Session 75

The party faces off against what looks like someones trying to look like just a pile of snow.
[OOC] WC GM: Round 1! Only the party acts this turn, so go in whatever order you choose.
Max Thorn: "Okay. Take careful aim, Ammy…"
Amaterasu nods, then turns her head and lets out a [Flamethrower]!
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 3d10+35: 19 (19) 46 (2 6 3) (AC2, Burn on 19+, Poison if Burn)
Amaterasu burns a path clear through the snow!
…there…should have been something inside.
Max Thorn: "…Well, trap."
Gervais sharpens and [Hones his Claws], waiting for the enemy to appear… especially curious since they weren't in there.
[OOC] WC GM: Perception check from Sam.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 20 (6 3 6 2 3) (Perception)
There is a line of disturbed snow heading directly away from the other trainers - and almost right at Sam.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Is Sam on the ground already, then?
[OOC] WC GM: Is she? But there is a spot on the ground directly under Sam, whether or not she is touching it.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Ah, gotcha. In that case…
[OOC] WC GM: And that spot is near where the line is heading.
Sam Spade: "Chicklet! Hit them as hard as you possibly can! GO!" [Ravager Orders]
Chicklet drops from Sam's shoulders, tenses her fist, and unleashes a punch strong enough to break through rock! Brick Break!
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20+1 3d8+10+8+18: 8 (7) 53 (8 6 3) (Fighting/Physical)
Lulim paws at the ground restlessly, her claws and horn gleaming… [Swords Dance]
Chicklet hits something solid! The line stops for a moment, then heads off to the right!
Chicklet is Vulnerable!
Linnea jabs Lulim with a Dire Hit. Whatever's around, is going to GET SOME.
Esme tosses an X Accuracy into Gerv's mouth. "You're bad with ice, so make sure you don't miss!"
Max Thorn: "…So, are we playing whack-a-diglett?"
Linnea: "More like whack-a-troll."
Lead Delibird: "They're getting away! If you can't chase them, I can try to redirect them, but it'll only work once."
Linnea: "Well, if I can see where the line is heading…!"
Linnea waits for it… and the next round.
The line is hard but not impossible to see from Linnea's, Max's, and Esme's position. Sam has a clear view of it, though.
Sam Spade: "They're going to my right!"
Linnea takes aim… then lets loose with [Fae Binding], ribbons blooming forth around Linnea, to zip through the air and into the line, trying to bind its occupants!
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 18 (18) (AC4)
A solid hit!
Linnea rolled up 1d8+40: 47 (7) (Fairy/Special/Puts into Vortex)
Linnea's ribbons dig into the snow, pulling the froslass forth! The glalies surface soon thereafter, trying ineffectually to sever the ribbons.
[OOC] WC GM: Any other actions this turn?
Lulim lets out a roar, sending a blade of rock hurtling into one of the Glalie! [Stone Edge]
[OOC] Max Thorn: Dumb question for which I expect the answer is 'no': can I trigger Arcane Favour off of that?
[OOC] Esme: Are we on a second turn or somethin? I used my two.
Linnea rolled 1d20 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for Crits on 12+
[OOC] Max Thorn: still round 1
[OOC] Linnea: Oh.
[OOC] WC GM: Max: no, because that wasn't your pokemon.
[OOC] Max Thorn: like I said, dumb question. :P
[OOC] Linnea: I thought we were on round 2, my round 1 actions were using a dire hit and Lulim using Swords Dance. But I can nix the Dire Hit and use Fae Binding instead.
[OOC] WC GM: Let's move on to round 2, then. And that's the first action.
[OOC] WC GM: The opposing pokemons' action was move, though. So, everyone else go for it!
The stone edge lands true!
Gervais grins, stomps, and swings with his tail, sending a [Rock Slide] towards the would-be escapee!
[OOC] WC GM: Which one?
Esme rolled up 1d20+3: 17 (14) (AC 4)
Linnea rolled up 3d8+10+30: 57 (4 6 7) (Rock/Phys)
[OOC] Esme: Frosslass!
Max mutters something, and a brief flicker of green limns the trainers and their pokemon alike. [Wilderness Guide] ignores foes' Evasion bonuses from Abilities and no HP loss from Weather for one Round.
The froslass is easy to hit, being immobilized.
Esme rolled up 2d8+51: 63 (8 4) (Physical / Rock)
Amaterasu cranes her head, then spots the froslass. She inhales, then exhales some [Smog]!
