Session 84

Seeing a legendary bird make a novice flyer mistake is not an everyday thing.
Sam Spade: "The barrier!?"
Esme: "Looks like that's still a thing."
The party's raft drifts on the ocean, now far from its means of propulsion.
Max Thorn: "Oh. Right. We never did figure that one out."
Ho-Oh manages to recover and resume flight - hovering, feathers ruffled. Petri takes this moment to slowly climb down to Ho-Oh's talons, then jump - missing the raft, but then resurfacing and swimming to it.
Linnea: "…Oh dear…"
Sam Spade: "Great Ho-oh, um. Can you tell what created the barrier?"
Max Thorn: "I think we just got distracted by, well. Everything else."
Sam Spade: "We think it was made to keep Lugia from rescuing you…but…we don't know."
Linnea: "Yes. It's the barrier keeping the birds in their own locales…"
Linnea: "So, how would we even go about breaking something like this?"
Linnea: "It's Arceus's, so… that's kind of a problem."
Petri climbs aboard, coughing out a half-mouthful of water. "Ack, khaghk, heh, phew. Is this what you guys do all day?"
Esme: "Basically."
Max Thorn: "Not /all/ day. Just…fairly regularly."
Ho-Oh looks at the invisible wall in the sky, then flutters down to a more conversational altitude. "I…think I could break this with Lugia's help. But I can not contact her like this."
Linnea: "So, track her down, maybe?"
Linnea: "It'd certainly be easier than trying to get a hold of Arceus…"
Max Thorn pokes at his 'dex. Long shot, but…is he able to access any networks?
Oh-Oh: "You would need a way to get to her." He looks at the raft. "And right now you seem to be trapped too."
Esme pulls out the Triple Badge again, tapping on it. Can it pull a Lugia Ex Machina again?
Unfortunately, both Gaela's and Amoda's networks are out of range. Perhaps if Max could get line of sight - but here, the horizon blocks both.
The Triple Badge is not glowing just now. Whatever magic it had is currently spent.
Linnea: "What a pain in the ass."
Max Thorn: "Hm. If we could just get line-of-sight to either Gaela or Amoda, I could probably get a signal to her."
Sam Spade: "Max, Professor? Do you think you could rig up an engine from the parts we have here?"
Max Thorn: "Let's see…"
[OOC] Max Thorn: Tech Ed to try, or…?
Petri looks around the raft. "What parts…?"
Linnea: "This is some prime Gilago's Island bullshit, right here."
[OOC] WC GM: To try what? Getting line of sight isn't a device problem.
[OOC] Max Thorn: Answering Sam's question. :p
[OOC] WC GM: Ah. Sure, but what parts are you using?
[OOC] Max Thorn: We have all of our camping supplies, right? So at the very least I should be able to cobble together some oars, with tent poles and pans.
[OOC] WC GM: Alright. High TN, though.
Max Thorn: "Muscle power good enough? Because we don't really have anything capable of rotational force mechanically…"
Max Thorn rolled up 5d6: 12 (3 1 3 2 3)
Linnea: "With all we've been through on this trip? I think I'm getting used to it."
Max Thorn: "…And we're on the wrong side of the barrier for Ho-oh to be able to help, at this point."
[OOC] WC GM: Anyone else can try Tech Ed too.
[OOC] WC GM: Or General Ed.
Esme rubs her shoulder. "Not sure how up we are for rowing though. At worst, Lin and I can pull the 'definitely-not-safe-but-let-us-avoid-whirlpools' trick I used when we first showed up here."
Esme does give trying to make some type of oar a go, though.
Esme rolled up 6d6 : 18 (2 2 4 3 2 5)
Esme: "…Hmm."
Esme: "Going forward isn't too feasible. Maybe just go… up?"
Sam Spade: "Malta's in no condition to carry anyone, I'm afraid."
Sam Spade: "And Noiseless isn't big enough."
Esme slowly turns to look to the giant phoenix in the room.
