Session 78

The Petri who is not Petri waits for the party's answer to her plea.
Sam Spade: "Max? Esme?"
Esme finger guns to Max, immediately.
Max Thorn: Max delays his response until after he's prepared himself a cup of tea, found himself a seat, and taken a couple of sips.
Max Thorn: "I will teach you, under four conditions."
Max Thorn: He raises an index finger. "Condition the first: Any and all pokemon you have captured or stored must be released. I will invoke Shaymin's powers to revive any harmed by your actions which can be."
Max Thorn: The middle finger joins his index finger. "Condition the second: *All* of your existing pokeballs and pokemon storage devices must be destroyed. The technology, as I'm sure you've discovered, is actively harmful and dangerous to those affected by it."
Max Thorn: His ring finger pops up to join the other two. "Condition the third: You will promise to do your best to undo any and all of the damage you have wrought by instructing others regarding your inventions. I will ask Meloetta to find an assistant who is equipped to help you with this once my friends and I are no longer here to keep an eye on you."
Max Thorn: His pinkie pops up. "Condition the fourth: No more brainwashing, no erasing of your past deeds. If a fresh start is required, we will work something out, but nobody is to be hoodwinked or lied to, in any way. You will also have to undo any and all brainwashing done to the residents of this town."
Petri blinks, considering this. Her desperation turns to suspicion, on her face and in her voice. "You…you ask the impossible. If I told the truth nobody would believe me - well, except maybe you - and then I could never undo what I've done."
Max Thorn: "I said nothing about your past being disclosed."
Petri: "'No erasing of past deeds.' They KNOW, and would know it was me once I released them."
Linnea: "Well ain't that just a pickle."
Petri: "Believe me, it hurts to lie to them, but it would hurt them even more to stop now."
Linnea: "Then when does it end?"
Linnea: "It's all gonna fall apart eventually."
Max Thorn: "Atonement based on lies, um. Isn't. That's kind of the problem."
"I KNOW THAT," Petri yells, then takes in a breath to calm down. "I know. I just…just stopping would hurt them more, and I don't see what else I can do!"
Linnea: "Have you ever really… thought this through?"
Petri puts her face in her hands. "No. I thought…I just thought, I could reinvent what they wouldn't let me get from Amoda, and make lives better…but it's all been going so horribly wrong…"
Linnea: "Well. Let's have all the cards on the table now that more minds are here."
Petri: "Maybe…" She looks up from her hands, a mote of hope in her eyes. "…if we started with just those first two? If you swear to heal my pokemon, and help me replace what I have with how it should be?"
Sam Spade hesitates.
Sam Spade: "Would your pokemon be happy with that?"
Max Thorn: "That was going to be part of the plan regardless. Conditions three and four may be amended, perhaps, but certainly don't need to be actioned immediately."
Esme: "Was gonna say, need to do those two anyway."
Max Thorn: "But the first two are nonnegotiable, and the sooner I can action the first one the better."
Petri: "…I don't know. I don't…" She looks at the party. "Are pokemon who are caught, actually happy? Or do the pokeballs - Amodan pokeballs - just imprint that on them? I thought I'd avoid that, try to be more honest…"
Sam Spade: "Well, I know Chicklet and Noiseless both volunteered. I asked, and they decided to come with me."
Max Thorn raises an eyebrow. "They're generally provided for, even the ones who fight at their trainers' behest, in a manner wild pokemon don't tend to get."
Linnea: "It's a matter of transportation. Sometimes the design of certain tech provides a soothing, adaptive sort of environment, but there's no imprinting as far as I know."
Petri's eyes widen. "They do that? That's something that happens?"
Chicklet: "Yes!"
Chicklet: "…I mean…going with Mommy was better than being eaten by a scyther."
Max Thorn: "Yup. Amaterasu here ignored her mother to join me. My professor surveyed her pokemon to see if any of 'em wanted to join me, and Antheia was more than happy to. She was pretty shy, though. Still kinda is."
Esme: "Alexis did /not/ like me at first. But she respected me, and now we have a rapport!"
Chicklet: "Alexis still scares me a bit."
Linnea: "Two of my companions have been alongside me since the beginning. The other joined of their own volition for their own reasons."
Max Thorn: "We in Amoda key on friendship, because that produces strong, stable, and most importantly *positive* bonds."