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 1d6+30: 8 (8) 35 (5) (AC7, Poisons on even roll)
Esme holds on through her Nidoking's spin, hurling a [Tri-Attack] towards the already injured Glalie!
Esme rolled up 1d20: 16 (16) (AC 2, Status on 17+)
[OOC] Esme: So close…
[OOC] WC GM: Damage is damage, though.
Esme rolled up 2d8+35: 44 (6 3) (Special/Normal)
The froslass stops moving, as does the injured glalie.
[OOC] Esme: …Actually I forgot that Rock Slide was Blast 3
[OOC] WC GM: Sam & Chicklet, right?
[OOC] Esme: That would've hit most of them
[OOC] WC GM: All of them.
Sam Spade: "Chicklet! The Froslass! Hit her, hit her hard!"
Chicklet gathers her flames around her and runs into the froslass with a burning tackle! Flame Charge!
The remaining glalie body blocks for his fainted companion!
[OOC] Sam Spade: Whoops, missed that
[OOC] WC GM: Only remaining target unless you were trying to hit a KOed target.
[OOC] Esme: Show him the price of his allegiance!
[OOC] Sam Spade: Targeting the glalie instead
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20+2 2d6+10+8+18: 12 (10) 48 (6 6) (Fire/Physical)
The glalie glares, cries out a defiant "GLAAA!" , spins, and…since when do they have access to Max Revives?
The fainted glalie and froslass stagger to their feet.
[OOC] WC GM: Round 3, battle begins for real! Sam!
[OOC] WC GM: Granted, their max HP reduced thanks to their Injuries.
Linnea: "Hey, I don't make the rules."
Sam Spade: "Chicklet! I want that Froslass back down again! But don't be crazy, stay focused!" [Tagging Froslass, Focused Orders]
Linnea pauses a moment. "Though, really, I could." That seems ominous.
[OOC] WC GM: Amaterasu & Gervais!
Amaterasu gives the Froslass a warm welcome. Which is to say, a [Flamethrower].
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 3d10+35: 2 (2) 63 (10 9 9) (AC2, Burn on 19+, Poison if Burn)
Gervais drawns in a deep, deep breath… before letting out a belching roar of [Miasma] gas towards the trio!
[OOC] Max Thorn: and that's a miss.
The froslass remembers to duck this time.
Esme rolled up 1d20+3: 9 (6) (AC 6, Blast 3, Poisons All Targets)
[OOC] Esme: Maaaybe?
As to the glalies. Though in their case, "duck" is more "stop hovering and dig into the snow" .
[OOC] WC GM: Barely miss.
[OOC] WC GM: Lulim & Esme!
Lulim lets out a piercing howl! [Swords Dance]
Esme whips her wrist around, circles of flame appearing at her fingertips. She [Warps Energy], spinning it into a cone of her [Hidden Power]!
Esme rolled up 1d20: 16 (16) (AC 2)
This one hits, at least.
Esme rolled up 2d6+37: 47 (5 5) (Cone 2, Fire / Special)
All three targets are looking a bit melted.
Linnea: "Hum. Maybe I won't need to make rules just yet…"
WC GM rolled up 1d8: 6 (6)
Max Thorn: "Remind me to get Ammy another Fire move…"
The froslass spins around, tossing an Ominous Wind at Linnea!
WC GM rolled up 1d20: 7 (7)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+25: 39 (8 6)
Linnea: "Whoof-!"
Hits for (39-SpDef)!
[OOC] WC GM: Max!
Max Thorn: "Need a pick-me-up, or are you good for now?"
[OOC] Linnea: 94/132
Linnea: "I could use a little bit but y'don't have to overdo it."
Max Thorn: "I got plenty of mojo, 's no big deal." He tosses a sphere of green fire over to Lin, which is absorbed on impact for +30 HP.
Linnea: "My thanks!" (( 132/132 ))
The glalies "gla" at one another, shimmer, grow - the party saw the mega-glalies before, so it is not quite as impressive a second time, but almost.
The frost breaths aimed at Max and Esme are nothing to sneeze at, though!
WC GM rolled up 2d20: 19 (11 8)
Max Thorn: "…I guess they're inflating each other."
WC GM rolled up 4d8+39 4d8+39: 61 (8 7 4 3) 58 (1 5 7 6)
Hits Max for (61-SpDef) and Esme for (58-SpDef)!
Linnea: "…that just raises so many questions."
[OOC] WC GM: Chicklet then Linnea!
Chicklet clenches her fists, then punches the air and a fireball flashes towards the froslass, getting bigger as it flies! Fire Blast!