Ho-Oh looks back at Esme.
Esme: "Think you could pull us up high enough to get a signal?"
Ho-Oh: "What is this…'signal'? Nevermind; how high do you need?"
Max Thorn does some quick calculations on his 'dex…
Max Thorn: "…A few thousand feet, maybe? I can get a better idea once I'm airborne."
Ho-Oh drops down a little further, his talons easily within range to jump up and grab for anyone wanting to go aloft.
Max Thorn jumps up and reaches for the legendary bird's leg…
Linnea reaches up for a lift. Maybe the distance will provide some useful perspective.
Climbing up is difficult, but following the path Petri took when getting down makes it easier.
[OOC] WC GM: Max and Linnea meet up on top, then?
[OOC] Max Thorn: Apparently!
Esme gives a thumbs up. "Good luck up there!"
Max Thorn: "All right, up we go…"
Once the two climbers are situated atop, Ho-Oh brings in his wings and FLAPS, shooting skyward.
[OOC] WC GM: Sam, Esme: Athletics or Acrobatics check not to be blown overboard.
Max Thorn keeps an eye on his 'dex as the three of them go up.
Esme rolled up 5d6: 20 (6 2 2 5 5) (Stronk but tired)
Tim is nearly blown away, but Sands catches him. Petri lands back in the drink, though.
Esme is like a rock, the gust blowing around her.
Sam Spade rolled up 2d6: 7 (5 2) (not stronk at all)
Sam is washed overboard right next to Petri.
Linnea and Max see the horizon drop away. Soon the tips of mountains can be seen to the west…
Max Thorn waits for some connection to be established…
Esme makes sure to help pull Sam… …and Petri she guesses, back onto the raft.
Linnea tries to focus at this height, trying to see if there are any weaker points to the barrier…even though she's fairly sure Arceus is incapable of accidental imperfection.
Sam Spade has grabbed Petri by the arm, so Esme doesn't have all that much choice.
They are far out of range of broadcast, but there is an infrared laser mode - and soon Onix Peaks comes into view, specifically the glint of its telecommunications system. It just takes switching modes and pointing the pokedex.
Max Thorn attempts a voice-only connection to Cheri once he has the altitude to connect to anything in Amoda.
[OOC] WC GM: Linnea: Occult check
It takes a moment for the call to go through…
Linnea rolled up 6d6+2: 20 (5 2 2 5 1 3)
Cheri: "'Allo? Oh, Max! I 'ave been feeling out of sorts of late."
Max Thorn: "Hi, Cheri! We've freed Ho-oh! But there's a barrier between Amoda and Gaela that he needs your help to break."
The barrier is thinner up here, but indeed still perfect. But it looks like it was designed to be unlocked - perhaps by the opposite of what it lets through.
Cheri: "…"
Max Thorn: "He's currently helping me make this call, even. We're in the middle of the ocean…" He rattles off the coordinates.
Cheri's voice is weak at first. "…p…please do not be joking…my heart is with you? Now?"
Linnea: "Yeah! That's right!"
Max Thorn: "Ho-Oh? Want to say something?"
The call terminates.
There is a FLARE of light over the horizon.
Max Thorn: "…That'll be her."
Linnea: "Oh boy…"
Esme squints. "…Guess it worked!"
Sam Spade: "Yeah…"
Sure enough, barely visible as a speck at first but growing large, there is an incoming Lugia.
It takes a while for Lugia to cross, though. Dramatic urgency of the heart and legendary speed or not, there is a lot of water to cover.
By the time Lugia has caught up, the morning is gone and it is mid-day.
[OOC] WC GM: Are Max and Linnea still up there when Lugia arrives?
Max Thorn: "Could you let us down, please? That way we won't be in your way for anything."
Linnea: "I.. think I'd want to be out of the way, yes."
Ho-Oh coasts down, letting his passengers off. Lugia visibly adjusts course, presently a bird-seeking bird.
Max Thorn jumps down on to the raft.
