Session 79

The pokebot controllers quickly gather all the pieces of their creations, cleaning up most of the damage. The buildings are slightly worse for wear, but they are solid stone, unlikely to crumble any time soon.
Linnea: "Well, that was a near disaster…"
No injured pokemon can be seen aside from the party's, but a commotion from portside suggests Meloetta and Tim have the portable pokecenter running, with predictable results.
The one constant is dust. Unsurprising in a sandy, desert/beach town where much of the street was recently turned up. It is not nearly enough to blot out the sun or the like - just visible, and subsiding.
[OOC] WC GM: Going back to Karen's, dealing with the crowds near the pokecenter, chastising the pokebot makers, or something else?
[OOC] Linnea: Might want to make sure the portable pokecenter doesn't explode again.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Max fixed it up so that wouldn't happen, I believe.
[OOC] Sam Spade: Karen's is an option, especially since Petri is still there.
[OOC] Linnea: Let's visit Karen then.
[OOC] Sam Spade: And I don't know that Sam ever got an answer to why Karen wanted to make pokeballs in the first place…
Max Thorn sags again.
Sam Spade hugs Max.
Sam Spade: "Come on, Max, let's get out of this sun."
Max Thorn: "…I'm going to go lie down while it's still up to me."
Chicklet mutters to herself. "I still say it's not very hot."
Esme: "You've got Type Bias."
Unfortunately, there are no nearby volcanoes.
Linnea: "I feel like I could sleep for a week, never mind Max's condition."
Max Thorn seems torn between mansion and wailord, lets the others make the choice for him. Antheia lays a hand on his head comfortingly, then the young man is levitated once more, and she smiles at Sam.
[OOC] WC GM: A psychic palanquin-equivalent?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Well, why not? She has Telekinetic.
Esme decides to check out the pokebotters. "Alright, who all made one of these things we just busted up?"
Antheia gets a few stares and mutterings from passers-by, though the tone sounds approving.
All of the pokebot makers raise a hand to Esme's query, even as they begin to slink away with the remains of their work.
Esme ahems.
Said makers consist of a mix of humans and humanoid pokemon, each one with hands to easily work on pokebots with similar tools. They pause and look at Esme.
Esme: "So while I appreciate your interest in the technology, going to need to put a hold on that until… well you have a firmer grasp of it."
Antheia carries Max back out to the mansion, having decided that that's likely to provide better rest for now than his tent would.
The makers look at Esme quizzically.
Linnea follows Antheia, in case something -else- happens.
Sam Spade hesitates, then decides Esme might need some help, and heads over.
Sam Spade: "…So what happened with the bots?"
Sam Spade: "The, ah, statues?"
One of the makers - a Mr. Mime - speaks up. "We don't know! That skitty wanted to teach them to dance, then they just reacted - I mean, we were going to test them against one another. We have to go over their logs to see how they malfunctioned."
Esme looks over the remains. Probably harder to tell now that they're busted, but she couldn't get a good look before due to the whole fighting thing.
[OOC] Esme: What complexity were they?
[OOC] WC GM: 6
Sam Spade hesitates for a moment, looks at Esme uncertainly.
Sam Spade: "Do you think Captain Ahab would be the kind of skitty who would do something like that?"
Antheia pauses inside the mansion, then shrugs and continues back to the sitting room the party had vacated earlier, under the assumption that perhaps Karen or Butler would still be there.
[OOC] WC GM: You're pretty sure these makers have Tech Ed 3, *maybe* 4, and that is the local highest rank save for cases like Karen.
Esme: "Well they were smart enough to start small, at least. Though on the upper end of small."
Linnea just removes her shoes and plops across a couch, lazing about.
Esme: "…and well above your limits."
Esme: "Yeah, you guys started off a bit too eager. You'll need to start simpler before you can reliably control something like the ones you made before."
Karen and Butler are indeed still in the mansion, still cuddled up though now reading a small screen mounted in Karen's lap - doubtless the files Esme uploaded - with open interest. Karen absently waves as Antheia, Max, and Linnea return but does not take her eyes off the screen.
Max Thorn: "You wouldn't happen to have a bed I could collapse on for the next, oh, century or so, would you? My only other option being a sleeping bag on a wailord, see."
Linnea: "He went from recovery work straight into a fight."