Chicklet rolled up 1d20+5 4d10+10+5+16: 9 (4) 41 (1 2 6 1) (Fire/Special AC4 Smite)
[OOC] Max Thorn: 72/120
The froslass is down!
[OOC] Esme: 115/126
[OOC] WC GM: Linnea's turn
Linnea does a little spin and fires a sparkling beam of light at one of the Glalies! [Moonblast]
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 15 (15) (AC2, -1 S.ATK on 15+)
Linnea rolled up 3d12+10+22+10: 62 (11 8 1) (Fairy/Special)
The hit glalie reels from the hit but somehow stays up.
[OOC] WC GM: Round 4! Sam, then Amaterasu and Gervais!
Sam Spade: "Well now! You seem nice!"
Sam Spade looks at the glalie on the left, then blows it a kiss! Sweet Kiss, upgraded with Play Them Like a Fiddle!
Sam Spade rolled up 1d20: 15 (15) (AC 6)
[OOC] Sam Spade: Confused, -3 Evasion for 1 full round, may not Disengage until Confusion is lifted, and provoke an Attack of Opportunity any time they hit themselves in confusion.
The glalie wobbles, angry expression softening. The other glalie shoots him a glare.
Max Thorn hmms. "Get up close, Ammy, and beat 'em up!" ((Can I pull in Chicklet and Gervais for this [Beat Up]?))
[OOC] WC GM: Sure - you're basically all adjacent if you want to be.
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 1d8+17: 6 (6) 23 (6) (AC4 Dark)
Chicklet rolled up 1d20+2 1d8+6+15: 15 (13) 26 (5)
Gervais rolled up 1d20+3 1d8+31: 21 (18) 33 (2)
Amaterasu feints, giving the others opportunity to hit. "Sure, honest, that's what happened," some might say.
[OOC] WC GM: Gervais then Lulim then Max!
Gervais follows up with another dose of [Rock Slide]!
Esme rolled up 1d20+3: 9 (6) (AC 4)
[OOC] WC GM: Hits
Esme rolled up 2d8+51: 62 (5 6) (Rocks! Physical Rocks!)
One of the glalies goes down. The other shrinks back to being a normal glalie.
Lulim roars, then fires a blade of stone toward the remaining Glalie! [Stone Edge]
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 8 (8) (AC5, crits on 12+)
[OOC] Linnea: fam why
[OOC] Esme: lol
The glalie, teetering in confusion, swerves just out of te way.
[OOC] WC GM: Max!
Linnea: "Hrm. Frustrating."
Max Thorn: "C'mon, get your groove on, Ammy!" [Agility Orders]
WC GM rolled up 1d20: 14 (14)
The glalie shrinks from the attack, and pulls out one more Max Revive, getting its apparent brother back up.
[OOC] WC GM: Chicklet, then Linnea, then Esme!
That other glalie is Not Looking Well.
Esme: "How many of those do they have?!"
Max Thorn: "I…think that's the last one that one has."
Linnea: "Hey…more than that…"
Linnea: "This is going to kill them!"
Chicklet charges in again, flame rolling off her shoulder! Flame Charge!
Chicklet rolled up 1d20+2 2d6+10+5+15: 16 (14) 38 (2 6) (Fire/Physical AC2)
[OOC] WC GM: Targeting the twice-revived glalie or the conused glalie?
[OOC] Sam Spade: Confused.
Chicklet's target goes down in a blink!
Linnea's observation seems correct. The last combatant is Heavily Injured.
And yet, seems determined to keep fighting.
Max Thorn: "Makes me wonder what they're fighting for."
Linnea: "Damn you, stop! JUST STOP!" She fires those same ribbons again, bent on trying to bind, rather than kill… [Fae Binding]
Linnea rolled up 1d20: 9 (9) (AC 4)
Linnea's ribbons strike true!
Linnea rolled up 1d8+8+22+10: 48 (8) (Fairy/Special/Vortex)
What little renewed strength the glalie had is almost completely sapped in one go. Only almost, though.
[OOC] WC GM: Esme!
Esme frowns. "I don't really… uhh, have many light options here."
Linnea: "You got any sleep bombs?"
Esme perks, and opts to just make it uncomfortable enough to surrender. She moseys up, and sprays the Glalie in the face with a Super Repel. "I wish."
Max Thorn: "Paralysis would also work, I think…?"
Linnea: "Jeez… I almost wish I had smuggled in some pokeballs."
Esme rolled up 1d20: 16 (16) (AC 6 but might not do anything anyway!)