Linnea scrambles the hell out of the way.
When Lugia arrives, Ho-Oh presses himself against the barrier - which Lugia smacks into at full speed, barely slowing down. The barrier shatters at the impact, the two of them embracing mid-air - it let Lugia's rage through, apparently it allows her love too - and falling into the ocean. Fortunately, given Lugia's momentum, the point of impact is behind the party.
Max Thorn: "…Really glad I decided to debark."
Linnea: "…Hey, the barrier's gone now!"
Linnea: "The power of love! Ahahahaha!"
As the ripples from the wave subside, the sound of a motor comes from the west.
And then a ping from the pokedexes, as something broadcasting comes in range.
Dmitri Via Text: "There you are. Cheri sent me a message saying you might be in trouble. How did she get coordinates for you way out here?"
Dmitri Via Text: "Actually, hold that. You can tell me in person in a few minutes."
Max Thorn snorts, then looks westward.
Sure enough, a catamaran powerboat soon comes into view. It looks like Dmitri upgraded.
Max Thorn waves to it.
The boat - too small to be a proper ship - cuts engines and coasts to a halt next to the raft. Dmitri looks over the railing and waves. "Heeey!"
Dmitri: "Want a ride back to Amoda?"
Linnea: "That'd be delightful, really."
Max Thorn: "I…think we've settled everything in Gaela we came to, yeah."
Sam Spade: "…Did we want to go by the Gaela University again?"
Sam Spade: "I mean we were going there because of Lugia's Temper, and that's taken care of, but…"
Max Thorn: "Oh, right. Yes, let's stop there and /then/ head back. Just so folks know everything's fine now."
Sam Spade: "Is that alright with you, Dmitri? It's your ship, after all."
Esme: "Oh yeah! Folks won't be trapped underwater anymore."
Dmitri unfurls a rope ladder. "Did you say Gaela University? If you're going there, I need to catch up with old Slakes."
Dmitri: "I can take you where you're going, but I'm going to have to charge you. And I don't mean money."
Max Thorn hauls his pack up with him when he climbs up the ladder. "Stories, is it?"
Dmitri nods. "Stories. And let's start with, what the heck are you doing way out here?!?"
Sam Spade: "Well…."
Max Thorn: "Well, when a legendary seabird and a legendary firebird love each other very much and one's been trapped for years…"
Max Thorn jerks a thumb at the…where'd they go?
Lugia and Ho-Oh have disappeared under the water.
Max Thorn: "…Well. Let's just say we had to deal with her disembodied rage, which took us out on to the ocean, and then he wanted to meet his partner again."
Max Thorn: "There /was/ a barrier sealing Gaela off, so we had to summon Lugia to deal with it. Which, um, she did."
Dmitri: "Uh huh." Once all are aboard, he turns the boat and heads for Port of the Shop. "It'll take a few hours to reach Gaela University. Is that all that happened?"
Sam Spade: "Well, how much detail do you want?"
Esme is lying face down on the first open surface she could find. "Non. There is much."
Dmitri: "How much can you share?"
Sam Spade: "That's a very good question. Happily, the answer depends on how much you're willing to believe me…"
The deck is laminated wood - smooth and sturdy - with plastic molding making up the railing. There is easily enough room to lie down on the foredeck; the bridge is a covered cockpit behind that.
Sam Spade: "Because honestly the story is so unbelievable that I'm pretty sure you're going to assume I'm going to make things up, and that's fine with me."
Max Thorn mutters, "The nice thing about dealing with legends is that nobody takes us seriously until they're confronted with them themselves."
Sam Spade: "So we'll start with when we went to free Ho-oh from her prison-"
Sam Spade: "…No, no. When we met the ancient pokemon high priest-"
Sam Spade: "…The prisoner of God?"
Sam Spade: "…Okay, I'm going to have to start earlier than that."
Max Thorn: "I /think/ we covered the restoration of Dojji already, actually."
Max Thorn: "And we'd have to start there since that's where we first encountered Petri."