That gets Karen to look up. "Guest bedroom? I…I'm not sure." She looks at her alakazam. "Do any of the guest bedrooms still have beds?"
Butler: "Yes, mistress. We had not gotten around to converting the last two on the upper floor."
Karen: "Oh, that's right." She looks at Max, smiles, and points up one of the staircases. "Right up there. Go ahead and crash if you want. Just…close the door if you're going to snore, alright?"
Esme looks to Sam. "Nah. I think with the skitty they just ended up trying to give complex commands to something already too complex for them to really control. So shenanigans! And explosions."
Sam Spade: "Ah."
Mr Mime Maker: "We were trying to push our limits. That's the only way we'll learn! But that skitty…" He shakes his head. "What WERE those moves?"
Esme: "They've got the basics down, but those bots were something you'd want to have… well Max's or my level of experience for reliability."
Sam Spade: "Huh. Maybe…rather than all trying to push the limits at once, take turns?"
Max Thorn: "Thanks." Antheia bows to them both with a smile and leads Max upstairs to one of the beds. She returns about ten minutes later and sits in a chair over by Lin, though she seems somewhat ill at ease now that she's not in Max's presence. Lin would likely know by now that the pokemon's Timid by nature.
Sam Spade: "That way if someone loses control - which we've just seen can happen - someone else can intervene?"
Esme: "Take turns, and setup safety measures!"
Mr Mime Maker: "But how would we determine who goes first?"
Esme: "And-and, start with like, a Diglett, instead of a Dugtrio."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Draw straws, of course. :V
Esme shrugs. "Put your names in a hat?"
Linnea grins at Anth. "It's alright, you can trust me. He's kept me around this long, right?"
Linnea: "I just want to say, you've been doing a wonderful job out there."
A heliolisk next to the mr. mime fingersnaps. "What about those whose bots lasted longest? Those were clearly the most stable!"
Esme: "The bot being /stable/ is not the same thing as you being able to /control it/."
The florges nods and smiles, but indicates that it's more because Max isn't there.
Esme: "What would you guys have even done if we didn't show up?"
Heliolisk Maker: "You're right. Maybe if we race some through unstable terrain? Those who remain in control the longest go first on more complex creations!"
Mr Mime Maker: "That's a thought. What kind of terrain…?" He begins looking around town.
Linnea hums a little song to herself, starting to doze off a little.
Esme sighs and looks to Sam. "Ok, they clearly aren't listening. Any ideas before I decide to just round up all their scrap and melt it down so they can't use it?"
Heliolisk Maker: "What about the caves near Ho-Oh's Roost? I hear they're crumbling, and we'll be far away from anyone there so no one would get hurt."
Mr Mime Maker: "Isn't that kind of…desecration?"
Heliolisk Maker: "Only if Ho-Oh's still alive."
Esme: "Don't do that. But what's this about caves?"
Heliolisk Maker: "You hadn't heard? Ever since Ho-Oh disappeared, things…well, the places he called home haven't been in good shape. Almost like he's dead, or dying."
Sam Spade: "Huh. What's the best way to get there?"
Heliolisk Maker: "Rails. But you need permission from the folks at the Weather Temple to go there."
Sam Spade: "Ah. …And the Weather Temple?"
Heliolisk Maker: "Go to Port of the Sun and take the train from there."
Heliolisk Maker: "Unless you happen to meet them in town."
Heliolisk Maker: "You'll need to be big shots or somehow convince them you have a good reason to go there."
Heliolisk Maker: "I hear they're getting tired of those claiming to be searching for Ho-Oh, only to try to loot the place."
Esme: "Heh."
Mr Mime Maker: "You aren't going to try to loot it, are you?"
Esme shakes her head. "Not out here for loot, no."
Mr Mime Maker: "I've heard that bad things happened to tomb raiders."
Mr Mime Maker: "Like…" He looks around, then leans over and conspiratorially whispers, "…pokeballs."
The heliolisk shudders. "Don't. Say. That. Word. Eegh!"
Esme: "Well, no worries there."
Mr Mime Maker: "So if you go, make sure you're prepared. Is there such a thing as pokeball armor? You might want to ask Petri." He points over to the mansion.
Sam Spade: "I'm sure she'll be able to help us out."
Esme: "Mmm. Seriously though, when I say start smaller, I mean it."
Esme: "If you can't beat it, don't make it."