The glalie shrinks from the super repel, unable to go far due to Linnea's ribbons - and in struggling against them, expends the last of his strength.
A close examination shows the triply-KOed glalie is on the verge of death - but only the verge. (9/10 Injuries.)
Esme: "Phew."
Max Thorn walks over, then drops a pair of green spherical flames on the glalie. [-4 Injuries]
Linnea: "Idiots."
The glalies and froslass were indeed out of Max Revives, though they also had 5 Super Potions, the expected 2 Mega Stones and Glalites (each glalie wearing a stone for the other), and a fragment of a shipping label.
Max Thorn: "Mm. If they're that desperate…"
Linnea: "Arceus only knows what was motivating them."
Linnea: "Something worse than death, I fear."
Max Thorn inspects the shipping label.
Max Thorn: "Or that they believed was worse than death."
Esme carefully removes the Mega Stones. "Don't need them waking up and pulling that stunt again."
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Sam Spade inspects the glalies and froslass carefully.
Shipping Label: "…of the Sand TO: Port of the Sno…"
Max Thorn: "Now where did /this/ come from, I wonder…"
Sam Spade: "Port of the Sand - but maybe the Glalites didn't?"
Max Thorn turns it over to see if there's anything else…
Shipping Label Back Side Handwriting: "…rally those who live in fear, and join…"
Max Thorn: "Well, now… /That's/ troublesome." He reads the text aloud.
Sam Spade: "….Huh."
At least, it looks like handwriting. Definitely not the same printed font as the front side.
Linnea: "In fear of what?"
Sam Spade looks around - has the Delibird caught up?
The Delibird never left, though did hang back for the fight.
Max Thorn: "That's an interesting question. Ammy, c'mere. See if you can get something off this."
Amaterasu trots over and sniffs at the shipping label…
Esme peers over the stones. She's never held one before!
[OOC] WC GM: +96 pokemon XP from the fight.
Amaterasu cocks her head, then stares at the delibird.
Max Thorn: "I think you have some explaining to do."
Lead Delibird: "How's that?"
Max Thorn: "Apparently this shipping label they had has *your* scent on it."
Linnea: "Oh boy."
Lead Delibird: "It does? Let me see that…" The delibird leans over to read.
Max Thorn does not relinquish the label, though he's willing to let the pokemon read it.
Lead Delibird: "Hmm…looks like a standard shipping label, alright. And there was one package we delivered to coordinates a short time ago."
Max Thorn: "Can you lead us to those coordinates?"
Lead Delibird: "That I can! Let's see…yes, I remember. Follow me!"
The delibird takes two steps southward.
Lead Delibird: "We're here!"
Linnea: "…"
Linnea narrows her gaze.
Linnea: "So, in other words…"
Max Thorn: "And…you have a shipping manifest?"
Lead Delibird: "No, I just remembered where that was, because it was unusual."
Lead Delibird: "If you want a manifest you'd need to find the sender."
Max Thorn sighs. "Right. I swear to Shaymin, there's going to be hell to pay if this turns in to a shaggy stoutland story."
Linnea: "There's already hell to pay, these three nearly killed themselves."
Max Thorn: "Right. Protective custody, but who to trust…?"
Linnea: "Did any of you bring some, ah, means of transportation?"
Max Thorn: "That would offend our hosts' sensibilities, so…not I."
Tim: "You mean the hoverscooters?" Tim makes a loop around the party, apparently enjoying it more than he lets on.
Max Thorn pinches the bridge of his nose.
Sam Spade: "Malta, mind circling around? If you can find a camp nearby maybe the rest of the label is there."
Malta screams and takes off into the sky.
Sam Spade: "….Otherwise all we have to go on is Port of Sand, and that really doesn't narrow things down enough."
Max Thorn: "Any port worth the name has a shipping office."
Esme: "Given things are referred to by Island out here, I can't imagine there's too much ground to tread, either."
Sam Spade: "Good point. Maybe they'll remember who sent something to the middle of the tundra."
Lead Delibird: "You've been there? Port of the Sand only has one office to handle all its traffic."
Esme: "Oui!"
Linnea: "So are we going to hoist these folks along with us?"
Max Thorn: "Mmm. As much as it pains me…I'm going to go retrieve some parcels." He checks the time; would Max be able to take a hoverscooter to the port and back before it gets dark?
Malta dives back in doing a mock-attack on Chicklet, who dives for cover.
[OOC] WC GM: Yes, easily. It's still morning.
Malta: "Talon! Talon. Flame."
