Session 76

The path is long, but straight after the curve. It takes many hours to travel - hoverscooter not being quite as fast as wailord, it seems. Max's pokedex shows about halfway between Port of the Snow and Port of the Sand - definitely under the dark blue ocean part of the map - when the end of the tunnel comes into sight.
Max Thorn: "…Huh. So /that's/ where this leads." He pulls to a stop at the end of the tunnel. Inside, if it's a shut door, outside if there's an opening.
It is an arched doorway with writing Max does not recognize inscribed above it - but Max does recognize the STOP signs, which could have been pilfered From Amodan streets, flanking the arch.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Okay, I'll stop inside the tunnel, then.
The doorway has no door. Just beyond the arch is what looks like a set of hvoerscooter docks, similar to the ones at the other end of the tunnel.
[OOC] WC GM: Max isn't going through the arch yet, then?
Max Thorn starts the scooter up again, but only until he can park it properly.
[OOC] WC GM: So, going through?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yup.
The moment Max crosses the arch, the lights flicker red and there is the distant sound of a spearow - no, more synthetic - Max soon recognizes an alarm. It only lasts a few seconds, though.
Max Thorn pauses at the sound of the alarm, but resumes moving to park the scooter.
Some distance up the tunnel, the chasing party is not close enough to clearly see Max but they do see the lights flicker roughly up to where they are, and faintly hear this alarm.
Linnea: "Well, that's hardly inviting!"
Moments later, a prinplup slams open a door to one side of the dock, shaking his head. "We have GOTTA get a better doorbe-" He notices Max. "Oh, hello. Another human? This's new."
Max Thorn: "Uh, hi."
Meanwhile, back up the tunnel, the end of the tunnel finally comes into view. The party's pokedexes show Max just beyond - and Tim is roughly keeping track above, apparently able to track the party, if barely.
The prinplup frowns, and sniffs. "You…you smella academics. Did the University send you?"
Esme: "Finally! I was getting tired of featureless gray walls."
Max Thorn: "I'm from /a/ university, yes. Scale Mount's, to be specific."
Indeed, Esme's observation is correct. Aside from occasional lights and supports, unpainted gray rock is the tunnel's decor.
Linnea: "What fresh hell is this, I wonder?"
The prinplup considers Max's response. "Scale Mount? But that's in…" His eyes widen. "…A-amoda…"
Max Thorn: "…"
Just as the prinplup slams the door behind him, the rest of the party finally catches up.
Max Thorn: "That's not promising."
Just in time, too: thick pressure doors slam shut right behind the party, sealing off the tunnel.
Esme: "Uhh."
Linnea: "Ugh."
Linnea pinches the bridge of her nose.
Max Thorn: "…Right, because locking the 'invaders' *inside* is the correct response…" Max mutters, then turns 'round.
Linnea: "I've a thought but it's not worth the panic."
A public address intercom lights up, "Warning! Warning! Amodan trainers invading! Tunnel sealed to prevent reinforcement, but some have already arrived! Cleanup squad please assemble at the Snow entrance for extermination duty."
Linnea: "Oh okay nevermind."
Max Thorn: "…*Extermination*?"
Linnea starts some stretches.
Linnea: "They mean to kill us. I for one do not intend to give them an easy time of it."
Lulim lets out a low growl, red eyes almost glowing in the gloom.
Heavy footfalls echo outside.
Max Thorn heads back to the main road, hands out and palm up, making it obvious he's not armed. Antheia follows behind, ready to respond defensively.
Aside from the tunnel's blast doors, there are three visible exits, all with metal doors.
Linnea tries one of the metal doors. Probably locked.
[OOC] WC GM: How are you heading back?
[OOC] Max Thorn: On foot.
[OOC] Linnea: Oh, I thought you meant doors in our area.
The door Linnea tries is open - and then clicks just after she opened it, along with the other two doors, as if it was just now locked.
[OOC] WC GM: I did.
Linnea: "… okay maybe let's try this."
[OOC] WC GM: So: you're in a room w/hoverscooters and docks. Blast doors + 3 other doors. Linnea has one of the other doors open.
Esme: "Guess we're going that way."
