
Linnea: "…I think I get why this guy has beer cannons."
Slakes grins at Linnea's comment. "You get it! I'm doing what I can!"
Slakes: "And the world's always going to need beer."
Sam Spade: "Any possibility that it's something other than physical? Like, an upset Legendary?"
Slakes nods. "'An upset Legendary' is our leading theory. Specifically, Lugia. But she hasn't been seen around here for years. If only we knew where she was, we could try to talk to her."
Linnea: "If only."
Linnea snorts.
Slakes looks directly at Esme. "Which brings me to you. The mayor said there was a sign you had spoken to her."
Sam Spade: "Well, last we saw her she was in Amoda."
Max Thorn: "I doubt it's Lugia. One of the others, though…maybe."
Esme: "She's around! Not here, though. Who else is in the ocean…"
Sam Spade: "I believe it, though given what we know about Ho-oh it's definitely more complicated than that."
Linnea: "Kyogre."
Esme: "Had a few nice chats."
Slakes: "…Amoda?" He blinks, then stands up fully. "You know where she is?!?"
Max Thorn: "Kyogre'd be my guess, yeah."
Esme: "Well that was… what, maybe a little over a week ago? She's probably still around where we last saw her."
Slakes' jaw is not hitting the floor only because it is still attached to his face. "Where?"
Max Thorn: "Island just off the coast of Amoda."
Esme thumbs to Max. "Yup! Probably didn't stick around the Narrows after we got dropped off…"
Slakes: "Island just off…not Narrows…you mean Bay Island?"
Max Thorn: "Yup."
Slakes bows. "You have done us a great service this day. I will ask the mayor to prepare an expedition right away. On behalf of Gaela, how might I repay our debt?"
Slakes then eyes the marowak, who nods and runs out of the room, presumably to relay the message.
Linnea: "…Do you have a TM for the beer cannon?"
Slakes: "Oho! Unfortunately my research has not yet progressed that far!"
Linnea: "Darn."
Slakes: "But if you have a pokemon who could learn it, I would be delighted to tutor. I am not certain if anyone outside the squirtle line can learn it, though."
Linnea: "Yeah, no. Was worth asking though."
Max Thorn: "If I were interested in water-types I'd probably ask a remoraid to tag along, but that's about the only other line I could think of that'd be capable."
Slakes: "I shall redouble my efforts to make a TM, though."
Linnea: "Oh! Since we're in a plenty-watery area and we're on an expedition and all - do you know if there are any good places to find Marvel Scales? I'd like one for a friend who wasn't able to make the journey with us."
Slakes: "…that said, please don't let it get around that I am considering TMs. As you may know, some of my fellow Gaelans are…touchy about any technology of that nature."
Linnea: "…" Linnea blankfaces a moment. Wait, did she really ask about TMs here, of all places? Whoops.
Slakes: "Marvel Scales? Hmm…oh! Yes, I believe some had been found around Port of the Sand."
Linnea: "Nice!"
Linnea: "Anything particularly feisty out there that we should be worried about?"
Slakes: "Hmm. Well…if you get to Port of the Sun, be veeery careful about mentioning Ho-Oh…" He looks at Esme again. "…or Lugia."
Slakes: "Though you'll definitely want to visit the Weather Temple."
Max Thorn: "Good to know."
Linnea: "We've found that folks tend to get excitable whenever the name or presence of deities are brought up, yes."
Slakes: "Yes, but there is the matter of Ho-Oh's fate…which I really should not discuss much. For one, I'm not sure that what I have heard is accurate."
Esme: "We usually try to keep it on the, ah, 'down-low'."
Linnea: "Correct."
Esme perks. "What /have/ you heard? Comparing accounts!"
Linnea: "Any information you are comfortable with providing would be appreciated."
Sam Spade: "Yes. I mean…"
Sam Spade: "…One of our main reasons for visiting Gaela is to find the truth of that."