Linnea just starts some first aid and bandaging of the injured pokemon, taking -particular- care around the 9/10 injured Glalie.
Chicklet: "Please don't eat - oh. Tracks heading south?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Uh. What parcels?
Max Thorn hops aboard one of the hoverscooters and jets off.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Where are you going?
[OOC] Sam Spade: Oh, I see.
Linnea: "…Aha, yeah."
Sam Spade: "Well, that's one less hoverscooter. Linnea, think you can hold one of the glalies on yours?"
Sam Spade: "Esme?"
Linnea: "I'm already dealin' with the Froslass.
Esme rode on Gervais like a jerk.
Esme: "I can maybe hold one myself? Gervy is pretty smooth."
Sam Spade: "Oh, right."
Sam Spade: "I don't think Malta's strong enough to carry me *and* Chicklet *and* the last glalie. Really wish Max hadn't left without us."
[OOC] Max Thorn: To clarify: Max left his pack in town, since he figured he wouldn't need anything in it. <.<;
[OOC] Sam Spade: Yeah, we caught that, we're just bitching now.
Max encounters the remaining delibirds in town, who follow him back.
Sam Spade: "How about Alexis? Is she strong enough to carry one?"
Max collects his bag, but he asks about acquiring bandages while he's in town.
[OOC] Max Thorn: also, the 9/10 glalie's down to 5/10, due to Spirit Mending.
Sam Spade: "Really hope Max isn't planning on using what I think he's planning on using. I'm not good enough to talk our way out of that mess."
[OOC] Esme: Oh Glalies weigh 772 lbs
[OOC] Esme: Hm.
[OOC] Esme: Wait that's mega, only 565. Still hmm.
Sam Spade: "….Wait a second."
One of the delibirds supplies some bandages out of her personal stash. Apparently her partner has needed them more than once.
Sam Spade: "Wasn't Snu coming?"
Linnea: "How else do you suggest we carry Glalies?"
Sam Spade: "Chicklet, I want you to throw some Embers up, so they don't fall on us when they come back down. Let's signal the reinforcements."
Max Thorn: "…Do we have any freight scooters, while I'm here?"
Linnea: "At least with Froslass I can hoist her around, albiet with heavy gloves and some difficulty…"
Chicklet smiles widely. "Okay!"
Second Delibird: "Freight scooters?"
Max Thorn: "Need to transport a pair of glalies, which tend to be about 550lbs each."
Second Delibird: "Hmph! No such thing! Team Delight handles all deliveries that need delivering in THIS town!"
Second Delibird: "Even if you need two glalies delivered, we'll deliver them! Where are they and where're they going to?"
Linnea: "Uh…"
Back south, shortly after Chicklet's embers go up, a mass cry sounds.
Max Thorn gives the coordinates to where the party is, and "town" for the destination. He warns them that they're in pretty bad shape, so care would be nice.
The ground shakes, and before long Snu comes over the rise at the head of a small army!
Max Thorn: "And…" He scrawls a quick note, which reads "Tried to find overland transportation, but no luck. Delibirds offered to deliver instead," and hands it to the delibird. "Give this to my friends."
In town, the second delibird gives Max a salute, takes the note, and snaps off, leading her wingmates south.
Once the delibirds are gone…the town seems awfully quiet to Max. As if almost everyone's suddenly gone.
The rest of the party sees Snu's army exchanging buffing moves as they swiftly advance.
Max Thorn takes the opportunity to do some snooping. Mostly just peering through windows, though, no actual breaking & entering…yet, anyway.
[OOC] WC GM: Combat Stages to maximum by the time they arrive.
[OOC] WC GM: What is Max looking for?
Linnea: "Wait…what are they building up for?"
Sam Spade waves Snu's army in.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Anything that'd seem out of place for a town populated by pokemon. He's suspicious, but doesn't quite know what to be looking for in particular yet.
Snu spies the glalies and froslass and points.
Esme: "Oh."
The army is cheering as they charge, making it hard to hear as they enter shouting distance of the party.
Linnea: "Wait! Wait, they're out of commission!"
Sam Spade stands between the army and the Fainted enemy.
Sam Spade: "STOP!"
Linnea isn't moving away from the Froslass.
Esme takes a deep breath.
Sam Spade: "STOOOOOP!"
Amaterasu stands beside Sam, looking menacing, steam spewing forth from her muzzle alongside a growl.
Esme stomps, and the sky rumbles. A veritable [Storm of the Century] erupts around her and her friends, a whirlwind of ice, thunder, and rain. "NO."