Sam Spade hesitates.
Esme: "Well. Most people."
Max Thorn: "There are those who abuse their friendships, but…that's true among human-only relationships and pokemon-only relationships too."
Petri: "But…but…huh?" Petri's head tilts. "I was always told you just beat them into submission, and then mind controlled them."
Linnea: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Linnea: "You really believed that?"
Petri: "Yes?"
Linnea: "…my head hurts."
Esme: "I mean, on the outside looking in, I don't blame her for that conclusion."
Petri: "It's the only story they tell of you. It was a lie the whole time?!?"
Linnea: "Yes."
Max Thorn: "Gaelan culture doesn't generally approve of holding pokemon in captivity, I'm sure you've noticed. Why would they be honest about it?"
Sam Spade: "I can see why people might get that impression, too, but there's no mind control involved. If a…trainer…is cruel, then their pokemon might not obey. Friendship is the best way, and that has to be done with, you know, friendship."
Petri blinks. "Then please." She pulls off a fine steel chain necklace, the bottom of which holds four miniaturized hardened apricots. "Please show me the truth."
Then Petri looks at her alakazam, smiling a grim smile. "Butler."
Butler: "Yes?"
Petri grins ferally. "You know the room. *WRECK IT!*"
Butler nods. "With pleasure!" And teleports away. Moments later there is the sound of psychic demolition from upstairs.
Max Thorn sets his cup down on the table in front of him, then assumes a relaxed posture, green fire limning him as he draws upon Shaymin's power.
Linnea winces.
Max Thorn: "Release them, and then destroy their balls. I will do the rest."
That done, Petri taps the second ball from the right. "This one's his." Then taps the other three, enlarging them.
Petri bites her lip, looking at Max. "Are…you sure you're ready? I'm worried…they've been in for so long…one at a time?"
Max Thorn: "…I think so, yes. That way I can devote all of my attention to each."
Max Thorn: "You may all want to avert your gazes, however. This won't be pretty."
Linnea: "I figure not…"
Petri: "Deal." She opens the rightmost. Out comes…well, that is a charizard, though the wings fall off immediately, the tail's almost melted off at the base, and the whole pokemon is on fire although that does not seem to discomfort this pokemon.
Linnea: "Criminy…"
Immediately the room fills with a wail that is not properly a charizard cry if only because the vocal cords - and neck - are obviously in the wrong shape to utter one. The call does sound like one of pain, though.
Petri: "…that's actually better than I feared."
Linnea snorts. "Well, three more to go…"
The green fire limning Max enlarges, then most of it jumps to the charizard. The pokemon fades to green, then returns in the proper configuration for a charizard.
Petri then pulls out a hammer and smashes the open crude pokeball.
Between Max's healing and the release, the charizard's eyes roll up just before the pokemon faints. A light snoring soon gives reassurance the charizard is at least alive.
Max Thorn looks visibly tired, but he's bearing up well as he continues to channel Shaymin's power, the green fire swelling once more in anticipation.
Petri: "Okay, number two…" She opens the second pokeball from the left. A wartortle comes out, in pieces - arm, arm, leg, leg, tail, cannon, cannon - at least the head and neck are still attached to the melted shell. This pokemon is just shocked and stunned, eyes wide but no sound emerging.
Linnea pales visibly. "Ugh, no…"
The green fire jumps to the wartortle, then it too fades into the fire and returns whole.
This one, too, faints upon healing.
Petri relaxes a bit. "You're pretty good at this."
Max Thorn sags, struggling a bit to remain upright. "I have to be. Failure, in this, is not an option."
Linnea: "Just don't kill yourself in the process, okay?"
Petri: "It's always an option. Just one I was afraid to face."
Linnea: "That's taking a lot of energy out of you."
Max Thorn: "That won't be an issue. Sleep, yes. The eternal sleep, no."
Sam Spade: "Only one more."
Linnea: "Good."
[OOC] Linnea: Aren't there four?
The green fire limning Max swells once more.
[OOC] Max Thorn: The fourth is the alakazam.
Petri releases the third pokemon. "Boquet" and "salad" are better descriptors than "venusaur" , even if that is visibly what it once was. There is no keen, no wail, no shudder - this one, to all appearances, is already dead.