[OOC] Max Thorn: inb4 they just task the strongest of the bunch with beating their existing machines. -.-
Heliolisk Maker: "We could totally beat these. We beat the sandstone into shape!"
Mr Mime Maker: "I don't think that's what she means. Hmm…maybe a diglettbot instead of a dugtriobot would be a better start."
Heliolisk Maker: "You think so? I can see it. Ten, no, a hundred meters tall…"
Mr Mime Maker: "I think she means more like a hundred MILLImeters tall."
Esme: "Correct!"
Heliolisk Maker: "Aww, that's no fun."
Sam Spade: "No, but it's good practice."
[OOC] Max Thorn: "Neither is destroying the town when it runs amok."
Mr Mime Maker: "Sure it is! You can use it to carve pictures of your ladyfriend. And THOSE can be a hundred meters across."
Heliolisk Maker: "…you think she'll complain a picture like that just makes her look fat?"
Mr Mime Maker: "She's a snorlax. That's a compliment, not a complaint."
The two makers wander away, chatting, the other four makers trailing behind somewhat like ghost capes.
Esme: "I… think they got it. They better have."
Sam Spade: "There's only so much we can do, Esme. Let's talk to Karen some more?"
Esme shrugs! "I guess."
Back at the mansion is a peaceful scene. Linnea and Antheia resting, Max nowhere to be seen but doubtless nearby, and Karen and Butler cuddled up reading intently.
Suddenly, Butler speaks up. "Oh! It is about time to feed her, isn't it?"
Karen: "Yes, but…" Her eyes flick but her body does not move. "Linnea, was it? Did you want to take Petri with you?"
Sam Spade: "Should we? How is she? What has she been doing?"
Linnea: "Znnn? Huh? I, uh…"
Linnea: "… I'd have to ask everyone else, really…"
Karen: "Kitchen closet, but she'll be hungry so make some lunch first. I usually just make a sandwich of whatever's handy."
Linnea taps out a message via "PDA" - "Karen's asking us if we want to take Petri with us to wherever it is we're going. … this sounds like a bad idea but I might also be missing context here."
Karen: "There's no key for the lock, buuut I think that won't be a problem for you."
[OOC] Sam Spade: We've just gotten back, so no text needed.
[OOC] WC GM: Linnea's just reawakening and might not have seen that.
Antheia glances at Sam, and gestures upward inquiringly. She seems to be asking if she should fetch Max down for this.
Karen: "I don't know why the previous owners of this place had a room like that. If you take her out of there, I'll probably just burn the room and remodel it later."
Esme: "Room 'like that'?"
Sam Spade nods at Antheia.
Antheia heads up, then. About five minutes later, Max is levitated down ahead of her, looking a bit bleary-eyed. "What now?"
Karen winces. "I'm tripping on the word. D-something?" She waves a hand. "Not my specialty, not my kind of thing. You'll see."
Esme: "Oh."
Butler: "A most unpleasant sort of basement. Should you remove the occupant, I shall look forward to a…vigorous remodelling, into something more befitting of being in Karen's possession."
Butler: "But it has served its purpose with regard to Petri."
Max Thorn: "…"
Linnea: "Dungeon?"
Esme: "Sounds like."
Karen snaps her fingers. "That's the word. Thank you!"
Linnea: "Oh boy."
Max Thorn: "I'm going to find the former owners of this mansion and then I'm going to have words with them." Max is obviously still tired, but an hour's nap seems to at least given him enough energy back that he can look furious.
Max Thorn pauses. "…Nah, I'll just make 'em camp out in Dojji for a month."
Max Thorn: "Anyway, what's this about a dungeon?"
Butler: "By 'previous owners' Karen refers to her parents. She never was on good terms with them."
Butler: "They are now not even ghosts."
Linnea: "…that's disquieting."
Karen: "Can we please not talk about them?"
Max Thorn: "I…see."
Esme coughs. "So uhh, downstairs, I'm guessing?"
[OOC] WC GM: So, headed to the kitchen?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Yup.
Sam Spade: "Food first, then Petri."
Linnea heaves herself up, then wanders down to the kitchen.
Sam Spade: "…Was…she doing her penance by giving you advice, Karen?"
The kitchen is what one would expect of a mansion this size. A double-wide refrigerator, ample cupboard storage, and kitchen islands with ovens and ranges and cutting boards and an impressive selection of knives.