That gets the army's attention. They slow down, coming to a halt just short of the storm.
Linnea darts her gaze around in surprise at the storm, but remains where she stands.
Sam Spade: "They almost killed themselves trying to beat us."
Sam Spade lets a sob into her voice. "Why? Why would they push themselves so hard?"
Snu blinks. "'Trying'…you stop them?"
Linnea: "That's right."
Snu: "You stop them…by SELVES?!?"
Sam Spade steps to the side, letting Snu see the three, all Fainted.
Sam Spade: "….Well, yeah?"
Linnea: "Yes."
Sam Spade: "I told you we'd learned some tricks from Ig- Ignacia."
Snu takes another look at the trio, then at the party, then around his army which is trading glances.
The storm dissipates after a few moments, and Esme wipes her brow. "Yes! Got their Mega Stones and everything."
Then, slowly, Snu looks over the party. "…what are you?"
Linnea: "A friggin' magician."
Linnea: "With the best companions she could ask for."
Sam Spade: "Awww, that's the sweetest thing you've said yet."
Sam Spade kisses Linnea on her cheek.
Amaterasu stops growling, but she still looks like she's ready to throw down if it's required.
Linnea reddens a good deal, and she feels maybe not quite as cold as she had been a moment ago.
Snu: "So…" He holds out a hand. "Could have Mega Stones, please?"
Esme: "Hrmm."
Sam Spade opens her mouth, closes it. "….Did we give them to Max? And he just head to town?"
Esme blinks.
Esme: "May-be?"
Sam Spade: "Well. We'll have to head back to town to get them, then. Also it's freaking cold out here."
Malta: "Talon."
Snu: "Hmm." He retracts his hand. "We take these three. Patch them up, make sure they no cause more trouble."
Sam Spade: "….And Malta saw a whole bunch of pokemon headed south. Isn't that the direction of town?"
Tim: "That's away from town."
Sam Spade: "…Huh."
Sam Spade: "I wonder if our three big shots here overspent their pull."
Snu: "South is more snow, more ice. Eventually more land."
Linnea: "… must we give them up?"
Tim: "…umm. Guys?"
Tim looks up, worried.
Linnea: "What?"
Tim: "I tried messaging Max about those Mega Stones…"
Linnea: "And?"
Tim: "He's out of range."
Linnea: "Wait, what?"
Tim: "The town's network can't find him."
Linnea: "…"
Sam Spade: "Malta!"
Tim: "Didn't he say he was going to be IN town?"
Sam Spade slides onto Malta's back.
Chicklet jumps on Sam's back, then Malta pumps her wings twice, and launches into the sky.
Esme hops onto Gervais. "…We should move."
Tim: "I think we should go back and find him."
Linnea hefts the Froslass up onto a hoverscooter, trying to hold on to the Pokemon as she starts booking it back toward town.
Snu: "Huh?"
Snu: "Leaving already? Good luck you. We take care these three."
Amaterasu follows Esme, looking a bit confused.
Snu tries to gently pluck the froslass from Linnea.
Linnea refuses, something about this doesn't feel right.
Snu shrugs. "Just leave near feast hall, ya? We retrieve there."
Sam reaches town first, but not that far ahead. The town looks empty.
…then again, that army was town-sized.
There is no sign of Max.
Sam Spade: "Okay, Malta. Let's circle around a bit. See if maybe we can find a hint as to where he went."
Tim: "I'll go tell Meloetta, and we'll search the sea."
Sam Spade checks her poked- PDA.
Sam's pokedex has blips for Esme, Linnea, and Tim, but not Max.
Linnea has a bit of a think… is there any particular place in town that has an odd or particularly magical feel to it?
[OOC] WC GM: Perception check for that.
Linnea rolled up 3d6+1: 14 (5 5 3) (-1 AP)
Sam Spade scans everything from above, too.
Sam Spade: roll 5d6; looking for anything from above.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 21 (6 2 1 6 6) (looking for anything from above.)
Nothing magical, although as Linnea scouts around the east side of town, she does get a faint blip on Max as she rounds a building with no doors.
Sam finds nothing of note from above.
Sam Spade directs Malta to head back to the ground so she can talk to the rest of the group.
Linnea sends a message to Sam and the others as she approaches. "Max signal. No-door building. Follow my mark."
[OOC] WC GM: To Sam, Esme, and Tim specifically?
Esme directs Gerv to meet up with Lin.
[OOC] Linnea: Yeah.
Tim messages back, "Focusing search on that side."
Sam Spade: "Hey, Lin."