Esme: "Mrr."
Linnea narrows her gaze.
Linnea: "There should be something in there, however dim…"
The green fire jumps to the venusaur. This renewal takes longer than the other two by virtue of both Max's tiredness and the sheer amount of renewal being required.
"MissingNo" might almost be a better term, but this one does not even shift like that.
…at first. Then the green fire hits.
The venusaur seems to be coming together, but then - the skull's center swaps places with the tail for a moment, the flower with one leg, then a wing appears for several seconds.
Linnea: "What?!"
As this cycles, there is a glow in a hue very, very familiar to any experienced pokemon trainer. This venusaur is evolving.
Linnea: "But…how…"
Max Thorn: "…Get ready…"
Max Thorn: "…because this one may be very, /very/ angry."
Sam Spade: "Chicklet, just in case…"
Linnea frowns and grabs the handle of her throwing blade. Lulim snarls and drops into a fighting position.
Max Thorn falls over, the green fire limning him disappearing with a faint pop. Fortunately, he's just measuring his length on the couch. He starts snoring.
Slowly, the glitch pokemon comes together-ish, pushing through the change…and then congeals into something like a miltank.
Linnea: "Not one of these again…"
Sam Spade: "Hello?"
The not-miltank scans the group. "Miss…eee…d-data r-receivinnng…"
Esme: "That seems bad."
Finally, the not-miltank's gaze settles squarely on Lucrece.
Luc fizzles quzzically.
NotMiltank: "Understood. Accepted." It looks among the party. "Humans chose to do Arceus's bidding. Duty: inform them of this." Then it shrinks in and vanishes, leaving the sound of blue and a whiff of ice cream.
Esme: "Oh!"
Linnea: "Oh."
Linnea: "Oh boy."
Esme: "So it /was/ MissingNo."
Petri: "…what just happened?"
Linnea: "Hell if I know…"
Esme: "I was wondering when it would show up again."
Petri smashes the remaining two open pokeballs.
Sam Spade: "But was it *always* MissingNo?"
Petri then eyes the remaining, still closed and tiny, pokeball, mustering her courage as she raises her hammer.
Esme: "Knowing how it works, which is to say not at all, your guess is as good as mine."
The sounds of demolition upstairs cease.
Max Thorn mumbles something somewhat resembling, "…too far gone…"
Sam Spade: "Um. What's in that pokeball, ma'am?"
Esme pats sleepy Max on the head. "You tried, it counts."
Petri swings her hammer down - only for Butler's hand to grab her hammer arm, stopping her short.
Petri blinks, then looks at Butler in surprise.
Butler: "No. Please. Let me remain by your side."
[OOC] Sam Spade: Or did I miscount and that's Butler's pokeball she was about to smash?
[OOC] WC GM: It is.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yes.
Sam Spade: "Would you not prefer a more pleasant means?"
[OOC] Sam Spade: Ah, thought she smashed it earlier.
[OOC] Sam Spade: -that previous line, please)
Linnea: "See, this is the kind of loyalty trainers foster with their Pokemon partners."
Butler: "Once one is ready. But until then…I want to be yours…K…KarrrEEEN!"
Not-Petri blinks, then her eyes go wide. "Youmaysaymyname! *YOUMAYSAYMYNAME!*"
Butler slumps immediately.
Sam Spade moves closer, and strokes Butler's back gently.
Linnea: "…Sure wasn't expecting that."
Butler is limp, but alive.
Karen's eyes water. "Butler…why…why would you want to stay with a failure like me?"
Linnea: "Loyalty? Friendship?"
Max Thorn rouses a bit when Esme pats his head. "Long cos MissingNo." He slowly drags himself vertical, though it's pretty obvious he's exhausted. "Right. Fetch some fresh, ripe apricorns."
Karen: "You'll have to go to Port of the Sun for those. That's the only place in Gaela they grow."
Max Thorn: "Faith, in your desire to change and become a better person."
Max Thorn: "Ah. Well. In the meantime, you have a PDA somewhere, right?"
Butler: "Because I believe in you, Karen."
Karen does not respond to Max's question, but Max feels a telekinetic nudge - no doubt from Butler - on his pokedex.
There are many seconds of silence between Butler and Karen - maybe telepathic conversation, maybe not - then they hug.