Karen: "Yup." She continues to read.
Linnea lets out a low whistle. "Man, when's the last time we've been in some place as extensive as this?"
Sam Spade: "I see. Thank you."
Butler: "'Giving' may be overstating her degree of cooperation. Be advised, she may be a bit hostile."
Sam Spade then follows Linnea.
Sam Spade: "…Oh, great."
Max Thorn pinches the bridge of his nose.
Opening the cupboards and refrigerator, though - there are plates and cutlery enough for perhaps a hundred, but the actual food is enough for just a few for a week. Easily ninety percent of the refrigerator is simply empty. At least it is not full of rotting leftovers.
Max Thorn follows the others into the kitchen, Antheia following along.
Linnea: "This place needs some serious restocking though…" There's a well timed stomach growl.
Max Thorn: "…I guess we might as well do lunch for everybody, and then maybe restock for her."
Sam Spade: "Do we need to? I wouldn't be surprised if Butler takes care of it."
Max Thorn: "We're using her supplies, we have a duty to at least replace what we eat."
Karen: "Don't worry about it," she calls from the other room. "I learned long ago: if I try to fill it up, most of it just rots even if I try to pig out."
Sam Spade: "The refrigerator is sized for a place that uses the mansion as a manor house - lots of permanent staff. But Karen doesn't."
Max Thorn: "And I didn't mean 'restock' as in 'fill it up'."
Sam Spade: "I'll grant you that. We're tripling her food usage for the day just by being here."
Karen: "Consider the food part of my payment. This is good stuff! Who knew there'd be so much development from centuries of work on the pokeball?"
Karen: "I just got up to the founding of Silph. I'd love to see one of their factories myself someday."
Max Thorn: "We can arrange for you to travel to Amoda with us when we head back, if you like."
Linnea: "There's some amazing history there."
Karen: "Nah. I'm talking Johto, maybe."
Karen: "Maybe Hoenn."
Sam Spade: "Well, if everything works out the way we hope we should be breaking the barrier around Gaela, so travel will be a lot more accessible."
Sam Spade frowns.
Max Thorn shrugs, does up some sandwiches from the supplies available.
Esme: "Bleh, Hoenn."
Linnea: "S'wrong with Hoenn?"
Esme shrugs. "Just seems like a pain to travel around."
Karen: "It's a long trip, yeah. Worth it if I can see in person some of what I'm seeing here!"
Linnea: "When this is over I kinda want to do a real world tour with relaxing, instead of endless questing…"
Sandwich fixings are readily available. Max gets the strong impression this is what Karen and Butler usually eat, day in and day out.
The kitchen closet is easily found, there being only one candidate door in the kitchen. Opening it reveals stairs leading down, with dark stone brickwork lining the way into relative darkness.
Linnea heaves a sigh and starts heading downward.
Max Thorn: "Antheia, please go ensure there's no trouble. Without hurting anyone, please."
Antheia nods, and follows Lin down.
There is a simple metal door at the far end. Opening it…this is almost more "medival jail cell" than "dungeon" . A stone bench, long enough to lie down on. A crude toilet and sink. No light other than what filters in from above. A stink of unwashed flesh. No door handle on the far side of the door. And a chain, securely anchored to the wall, leading under the bench where something human-shaped cowers in the shadow.
Linnea: "Hello?"
Petri: "…now you're doing voices? Away, away!"
Linnea: "No, no, it's someone else."
Linnea: "My name is Linnea."
Linnea: "I'm not here to hurt you."
Sam Spade: "Professor Petri? Is that you?"
Antheia: "Flor."
Linnea cautiously steps closer.
Petri: "How do you know that name? You…you pulled that from my memories, didn't you?!?"
Linnea: "We haven't. Not directly."
Antheia: "…Ges." Antheia sounds slightly exasperated.
Sam Spade: "We've met, Professor."
Sam Spade: "In Fort Blaston?"
Linnea: "Yeah."
Linnea: "Do you remember?"
Sam Spade: "Esme, you talked with her a lot more than I did…"
As Linnea approaches, she can see the chain ends in a collar around Petri's neck. Petri looks somewhat emaciated, her ribs showing under tatters of the same outfit the party last saw her in.
Linnea: "Melo-"
Esme: "Mrr. Mostly about her factory stuff."
Sam Spade: "Yeah, but I barely talked to her at *all*."