Sam Spade checks her PDA.
Linnea: "Yeah?"
Sure enough, Max's blip is showing up - many, many kilometers to the east, and down a ways.
Max's blip passes the coast into the water.
Esme: "Underground?"
Linnea: "Seems like…"
Sam Spade: "Well. No doors on this building. And Max is missing."
Sam Spade gets a very hard edge in her voice.
Sam Spade: "Should we make one?"
Linnea: "Let's make- yeah."
Chicklet: "I can do that! BRICK BREAK!"
Linnea: "And I'll be needing this…"
Chicklet punches the wall.
[OOC] WC GM: Perception check, Sam/Esme/Linnea.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 20 (2 3 5 4 6) (Perception)
Linnea breathes in, and exhales sharply, switching to her magicked form.
Esme rolled up 2d6+1: 9 (6 2) (-1 AP Where are things)
Linnea rolled up 3d6+1: 8 (3 1 3) (-1 AP)
That…is a solid stone wall. But Sam notices a door in a building just across the way that has been left open, the only open door in town just now.
[OOC] Linnea: and -2 AP due to transforming
Linnea: "… I can't take the scooter further, I think. Hold on."
Linnea: "I'm going to take a risk. But I'd rather do it than not."
Linnea gently applies a Revive to the Froslass, and however many super potions to get her back to injured-max HP.
Sam Spade: "Hey, there's something."
Sam Spade: "Is there any reason for *that* door to be open?"
Sam Spade: "Let's check it out."
Linnea waits a moment for them to wake… then states simply, a request. "Come with me, and live."
The froslass slowly comes to consciousness - then eyes snap open, quickly retreating from Linnea's care!
Linnea: "Hey…"
Esme waves.
Linnea: "Please."
Linnea: "Please don't be afraid."
The froslass stretches out both wing-arms, pointing at empty spaces to either side. "Fros? Lass!"
Linnea looks uncomfortably pained.
Sam Spade: "The army is bringing them back. They're still alive, though."
Linnea: "I… couldn't carry them."
Esme: "Too heavy!"
The froslass crosses her arms, frowning in growing determination.
Linnea: "Listen to me! Come with us and live, and we will find them, too!"
[OOC] Linnea: Command?
[OOC] WC GM: Sure.
Linnea rolled up 4d6+1: 8 (3 1 2 1) (-1 AP)
The froslass does not seem to be listening.
Linnea: "…"
Linnea: "I suppose I can't force you…"
Linnea leaves a pair of super potions behind and just walks toward the door Sam found, weighted by sadness.
Froslass: "Fros. Fros lass lass fros lass!"
Sam Spade: "Hey, Chicklet…what's she saying?"
Chicklet: "…Uh. She's scared of pokemon that can talk?"
Chicklet: "And living like humans. And scared it's evil magic, and that it'll make her and her lovers live like humans."
Sam Spade: "That's kinda…weird."
Linnea: "Oh boy."
Chicklet: "And she's weirded out that we want to defend her from pokemon humans."
Chicklet tilts her head.
Chicklet: "Human from the warmer place? Was it Miss Iggy?"
Sam Spade blanches a bit.
Esme: "Ugh."
Sam Spade: "…Uh, we should probably call her Ignacia, I think."
The froslass shakes her head. "Fros…fros, lass?" She picks up some dirt and rubs it. "Lass, lass."
Chiklet: "…Is there a Port of Dust?"
Esme: "Sand, probably. It's warm over there."
Sam Spade: "And that's where the Mega Stones came from. Unless the person was in the shipping container?"
Linnea: "Person?!"
The froslass nods. "Fros fros fros lass fros lass."
Chicklet: "Really pale lady. Blonde hair. Almost like snow herself."
Amaterasu perks up. "Doom? Houndoom?"
Linnea thinks…
"Fros…" The froslass begins crying. "Fros. Lass!"
Chicklet: "She came and asked why they didn't go to town, and they told her about the pokemon-human-witchcraft thing."
Chicklet: "And she sent them stuff they could use, which they figured meant for them to use them to put things right."
Chicklet stares at the Froslass for a second, then moves over and gives her a cautious hug. Especially cautious cuz of the whole Fire and Ice thing.
Linnea: "Pokemon-human-witchraft…"
Linnea: "You know… now I wonder."
The froslass accepts the hug and begins bawling into Chicklet's shoulder.
Linnea: "There might be something about that… I do remember reports of early teleportation experiments and accidents causing a human's soul to become trapped inside a pokemon, and vice versa."