There is metal pipework in the ceiling - which seems decorative, until it opens up. Water begins flooding the room.
Linnea: "UH-"
[OOC] Linnea: in the main room or the new room?
[OOC] WC GM: In the hoverscooter dock room.
Linnea: "intheroomintheroomintheroomgogogogogogo"
Beyond the door is corridor - whites and blues mixed with greys, but still not much to look at.
Esme: "Go go go!"
Linnea starts hauling ass down the new corridor, Lulim close behind.
Gervais is straight /booking/ it.
[OOC] WC GM: Does the party close the door after passing through?
[OOC] Linnea: YES
[OOC] Esme: please
The door clicks and seals flush. Only a large puddle remains outside the dock room.
Around a corner, the party hears voices.
Sam Spade: "That's very unwelcoming of them."
Linnea: "Man-what the fuck-??"
Someone: "You sure this'll work?"
SomeoneElse: "Yeah. Humans can't breathe water. Seal 'em in, flood, budda bing, budda boom, no need to gets ourselves dirty."
Sam Spade pets Noiseless. "We're going to need your help with this one, I think."
Someone: "But what if they can?"
Linnea: "Then you're in for a world of hurt."
Sam Spade: "Man, you would not believe this!"
Sam Spade walks around the corner.
Sam Spade: "We just got here and BAM, water leak!"
SomeoneElse: "Welp. That's what Petri gave us these babies fer. Stronger than any move you or I c-shh, did you hear that?"
Sam Spade: "Really terrible maintenance."
[OOC] WC GM: Confronting the voices, I take it?
Esme: "Petri, really?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: I can't see Sam responding any other way.
Around the corner is the prinplup and a squad of four gyaradoses, filling the corridor. The gyaradoses are wearing collars studded with weapon-looking metal tubes.
Sam Spade runs up to them. "Hey, there's a water leak in that room back there!"
Sam Spade: "That can't be good, right?"
Prinplup: "How'd you get out?"
Sam Spade: "We used a door. Why?"
Prinplup: "I locked th' doors."
Linnea: "Your security mechanisms appear to be malfunctioning."
[OOC] Max Thorn: I'm guessing Max is in a different room?
Sam Spade: "Why would you do that!?"
[OOC] WC GM: No, the party caught up.
Sam Spade: "We could have been killed!"
The prinplup sneers. "Funny, when ya answer yer own question like that."
Max Thorn: "Because they *assumed*. Like *idiots*. That everyone from Amoda is a bad person."
Sam Spade: "Also that everyone with us was from Amoda."
Sam Spade: "And that any pokemon with us could breathe fire."
Prinplup: "No, we gots good evidence that e'ryone from Amoda's bad."
Sam Spade: "Oh, right, you met Petri."
Max Thorn looks around. Are there any plants in here?
Linnea: "Listen, I like getting wet, but you should consider taking me to dinner first."
Esme: "Well you did meet Petri. She's pretty bad."
Linnea snorts.
Sam Spade: "Yeah, if you assumed we were *anything* like her…"
There are no plants present. This is a completely artificial, metal-and-ceramic-enclosed environment.
[OOC] WC GM: OTOH, this definitely counts as Urban, arguably moreso than most places in Amodan cities.
Prinplup: "O' course you ain't. SHE is from DOJJI."
Max Thorn: "I mean, you're only talking to Shaymin's Messiah, Meloetta's herald, and Lugia's personal friends here."
Prinplup: "That so?"
Sam Spade: "She's a monster."
Max Thorn: "Want to bring in a plant so I can prove my relationship with Shaymin?"
Esme: "You know they won't…"
Sam Spade: "…Though I suppose she's doing Arceus's will now, if she knows what's good for her…"
Sam Spade: "Of COURSE they won't, Esme!"
Prinplup: "Well if yer so high an' mighty, this won't do a thing to yas. Gs, whack 'em?"
Max Thorn: "Wow, rude."
Linnea: "Was worth a shot."
Sam Spade: "They have no INTEREST in reason!"
One of the gyaradoses taps a tube and points it at the party. The tube takes a moment to charge up.
Sam Spade glares at the Gyarados.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Popping Intimidate, BTW.