Linnea: "What happened? Have you been starving yourself, or have they been starving you?"
Petri scrabbles and tries to back away, coming into the light - revealing bruises, though some look self-inflicted.
Linnea points toward the bruising. "Would it be okay if I treated these?"
Petri: "Why are you doing this? I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry but pleeease let me start making it up to Arceus!"
Linnea: "I understand. I promise."
Sam Spade: "Ugh, how do we get this chain off her?"
Linnea: "I get that you want to make it up. But we need to get you treatment first, okay?"
Chicklet: "I can do it!"
Chicklet runs over to the wall, and CHOPS! with a [Brick Break]!
Antheia is relaying this, mentally, to Max. Then she nods. "Flor." The collar glows purple, as she attempts to break it via Psychic without harming Petri.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Want a Focus roll from her?
The collar easily unlocks, as if it was designed for telekinetic manipulation.
[OOC] WC GM: No need.
Antheia flings the collar against the wall once Petri's free of it.
Between Antheia's and Chicklet's attentions, the collar and chain are quickly rendered unusable.
Linnea: "… There's somethign else, here…"
Linnea: "It's akin to Acreus… something like anger."
Linnea: "Maybe… I wonder if I can remove this, too?"
Esme: "…Should we?"
Petri just wimpers and cowers, arms around folded legs protecting her core, wide eyes staring at Linnea.
Linnea: "I don't know, but I'm softhearted and I want to say yes. I believe she deserves treatment to improve her condition regardless of her crimes."
Antheia floats back up the stairs, returning a couple minutes later with a serving platter with sandwiches and glasses of water on it.
Linnea: "If it comes back to bite me in the ass later, so be it."
Sam Spade sits down next to Petri and takes two sandwiches.
Linnea thinks about how she would go about removing the rest of the aura. What might be necessary?
Sam Spade: "Would you like a sandwich, Professor?"
Petri's eyes fixate on the platter, and her stomach rumbles. In a quick motion she snatches a sandwich and wolfs it down, almost not even chewing.
Sam Spade eats the other sandwich.
Sam Spade also hands Petri a glass of water.
Petri gulps down the water quickly, nearly choking on it.
Linnea: "… Do you remember how they tried to pull this sense of gloom away from you, Professor?"
Sunlight, and delicate manipulation of Petri's aura, would likely remove the remaining traces. Careful work that will take some hours.
Petri looks at Linnea and shakes her head.
Linnea: "Would it be okay if I tried to finish removing the rest of it?"
Petri: "The rest of what?"
Linnea: "There's still the sense of gloom around you. A mark of anger."
Linnea: "I don't know how safe you would be still carrying it."
Linnea: "So consider it part of the offer of medical treatment, yes?"
Petri: "Do as you will to me. I can't stop you, Butler."
Petri: "You've proven that."
Sam Spade: "Do you want another sandwich, Professor?"
Linnea: "I think you are mistaken."
Linnea: "In any event, this will likely take some time, so I will begin once the rest of my friends are done here."
Petri: "Oh yeah? First you pull these people from my memory, what's next? You're going to allow me to leave?"
Linnea: "That seems to be the plan, actually."
Petri: "Then prove it."
Linnea: "We've removed your chains and collar, yes?"
Sam Spade: "Come on, let's get you outside."
Linnea: "Yeah. Easy does it."
Petri: "…promise you're not going to burst my brain if I walk upstairs?"
Linnea: "You have my word."
Sam Spade: "Absolutely promise."
Petri stands up. "Nothing I can do if you take it back." Taking in a breath to gather her courage, she slowly puts one foot in front of the other, making for the doorway then the stairs.
Sam Spade follows along, right next to Petri.
Linnea follows at her other side.
Linnea: "It might take a while for your eyes to adjust to the light."
As Petri reaches the top, she looks around, then bolts and runs out the front door.
Antheia floats along behind…
Outside, Petri is just standing there, marveling at the blue sky overhead.
Esme: "Makes sense."
Esme: "Oh! She stopped."
Linnea: "See?"
Petri: "It's…it's true…no hallucination…you really did come to save me…"
Linnea: "That's right."
[OOC] WC GM: Sam and Linnea followed her outside?
[OOC] Linnea: Yeah.
Petri HUGS Linnea, burying her face in Linnea's shoulder, and begins to cry freely.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Antheia, too. Max is still in the kitchen, though he's probably dozing again, having finished a sandwich and a glass of water.