Sam Spade: "You see, when we went to Scale Mount University, we were in pursuit of someone who we had some very pointed questions towards. But she took their rocket ship to space."
Sam Spade: "By the time the rocket came back, she was gone! So we got on it and launched in the hopes that we could follow her."
Sam Spade: "…And…we met Arceus."
Sam Spade: "And he told us to go to Gaela, and meet our quarry there."
Sam continues to tell the tale as Dmitri sails the boat to the Port of the Shop, carefully omitting Petri's name until they rescued her from a wretched prison, and not punching anything up, but definitely couching it in terms of poetry.
Sam Spade: "And then Max contacted Cheri, and moments later, Lugia was on her way to Ho-oh."
Dmitri listens attentively once the boat is on autopilot, even making a few notes here and there.
By the time Sam is done, Port of the Shop is drawing into view. It is now afternoon.
There are many aquatic pokemon, and a few submarines, in evidence at the packed harbor.
Dmitri: "Huh. Looks like something's going on."
Max Thorn: "Yup. They've finally been able to surface."
Sam Spade: "Alright. Before anyone in the port sees us, let's get our wounded pokemon out of their pokeballs."
Sam Spade: "I'd rather their help in getting them to the hospital than their opposition on seeing the pokeballs."
Sam Spade: "…Only then Malta will be hurt every time I jostle her…"
Dmitri: "Oh, right. This place." He taps a panel next to his controls, opening a large compartment. "Stash any gear you need to hide in here."
Max Thorn nudges his pack in. "It's either that or hold her in reserve until we get to Amoda, which I don't recommend."
Sam Spade slides Chicklet's and Noiseless's pokeballs out of sight, then frees Malta from her pokeball.
A white boat on the blue sea is not hard to spot. Shouts soon come up from the harbor, along with a general commotion as the party draws near.
Sam Spade: "Come on, sweetie, we need to get you to where they can help."
Linnea readies her 'mon, then stows the pokeballs. "What a pain…"
Esme: "Ugh. Yeah, not going to miss this." She lets Alexis loose, putting the rest of her gear in the compartment.
Chicklet strokes Malta gently.
And then Slakes' voice, audible over the crowd. "HAVE A DRINK!"
Linnea: "Oh god.
Sam Spade: "Wait! Medical attention please!"
Max Thorn ducks inside the cabin.
Dmitri ushers the party into the covered cockpit as twin bursts of liquid rise up from the crowd and explode into raining clouds.
Linnea: "Aaaaaagh!"
Max Thorn: "One of these days…"
The cheering quiets down as the droplets wash over those ashore. Skel slides her way through the crowd, using them as a temporary umbrella, then jumps up to the boat with some rope to tie to the pier as it coasts to a halt. "Welcome back!"
Esme: "Not going to miss that either."
Sam Spade: "Skel! Can you get us to the hospital? We have wounded."
Sam Spade: "It turns out that building a giant robot for Lugia's Temper to possess so people can talk to it is a bad idea."
Skel: "Woun-" She takes one look at Malta, freezes for a moment, then turns to the crowd and yells, "MEEEDIIIC!"
That shuts the crowd up in a hurry.
In short order a crew of chanseys in doctor uniforms, with a couple human nurses tagging along, board the ship and swarm any pokemon that looks in need of treatment.
Lulim groans at being moved, but isn't about to really complain.
Skel: "I've never seen anyone beat up THAT badly. And I've seen the sparring the barbarians south of Port of the Snow do."
Sam Spade: "Well, angry Legendary."
Fortunately, the medics brought supplies and are able to do treatment on the boat.
Sam Spade: "Worse than that, the unrestrained anger of a Legendary, when everything else about the Legendary was a continent away."
Sam Spade: "She - it? It was just smacking us around with all the fury of the ocean."
Max Thorn: "Literally."
Skel: "I guess. So, uh, if you hadn't noticed we're able to get to the underwater cities again. We have you to thank, right?"