Slakes: "Hmm. Well. Before I begin - do you swear that you will be following up, investigating this? From what the mayor said it sounds like you will."
Sam Spade: "Yes. It's why we're here."
Linnea: "'Course."
Slakes: "And I wouldn't want to dispense rumors pointlessly."
Linnea: "We are nothing if not adventurous sorts."
Sam Spade: "…Well. Why *I'm* here. Some of them might be here more for Petri."
Max Thorn: "I'm here to set things a-right. Whatever that may require."
Slakes: "Good. Then…it is said that Ignacia bound Ho-Oh. Tied him up. Enslaved him with her passion. Specifically NOT in a pokeball…" He smiles. "…for a uniquely Gaelan reason. Tell me, can you guess what that reason might be?"
Esme snaps. "CALLED IT."
Max Thorn nods at Esme.
Linnea: "Some people and their fetishes, I swear…"
Sam Spade: "Because she didn't have one?"
Sam Spade: "I imagine in Gaela they're hard to come by."
Slakes nods at Sam. "Correct!"
Slakes: "So it is said she did the next best thing - and then, having done that, headed to Amoda to get a pokeball. But then something went wrong, and what was supposed to be a short trip has lasted a very, very long time."
Sam Spade: "Hmm. From what we've heard, Lugia bound Ignacia away from Gaela."
Sam Spade: "Iggy's certainly got pokeballs now. The first time we saw her she had a full team of fire mon."
Sam Spade: "Acting like a 'proper trainer,' the crazy….witch."
Slakes: "Of course, this is only whispered rumors. The public image of Ignacia is our champion, the one who proved herself worthy of Ho-Oh's blessing! It would be very unpopular to besmirch her, say by saying that she forced herself through Ho-Oh's challenges, *usurping* the rightful place." The party can very easily hear his emphasis.
Linnea: "Oh."
Sam Spade: "And there might be another truth entirely, right?"
Linnea: "…Oh."
Max Thorn: "That's precisely the impression we've been getting, the more we learn about her. The U-word."
Linnea: "That's terrifying."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Slakes: "There is *the* truth. As a scientist, I can admit to no less. But there is the truth and then there is popular perception."
Linnea: "(…but fourfold weaknesses are still a thing, I hope.)"
Max Thorn: "Especially in light of the research she's been involved in."
Linnea: "Man, that would explain so much."
Sam Spade: "And her close association with a researcher who doesn't know the meaning of ethics."
Max Thorn looks pretty grim. "Double-especially since that research was involved in setting Amoda and Dojji on the courses they've been on."
Slakes: "Much as those who whisper that the liquid ice is Lugia's Curse, or more rightly Lugia's Temper Tantrum…" He shrugs. "…but a name is just a name."
Sam Spade: "Heck, we saw those plans in her room in Rustle Fields. She was going to some pretty extreme lengths to weaken Lugia for…something."
Linnea: "Eh?"
Linnea: "Was that before we ran into each other?"
Esme: "Oh right, you weren't here yet!"
Max Thorn pulls up some pictures on his 'dex and hands it to Lin.
Sam Spade: "Yeah. That's on pokepaper."
Esme: "Yeah it was-"
Esme: "Yeah."
Slakes: "Mind if I…?" He steps to look over Linnea's shoulder.
Max Thorn: "Go ahead, you ought to know too."
Linnea: "Hmm…"
Slakes: "Thanks." He looks - then double-takes, and steps back, looking ill.
Max Thorn: "She used vellum from pokemon for those."
Slakes: "A-and…you say…IGNACIA did that?!?"
Linnea: "Oh."
Sam Spade sighs
Linnea: "Thanks, I hate it."
Esme: "She's uhh, very meticulous."
Sam Spade: "From what we've heard…I don't know."
Sam Spade: "I think at some point she went a little mad."
Sam Spade: "Then a little more."