[OOC] WC GM: Roll it.
Linnea: "This is going to become a very bad day for all involved."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Uh….Enchanting Gaze on Terrorrize, ignores rolls and Cone 2.
[OOC] WC GM: Ah. They're definitely all in the cone.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Everyone in that cone loses all Temp HP and can only use At-Will Frequency moves for one full round.
Sam Spade: "Because CLEARLY the only way to handle ANYONE who was born in Amoda - or who TALKS with one - or who TRAVELS with one - is to KILL THEM!"
Sam Spade: "And you call *us* barbarians."
Sam Spade glares at the five.
Prinplup: "W-well…yeah?"
Esme sighs and places a yellow shard between her incisors. "Should I pass Judgment, Sam?"
Linnea: "Oooh, double weaknesses…"
Sam Spade closes her eyes, draws a breath.
The tube goes off - but the gyarados has begun to back away, sending the blast wide.
Sam Spade: "Well."
Sam Spade: "I suppose they've said that summary judgement is acceptable."
Sam Spade: "So I guess they're not objecting."
The heat of the beam washes over the corridor, but the beam itself only makes direct contact with a few hairs on Sam's and Linnea's heads. Those hairs are utterly obliterated, though.
Linnea: "…okay, I've run out of fucks to give. Blast them."
Max Thorn snaps his fingers, causing a green aura to limn the party (including pokemon) before fading. They feel slightly more nimble… ((Wilderness Guide, Urban: All allies gain +1 Evasion and a +2 bonus on Accuracy Rolls and Skill Checks to perform the Dirty Trick and Manipulate Combat Maneuvers for one full round.))
[OOC] WC GM: We're outside of combat, so the "one full round" effects apply to the next moves taken by each individual.
[OOC] WC GM: And the aggressors have no At-Will moves.
[OOC] WC GM: Other than Struggle et al.
Esme crunches down, and her essence flares across the color spectrum, before settling on yellow. Her eyes shimmer with golden light, as electricity starts coursing over her body. "Guess it's the hard way again." It builds in her palm, as she thrusts it out, miniature rainclouds appearing to fill the corridor with lightning. [It's Judgment]
[OOC] Esme: Lightning bolt lightning bolt
Esme rolled up 1d20: 5 (5) (Accuracy Exists)
[OOC] Esme: lol smite
[OOC] Linnea: +2
[OOC] Linnea: effect above
[OOC] WC GM: With the bonus, that's a clean hit.
Esme rolled up 3d8+34: 46 (2 2 8) (Special, Electric)
[OOC] Esme: Blaaaast 3
The corridor is indeed filled with lightning. The metal corridor, that the aggressors are filling.
Antheia seems to mutter something, but she waits for the lightning show to be over as she hovers…
Lightning chains from target to target to wall and back to target to target to target. The weapons detonate under the assault, adding injury to injury.
[OOC] WC GM: Go for it.
Esme shakes herself. Tingly. "Hoo!"
Linnea: "Sheesh…"
She scans the opposition, then sends a torrent of [Magical Leaf] at the strongest-looking target.
Max Thorn rolled up 2d6+8+23: 39 (6 2) (Magical Leaf cannot miss.)
The leaf is almost a cherry tap by comparison, but it is the prompt that gets the gyaradoses to slither away.
Prinplup: "Oww! Gs, get them!" He looks back at the suddenly empty corridor behind him. "Gs?"
Linnea: "Hi."
Sam Spade: "Look. We can fight, and we'll win. We have a long history of that."
Linnea: "We are far more than you thought we were."
Sam Spade: "We'll win, you'll lose."
Linnea: "Care to start explaining?"
Sam Spade: "Or we can talk."
Sam Spade: "And if we talk, we both win."
Sam Spade: "Won't we?"
Sam Spade smiles winsomely at the Prinplup.
Esme: "Would prefer to -zzt- talk, honest!"
Max Thorn: "Antheia…top him up, please?"
The prinplup takes a step back. "…a-alright…you want to toy around wit' me before enslavin' me? Least it'll leave me free a little longer."
Antheia nods, then mutters again. A rosy glow envelops the prinplup before it's absorbed by the pokemon for +50% HP.