Max Thorn: "Yes."
Max Thorn: "Well. We summoned Lugia, who broke the barrier, but…yes."
SKel: "I'm not sure how we can ever fully thank you."
Skel: "What will you do now?"
Sam Spade: "We'll be heading home to Amoda, I think."
Sam Spade: "We'll have to figure things out from there."
Max Thorn: "We'll be heading back, but…not blocking technology transfers would be nice. That's kind of part of what caused this whole mess."
Sam Spade: "…Linnea, do you think you'd be able to help Moth yet?"
Linnea: "I don't know. All I can do is try, really…"
Dmitri has hopped off and found Slakes. The two of them are chatting friendly but animatedly.
Sam Spade: "Then maybe not Jaeger Headquarters first. Brooktale, or Petro?"
Tim: "You've got unfinished business in Sandbar Harbor. You still need to get your badge."
Max Thorn: "Sandbar Harbor, then Brooktale, I think."
Sam Spade: "Well, yeah. I figured that much."
Max Thorn: "But…ask Esme."
Sam Spade: "No need to rush things."
Sam Spade opens her mouth, looks at Skel, and hesitates. She closes her mouth, then looks away.
Sam Spade: "…If you still want to do something to thank us…ask me again when we're leaving, okay?"
Esme: "Brooktale."
Skel: "Oh? When will you be going?"
Sam Spade: "…Do we have anything left to do here?"
Sam Spade: "Esme, did you want to talk to Karen before we went back to Amoda?"
Max Thorn: "Oh, right." He taps on his 'dex furiously, sending Karen specs for a train and a note that Ho-oh's high priest will be wanting one.
Esme: "Mmm? Nah, I left her with plenty of reading material."
Karen Via Text: "This is Butler. Message received, and just in time: we've already gotten requests for a replacement train. There's even talk of linking us to Port of the Sun via underwater train."
Max Thorn responds to that with, "Sounds good. Let me know if there's anything else you need, tech-wise."
Dmitri eventually climbs back aboard. "The adventures never end with you, do they? Now I've got another favor to ask."
Max Thorn: "Oh?"
Dmitri: "We'd like to put up a high altitude relay, to link Amoda's and Gaela's networks together. That way it'll be easier for us to stay in touch. But to build that we'll need data on upper atmospheric conditions, and unless I miss my guess you're going where that data's gathered."
Linnea: "Ah? What is it?"
Dmitri: "You're going to Sky City eventually, right? Call me when you're there and I'll let you know what I need."
Sam Spade: "I think we can do that, yeah."
Max Thorn: "Sure thing."
Dmitri: "And Skel, Slakes wants you to help."
Skel: "Wha…?"
Dmitri: "He'll get someone to cover your duties."
Skel: "Y…you mean, me? Go to…Amoda?"
Dmitri: "It'll be fine."
Skel: "I don't know…"
Max Thorn: "We'll protect you."
Dmitri: "See? Go with them, you can collect the data."
Dmitri: "I'll take Petri back to Scale Mount after dropping you all off at Sandbar Harbor."
Sam Spade: "…Never mind on that favor I wanted, Skel. If you're coming with us, then…"
Dmitri: "Was there anything else you wanted to do here? IF not, I'm about ready to cast off and head back."
Max Thorn: "I think…if I need anything, I'll drop a line with Karen or Slakes."
Sam Spade: "I think we're good, then."
Sam Spade: "Linnea, Esme?"
Esme: "Very much ready for Amoda, yes."
Dmitri: "Alright, let's go!" He unties from the pier, heads for the bridge, starts the motor, and backs the boat away from the harbor.
Linnea: "Nothin' keeping me here."
Sam Spade hugs Malta tightly, stroking her feathers.
The medics did good work before they left. The party's pokemon are fully recovered - or will be, with a night's rest.
Sam Spade glances at Skel, then raises her eyebrows at Chicklet, who comes over and hugs her. She's a bit worried she might be scaring Skel off, and wants to look as unthreatening as possible.