Max Thorn: "It was her room. Unless someone else planted it on her, which I doubt, considering she was burning up Rustle Fields at the time…"
Slakes: "I would strongly urge you to keep knowledge of this to yourselves while you are here. Unless you WANT to start a riot."
Sam Spade: "We will."
Linnea: "Keep it secret, not start a riot. Ahaha."
Sam Spade: "I've been pretty careful with what I say about Iggy here."
Sam Spade: "One way or another, though, we need to find out the truth about her and Ho-oh."
Slakes: "I must admit, I am curious who the intended victim in that diagram is."
Slakes: "Whoever it is, is someone the creator of that must hate with a deep passion."
Sam Spade: "That much we are sure of."
Max Thorn: "I'm pretty sure her target is Lugia…"
Max Thorn: "In her human guise, anyway."
Slakes: "…Lugia has a human guise?"
Linnea: "Yeah, they do."
Esme: "It's /normally/ uncommon for that pair, but yes."
Slakes: "Hmm. Well."
Sam Spade: "I wonder if it's related?"
Slakes: "Then it appears that I shall be joining the expedition. No one else here, save you, knows what she looks like."
Linnea: "Oh, fun."
Esme: "She likes to hide though, try not to be too obvious about it."
Esme: "Or be obvious that you're friends with us, maybe."
Max Thorn: "The latter is definitely the way to go."
Slakes: "Noted." He smiles. "So I may call you, 'friends'?"
Max Thorn: "You may."
Sam Spade: "Sure!"
Linnea: "Of course!"
Sam Spade hugs Slakes.
Slakes: "Great!" His right cannon pops out. "HAVE A-"
Max Thorn notices the room's no longer swaying. "Please don't."
The marowak's bone club curls in from nowhere and plugs the cannon. The marowak has returned, now silhouetted in the doorway.
Sam Spade: "Thank you."
Marowak: "You're welcome. Professor, the mayor suggests that you should be part of the expedition."
Esme: "How convenient!"
Max Thorn: "We were discussing that very matter, in fact."
Slakes: "Err." He slowly unplugs his cannon and hands back the bone club, looking sheepish. "Y-yes, my friends here had just suggested the same thing."
Slakes: "Ahem. So. On the matter of reaching the underwater cities…"
Sam Spade: "If we have to visit…"
Esme: "Yeah, what's up with the wonky ice? Any samples?"
Slakes: "Hmm. All my samples become normal seawater by the time they're up at the surface."
Slakes: "Which suggests there is something in the water that my sample equipment is not catching."
Max Thorn: "That points to a magical barrier, I'd think."
Slakes nods. "Magic is the most likely guess. I am not set up to analyze magic."
Esme grins. "Convenience smiles upon you again! Any of that water left?"
Max Thorn: "If you have some SCUBA gear available, Lin and Esme might be able to have a gander."
The marowak claps her hands, stepping up next to Slakes. "Oh? Do we have two professors of magic here?"
Linnea: "That's right."
Linnea: "Me being more mystical, and Esme being more…I don't know, analytical?"
Marowak: "Excellent! Ah…can I persuade you to stay, and join our university? We are a little short-staffed on that."
Linnea: "Ehhhhhhhhhh I dunno just yet…"
Slakes: "By which she means we don't even have anyone to teach formal magic theory - if there is such a thing."
Esme: "There is."
Esme: "…Maybe look into it when all this is over."
Slakes: "Anyway. Skel, you want to take them diving?"
The marowak - apparently named Skel - shakes her head. "Actually…" She looks at the party. "I was going to ask, where are you headed after this?"
Max Thorn: "Next island over."
Skel: "Port of the Snow?"
Max Thorn: "Depends on what we find, though, what our actual itinerary's going to be."
Esme looks at her map. "Snow is good if we wanted to do a loop, and the closest."
Skel: "I'm asking because, well…I've got a delivery to make over there, so I was wondering if I could ride with you. I've never been on wailord back!"
Linnea: "Well, that's convenient."
