Amodan Quest

Welcome! This site holds the archives for a roleplaying game, using the Pokemon Tabletop United system. It was run on the EsperNet IRC servers, in channel #ag_lounge, from June 2016 through January 2020.

The game has now concluded. No further applications to join this site will be approved, save for administrative reasons (such as one of the players getting a new account).


Amoda was a peaceful region, lush and prosperous. We had our Elite Four and Champion like any other region. We had our festivals, our fashions, and our freedom. War was but a distant memory of our eldest citizens, who smiled sadly when children played at recreating tales from history.

All that changed when Team Jaeger attacked.

They came through the northern wastes of Dojji, where we thought no humans still lived. They came in numbers, and they came with barbarically trained pokemon, unleashing hordes in uncountable numbers, slaughtering all who would not submit. Our Elite Four died when, their pokemon in battle in front of them, they were attacked from behind. Our Champion was simply overwhelmed, all six pokemon occupied with three assailants each while more struck at the Champion directly. Their demise was broadcast live across the region. The gym leaders surrendered after that display, and for that were not only allowed to live but to keep their gyms.

Now Team Jaeger rules with an iron fist. Taxes are high as they reportedly gear up to conquer our neighbors, military hardware is a common sight in our streets, and several measures have been taken to consolidate their power. Among them has been limiting pokemon ownership.

Most people are restricted to one pokemon. It is not uncommon for someone who uses pokemon professionally to "borrow" their family's allowances, but this is monitored and all such borrowings must be renewed monthly (there is talk of reducing it to weekly). They had wanted to eliminate pokemon trainers, but some traditions are just too ingrained, so they have instead coopted the institutions. Pokemon trainers are limited to three pokemon rather than the traditional six, with greater allowance for those who formally join Team Jaegar. Becoming a trainer is now promoted as the first step in the process, causing those who speak against the Team - softly enough that they are not taken away for "reeducation" - to look at all trainers with suspicious eyes. Those pokemon researchers who wished to continue with their profession within Amoda have sworn allegiance to Team Jaeger. (There has been no word from the researchers who attempted to leave.)

Worse, Team Jaeger may have been vicious in conquest but it has proven somewhat inept at rulership. Bureaucratic delays and conflicting laws are a daily occurrence. Travel between towns is restricted; trainers are far less commonly encountered on the routes, and intertown trade - the backbone of Amoda's economy - has dropped by half. Their best idea in this field has been to reuse existing institutions as much as possible, but that has not entirely worked in their favor. The police - those still serving from before the takeover - try to go as easy as they can, especially when they can cite any technicality for letting an honest citizen off with a warning, though they are slowly being replaced with less merciful officers.

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