Linnea: "Dude."
Sam Spade: "Why would we enslave you?"
Max Thorn: "We're not interested in capturing you, dunce."
Linnea: "You've got the wrong of it."
Prinplup: "'Cause you're from Amoda."
Sam Spade: "And what does that have to do with anything at all?"
Prinplup: "It's what humans DO, in Amoda."
Max Thorn: "Or killing you. Or roasting you alive. Or any of that nonsense."
Max Thorn: "Do you see pokeballs in our hands?"
Prinplup: "Not yet, no. But they're easily hidden, I hear."
Linnea: "Sweet mercy you're dense."
Max Thorn: "Left 'em at home. Because I'm not interested."
Prinplup: "So. Uh. Whatcha wanna talk about?"
Max Thorn: "Where that body-stealer Petri is."
Prinplup: "Petri? Last I heard, back up ta Sand. Ya want me to show you that exit? I can assure you, a lotta folk here would be grateful if you went that way inna hurry."
Esme counts off her fingers. "Also looking for a shipment thing, doing something about the weird water barrier our pal Cheri put up, looking into what's going on with Ho-oh…"
Esme: "There's a bunch, honestly."
Prinplup: "I dunno abouts any shipment, and I dunno who Cheri is - that's Lugia what put up that barrier, but if you're here fer Ho-Oh, *that* I can 'xplain."
Max Thorn: "We'd like to set Ho-oh free, particularly."
Sam Spade: "Please!"
Prinplup: "Oh?" The prinplup relaxes a bit. "Well, that I can get on your side wit'. So do a lot of folk."
Prinplup: "Here, if you wanna get to Sand, follow me to that exit. We'll talk as we walk. Aheh, I'm sure the Gs'll make sure our path is un-in-terrupted." He looks behind himself and calls, "AIN'T THAT RIGHT, GS?"
With that, the prinplup begins walking down a side corridor. "This way."
Sam Spade follows.
Linnea walks along.
Max Thorn follows, too. Antheia and Amaterasu walk beside him, though Ammy seems somewhat subdued. Probably the awareness of all that water above.
Sam Spade: "So what's the truth of the story about Ignacia and Ho-oh?"
Indeed, the corridor shows no other pokemon but a lot of closed doors. Soon the party passes what looks like a cafeteria with a long glass window looking in. Many poorly hidden pokemon can be see cowering under the tables, with one or two risking peeks at the party before being grabbed and dragged back to cover by their fellows.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Any plants along the way?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Particularly berry-producing plants.
Esme walks along, Gervais getting some time to wind his shoulders. Luc is literally stuck to Alexis, who seems to have accepted this.
Chicklet: "Yeah, yeah! Please tell me!"
Occasional potted plants - including a few small berry bushes - dot the hallway.
Prinplup: "Which truth, th' official story or what I t'ink really happened?"
Max Thorn pauses at one such berry bush, then pats it gently and moves on. After a few seconds, it looks quite healthy and sprouts a bunch of berries.
Sam Spade: "…What you think."
Sam Spade: "I mean, the official story…never really explains why it pissed off Lugia so much."
Max Thorn: "The official story we can get from the books, frankly."
An igglybuff waddles out behind the party, peering cautiously, snatching a berry, and biting into it before a wigglytuff snatches the igglybuff back out of line of sight.
Sam Spade: "And we've met both Lugia and Ignacia, and they both hate each other with an unholy passion."
Prinplup: "So's, officially? I t'ink Ignacia thought she was s'pposed ta be Ho-Oh's chosen but Ho-Oh disagreed, so she got mad."
Max Thorn: "That's about what I figure, honestly."
Max Thorn: "She's too angry to be anyone's chosen."
Prinplup: "I dunno 'ow she did it, but she musta gotten onna yer pokeballs an' used it. What I can't figure out, though, is why she didn't take 'im wit' her - or, 'gain, how she even got a pokeball."
Linnea: "Which leads to worrying potential."
Max Thorn: "Mmm. I'm *told* there are ways of capturing pokemon without a ball."
Sam Spade: "Aren't there natural versions of pokeballs, too?"