Slakes smiles. "Skel likes swimming and the ocean. You'd never guess, huh?"
Skel blushes a bit and rubs her arms. "It's like digging but sooo much easier! I just…can't get any water ON me, so I use a wetsuit."
Max Thorn: "You're more than welcome to join us, then."
Skel: "I've actually gotten all of Slakes' samples. If you can show me what I'm doing wrong - how to catch what makes the water impassible - I'd be more than happy to take you with me on another dive."
Slakes: "Ha! Yeah - and here I've been chained to my desk. I don't think I've actually been down to the beach in…" He counts on his fingers for a moment. "…a few years."
Skel: "Sir, I keep telling you we have a mandatory vacation policy."
Slakes: "I know, I know. But my students have so many questions!"
Max Thorn: "…Might as well make you come along with us for the dive."
Slakes shakes his head. "No, this expedition's going to BE my vacation time, probably. And a forced one."
Slakes: "And I'll need to help set it up, between now and when it happens."
Sam Spade: "Alright, then. Tell us when you're ready for us?"
Sam Spade: "We have our…PDAs."
Slakes: "You go with Skel. If we're lucky, maybe we'll meet in Amoda."
Sam Spade: "Oh, that expedition."
Skel: "Alright. I've got a few errands to do, so…meet you at the wailord in the morning?"
Linnea: "Sounds good!"
Esme claps her hands together. "A day to explore!"
Esme: "I've been meaning to see what research Gaela has on shards, while I was here."
Skel: "You research shards?"
Linnea: "And make amazing things out of 'em."
Esme: "Something like that."
Slakes raises a hand. "I'll show them the facility. You run along now."
Skel: "Yes, professor!" She hops out of the room.
Slakes begins walking, ponderously. "Follow me. I'll take you to a…secure part of this place, so be on your best behavior."
Slakes smiles. "Pictures entirely allowed, for your own use. We're only secure against ourselves."
Max Thorn retrieves his 'dex and clears the screen. Can't have those pics coming out yet, after all.
Speed is apparently not Slakes' main stat. (That would probably be Special Attack. He certainly seems to have a rash nature.)
Sam Spade follows.
But eventually he leads the party downstairs, down far enough that the constant warmth of deep underground is a thing (that air conditioners, judging by their quiet but constant hum, are fighting), and to a solid-looking set of double doors.
A red beam very much like a pokeball's scans over him from next to the door, but does not dematerialize him. With a beep, the doors open.
Esme pounds her chest, coughing. "Oof…ok, that was weird."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Slakes takes in a breath before trundling through.
Sam Spade: "Something in here…"
Sam Spade shakes her head.
Linnea: "Oof.."
Linnea: "Yeah…something big…"
Max Thorn: "…Hmm." Max takes a careful look around once he steps through, obviously looking for something.
Linnea: "What's up, Max?"
The doorway leads into a large airlock, with sunglasses in various sizes stashed to one side. On the far door is a sign, red lettering on white: "VISION PROTECTION NEEDED BEYOND THIS POINT" .
Slakes dons one of the larger sets of sunglasses.
Linnea grabs a pair of glasses and slips them on.
Max Thorn: "Something…"
Max Thorn takes a pair of sunglasses and slips 'em on.
Sam Spade: "Excuse me, Professor? Do I need one of these? I'm already wearing sunglasses…"
Esme dons a pair as well. "What exactly are we about to see?"
Max Thorn: "…Feels vaguely like the shenanigans Esme gets up to…?"
Max Thorn: "Mixed with a bit of Lin's, I think."
Slakes puts one hand on the far door and looks back at the party. "If you're good, you're good."
Sam Spade nods and follows.
Slakes swings open the double-door…it would be blinding if not for the sunglasses. Everything beyond is made of shards - the walls, floor, ceiling, analysis machinery, everything a riot of all six colors and several shards that at first seem to be shades of brown or edging toward grey.