Max Thorn nods to Butler, jerkily. "I intend to give you a copy of the specifications for a standard pokeball's mechanism, to review. Please don't attempt to build one until we come back with apricorns."
Max Thorn: "Or, you can come with us for a period, since we do need to free Ho-oh still."
Karen closes her eyes and smiles in her pokemon's embrace. "If you want to upload them to the house network, the password is 'progress'. You can wipe my files you object to, too."
Karen: "Oh! Butler, can you please set the network to unhidden?"
Butler: "…"
Karen: "No. I'm going to ask. Nicely. Which means I don't need this any more." She sneaks her arm with hammer out and quickly smashes Butler's pokeball.
Sam Spade snickers
Butler: "…I…don't feel any different?"
Sam Spade: "The ball punishes you for disobeying. So when you aren't disobeying…"
Sam Spade: "…You don't have to leave if you don't want to."
Karen: "Exactly. My head knew this would happen, but my heart wouldn't believe it."
Max Thorn pulls his 'dex out and tosses it to Esme. "Could you, please? I'm afraid I might overlook something, right now."
Sam Spade eyes the two fainted pokemon.
Sam Spade: "Though I think those two might want to."
Max Thorn: "Perhaps. Perhaps not."
Sam Spade: "Or they might not. Personally, when they wake up, I'd ask them, then if they choose to leave, I'd do what they can to make sure they can handle it outside."
Esme catches! "Lesee…"
Karen: "Good point. Could you take them outside, please? If…well, I caught them…" She winces. "…so if they want to make trouble, I'd rather they don't knock a hole in the wall as they go away."
Max's pokedex lights up with network nodes all through the house. There is a lot of data here; it is like an agonized, inept mashup between reinvented archaic technology and barely understood common modern tech.
[OOC] WC GM: Esme: roll Focus to suppress urges to despair over Karen's Doing It Wrong. ;)
[OOC] Max Thorn: snrk
Esme rolled up 4d6: 7 (3 1 2 1) (resist)
[OOC] WC GM: …TN 5, so pass, if barely.
Esme chokes. "Just… gonna upload this. Then forget what I saw."
Esme: "…maybe add a few of those 'for Rookies' books."
Karen: "Thank you. I promise, I will take my time and study this gift that you are giving me."
Esme: "PLEASE DO."
Karen: "So…the third thing. You wanted me to undo the damage. I'm…not sure I can, but I can start by listing what I know the problems are."
Max Thorn: "I wanted you to do your best to, yes. Identifying the problems are the first step in that."
Karen releases Butler - who hovers onto an armrest next to her and cuddles - then puts a finger to her lips. "Other than what you just helped me with…there're no side effects to air conditioning or healing, are there?"
Karen: "Aside from that sort of thing…well, you know about Ho-Oh but you're going there and I probably should stay well away from him. Hmm…what else…"
Max Thorn: "Nope. As far as I can tell, the only thing wrong with the healing equipment is that it's liable to fall apart any minute. I have an older Amodan model available for study if you'd like."
Yelling, screaming, and explosions start sounding from outside!
Karen: "Oh, right, the sculptures."
Karen: "Maybe I should have spent more time reviewing their safety systems."
Linnea: "Welp."
Max Thorn looks slightly exasperated.
Linnea: "Would some percussive maintenance be necessary?"
Karen: "It would be helpful, yes."
Linnea is already heading out. Spoiling for a fight? Nah, that's just crazy talk.
Karen: "Let me see if I can get my own working to help you." She gets up, Butler still hanging off her, and walks outside.
Karen's pokebots are still in a pile, inactive. The disturbance is coming from town.
Max Thorn: "Right. Sam, may I lean on you?"
Sam Spade: "Any time."
Esme: "Seems like they just needed some charge. Maybe a bit of some rewiring."
Melo-Skitty is on top of the compound wall and waves. "My champion! I told you I would arrange for an unmissable signal."
Max Thorn stumbles outside, leaning on Sam for support.
Linnea: "By that you meant explosions?!"
Melo-Skitty sighs. "By that I meant explosions. Sometimes knowing how things will go is a pain, oh la~. It is one you may become too familiar with too, in time."
Linnea: "…Ah well, can't be said it doesn't have a certain style!"
MeloSkitty: "Indeed!"