Prinplup: "An' then, 'steada just takin' him like any o' us, she usurped 'is power. I dunno how THAT works, though it could be why she don't 'ave…"
Sam Spade: "Do…uh…apricots? I think? grow in Gaela?"
Max Thorn: "Nah, apricorns give you a natural shell. Still gotta put the mechanism in."
The prinplup blinks, stops, turns, and stares at Sam, slack-jawed. "Whatcha mean NATURAL pokeballs? Yeah, there're apricorns about."
Linnea: "Wh- oh, gods…"
Linnea: "Then it's what I had feared."
Max Thorn: "There are magical means, anyway. Lin probably knows more than I do-I just know enough to recognize the signs of coercion."
Sam Spade: "…Well."
Sam Spade: "We'll have to see what we can do about that, then."
Sam Spade hesitates.
Turning back and resuming his walk, the prinplup continues, "Anyways, you'll wanna be searchin' Ho-Oh's Roost. Mebbe you can talk th' folk at the Weather Temple inta lettin' you in."
Sam Spade: "There is one other question… Something that as far as we can tell, Ignacia brought to Amoda. Although I'm not sure about that."
Prinplup: "Whassat?"
Sam Spade: "She took some kind of crystal bullet, that the Amodans made to use on MewTwos."
Max Thorn: "This technology did not exist in Amoda before she brought it, note."
Prinplup: "Crystal, huh? What's special 'bout it?"
Max Thorn: "It kills souls."
Prinplup: "Creepy. What, you sayin' we made it?"
Sam Spade: "No."
Sam Spade: "Honestly the whole thing was a mess."
Sam Spade: "It could have been something Ignacia cooked up on her own, or it could have been something she brought with her."
Sam Spade: "If it's something she took with her from Ho-oh's Roost, that would explain a lot."
Max Thorn: "If it's something she brought with her, we want to find the real creator so that they can face justice."
Prinplup: "Only place in Gaela what messes wit' crystal tech I know of is th' University."
Sam Spade: "Ah."
Max Thorn: "Wonder if they have anything that can counter the crystal bullet's effects, then."
Sam Spade: "We'll have to ask them on the way back through."
Prinplup: "Or it was. Come t' think o' it I do recall seein' Petri mess with some crystals when loadin' the Gs' weapons."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, well. We know she was working with them later, at least."
Prinplup: "Straight up trade that was. She wanted help dealin' wit' Snow's cold."
Prinplup: "We dolled her up right, we did."
Sam Spade: "When she brought them the mega-stones?"
Prinplup: "Was that her deal? She had a shipment to meet down there."
Max Thorn: "I see she's dead-set on *not* learning from her meeting with Arceus…"
Esme: "Did you honestly expect her to?"
Max Thorn: "…No, not really. I just, y'know, had a hope."
Max Thorn: "Maybe I'll taxidermy the hope and put it on display."
Prinplup: "But yeah, when we were done, you might not recognize 'er. Brighter all 'round. How you say…blonde? Pale?"
Prinplup: "Somethin' seemed off 'bout 'er, though."
Max Thorn: "Howso?"
Linnea: "Uh-"
Linnea: "Okay, that's bad."
Linnea: "Do you think… no, impossible."
Prinplup: "Weeell…it's just a feelin', ya know?"
Prinplup: "Like, well…so's. I deal wit' folk all th' time aroun' 'ere. It's why they trus' me ta lead up security."
Max Thorn glances at Lin. "Let me guess. Starts with an F? Ends with an ass?"
Max Thorn: "Go on…?"
Prinplup: "So's…well, I get this *sense*, ya know, sometimes when people're lyin'? Got somethin' to hide?"
Linnea: "What if… something happened to Arceus?"
The prinplup looks at the group. "That makin' sense so far? Any o' you ever felt like that?"
Sam Spade: "Yeah."
Sam Spade: "….Well, I'm a detective, so I see it a lot."
Linnea: "That's the story of this journey, friend. Bad mojo."
Esme: "Where was this sense when you were shooting at us?"
Max Thorn: "Bad mojo, and setting things straight again."
Prinplup: "Wha's a 'detective'?"
Max Thorn: "A detective's a person who investigates crimes and gathers evidence so that the perpetrators can be caught and handled appropriately."