Linnea lets her, gently running a hand down her back, while humming out a soothing little melody. "It's okay. You're safe here with us, I promise."
Out in the light, the extent of Petri's bruises is more easily seen, as is the fact that her hair really needs a good combing.
Karen mutters, loud enough to be overheard, "She's their problem now. One less mouth to feed."
Linnea shoots her a quick glare, then returns to comforting Petri.
Linnea thinks about what she just saw, and a chill runs down her spine. It couldn't be… right?
[OOC] WC GM: Perception check, everyone but Linnea. Pokemon can try too.
Sam Spade rolled up 5d6: 22 (5 6 4 1 6) (Perception)
Antheia rolled up 4d6: 16 (5 5 2 4)
Esme rolled up 2d6: 8 (6 2) (Who what)
Sam Spade: "….Linnea, do you have an older sister or something?"
Antheia looks between Karen and Lin. A large question mark seems to appear over her head.
Linnea: "W-why? What do you mean?"
Linnea unconciously grips Petri tighter, in building fear.
Esme: "Mm?"
Sam Spade: "Well for a minute, Karen looked a lot like you."
Sam Spade: "…Instead of looking like Petri."
Linnea: "H-how?"
Sam Spade: "Older, though."
Linnea: "Saya couldn't possibly be here…right…?"
Sam Spade: "One way to find out!"
Linnea: "I've…I don't…I don't remember…"
Sam Spade: Sam heads back to the door to the sitting room.
Sam Spade: "I think we're going to head to the Port of the Sun for now, so we'll see you when we get back. Later, Saya!"
Karen: "Lat…" She looks up and blinks. "What did you call me?"
Sam Spade: "Maybe you misheard. Gotta go!"
Linnea just whimpers.
Karen: "Must've." She gets back to her reading.
Sam Spade trots along to rejoin the group.
[OOC] Linnea: Oh, she went back and forth. Oops.
Sam Spade: "Nothing solid. Linnea, who is 'Saya'?"
Linnea: "…Saya's my mother's name."
Sam Spade: "Oh."
Sam Spade: "Well, she didn't look old enough to be your mother…and why do you call your mother by her first name?"
Esme sips her water, having no idea what's happening. But that's ok, too.
Sam Spade: "…Also, why did the thought she was here have you so scared you were squeezing poor Petri like that?"
Linnea: "… She looked so cold, so distant."
Linnea: "That's not my mother's demeanor…"
Linnea: "Not the brilliant mind that started me down this path…"
Sam Spade: "Could she be your aunt?"
Linnea: "She's not a robot…"
Linnea: "… I dunno."
Linnea: "This is all too weird…"
Linnea: "Why didn't I notice this before?"
Linnea: "… why DIDN'T I notice this before? Did she look like this earlier?"
Sam Spade: "No. No, she definitely didn't."
Linnea lets out a looooong breath.
Sam Spade: "I think maybe Butler was disguising her as part of her 'there's no such thing as Karen' thing."
Linnea: "There's something seriously fucky going on."
A phanpy comes stampeding up the path from town - Fran. She skids to a halt outside the gate and looks over. "Hey! You there! Is Karen home?!?"
Sam Spade: "That's basically a given, yeah. I mean - Hey, Fran! Hi! Yeah, she's home. She's reading right now."
Fran: "I just remembered, I hadn't seen her in over a week." She dashes past the party and inside.
Antheia headtilts, then floats back in to retrieve Max. The two of them pause outside the sitting room…
Fran is eagerly/worriedly pestering Karen, who pats and reassures her but seems to be trying to get back to her reading.
Sam Spade: "And the brainwashing is starting to wear off, too. That's good."
Linnea: "…I'm gonna need a clear area to start working with Petri, where there's plenty of sunlight and I won't be bothered. It might be a while."
Max Thorn and Antheia quietly rejoins the others outside.
Max Thorn: "The garden out here would probably work…"
Indeed, there is plenty of clear space within the walls surrounding the manor.
Along with, in one corner, a tombstone.
Linnea gently lets go of Petri, then heads that way, silently inspecting the grounds. And that tombstone.
The tombstone bears crude writing, perhaps a child's hand. "Mom & Dad" "wherever you wound up"
Max Thorn picks a reasonably-shaded part of the grounds and has a seat. There seems to be some residual leakage from channeling Shaymin still, because the grass seems to be greener for a couple feet around him after a while.