MeloSkitty: "I came to get you as soon as it became inevitable. No one is worse than bruised yet."
Max Thorn: "Did the makeshift healing equipment explode?"
Melo-Skitty looks over her shoulder. "Not y-" There is another, larger explosion from town. "Yes. It did."
Linnea: "Bollocks."
Max Thorn: "We probably should've done something about that /before/ we came out here. Oh well."
MeloSkitty: "Fortunately, your machine is still intact. I will get Tim to set it up, if you can stop further damage." She lopes off.
Max Thorn: "Let's go sort things out."
Tim looks at the party, then where Meloetta went. "Did she not notice I've been here the whole-" He cuts off and runs after Meloetta, followed by Sands.
Esme tugs on Gervais' ear, who has been napping out in the courtyard. "Back to business, mon chou."
Sam Spade runs with.
Max Thorn zooms past, Antheia having apparently decided levitating her keeper would let him keep up with the others.
Sure enough, in town six animate sand sculptures - two looking like dugtrios, two like claydols, two like hippowdons - are running wild through the street, their apparent creators jabbing in vain at remote control boxes, citizens fleeing in panic.
The bots are zigzagging from building to building, running into one, stopping and turning upon collision, then running off in a new direction.
Max Thorn sighs. "Right."
Linnea: "Oh boy."
Max Thorn looks around, then points to a central location. "Antheia, set me down there and let's get to work."
[OOC] WC GM: Any special prep, or just skip to initative?
Esme: "We could try to fix the controls…but let's just break 'em."
Max Thorn: "I'm really not up to attempting to hack six robots while they're rampaging, no."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Skip to initiative, I think. I got nothin' to prep with.
[OOC] Linnea: Let's go!
[OOC] Esme: Nyoom
[OOC] WC GM: Alright. Round 1. Sam first!
Sam Spade: "Okay! Chicklet, focus on the left dugbot! Stay focused, stay on top of it, don't get hurt!" [Focused orders, tagging dugtriobot 1]
[OOC] WC GM: Gervais!
[OOC] Max Thorn: Urban or Desert, right?
[OOC] WC GM: Right.
Gervais yawns, but decides to gang up with Chicklet on this dugtrio bot. He gives it a strong right hook for a [Brick Break]!
Gervais rolled up 1d20: 6 (6) (AC 2)
[OOC] Esme: pbbt
[OOC] WC GM: Hits, actually.
[OOC] Esme: Oh lovely then
Gervais rolled up 2d8+47: 49 (1 1) (Fightan/Physical)
[OOC] Max Thorn: weak.
Clang! That is definitely not a pokemon - not even Steel-type. It's as typeless as most constructions.
[OOC] WC GM: Antheia & Lulim!
[OOC] Esme: Pokebots yo
[OOC] WC GM: Yep.
Lulim charges forth, rearing up in front of the Dugtrio bot to fall with a savage [Night Slash]!
Antheia glares at the dugbot, a [Dazzling Gleam] reflecting from her eyes.
Lulim rolled up 1d20: 1 (1) (AC2 Crit15+)
Linnea: (lmao)
Antheia rolled up 1d20 3d8+38: 4 (4) 56 (6 7 5) (AC 2)
Lulim slashes that gleam but good! Unfortunately this means no damage reaches the bot, who does not seem to notice.
[OOC] WC GM: Max!
Max Thorn points at the dugtrio, and a vortex of sand envelopes it. [Sand Tomb]
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 1d8+28: 12 (12) 34 (6) (AC4, target is in a Vortex)
One of the dugbots is trapped!
The two claybots change course and veer over to the pokemon, unleashing discharges - one on Lulim and Antheia, the other on Chicklet and Gervais.
WC GM rolled up 2d20: 15 (13 2)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+22: 32 (7 3)
Lulim and Antheia are hit for (32-SpDef), and are paralyzed! Chicklet and Gervais manage to dodge above and below, respectively, their attacker.
[OOC] WC GM: Chicklet!
Chicklet gathers flames around her fists, then charges in and punches the dugbot! [Flame Charge]!
Chicklet rolled up 1d20+3 2d6+10+15: 11 (8) 31 (5 1) (AC2, +1 speed stage)
[OOC] Max Thorn: Antheia: 70/74
That trapped dugbot is punched right out of the ground! It trails delicate-looking bits of machinery, then lands in a non-functional but twitching heap. One down, five to go.