The prinplup stops for a moment and blinks.
Prinplup: "…tha's me. I'mma detective? There's a WORD for it?"
Max Thorn: "Yup, there's a word for it."
Sam Spade: "Detective, policeman, officer. There's shades of meaning there."
Esme: "Investigator!"
Resuming walking, the prinplup continues, "Thanks. All this time. Aaanyway…so, this sense that someone's lyin'?"
Max Thorn: "Right. A good instinct for a detective, that."
The Prinplup nods. "Fired off when she said 'er name was Petri. I didn' press 'cause I didn' 'ave reason to care at the time."
Sam Spade blinks
Sam Spade: "…Now that? That's interesting."
Sam Spade: "I wonder."
Max Thorn: "…So…maybe…someone's using her name to stir up trouble. Hmmm."
Esme: "Did we ever confirm that was really her name?"
Max Thorn pulls his 'dex out and pulls up a photo of Petri. "This her?" He holds it out so the prinplup can get a good look.
The prinplup peers close. "That…definitely ain't 'er."
Esme: "Another troublemaker, then?"
Prinplup: "This one was taller, lighter skin an' hair even before we dolled 'er up."
Max Thorn: "…Hmm."
Prinplup: "Older, too. That one…what, is she in her 20s?"
[OOC] Max Thorn: OOCly I can't remember if we've met anyone matching that description.
[OOC] WC GM: You haven't.
Max Thorn: "The body is. The person wearing it, not so much."
Prinplup: "…I'd ask, but I get a feelin' I don't wanna know."
Max Thorn: "Good feeling."
Linnea: "Mrrgh…"
Prinplup: "So hey. Ya said yer on terms wit' Lugia? Please don' tell 'er she missed th' tunnels."
Prinplup: "Tha's the only explanation we can think of, anyway."
Esme: "Pretty good terms! Not sure what's up with the barrier thing. When did it start?"
Prinplup: "About the time Ignacia went to Amoda, or so I hear."
Esme: "Hrm."
Prinplup: "Just after Ho-Oh stopped bein' sighted. So probably just after Ignacia did what she did."
Max Thorn: "Probably her doing, to prevent people like us from coming in and undoing her garbage."
Sam Spade: "Ignacia?"
Sam Spade: "I don't think so."
Sam Spade: "It didn't work so well on Esme, remember?"
Max Thorn: "Mmm. I can't see Lugia doing it either, though."
Esme: "Slipped right through. Though they are kind of a Duo thing. Might be some overlap?"
Max Thorn: "Rising seas? Sure, since she's not being balanced by Ho-oh. But…"
Prinplup: "Well, just…if it WAS Lugia, don' tell 'er she messed up, please? There's a reason they're callin' it Lugia's Temper Tantrum."
Prinplup: "We're tryin' not ta make a big thing o' how we're th' only way to get up or down right now."
Sam Spade: "Understood."
Esme: "Well, we're working on it. Amongst everything else."
Prinplup: "Thanks. Now, I gotta warn you, the route to Sun's a bit fancier than the route to Snow."
Linnea: "How's that?"
Prinplup: "I hear Amodan pokemon centers treat you trainers up…ah, what's the word? Glam? Glitz? Premium food delivered right to your door, 'tuff maid service makin' yer rooms spotless, scratchproof gold an' platinum sheeting polished to make all th' hard surfaces glitter, that sorta thing."
Prinplup: "So someone 'cided to implement that 'ere."
Sam Spade: "Not that much, no. …I think."
Sam Spade: "….Well. That sounds…really fancy, yeah."
The prinplup opens a door, and…the party has never, even in their dreams, beheld a platinum subway car.
A platinum sleeper subway car, at that.
Sam Spade: "That's…quite fancy."
Sam Spade: "….Um. I have to ask."
Linnea: "Uhhhhhhhh."
Sam Spade: "What's the name of this city?"
Sam Spade: "I mean, Meloetta kind of sketched out the surface for us, but not what was underwater."
There is no evidence of maids, but the poster beds would be at home in a mansion. A stocked wet bar with a glass-faced refrigerator is set at one end. A couple writing desks seemingly made of solid gold are at the other end; in open sunlight there might be glare, but the contained light sources here present no such problem.