Linnea: "Holy shit…!"
Sam Spade: "Wow."
Linnea: "What IS this?!"
Esme claps her hands together excitedly. "A workshop~!"
Max Thorn: "…Yup. It's like Esme and Lin had a buildathon."
Slakes: "A laboratory. But every good lab is part workshop."
Max Thorn: "Kinda eerie, actually…"
Max Thorn decides to park himself by the door for now.
Slakes: "Almost every shard that gets donated to the university finds its way here."
Slakes: "There's enough raw power here to…well, to challenge the Legendaries. That's why we secure access."
Esme: "That…is not inconsistent with my findings."
Linnea: "Wow…"
Esme peers over the analysis equipment - just looking. For now.
Max Thorn looks around, anyone in earshot who isn't us?
Slakes: "We've built this place up for more than 100 years, going back to the university's founding."
There is no one else in the lab for the moment.
Max Thorn: "…Well, I mean, Arceus did tell Esme to master His craft."
Linnea: "Aha ha ha ha…"
The analysis equipment attempts to categorize and scan any shard placed within. Currently some of the greyer shards are being looked at; their power is much weaker than normal, and in many ways they look spent.
Esme: "Hrm. Unaligned. Lack of essence. What were these used for?"
Linnea: "Even normal essence?"
Slakes: "What WEREN'T they used for? Those shards have been heavily tapped for years, and now they seem to be depleting."
Linnea: "So were these particularly potent ones, or…?"
Slakes: "So we're getting data on how shards deplete. That's apparently a thing that can happen. Took us by surprise too."
Slakes gestures around. "The lining of this space is designed to capture and suppress emissions. A shard version of a faraday cage."
Max Thorn: "Interesting…"
Esme is definitely the magitech equivalent of a kid in a candy store. "Very!"
Max Thorn: "Does that work on moves, too, or just shard stuff?"
Slakes: "Aaand something some people liken to a pokeball. So please don't talk about this place up topside."
Max Thorn: "I ask not because I want to use it on pokemon, but because I get the feeling that Her Wrothness is going to need containing somehow."
Esme: "Most shards I've just used whole, whether for some thaumaturgy, essencecraft or the whole Judgment thing… Power source is another thing, but interesting to know they take years to deplete."
Slakes: "Most types of energies. I actually tried hydro cannon in here once; we have remote detectors of energy - which I see you do too…" He gestures to Esme's and Linnea's dowsing equipment. "…but outside those doors, it couldn't detect my move."
Slakes: "Well! That's *our* using them. I don't know if your usage pattern would deplete faster, or never at all."
Linnea: "Esme's the real expert. I've mostly been condensing shard energy into stone form."
Slakes then looks to Max. "You're saying you think you might need to build something like this some day?"
Max Thorn: "I hope to Arceus I won't need it, but given what Her Wrothness has been up to…I suspect I'm not going to get a choice in the matter.
Esme: "I wouldn't, I mean…I'm only /kind/ of an expert. You've got strong foundation with Type Gems and traditional use!"
Linnea: "That's true… I'm saying you have more practical crafting at hand. Ahaha."
Slakes gestures to a computer. "Here, plug in your PDA and I'll give you the blueprints. I don't know if you'll ever have a reason to use them, but better safe than sorry."
Esme nervously twirls her hair. "I'm just doing weird energy tech and making Plates…"
Linnea: "Well, I'm keeping the old stuff going, you're taking the tech to new and exciting places."
Max Thorn nods and walks over. He slots his 'dex in. "Thanks."
[OOC] WC GM: Sam: Perception check, if you please?
Esme: "I guess…" She turns to Slakes. "Speaking of detection equipment, what yours like?"
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 18 (5 3 4 2 4)
Slakes waddles over to the computer, with steps that very slightly vibrate the floor, then begins tapping away. Within half a minute, Max's pokedex registers the beginning of receipt of files - large; it will take some minutes to finish downloading.