Linnea: "There is also the possibility of acts of divinity causing transformation on a wide scale."
Amaterasu shrugs, then looks thoughtful.
[OOC] WC GM: Did Sam check that open door?
[OOC] Sam Spade: No, but she'll do it now that the froslass isn't talking.
Sure enough, just inside is an open trap door, leading to a wide tunnel heading toward the no-door building.
Sam Spade: "Could be? I figured it was a cultural thing. I mean…"
Linnea just bows toward the froslass, apologizing for the trouble before following Sam to the door.
Eventually froslass disengages from the hug. "Fros. Froslass? Fros."
Amaterasu whines in agreement with Lin's apology.
Sam Spade: "…the energy to learn to talk like a human is a competitive disadvantage, so it makes sense that the…uh…non-city pokemon in Gaela, or Amodan pokemon, wouldn't learn. Here it would make things harder to survive on the tundra."
Sam Spade: "Amoda it would make them less effective in fights."
Sam Spade: "….But…"
Froslass: "F-fros…fros, froslass…"
Chicklet: "I think Miss Linnea was just scared that the army would hurt you while you were already so badly hurt. I don't know if she wants you to stay with us forever. And I know they don't want to force you to come with us or anything, but they are all really nice."
Linnea: "Yeah."
Linnea: "I was afraid that they'd kill you."
Linnea: "Because you nearly killed yourselves fighting us."
Chicklet: "But…the army looked really scary, so I think they're just…"
Linnea: "You had a reason."
Sam Spade: "I don't know if they will, though."
Esme: "We're those weird folks who are always willing to listen."
Sam Spade: "I mean, we went in with the scouts. I think the army thought…"
Esme: "Most other people we deal with haven't gotten used to that."
Esme: "Or at least think we're only listening to them…"
Sam Spade: "….well, I think the army thought we didn't…uh…wouldn't do as well as we did?"
The froslass points at Linnea. "Fros. Fros lass lass fros. Lass, lass fros?"
Sam Spade: "I don't think they're going to hurt your l- your friends. I think they'll bring them back here so they can patch them up."
Chicklet translates.
Esme nods at Sam. "We do also have a tedency to exceed expectations."
Frosslass Translated: "You. You want me to go with you. If I did, what would happen?"
Linnea: "I wanted to make sure you were completely healed. Then it's up to you."
Linnea: "I have no intention of forcing you to join me."
The froslass considers Linnea's reply for a moment, then raises her hand to speak-
Meloetta: "Let me handle that, oh la~."
Linnea: "Ah?"
Esme: "Oh!"
Linnea: "Lady Meloetta?"
The froslass looks up. Chicklet barely needs to translate her response.
Froslass Translated: "Why is there suddenly a skitty on my head?"
Linnea: "Cats."
Meloetta: "I will heal and hide this one. Tim is so worried about your missing companion."
Linnea: "Thank you…"
Sam Spade: "Right!"
Sam Spade pushes the trap door open, looks under it.
Meloetta: "I shall comfort Tim when I am done here. We shall rejoin you after…you are going underground?" She looks to Sam. "Dance deep, my champion and her friends, and we shall see you upon your resurface."
Linnea bows politely.
The tunnel leads straight to the no-door house, which turns out to be another hoverscooter dock. This one has an open tunnel - not even a trap door - leading east, out of town.
Sam Spade: "Yes, ma'am."
Esme: "Down we go?"
Linnea: "Yep."
Sam Spade: "Looks like we might be riding to the Port of the Sand, I think."
Sam Spade: "Unless there's an underwater city we're going to be visiting."
Linnea: "Reminds me of the story about the underground bike routes."
Esme: "Maybe both?"
Linnea: "That was kind of weird."
Esme: "Wait, those were real?"
Sam's guess proves correct. One glance shows the tunnel is far too long to walk, but was made for hoverscooters. A ways along, the tunnel curves north and down, going under the sea.
Max's pokedex signal pings from far down the tunnel.
Linnea: "I think so, but it's hard to tell what with the amount of creepy shit it inspired."
[OOC] WC GM: Giving chase? If so, we can logend here - so, last lines if you have them - and start next time with Max's arrival at the far side.
Sam Spade: "I can't think that Max would have gone to the next island without us."
Sam Spade: "…We should move fast."
Linnea: "Unless he had good reason to flee."
Linnea: "Again, bad feelings…"
Esme: "Let's get moving then!"
[OOC] WC GM: +1 trainer level for permanently saving Port of the Snow from the barbarians - no matter the further questions that raised

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