Max Thorn: "…This seems like overkill."
Esme snaps a photo. "More unbelievable things for the journal."
The prinplup shrugs. "What's in a name? Tunnel Basin, though. Th' geologists say this was a meteor impact site, millions of years ago."
Max Thorn: "I'd believe it."
Prinplup: "Mostly we mine stuff. That's why they made tunnels here from th' surface, t' move metals up."
The prinplup gestures to the subway car. "Eventually that tailed off, though there's still enough t' keep folk minin'. That there was mostly made from what we dug up here."
Esme perks. "Mines? Meteor mines?"
Prinplup: "Sure buys a lot o' chow an' stuff. I hear most of it's traded to Amoda."
Prinplup: "That's the story, yeah."
Esme: "Hmmm…"
Prinplup: "So hey, I just remembered. You folk on the surface make a big deal o' when the sun is up or not, right? We kiiinda stick to th' same schedule down here but it's looser." He wanders over to a control panel. "I'll set it so it'll get topside about, hmm, dawn o'clock for ya."
Linnea: "So, along with the metals, have you found anything particularly interesting?"
Prinplup: "Me? I don' mine. I'm a detective, remember? I find folk interestin'." He smiles.
Sam Spade: "That's very helpful of you. Thank you."
Sam Spade: "….Um. Do you have a name?"
Prinplup: "Ain' never needed one. But…tell ya what, I'll take one as a token o' meetin' yas."
Prinplup: "From now on, call me Detective."
Sam Spade: "Well, glad to meet you, Detective! I hope we meet again under…less…awkward circumstances."
Max Thorn: "Yes, preferably without slamming the door in my face next time. Not that I really blame you."
Detective: "Sure. In fact, I'll offer a deal. Take care o' Ignacia, Ho-Oh, this Petri character, an' the rest o' what you're dealin' with. After all that, come back here an' I won't try to kill you right off next time." He smiles.
Max Thorn: "I'll hold you to that."
Sam Spade: "It's a plan!"
Detective: "Now if you'll get aboard, I'll send you on your way…" He looks behind him, down the corridor. "…and Y'ALL can stop stalking us holdin' yer breath already! They're leavin'!"
Max Thorn gets on, and promptly parks himself in front of the wet bar.
There are no pokemon visible in the corridor.
Linnea hauls herself over there as well.
Esme claims a desk for herself, and starts setting up. Gerv takes no time to claim a bed.
The bar has a selection of beverages both alcoholic (mainly wines) and not (mainly citrus juices), as well as an icemaker.
Once all are aboard, the subway car closes up and gets underway - a bit slower than the hoverscooters, but on autopilot this time.
Max Thorn mixes up a mildly alcoholic punch. Very mildly, though.
It is not hard for Esme to find out - without destructive testing, even - that the desk and chair merely have a veneer of gold. Their core construction seems to be stone, or possibly coral.
The refrigerator has a variety of packaged seafood dishes (with a nearby receptacle to recycle the remains), with thick sauces that could be preservative or just exotic but at least taste good.
Really, just about the only pokecenter aspect this subway car gets right is the arrangement of the beds - and there are only so many ways to arrange them.
Esme: "Definitely a bunch effort put in here… not accurate, but also not complaining."
[OOC] WC GM: Doing anything of note during the ride?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Nope, just dinner and then sleep.
[OOC] Esme: Esme was gonna practice more of that Shard -> other Shard mojo and slap together Cleanse tags before passing out on top of her work like always
[OOC] Linnea: Make a nice drink and sleep off the absurd day.
The journey is calm and quiet. When peaceful slumber finally lifts, the faint light of dawn filters into the subway station up ahead, along with a two syllable sound…
It takes a moment to realize it is chanting, or possibly cheering, coming from somewhere outside. "Pe-TRI! Pe-TRI! Pe-TRI!"
It is hard to tell if the chant is excited or angry.
Max Thorn: "…Oh, Shaymin. No."
Linnea: "… can I just go back to sleep?"
Linnea: "This sounds incredibly dumb."
Max Thorn: "Agreed, but…unfortunately, no."

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