Linnea just freezes at reading the year… then just starts proceeding to mentally mark out an area well away from the tombstone, forming a working circle.
Linnea beckons Petri over, indicating a particular location.
Petri silently follows.
Linnea: "Alright, lie down here, facing up. Close your eyes, and if you can, relax your mind, try not to think about anything in particular - or just one thing. Think about the blue sky above you. Things will be a little easier this way."
Petri: "Alright." She does as instructed.
Fran eventually emerges from the manor, wandering up to Esme and Sam. "By the way, I meant to thank you for what you did earlier."
Esme: "Did what now?"
Fran: "Stopped those sculptures from wrecking our town."
Max Thorn: "Was a team effort."
Fran: "I mean, I could've stepped in, but you did it before I could get there."
Esme: "Oh! Yeah, not a problem. Had a talk with the makers to be a bit less gung-ho with their designs, and dial it back to the basics."
Esme: "Which sort of stuck? I think?"
Fran: "Karen says you gave her some fascinating stuff to read. So, thank you for making her smile, too. I haven't seen her smile much since Ignacia, well…"
Fran: "Can you keep a secret? I never told her what happened to her parents."
Linnea paces in a slow circle around Petri, and the magic in the air seems to pick up, and thrum. There's a feeling of suspension, as if the sense of time has slowed or stopped. Linnea closes her eyes and reaches a hand out above Petri - a red shard floats out above her, rippling and shifting shape into a translucent pink Fairy Gem. (cont'd)
Linnea lets out a long, slow hiss… the bits and pieces of negative essence, the aura of anger still within Petri flows outward from her, slowly, into the gem. Once there is no more gloom within her, Linnea's eyes snap open. Quickly, she grabs the gem and hurls it into the air, firing a shot of magic at it - shattering the corrupted gem into dust, and dissapating the gloom into nothingness.
Sam Spade: "We can definitely keep secrets."
Max Thorn: "Sure. Mum's the word."
Fran nods. "In short, Ignacia happened. There was a disagreement, Ignacia wanted them to help her make…something about Ho-Oh. I was playing hide and seek with Karen at the time so I was only half listening, and Karen was at the far side of the yard so she didn't see it at all."
Max Thorn: "…I see."
Fran: "I remember her parents calling it blasphemy, and then a fire storm, and then…"
Fran: "I did tell her, her parents' bodies weren't here. They never found them."
Max Thorn sighs. "She's storing a /lot/ of karma up for herself, ain't she."
Petri visibly relaxes after Linnea's treatment. It would seem it was not just the remnants of Arceus's branding that Linnea siphoned out.
Linnea: "Phew…"
Linnea: "… Okay, you should be feeling a lot more… at ease now. Nothing for your aches and pains just yet, but that's what comes next… once I catch my breath."
Fran: "I'm not her mom, but I tried helping Karen grow up as best I could! I just wish she could see herself as the same amazing person I see in my best friend."
Max Thorn: "It'll be a while, I think. Just stick with her."
Petri: "I do. But…I'm supposed to be the one helping you, aren't I?"
Linnea: "Can't do much yet in that condition."
Linnea: "Are you feeling any pain in places other than where you're bruised?"
Fran: "I will! I'm…well, while I'm sharing secrets, I'm jealous of that Butler. It's like he just wormed right into her heart. But, they're good for each other."
Petri: "Insiiide. Ugh…still a little hungry."
Linnea: "I'll take you back inside, get you some more food and start patching you up."
Fran: "It's like…'ship'. That's the Amodan word for it? I 'ship' them together?"
Max Thorn: "There's still several sandwiches available."
Max Thorn: "In that context, 'together' is extraneous, but yeah. She needs a friend like you, too, I think."
Indeed, it would appear Linnea is talking loud enough to not just be heard from the front yard, but inside. At least, judging by the platter with the remaining sandwiches that is soon levitated over to Linnea and Petri.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Logend soon?
Linnea nods in appreciation. She finds a nice, quiet spot for them to relax, and starts patching up and bandaging Petri where she can.
[OOC] WC GM: Sure. Last lines?
Linnea: "I pray that your second chance here finds you with a kinder fate."
[OOC] WC GM: +1 trainer level for clearing Port of the Sand.

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