Sam Spade: "Is that a solar cannon?"
Sam Spade wanders towards the thing she spotted.
Slakes: "I want to say a bit more refined, but - HEY!" Slakes gives 'chase', but in truth is only moving as fast as Sam. "Careful!"
Linnea: "A…what…?"
Indeed, toward the back is something that looks kind of like a bazooka made entirely of green shards, on a test mount, with scorched targets (made of orange and yellow shards) lying in front.
Sam Spade is not going *too* close.
Sam Spade: "….Esme, could you make something like that?"
Esme: "Hmm?"
Esme squints.
Slakes: "It's a prototype, and it doesn't always fire."
Esme: "A bit bulky for my taste. Could probably use a bit of underlying structure to reduce shard-usage. Should be doable, though."
Esme: "As-is, that probably took a ton to make."
Slakes: "It did. Took months to gather all the shards."
Max Thorn: "Man-portable Solar Beam, huh?"
Max Thorn: "Or 'mon-portable, I guess I should say."
Slakes: "We're also not certain how many shots you'd get before it's all used up."
Linnea: "Or how you'd tell you've run out…"
Slakes smiles at Linnea, then gestures to the grey shards. "Color coded, at least."
Esme gives it a better look.
Slakes: "Though it would be hard to tell if you had one shot or no shots."
Esme: "Could probably produce a pistol-sized one with…100 or so? Give or take."
Linnea: "Yikes…"
Esme: "Dunno why it would run out of shots, though."
Slakes backs up to the computer and pushes a few buttons. "…and that blueprint's going in the files too, just in case you have a use for it."
Slakes: "Conservation of energy. If the shards are like batteries, eventually they run out. They should recharge over time if not excessively depleted, though."
Max Thorn: "…I don't think I have the storage space for /everything/ in here."
Esme: "If you're using green shards, you could probably supplement it with red shards to get a photosynthesis style effect. Or leave it out in the sun."
Esme: "I'd give it a shot, but I'm ah…running low after my last series of test equipment."
Slakes nods. "Unfortunately, piping sunlight down here is impossible, and taking it topside would be…a problem."
Esme: "Fair!"
Slakes: "If you wish to go gathering - you passed by some orchards on the way up here, right? Technically any shards found there are their property, but they've been pretty lenient about it. Just don't make a scene and you can scavenge green shards there."
Linnea: "What about Sun Stones or Dawn Stones? Maybe condensed shard energy would provide the device with a bit more power?"
Slakes: "…why didn't I think of that? Thanks!" He taps away on the computer. "I am adding that to the list of experiments to try now."
Linnea: "Heheh."
Linnea: "You can't exactly pipe sunlight down here…but you could possibly bring the next best thing."
Slakes: "Exactly. Hmm…actually, if you make a version, you might try using that as the core. Put it in the grip, build around it."
Esme: "I /do/ need to figure out how to make Sun Stones at some point…"
Esme: "I can only make the basics, plus shiny and dusk."
Slakes: "In theory, we can do the same build for other elemental types. Red shards would produce flame, obviously, just like blue would produce water."
Linnea: "So what's the plan with the shard weapons, anyway?"
Linnea: "I mean…they're weapons, obviously."
Esme: "…oh right."
Linnea: "But were they made with a particular purpose in mind?"
Esme: "Yeah, what's up with that?"
Slakes shrugs. "Proving it can be done. Science!"
Linnea: "Oh."
Esme: "Ok, about as far as I thought."
Linnea: "See, with what we've been through, I thought it might have been a portent of something ominous."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Slakes: "Most of our fellows who would do something with this left for Amoda."
Esme digs through her bag and produces the Steel Magazine she got way back at Fort Blaston. "Yeah, you're not wrong."
Sam Spade grimaces.
Slakes: "…what is that?"
Esme: "Disposable cartridge!"
Max Thorn: "Isn't that one of the things Petri was working on?"