Skel seems, and sounds, more frightened of the prospect of going to Amoda than of travelling with Sam.
Sam Spade: "Skel, just to make sure. You had realized we were pokemon trainers, right?"
Skel: "…"
Skel: "…you…you what…"
Skel: "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?" Her eyes grow wide.
Sam Spade: "I figured as much."
Sam Spade has her arms around Malta, and Chicklet's arms around her.
Skel: "You…you mean YOU are, or…how many…."
Esme sets up one side of the boat to do her usual work, now that she's had time to lay down for a bit.
Chicklet: "She's nice! And so are Max, and Esme, and Linnea!"
Esme: "Are, have been, will continue to be."
Chicklet: "Tim's not a trainer, but he's nice too."
Max Thorn: "As I said, we won't allow anyone to capture you."
Chicklet: "I'm not sure about Sands. I don't think Sands is a trainer. He's gruff. But nice."
Tim: "Umm…technically I am?" He gestures to Sands.
Max Thorn: "Isn't he a partner, though?"
Dmitri: "Do you think you can rig her with a ball, so if anyone does try catching her, she'll show up as owned by herself?"
Sam Spade: "…I know I couldn't. But maybe Max…?"
Sands facepaws and gestures to Tim.
Max Thorn: "I could, but Tim's probably a better failsafe."
Chicklet: "I figured Sands might be a human trainer, and Tim his human?"
Tim: "Well, yeah, I…wait. Sands." He looks his partner in the eyes. "What do you mean, 'human trainer'?"
Sands claws-up to Chicklet.
Chicklet: "I knew it!"
Max Thorn gets his toolkit out as soon as the shore's out of view, then tinkers with a Friend Ball.
Tim: "well if you're a human trainer, what am I being trained for?"
Sands holds up two claws.
Tim: "…I don't get it."
Chicklet: "Well, Sam is training me so I can be a better fighter. That doesn't make sense for Sands because every time there's a fight he gets you safe."
[OOC] Max Thorn: Do you want a Tech or Pokemon Ed check for the ball to recalibrate it, or…?
Sands gestures to Chicklet and claws-up, then to himself and shakes his head.
[OOC] WC GM: At Max's level, that's an autosuccess.
Max Thorn offers the ball to Skel. "All right. This ball should be calibrated to register yourself as your trainer when used."
Skel tentatively takes the ball and regards it, holding it at arm's length. "And…how do I…err, use it? I just go inside…?"
Chicklet: "Well, that only makes sense! You've already seen and done so much!"
Max Thorn: "Just tap yourself with it and don't resist. I'll let you out when it's done, okay?"
Sam Spade: "I think throw it at yourself? But…can she get back out without breaking the ball?"
Max Thorn: "I rigged a self-release, too, but it's best to not need to use it."
Sam Spade: "Okay, that's good."
Skel: "O…okay…" She taps it on her chest, and squeaks as she begins turning into energy. Maybe that squeak was meant to be a scream, but there was no time; her lungs and throat were converted too quickly, soon followed by the rest of her.
Max Thorn: "…Especially since I don't know how she'd interact with it."
And then the ball is wobbling on the deck, soon dinging to note capture complete.
Max Thorn releases Skel once the ball dings.
Max Thorn also checks the registration on it to confirm…
Skel SCRAMBLES to the far side of the boat as soon as she is solid once more, hyperventilating.
Esme: "Don't some pokemon let themselves out pretty regular-Oh. You ok?"
The ball has indeed tagged Skel, and registers Skel as Skel's owner. The ball's systems see no contradiction in this.
Skel hugs herself and shivers.
Skel: "That was…that…oh Arceus I'm going to have nightmares about that!"
Sam Spade: "…Chicklet, do you have any idea how to get yourself out of a pokeball?"
Max Thorn: "Fortunately, you shouldn't ever have to do that again."
Sam Spade: "What if she gets in a fight and loses?"