[OOC] WC GM: Linnea!
[OOC] Linnea: Lulim: 81/99
Linnea makes a wide, arm-spreading motion, and there's an eruption of glitter across the field! Thankfully, it's mostly an illusion and does not actually stick anywhere. Smells lovely, though! [Aromatic Mist - erryone gets +1 Sp.Def CS and +2 to next save check!]
The remaining dugbot targets on that motion, unleashing a textbook tri attack!
WC GM rolled up 1d20: 16 (16)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+23: 30 (4 3)
Linnea is hit for (30-Def)!
[OOC] WC GM: Esme!
Linnea: "Ghhrrrrf-"
[OOC] Esme: How clustered are these fellas?
[OOC] Linnea: 122/137
[OOC] WC GM: The two hippobots are together. The other three have spread out.
Lulim's fur puffs out oddly here and there, and she lets out a roar of exasperation as movement seems more difficult than it rightly should be.
Esme figures she'll get a head start on the two hippos, and rushes over to them. She crosses her arms above her head, before slamming them down, a burst of flame exploding out from her [Hidden Power]! It's accented with violet waves from a [Power Overdrive]!
Esme rolled up 1d20: 8 (8) (AC 2, Burst 1)
[OOC] WC GM: Hits!
Esme winces from the feedback! [118/131]
Esme rolled up 2d6+58: 70 (6 6) (Fire/Special)
It is almost enough to take them both down with one blow! Only almost, though.
In return, they target her, attempting rams with iron heads.
WC GM rolled up 2d20: 25 (14 11)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+24: 31 (5 2)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+24: 35 (6 5)
They hit for (31-Def) and (35-Def)!
[OOC] WC GM: Round 2! Sam, Gervais, Antheia/Lulim, then Max/Chicklet!
Esme grins, as the blows are repelled by her defenses! (116/131)
Antheia rolled up 1d20: 3 (3) (Paralysis clearing check)
[OOC] WC GM: And so tinks return to the battlefield courtesy of Esme?
[OOC] Max Thorn: I take it the +2 from Aromatic Mist applies here? If so, that's a 5 and meets the DC 5 requirement.
[OOC] Linnea: it does, it's a save check
Sam Spade: "Gervais, Chicklet, Lulim! Stay calm, stay in charge, stay focused! Chicklet, focus on the other dugbot!" [Focused Orders for the named three, plus tagging the other dugtrio]
[OOC] WC GM: Same check for Lulim, yes?
Lulim rolled up 1d20+2: 9 (7) (DC 5)
[OOC] WC GM: Gervais!
Gervais appreciates the support from Sam! He attacks with a flurry to [Chip Away] at the remaining Triobot's defenses!
Gervais rolled up 1d20+1: 6 (5) (AC 2)
[OOC] WC GM: hits
[OOC] Esme: Gervy, buddy, you're barely making it here
Gervais rolled up 2d6+47: 56 (6 3) (Normal/Physical, Ignores Armor/DR/Defense Stages)
[OOC] Esme: you're lucky you hit like a truck
[OOC] WC GM: Antheia/Lulim!
Lulim darts forth, [Slash]ing out savagely at the Triobot!
Gervais scalps the remaining dugbot, taking out just under half of it.
[OOC] Linnea: is it down or just smashed
Antheia levitates one of the hippobots and then drops it on top of the other via [Psychic]!
Lulim rolled up 1d20+1: 16 (15) (AC2, Crits on 15+)
[OOC] WC GM: Just over 1/2 HP.
Antheia rolled up 1d20 2d10+33: 15 (15) 48 (10 5) (AC 2, lower SpDef on 17+)
[OOC] WC GM: So, still up.
[OOC] WC GM: Both moves hit.
Lulim rolled up 4d6+32: 39 (2 3 1 1) (Normal/Physical)
[OOC] WC GM: And…sure, under the circumstance, I'll allow Antheia's Psychic double-target.
[OOC] WC GM: Knocking one into the other.
Lulim wears down the remaining dugbot into a quarter-bot - but it is still moving. Antheia, meanwhile, finishes what Esme started, wrecking both of the hippobots.
[OOC] WC GM: Max!