Esme: "I think so? I've picked up a lot of things, I'm honestly starting to lose track."
Slakes peers at it. "It's steel, I can tell that much. Is it a component of some kind?"
Esme: "Mmm…I think it imparted elemental effectiveness when used in conjunction with the weapon. I've got an Electric one too."
Slakes: "Weapon?" He blinks. "What kind of weapon does this go with?"
Max Thorn: "A gun."
Slakes: "…oh. Oh! Gunpowder-based?"
Esme: "Yeah, oldschool."
Slakes: "Old school for Amoda. Nonexistent in Gaela, so far as I know. I've never seen one in person."
Esme: "Probably for the best!"
Esme: "Mmm, but it seems the idea is common enough that someone /always/ tries it at some point, though I can see that the execution varies wildly by region."
Max Thorn: "No real reason to develop such unless the culture is very might-makes-right."
Max Thorn: "Which isn't the case here, probably why the folks who like weapons development so much went to Amoda."
Esme: "Well even Professor here made one for giggles…"
Esme: "And my research is more founded in energy research, and /I/ ended up on that train as well."
Esme: "That said, I've probably been shot at more than him."
Max Thorn: "Energy projection /is/ pretty interesting, yeah."
Esme: "A-anyway…Sam wants a cannon thinger?"
Sam Spade: "No, I was just curious."
The transfer to Max's pokedex completes. Max's worries prove founded: his pokedex's file system is now at 96% utilization, from under 10% when he walked in.
Max Thorn disconnects his 'dex and frowns. "…Yeah, I'm going to have to buy a storage node or two."
Esme: "That's fair, do let me know if you ever require my services!"
Esme: "…crafting services."
Linnea snorts.
Slakes: "If you want applications…hmm…better vehicles? It's said that any powerful and efficient enough space rocket is indistinguishable from a missile. The same applies to lower-to-the-ground vehicles too."
Slakes shakes his head. "But that's a job for someone else. Here, we explore what's possible!"
Slakes: "I mean, just last month we had that venusaur who manages the orchards down here. Lost both rear legs in an accident. We were able to regenerate them entirely. You don't see anyone getting all up in arms about THAT."
Esme: "Speaking of…the reason I asked about the sensory equipment, is I was wondering if you had any data on finding specific shards outside of their natural habitat?"
Slakes: "Oh? Hmm…hmm…" He taps through the computer. "Yes, I remember we did an experiment on that once…"
Slakes: "Where was it…what was the name…?"
Slakes: "Hmph." He frowns. "Can't find it if you can't remember what it was called!" He stands up. "But I remember a few things."
Slakes: "It wasn't really 'finding' other shards, so much as hunting down traces of other-environment energy and coaxing them in to recolor the shards that were there."
Slakes: "Same result, though."
Esme: "Ooooh!"
Slakes snaps his fingers. "Oh, right! That was Skel's PhD thesis. She should remember more about it."
Sam Spade: "And we're meeting up with her in a bit, right?"
Slakes: "Tomorrow morning, wasn't it?"
Slakes: "And then you'll have the whole trip to quiz her about it. When you're not diving. Ah, you might want to pick up some wet suits before you leave."
Esme steeples her fingers, only kind of not-unsettlingly. "Tres bon…"
Linnea: "Neat."
Linnea: "I'm going to be built like a beast by the time this adventure is over, I swear."
Linnea: "Over land, water, and sky… space, even."
Slakes snickers and briefly thumps his chest. "That's not a bad thing."
Linnea: "Nah, not at all!"
Slakes: "Alright, if you're done looking around here, I've got work to get back to. If you want those shards, have your detection gear out before you reach the orchards. I'm sure Skel'll tell me all about her trip with you when she gets back."
Max Thorn nods, heading toward the door. "Right. See you around, then."
Slakes: "And, hey. Good luck with Ho-Oh, when you find him. I'm sure you will."
Esme: "Merci!"

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