Skel: "Chicklet…that's not just a barbarian name." Slowing her breaths but still hugging herself, she looks at Chicklet. "That really IS how you think of yourself, isn't it?"
Chicklet: "…Well, Sam called me it! And I like it!"
Max Thorn: "You have to illegally modify a pokéball to bypass the checks for ownership."
Tim: "Umm…nooot sure this is the best time to point it out, but…"
Chicklet clacks her beak.
Esme: "Or have one of those really expensive things… Snag Machines?"
Sam Spade: "What's a barbarian name?"
Esme: "Super Illegal though, even before the whole Jaeger takeover business."
Tim looks over the sea. "So, ah, you know how Team Jaeger sets the laws now?"
Sam Spade: "…Yeah?"
Max Thorn: "Let me guess. /They're/ allowed to do it but non-Jaegars aren't. That's what you're trying to say, right?"
Tim: "I've heard some Jaegers talking about maybe letting them do that. I've tried to talk them out of it when I could, but…"
Max Thorn pinches the bridge of his nose.
Max Thorn: "I am getting /so/ tired of tripping over their sensibilities."
Tim: "I think they're working on a Snag Machine at headquarters."
Max Thorn: "Of course they are. Even though it's illegal under *international* law."
Tim: "You've seen what they - we…" He frowns. "…THEY think about that."
Esme: "Mmm. Remind me to break it."
Max Thorn: "Smash it, don't just break it."
Skel: "…what's 'Team Jaeger'?"
Max Thorn: "Group of malcontents from Dojji who presently control Amoda."
Max Thorn: "We're very, very quietly working to restore Amodan sovereignty, but it's taking a bit."
Skel: "So not only was I volunteered to go among slavers, but slavers who are having a civil war."
Sam Spade: "Yup!"
Skel hangs her head. "This is the kind of thing you deal with all the time, isn't it?"
Sam Spade: "Don't forget that Iggy doesn't like us, and we don't like her. It's not to the point where we'll fight the next time we meet - *yet* - but it is to the point where I refuse to call her anything but Iggy."
Esme: "Don't worry, you'll see soon enough."
Sam Spade: "Mind you she put Ho-oh in a primitive version of a pokeball that was slowly destroying him over time. So I think she deserves it."
Chicklet frowns at Skel.
Skel wearily drags her feet back across the boat, and picks up her pokeball. "Heh. Well. If you're doing that, I can bear this burden, I guess."
Chicklet: "I'm not a slave, though."
Max Thorn: "We're not slavers, any of us."
Sam Spade: "…No. But that's not the same of every pokemon trainer, is it?"
Esme: "There are… most certainly some people in the world who think like that."
Esme: "But, at least in our company, you won't find any."
SKel: "Yeah, I get that. You're cool. But Amoda?"
Max Thorn: "We're working on it."
Max Thorn: "And examples like you will help us quite a bit, actually."
Sam Spade: "Amodans are more like us than you think, but I have to admit that you're not wrong to worry."
Sam Spade: "…Like…there aren't many bad trainers out there, because if you are a bad trainer your pokemon can kick your ass? But that wasn't always the case, and there are still some."
Skel: "I must be mad, or I wouldn't have come here."
Sam Spade: "Or easily led, perhaps?"
Sam Spade: "But then Stormderp's pichu thinks that I think everyone is easily led."
Dmitri: "Hey Max, could I get you to help me start dinner? I think some food will get everyone's mind off this topic."
Max Thorn: "Sure." He joins Dmitri in the galley…
[OOC] WC GM: +1 trainer level for finally clearing Gaela.
Afternoon fades into evening, and the group get one more sleeptime at sea before waking up just after dawn, as the boat suddenly jerks to a halt.
A quick look overboard reveals the problem.
The boat is stuck on a sandbar, not far off the coast of Sandbar Harbor (it is within swimming distance). From the expression on Dmitri's face, he apparently feels it should not have taken a psychic to foresee this situation.

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