[OOC] Max Thorn: That was the idea, yeah. The one she dropped would survive if you didn't, so.
[OOC] WC GM: And Chicklet!
Esme: "Oh! Good."
Max Thorn tosses a Paralyze Heal at Antheia.
Chicklet: "Take this!"
Chicklet raises her left wing, then brings it down with brick-breaking force! [Brick Break]!
[OOC] WC GM: Targeting the remaining dugbot, or either claybot?
Chicklet rolled up 1d20+4 3d8+10+15: 13 (9) 37 (6 2 4)
[OOC] Sam Spade: Dugbot, since that's the one that Sam called out.
Chicklet smashes what's left of the dugbot flat into the ground, where it finally stops moving.
One of the claybots charges Esme with a telegraphed thunder punch, as another does the same at Antheia!
WC GM rolled up 2d20: 23 (7 16)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+22: 36 (7 7)
WC GM rolled up 2d8+22: 26 (1 3)
Esme is hit for (36-SpDef), and Antheia for (26-SpDef).
[OOC] WC GM: Linnea then Esme!
Antheia gives the claydol who tapped her a look of disdain as the thunder punch tinks.
Linnea applies a Full Heal to Lulim, who looks grateful and less frizzy.
Esme only deflects some fo the blow! "Ohh?" (107/131)
Esme cracks her knuckles towards the Claybot. "I've been saving this one." She takes on a power stance, a ghostly Nidoking welling up behind her. A ghostly roar, and it rains down an unstoppable flurry of crackling blows! [Magic Missile][Power Overdrive]
Esme rolled up 1d20 1d8: 6 (6) 5 (5) (Can't Miss, Can Crit)
Sam Spade: "Wow. Worth saving up."
Esme rolled up 3d8+63: 66 (1 1 1) (Normal/Special)
Esme clutches her head from the feedback. May need to ease off that. (94/131)
Linnea: "Whoa, what the hell?"
[OOC] Esme: also 7/11 AP. Finally putting it to use!
One of the claybots reels from the blow. It is not down, but that obviously hurt - so far as such bots can feel pain, anyway.
[OOC] WC GM: Round 3! Sam, then Gervais, thenn Antheia/Lulim, then Max/Chicklet!
Sam Spade: "Alright, Chicklet, leftmost claybot! Stay focused! Lulim, Gervais, you too! Eyes on your targets, don't get too reckless!" [Focused orders on Chicklet, Lulim, Gervais. Tagging Claybot 1.]
Gervais breaks into a gallop to assist his Trainer! He leaps to bring both arms down for a [Brick Break]!
Gervais rolled up 1d20+1: 21 (20) (AC 2)
[OOC] Esme: Yay
Gervais rolled up 4d8+57: 78 (6 8 3 4) (Fightan/Physical)
That…is an ex-claybot. It actually was made largely of clay. It is now shards upon the sandy street.
One target remains.
Antheia glares at the claydol who punched her, a [Dazzling Gleam] reflecting from her eyes.
Antheia rolled up 1d20 3d8+33: 6 (6) 44 (6 1 4) (AC 2)
Esme high claws her favorite 'mon. "What, did you get jealous?"
This gleam is not slashed away, and eats into the remaining claybot's surface.
Lulim tries raking her claws across THIS bot! [Night Slash]
Lulim rolled up 1d20+1: 20 (19) (AC 2, Crit 15+)
Lulim rolled up 4d10+32: 57 (3 6 10 6) (Dark/Phys)
It is almost down, but not quite…
[OOC] WC GM: Max & Chicklet!
Chicklet charges it, fists flaming! [Flame Charge]!
Chicklet rolled up 1d20+2 2d6+10+15: 14 (12) 32 (2 5)
Max Thorn snaps his fingers, and a rain of coinage falls upon the claydol! [Pay Day]
Max Thorn rolled up 1d20 1d8+28 1d8*32: 13 (13) 29 (1) 256 (8)
Chicklet knocks the bot into Max's coins, which finish shattering it.
[OOC] WC GM: Victory. +189 pokemon XP each.
Even before the dust settles, the pokebot controllers run over to their creations and start gathering up the pieces.
Linnea: "…Try to work on the control units a little more, yeah?"
Max Thorn sways, before Antheia levitates him again.
Esme: "Please."

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